Why Christian Kids RebelWhy Christian Kids Rebel

This book offers a new way to look at the "ideal" Christian home and shows why "cocoon-style" Christian homes don't always work.

Author: Tim Kimmel

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781418519438


Page: 272

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Author of Grace-Based Parenting and the best-selling Little House on the Freeway, Dr. Tim Kimmel helps Christian parents avoid the potential problems their well-meaning parenting styles could create. This book offers a new way to look at the "ideal" Christian home and shows why "cocoon-style" Christian homes don't always work. Many parents have "done it all" when it comes to the checklist of good Christian parenting, only to see their son or daughter step away from their belief system and embrace other lifestyle choices. Dr. Kimmel helps to increase the chances that your children will develop a vibrant faith early in life and stick with it on into adulthood. It will also provide help and hope for those already dealing with a rebellious teen and teach them how to lead the child back into a walk of faith.

Why I Didn t RebelWhy I Didn t Rebel

Rather than provide step-by-step instructions on how to construct the perfect family, Lindenbach tells her own story and the stories of others as examples of what went right, inviting readers to think differently about parenting.

Author: Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9780718090173


Page: 224

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In this unique combination of personal history, interviews, and social science, a young millennial shares surprising reasons that youthful rebellion isn’t inevitable and points the way for raising healthy, grounded children who love God. Teen rebellion is seen as a cultural norm, but Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach begs to differ. In Why I Didn’t Rebel--based on a viral blog post that has been read by more than 750,000 people--Lindenbach shows how rebellion is neither unavoidable nor completely understood. Based on interviews with her peers and combining the latest research in psychology and social science with stories from her own life, she gives parents a new paradigm for raising kids who don’t go off the rails. Rather than provide step-by-step instructions on how to construct the perfect family, Lindenbach tells her own story and the stories of others as examples of what went right, inviting readers to think differently about parenting. Addressing hot-button issues such as courtship, the purity movement, and spanking--and revealing how some widely-held beliefs in the Christian community may not actually help children--Why I Didn’t Rebel provides an utterly unique, eye-opening vision for raising kids who follow God rather than the world.

More High School Talksheets Updated More High School Talksheets Updated

What triggers kids to rebel sometimes more than others? Why are some kids
more rebellious than others? 2.Take some time to talk about each of these
statements. What do your kids think of rebellion? What about Christians who
rebel? 3.

Author: David Lynn

Publisher: Zondervan/Youth Specialties

ISBN: 9780310873235


Page: 112

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Start Discussions That Matter to Your High Schoolers About God. About themselves, their, beliefs, their questions, their lives.[Burst: More than a quarter-million copies sold in this series!]More High School TalkSheets—Updated! contains the same kind of provocative, compelling, discussion-starting questions that are hallmarks of the best-selling TalkSheets series—now updated for new-millennium high schoolers. Here are 50 more creative discussions that focus on relevant, real-life topics:The FutureDeathPrioritiesAIDSHeaven & HellPremarital SexPrayerKnowing GodHomosexualityMaterialism & Consumerism. . . and 40 more subjects of perennial interest to teenagers.TalkSheets are convenient, effective one-page reproducible handouts with intriguing questions that will get churched kids and unchurched kids alike talking and thinking about the Bible—and how its principles affect their daily lives.Use TalkSheets to launch your own lesson—or use them as stand-alone Bible studies. Each TalkSheet comes with detailed information and suggestions for discussion leaders: Bible references galore, Internet resources, further group exploration, and activities to pursue during and after the meeting.More High School TalkSheets—Updated! is the perfect discussion-starting resource for youth meetings, small groups and cell groups, Sunday school, and camps and retreats.

How to Raise Christian Kids in a Non Christian WorldHow to Raise Christian Kids in a Non Christian World

Many of the children who do become Christians want to be under authority . ...
When children like these are raised by Christian parents who use the authority of
the church or the Bible to make the children do things their way , these kids rebel

Author: Victor Books (Firm)

Publisher: Victor

ISBN: 0896934683


Page: 180

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A collection of helpful articles on raising children in the faith. You'll find helpful articles by Warren Wiersbe, Evelyn Christenson, and Tony Campolo, as well as many other family experts. Contains carefully selected excerpts from Parents and Teenagers and Parents and Children.

Faith Reads A Selective Guide to Christian NonfictionFaith Reads A Selective Guide to Christian Nonfiction

A Selective Guide to Christian Nonfiction David Rainey. including one ... Why
Christian Kids Rebel: Trading Heartache for Hope. ... Therefore, he suggests that
the solution to rebellious children is to focus on changing the parent, not the child

Author: David Rainey

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781591588474


Page: 388

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At last—a resource for librarians who wish to build or develop their nonfiction collection and use it to better serve the needs of adult Christian readers. Covering the three major branches of Christianity (Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox), the author organizes more than 600 titles into subject categories ranging from biography, the arts, and education, to theology, devotion, and spiritual warfare. Award-winning classics are noted. Introductory narrative frames the literature, and helps librarians better understand Christian literature; and learn how to establish selection criteria for building a Christian nonfiction collection.

The Danger of Raising Nice KidsThe Danger of Raising Nice Kids

19. 2George Barna, Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions (Ventura,
Calif.: Regal/ Gospel Light, 2003), p. 51. 3Tim Kimmel, Why Christian Kids Rebel
(Nashville: W Publishing Group, 2004), p. 183. 4Barna, Transforming Children,

Author: Timothy Smith

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 9780830877164



View: 245

Nice is not enough. We are raising a generation of "nice" kids. Nice kids are well behaved and look good on the outside, but they often lack courageous character inside. Offering practical wisdom gleaned from his experience as a parent and family coach, Tim Smith helps you move your kids from simply polite to truly compassionate. He targets nine key qualities children need but often lack and shows you how to build them into your children by modeling core values and biblical practices. Your kids can be--and indeed, are meant to be--kingdom builders who help bring God's light and life to others through their decisions and influence. "Being nice won't help them stand apart," Tim says. "We need to strategically train our children to engage and challenge the popular views of our culture." Here is a clear, down-to-earth resource that will help you do just that. But be prepared for change--in you, in your kids and in the world.

How to Keep Your Kids on Your TeamHow to Keep Your Kids on Your Team

The conclusion I have drawn from this is that Christianity is not what most
children rebel against ; most of these children I have talked to do not know
enough about real Christianity to know how to rebel against it ! No , what they are
rebelling ...

Author: Charles F. Stanley

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Incorporated

ISBN: 0840790783


Page: 224

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A guide for parents to get, and keep, their children's love and respect.

Raising Kids Who Turn Out RightRaising Kids Who Turn Out Right

Both of which are nominated for the Gold Medallion. Raising Kids would be the perfect addition to these books.

Author: Tim Kimmel


ISBN: 0974768391


Page: 300

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Every parent hopes their kids will turn out right. They pray that when their children leave the nest, they will be ready to face the world. And they hope that their kids will be equipped to stand strong in life's battles.There are no shortcuts to successful parenting-no secret formulas to raising kids of strength and character. However, there are steps you can take to prepare your children for the challenges ahead. But you'll need an effective game plan. With warmth and conviction, Tim Kimmel outlines a strategy for positive parenting - a plan that gives you reachable goals, while allowing for your personal parenting style. You have only a few short years with your child...make the most of the time you have.Dr. Kimmel has two other parenting books that just came out, Grace Based Parenting and Why Christian Kids Rebel. Both of which are nominated for the Gold Medallion. Raising Kids would be the perfect addition to these books.

Epic Families Equipping Parents to Inspire Their Children to Know GodEpic Families Equipping Parents to Inspire Their Children to Know God

Jutila, Craig. Children's Ministry That Works: The Basics and Beyond. Loveland,
CO: Group, 2002. Kimmel, Tim. Grace Based Parenting. Nashville, TN: Nelson
Publishers, 2004. . Why Christian Kids Rebel. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson,
2004 ...

Author: Beth Meltzer

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781490850115


Page: 208

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“Epic Families not only identifies a problem within today’s church but presents suggestions that equip parents to raise kids who are passionate for Jesus and offers ways that churches can partner with and empower parents in this mission. Definitely well worth the read!” — Rev. Allen Perdue Lead Pastor, Jersey Life Church Today’s children are not raised in a bubble. Daily, they are bombarded with worldly wisdom and are tempted at earlier ages with things that would have stunned parents of previous generations. Epic Families strives to help parents reclaim their God-given mandate to raise their children to know and love Him. Developed through more than a decade of ministry experience as well as one-on-one coaching with parents and church staff, this book identifies ways that the church has taken over a role that was designed for parents. It offers suggestions to parents to help them confidently teach their children about the God who made them, loves them, and wants a relationship with them, while also suggesting ways that churches can partner with parents, while not usurping the parents’ role. Epic Families can empower parents to inspire their children to trust God and make wise choices. In the busy and sometimes scary world we live in, parents need to intentionally showcase God’s presence to their children and let Him permeate their lives; this book offers them a valuable resource to do that.


And so our kids' teen years change us and grow us as well. ... Tim Kimmel, in his
book Why Christian Kids Rebel, agrees. ... it comes to helping your children,
especially when they have chosen to embrace an attitude of rebellion against
you, ...

Author: Karol Ladd

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781418574246


Page: 208

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In this timely survival guide, positive mom Karol Ladd offers practical steps to help mothers identify hidden anger in their own lives and in the lives of each member of their family. When tempers flare they need to know how to respond quickly to defuse the situation and to, instead, create a more loving atmosphere where anger has no place. The discussion focuses on three important steps: Recognize and Deal with Your Anger Learn How to Respond to Their Anger Create an Enviornment Where Love Abounds With anger being a major issue in every home, Karol's positive plan offers vital solutions that will not only deactivate anger but strengthen the bonds of love.

Christian Love and Loyalty Or The Rebel ReclaimedChristian Love and Loyalty Or The Rebel Reclaimed

You remember my dainty green scarf, and the pretty kid gloves that I showed you
? They were bought in that cottage, after dusk, and for about half the price that
would have been charged for them in any shop in the island.” * “But I wonder how

Author: A. L. O. E.


ISBN: NYPL:33433075765176


Page: 288

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Fitz Hugh St Clair the South Carolina Rebel BoyFitz Hugh St Clair the South Carolina Rebel Boy

... embroidered slippers , to the French kids and monogram pocket -
handkerchiefs , nothing was forgotten by the elegant ... believe what I have not
done for years , namely , that there is such a thing as ' genuine Christianity ' yet
on this earth .

Author: Sallie F. Moore Chapin


ISBN: PRNC:32101068165818


Page: 252

View: 164

Reaching Teens in Their Natural HabitatReaching Teens in Their Natural Habitat

Ellen Galinsky , Ask the Children : What America ' s Children Really Think about
Working Parents ( New York : William ... Claudia Wallis , “ The Kids Are Alright , ”
Time , July 5 , 1999 . 17 . ... Tim Kimmel , Why Christian Kids Rebel : 203 NOTES.

Author: Danny Holland

Publisher: WaterBrook Press

ISBN: 1400072026


Page: 207

View: 344

An expert on youth culture offers a unique approach to help parents successfully communicate and connect with teens, revealing tools used by MTV, drug dealers, gang leaders, and others who are successfully connecting with America's youth. Original.

Books That Change LivesBooks That Change Lives

Recommended Reading Lists for Christian Readers Parable Group, The ...
Hearing Their Heart , Making a Connection ( Tim Smith ) Why Christian Kids
Rebel ( Dr . Tim Kimmel ) Pre - Marital / Engagement 10 Great Dates Before You
Say “ I Do ...

Author: Parable Group, The


ISBN: 0977056503


Page: 119

View: 240

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