When Kids Get ArrestedWhen Kids Get Arrested

Research has shown that even children without mental health issues have a
difficult time understanding legal concepts before the age of fifteen. In addition,
just because a teen talks like an adult does not mean he understands. Teenagers

Author: Sandra Simkins

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 0813548187


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Every year, millions of children across the country get arrested. What most adults do not know is that the juvenile justice system has become much more punitive in the last fifteen years. No longer is juvenile court a place where regardless of what happens you get a clean slate when you turn eighteen. Today almost every adjudication of delinquency is accompanied by adult-style fingerprinting, prior record score points, and DNA tests that can stay in a state repository for years. For every stage of the justice system, from arrest to expungement, When Kids Get Arrested gives "top tips" to help adults make the best choices to protect children from long-term negative consequences. Sandra Simkins provides straight answers to common questions such as: Should I let my child talk to the police without a lawyer? How can I help my child succeed on probation? Should my child admit to the charges or take the case to trial? How will this case impact my child's future? Will it prevent him from getting a job or going into the army? My child has mental health issues. Can the juvenile justice system help? My daughter is out of control. Should I call the police? My son got arrested at school and is now suspended. What should I do next? Simkins takes complicated legal concepts and breaks them down into easy-to-understand guidelines. She includes information on topics such as police interrogation, detention hearings, and bail, along with state-by-state specifics. When Kids Get Arrested is a perfect resource for parents, social workers, guidance counselors, teachers, principals, coaches, and anyone else who works with children.

Drugs in Our SchoolsDrugs in Our Schools

I used to get into , black kids have far more arrests than white kids . I think we ...
and when they are shooting , usually a lot of kids are picked up and it is not
unusual for a black kid to be arrested two or three times by the time he is 15 , 16 ,
or 17.

Author: United States. Congress. House. Select Committee on Crime


ISBN: SRLF:A0010992683


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White KidsWhite Kids

In addition to teachers being “rude” and “racist” to her peers of color, she also
saw the kids get arrested: “One time during recess, they just got taken away by
the police—right in front of everybody—and then another time too, when they
thought ...

Author: Margaret A. Hagerman

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9781479802456


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Winner, 2019 William J. Goode Book Award, given by the Family Section of the American Sociological Association Finalist, 2019 C. Wright Mills Award, given by the Society for the Study of Social Problems Riveting stories of how affluent, white children learn about race American kids are living in a world of ongoing public debates about race, daily displays of racial injustice, and for some, an increased awareness surrounding diversity and inclusion. In this heated context, sociologist Margaret A. Hagerman zeroes in on affluent, white kids to observe how they make sense of privilege, unequal educational opportunities, and police violence. In fascinating detail, Hagerman considers the role that they and their families play in the reproduction of racism and racial inequality in America. White Kids, based on two years of research involving in-depth interviews with white kids and their families, is a clear-eyed and sometimes shocking account of how white kids learn about race. In doing so, this book explores questions such as, “How do white kids learn about race when they grow up in families that do not talk openly about race or acknowledge its impact?” and “What about children growing up in families with parents who consider themselves to be ‘anti-racist’?” Featuring the actual voices of young, affluent white kids and what they think about race, racism, inequality, and privilege, White Kids illuminates how white racial socialization is much more dynamic, complex, and varied than previously recognized. It is a process that stretches beyond white parents’ explicit conversations with their white children and includes not only the choices parents make about neighborhoods, schools, peer groups, extracurricular activities, and media, but also the choices made by the kids themselves. By interviewing kids who are growing up in different racial contexts—from racially segregated to meaningfully integrated and from politically progressive to conservative—this important book documents key differences in the outcomes of white racial socialization across families. And by observing families in their everyday lives, this book explores the extent to which white families, even those with anti-racist intentions, reproduce and reinforce the forms of inequality they say they reject.

Hearings Reports and Prints of the Senate Committee on Labor and Public WelfareHearings Reports and Prints of the Senate Committee on Labor and Public Welfare

What I am trying to say is when a black kid get picked up , generally the arresting
officer is the establishment and ... I got arrested when I was 13 for taking cookies
and milk out of public school and I got arrested and the police kicked me around

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Labor and Public Welfare


ISBN: UCAL:B3603327



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Youth ViolenceYouth Violence

When kids get arrested for shoplifting , or are truant from school , the focus should
be on bringing in the parents , not punishing the kids . ” But Douglas Bandow , a
senior fellow at the libertarian Cato Institute , says that “ We should never lose ...

Author: Henny H. Kim

Publisher: Greenhaven Press, Incorporated

ISBN: 1565108116


Page: 204

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A collection of essays offering opposing opinions on the causes and possible solutions for youth violence

Arrested Development to Agents of ChangeArrested Development to Agents of Change

And so the parents aren ' t really there to really like get involved in the kid ' s life
and like talk to the kids , be friends with the kids go hang out with the kids , [ and ]
spend time with the kids . Youth workers discussed how the circumstances of ...

Author: Raphael Travis Jr.


ISBN: UCLA:L0096939517


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When Good Kids KillWhen Good Kids Kill

... arrests increased over the ten - year period ( from 1986 to 1995 ) by some 14
percent , the rate at which juveniles were arrested saw more than double that
increase Even more alarming than the increasing number of our children who are

Author: Michael D. Kelleher

Publisher: Turtleback Books

ISBN: 0613226178


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Explores the warning signs and motivations for murders committed by teenagers with no previous history of violence.


Charged with Being Children : Egyptian Police Abuse of Children in Need of
Protection Human Rights Watch ... There is no consideration for which children [
they arrest,) street children, those in school or not, those begging or not; all that is

Author: Human Rights Watch (Organization)


ISBN: UOM:39015056912416


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Context -- Overview of the juvenile justice system -- Arrest and transport -- Police lockups -- The child law : arbitrary enforcement and vague laws -- Institutional barriers to ensuring children's rights -- International standards -- Recommendations -- Appendix A. Selected articles from the child law and its executive statute -- Appendix B. Social inquiry report : short form -- Appendix C. Social inquiry report : long form -- Appendix D. United Nations rules for the protection of juveniles deprived of their liberty -- Acknowledgments.

City LimitsCity Limits

neighborhood , also seem to be getting arrested in increasing numbers ,
according to Lawrence Siry , supervising ... schools that have high crime stats —
not just teams of additional police officers , but probation officers to oversee kids
who are ...



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Fatherhood ArrestedFatherhood Arrested

barbecuing and outside food are especially good at creating a welcoming
atmosphere . None of the efforts ... If I was to have a kid from anybody I wanted
my kids and the mother of my kids to be together forever . You know , be like my
mom ...

Author: Anne Nurse


ISBN: STANFORD:36105110270191


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Studies the effects that jail time and parole have on the relationships between young fathers and their children, with research revealing how the prison structure and its programs help fathers stay in touch with sons and daughters.

Children of the EveningChildren of the Evening

We go into the bar and have a drink and wait for a guy to approach us . " " What if
it ' s a cop , Joann ? What will my kids do if I get arrested ? " She reassured me . "
If there ' s any dicks around , any vice , the bartender will let us know .

Author: Trudee Able-Peterson

Publisher: Putnam Publishing Group

ISBN: UOM:39015000365042


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A former prostitute, now a counselor, tells about her work with the runaway, teen-aged prostitutes--female and male--of New York City and reports on the shocking circumstances of their lives and activities

Socioloy and You Ethics Values and TechnologySocioloy and You Ethics Values and Technology

Two kinds became the first state to set up court sessions of crimes land kids in
court : status offenses and just for children . ... People began to demand that
lawmakers “ get By the time a juvenile is arrested for a tough ” with kids who
broke the ...

Author: McGraw-Hill Staff


ISBN: 0078299195



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Children Living with Domestic ViolenceChildren Living with Domestic Violence

They just said get an injunction . So I did go for an injunction with a Power of
Arrest . But then with the kids being so stressed and I was thinking of him getting
his own back . And the idea of the kids seeing him being arrested and put into a ...

Author: Audrey Mullender

Publisher: Whiting & Birch Limited

ISBN: UOM:39015047490639


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The CenturyThe Century

Guerrilla warfare was carried can't have much to do that goes com on in a
desultory way . The square , once plainin ' an ' gets a kid arrested ' long o ' the
battle - field , became the playground of playin ' a little . I'd like to know who little
children ...



ISBN: PSU:000020213923



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The Century Illustrated Monthly MagazineThe Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine

Guerrilla warfare was carried can't have much to do that goes com on in a
desultory way . The square , once plainin ' an ' gets a kid arrested ' long o ' the
battle - field , became the playground of playin ' a little . I'd like to know who little
children ...

Author: Josiah Gilbert Holland


ISBN: UOM:39015030933967



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New TimesNew Times

The pushers get the young kids to hold the drugs ' cause if they get arrested they
just go to children's court . The judge spanks their hands and tells them * Go
home . Don't do that no more . " I was arrested for selling drugs . I had dropped
out of ...



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