Freud Religion and the Roaring TwentiesFreud Religion and the Roaring Twenties

Beginning with Winesburg , Ohio , we will now illumine specific links between " the secular advance of repression " and neurosis . Ander- son , too , was deeply concerned about the effects of repression , as Frederick Hoffman points out ...

Author: Henry Idema

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In this book, Henry Idema has developed a theory of religion and culture indebted to the psychological work of Sigmund Freud and the sociological work of Weinstein and Platt, and he has shown the validity of his theory through illustrations from the life and times and work of Sherwood Anderson, Ernest Hemingway, and F.Scott Fitzgerald. Idema brings a psychoanalytic perspective to his analysis of religion and culture. He starts out by developing a theory of religion focusing on early relationships with the mother and father, and then shows how social forces such as urbanization, industrialization etc. weakened religion in the institutional church, especially in its function of helping men and women to cope with anxiety.

Winesburg OhioWinesburg Ohio

The classic story collection by a great American master Sherwood Anderson’s unforgettable story cycle has long been considered one of the finest works of American literature.

Author: Sherwood Anderson

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The classic story collection by a great American master Sherwood Anderson’s unforgettable story cycle has long been considered one of the finest works of American literature. The central character is George Willard, a young artist coming of age in a quiet town in the heart of the Midwest, but his story is no more extraordinary than those of friends and neighbors such as Kate Swift, a lonely schoolteacher whose beauty inspires lust and confusion; Wing Biddlebaum, a recluse whose restless hands are the source of both his new name and the terrible secret that led him to abandon the old one; and Doctor Reefy, who hides his personal suffering by pouring it onto scraps of paper. With its uncompromising realism and unique narrative structure—twenty-two short tales linked by their setting and by a large cast of recurring characters—Winesburg, Ohio inspired an entire generation of writers, including William Faulkner, Ernest Hemingway, and F. Scott Fitzgerald, and forever changed the depiction of small-town life in popular American culture. This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

Race Manhood and Modernism in AmericaRace Manhood and Modernism in America

NARRATIVE , GENDER , AND HISTORY IN WINESBURG , OHIO > similarities . J. Gerald Kennedy has argued that " lacking a continuous narratorial presence , the [ short story ] sequence — like the decentered modernist novel — places the reader ...

Author: Mark Whalan

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Narrative, gender, and history in Winesburg, Ohio -- Sherwood Anderson and primitivism -- Double dealing in the South : Waldo Frank, Sherwood Anderson, Jean Toomer, and the ethnography of region -- "Things are so immediate in Georgia": articulating the South in Cane -- Cane, body technologies, and genealogy -- Cane, audience, and form.

Winesburg OhioWinesburg Ohio

LONELINESS Much of Enoch Robinson's story takes place in New York City , but " Loneliness " belongs in Winesburg , Ohio for two rea- sons . First , Enoch Robinson is , like most of the people of Wines- burg , a lonely person .

Author: Ann R. Morris

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Cliff Notes give you the basics - including such features as information about the author, social and historical backgrounds, structure and tradition of literary genres, facts about the characters, critical analyses, review questions, glossaries of unfamiliar terms, foreign phrases and literary allusions, maps, genealogies, and a bibliography to help you locate more data for essays, oral reports, and term papers.Anderson's book was the first work of fiction to expose the hypocrisy, frustration, and inhibition behind the typical small town's facade of gentility.

The United Stories of AmericaThe United Stories of America

18 To return to my earlier discussion about kernel stories and satellite stories , Winesburg , Ohio is characterized , on the one hand , by stories that are more central , stories where the intratextual links are comparatively strong ...

Author: Rolf Lundén

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This book discusses the American short story composite, or short story cycle, a neglected form of writing consisting of autonomous stories interlocking into a whole. The critical work done on this genre has so far focused on the closural strategies of the composites, on how unity is accomplished in these texts. This study takes into consideration, to a greater degree than earlier criticism, the short story composite as an open work, emphasizing the tension between the independent stories and the unified work, between the discontinuity and fragmentation, on the one hand, and the totalizing strategies, on the other. The discussion of the genre is illustrated with references to numerous American short story composites.

Representative Short Story Cycles of the Twentieth CenturyRepresentative Short Story Cycles of the Twentieth Century

V SHERWOOD ANDERSON : WINESBURG , OHIO Winesburg , Ohio is Sherwood Anderson's only universally admired book.1 It comprises twenty - five semi - impressionistic short stories which con- centrate on significant " moments " in the lives ...

Author: Forrest L. Ingram

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Sherwood AndersonSherwood Anderson

Winesburg,. Ohio. DAVID D. ANDERSON ON THE DESIRE FOR PERMANENCE [David D. Anderson is the author of “Sherwood Anderson's ... Winesburg, Ohio is indeed a testament, as all of Anderson's work is a testament to his time and place, and, ...

Author: Harold Bloom

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The works of Sherwood Anderson are explored here, including "Godliness," "Death in the Woods," "The Man Who Became A Woman," "I Want to Know Why," and "The Egg."

Barron s Simplified Approach to Winesburg Ohio Sherwood AndersonBarron s Simplified Approach to Winesburg Ohio Sherwood Anderson

Thus it was perhaps inevitable that a good deal of confusion has arisen in assessing the achievement of Winesburg , Ohio . Almost invariably the assessors have failed to see that Anderson was writing in an old philosophical tradition ...

Author: David D. Anderson


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Political Initiation in the Novels of Philip RothPolitical Initiation in the Novels of Philip Roth

9 Edwin Fussell, “Winesburg, Ohio: Art and Isolation,” in Sherwood Anderson: A Collection of Critical Essays, ed. Walter B. Rideout (Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1974), 41. Cf. also Monika Fludernik, “Winesburg, Ohio: The ...

Author: Claudia Franziska Brühwiler

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Political Initiation in the Novels of Philip Roth exemplifies how literature and, specifically, the work of Philip Roth can help readers understand the ways in which individuals develop their political identity, learn to comprehend political ideas, and define their role in society. Combining political science, literary theory, and anthropology, the book describes an individual's political coming of age as a political initiation story, which is crafted as much by the individual himself as by the circumstances influencing him, such as political events or the political attitude of the parents. Philip Roth's characters constantly re-write their own stories and experiment with their identities. Accordingly, Philip Roth's works enable the reader to explore, for instance, how individuals construct their identity against the backdrop of political transformations or contested territories, and thereby become initiands-or fail to do so. Contrary to what one might expect, initiations are not only defining moments in childhood and early adulthood; instead, Roth shows how initiation processes recur throughout an individual's life.

Children and Youth During the Gilded Age and Progressive EraChildren and Youth During the Gilded Age and Progressive Era

Raymond Wilson, “Rhythm in Winesburg, Ohio,” Great Lakes Review 8, no. 1 (Spring 1982): 36, (accessed June 15, 2012). 7. Anderson, Winesburg, Ohio, 18, 18, 126, 16, 16, 16. 8.

Author: James Marten

Publisher: NYU Press

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In the decades after the Civil War, urbanization, industrialization, and immigration marked the start of the Gilded Age, a period of rapid economic growth but also social upheaval. Reformers responded to the social and economic chaos with a “search for order,” as famously described by historian Robert Wiebe. Most reformers agreed that one of the nation’s top priorities should be its children and youth, who, they believed, suffered more from the disorder plaguing the rapidly growing nation than any other group. Children and Youth during the Gilded Age and Progressive Era explores both nineteenth century conditions that led Progressives to their search for order and some of the solutions applied to children and youth in the context of that search. Edited by renowned scholar of children’s history James Marten, the collection of eleven essays offers case studies relevant to educational reform, child labor laws, underage marriage, and recreation for children, among others. Including important primary documents produced by children themselves, the essays in this volume foreground the role that youth played in exerting agency over their own lives and in contesting the policies that sought to protect and control them.