Wings for JahamaWings for Jahama

I guess it's because of her wings, though, she thought. She really doesn't have pretty wings at all, Jahama thought to herself. She wondered if they used to be pretty, like maybe when she was a teenager. And then, as she got older, ...

Author: Conda Lee

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781490851853


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Every time Jahama Swallowtail looks in the mirror, she sees the same chubby caterpillar. Butterfly Middle School begins tomorrow, and although all the other girls have gotten their wings, Jahama is dreading the fact that she will be starting this school year in exactly the same way she ended the last one. Jahama knows very little about wings, except that she really wants her own, but she is about to get an extremely brutal lesson in how to tell the difference between glamorous wings and genuinely beautiful ones. As the oldest child and only daughter of a single mother, Jahama is well acquainted with struggle. Or so she thinks. But she is about to be taught by a ‘hideous’ teacher what all-too-real struggling looks like. And through a life and death situation, she will begin to grasp the meaning of what it entails to overcome life’s toughest challenges. From jeopardizing a lifelong friendship to try to fit in, to realizing that her own wings might resemble the unattractive wings that her mother and the ‘hideous’ teacher both have, she will figure out that there are many ‘cocoons’ in life. She will also begin to understand that although she will need to ask for help from others and especially from God, she alone will be responsible for how she emerges from each one. Most of all, she will begin the process of discovering that if you are not complete without wings, you will never be complete with them.

Golden WingsGolden Wings

Or rip a wing. I'd only had them for a short amount of time, and I could already imagine the pain of damaging one of them. I concentrated on my wings, thinking of them as extensions of myself, just like my arms and legs had been my ...

Author: Laura Greenwood

Publisher: Drowlgon Press




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Wings are the only thing that'll get her accepted... Lina has always been an outcast, but when she meets a real life fairy Prince, she starts to dream of more. Her desires are cut short when she catches the eye of creatures much more dark and deadly. To earn her wings, she has to survive. Has she got what it takes - Golden Wings is a retelling of Thumbelina and is part of the Untold Tales series of fairy tale retellings.

Some Theoretical Characteristics of Trapezoidal Wings in Supersonic Flow and a Comparison of Several Wing flap CombinationsSome Theoretical Characteristics of Trapezoidal Wings in Supersonic Flow and a Comparison of Several Wing flap Combinations

Wings , Complete - Theory Controls , Flap - Type - Complete Wings NACA NACA Some Theoretical Characteristics of Trapezoidal Wings in Supersonic Flow and a Comparison of Several WingFlap Combinations .

Author: Robert O. Piland


ISBN: UOM:39015086495374


Page: 26

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The theoretical lift and pitching moment due to angle of attack and pitching and the lateral force and yawing moment due to rolling of a trapezoidal wing are derived. The equations are applicable when the inboard Mach line from a leading-edge tip intersects the trailing edge and the outboard Mach line lies ahead of the side edge. When the side edges are raked in, the former condition is sufficient. A comparison based on theoretical expressions of the lift and rolling effectiveness for half-delta tip (point forward) and trailing-edge flaps on various plan forms is made.

Buffet and Static Aerodynamic Characteristics of a Systematic Series of Wings Determined from a Subsonic Wind tunnel StudyBuffet and Static Aerodynamic Characteristics of a Systematic Series of Wings Determined from a Subsonic Wind tunnel Study

Results are tabulated for all the wings which have been investigated with the exception of the buffet results for wing 4. ( The buffet data for wing 4 , determined in a preliminary investigation , were recorded and computed manually and ...

Author: Edward J. Ray


ISBN: UIUC:30112106780585


Page: 265

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A Note on the Drag Due to Lift of Delta Wings at Mach Numbers Up to 2 0A Note on the Drag Due to Lift of Delta Wings at Mach Numbers Up to 2 0

Jaquet , Byron M. , and Brewer , Jack D .: Low - Speed Static - Stability and Rolling Characteristics of Low - Aspect - Ratio Wings of Triangular and Modified Triangular Plan Forms . NACA RM L8L29 , 1949 . ll .

Author: Robert S. Osborne


ISBN: UIUC:30112106744425


Page: 14

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Wings of FuryWings of Fury

A nacelle light, I believe, somewhere over the wings on its fuselage . . . It was really bright. It was blinding me. ... He decided to maneuver the tanker's wing between him and the light, hoping that would give him some perspective.

Author: Robert K. Wilcox

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1439139563


Page: 368

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They are America's best fighter pilots -- from the Navy, Air Force, and Marines. Heroes who push the envelope with their machines, their bodies, and the will to fight and win on their... WINGS OF FURY Here, these airborne warriors reveal themselves as never before. Ride shotgun with TOPGUN pilot Dale "Snort" Snodgrass as he becomes the first student pilot ever to land an F-14 Tomcat on an aircraft carrier. Silver Star winner Rob Graeter recalls a Cold War close call as he flew his F-15 Eagle over Soviet waters -- almost triggering World War III. Feel the adrenaline as Brian "Rocky" Fitzpatrick remembers test-flying the F/A-18 Hornet when it suddenly went haywire, leaving him with a crippled plane, a faulty parachute -- and a very long way down.... From the training grounds of Miramar to combat in Vietnam and Desert Storm, these are the stories of those who defend our skies -- and the dramatic evolution of modern air warfare.

Wings of DeathWings of Death

Cutting it was something Kane had seen in only rare instances, warning him that the wing claws of these creatures were deadly, and gave the kongamato a threat radius of at least eight feet. He whirled as his opponent's wing flashed out ...

Author: James Axler

Publisher: Gold Eagle

ISBN: 9781460325964


Page: 316

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ETERNAL OCCUPATION The quasi-immortal aliens enslaving humanity underestimated the freedom cry of the human soul. Mankind's battle to reclaim its independence is spearheaded by a remarkable group of resistance fighters. And now the Cerberus rebels must confront a former adversary on a quest for a relic of mythical power. EVIL RISING An old enemy of the Cerberus warriors unleashes Harpy-like killers on the African continent, hoping the blood-hungry winged beasts and their love of human flesh will aid in his capture of a legendary artifact: the powerful staff wielded by Moses and King Solomon. Except the staff's out of his reach, safe in Kane's hands. And with the murderous rampage spiraling out of control and an exiled prince bent on unlocking the gates of Hell, the staff is all that stands between the rebels and Africa's utter decimation.

The Elastic Twist of Straight Wings for Symmetrical Load ConditionsThe Elastic Twist of Straight Wings for Symmetrical Load Conditions

It is the opinion of the officials that these regulations for the considerations of wing twists , although approximations , are sufficient to cover satisfactorily the seldom - occurring greater extensions of the safe load .

Author: Walther Gustav Carl Boccius


ISBN: UOM:39015104977502


Page: 68

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Wings above BillabongWings above Billabong

Lee Wing was coming out of the cooking-place with a big pan of sausages all sizzling hot, and the kangaroo bounded almost over him.” Wally sat up, his face alight with the memory. “It really was funny, if we hadn't been so hungry.

Author: Mary Grant Bruce

Publisher: DigiCat

ISBN: EAN:8596547112273


Page: 224

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DigiCat Publishing presents to you this special edition of "Wings above Billabong" by Mary Grant Bruce. DigiCat Publishing considers every written word to be a legacy of humankind. Every DigiCat book has been carefully reproduced for republishing in a new modern format. The books are available in print, as well as ebooks. DigiCat hopes you will treat this work with the acknowledgment and passion it deserves as a classic of world literature.

A Wind Tunnel Investigation of the Development of Lift on Wings in Accelerated Longitudinal MotionA Wind Tunnel Investigation of the Development of Lift on Wings in Accelerated Longitudinal Motion

The variation of the lift ratio with chord lengths traveled for various constant accelerations for the unswept wing ( fig . 6 ) indicates that the development of lift at a constant acceleration is practically independent of acceleration ...

Author: Thomas R. Turner


ISBN: NASA:31769000456288


Page: 24

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