Weight Loss Tailored for WomenWeight Loss Tailored for Women

Dr. Karatoprak determined that “For proper medically correct weight loss, people need to know their Body-Profile Type and the behavioral aspects of their lifestyle in order to tailor a personalized weight loss program (diet and ...

Author: Ohan Karatoprak MD

Publisher: eBookIt.com

ISBN: 9781456619824


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Weight Loss Tailored for Women Dr. Karatoprak's Weight Loss & Longevity Breakthrough! The Revolutionary Personalized Body-Profile Type Approach Designed For Women Of All Ages For Women Who Want to Lose From 5 to over 100 Lbs. Doctor Developed * Doctor Tested * Doctor Recommended By Ohan Karatoprak, MD Dr. Karatoprak determined that "For proper medically correct weight loss, people need to know their Body-Profile Type and the behavioral aspects of their lifestyle in order to tailor a personalized weight loss program (diet and exercise) for effective weight loss. These factors include: * Body Fat Type * Metabolic Type * Behavioral Type; Under-Exercise or Over-Exerciser; Under-Eater or Over-Eater With this information your Body-Profile Type is determined, which is used to establish a personalized nutrition and exercise program. Other factors such as supplements and in certain cases, medication are also determined using this approach. The How-To is contained in this book. Today we understand that the treatment of obesity (excess body fat) has to be a tailored one for each individual. Since each individual's body composition, metabolism, hormonal balance, exercise capacity, and caloric intake is different. "Not everyone is obese or overweight the same way, and not everyone is obese or overweight for the same reason". This phrase explains why all "one-size-fits-all" low calorie diets and weight loss programs fail. They are "hit-and-miss" weight loss traps, and the majority of them promise quick weight loss results for most of the obese people who are looking for a quick fix. The end result of these weight loss books and diet programs is more obesity and frustration. Sounds familiar? More than 25 years of Dr. Karatoprak's hands on experience in weight loss and research has brought this book to you. As you go through his Body-Profile Type Approach in this book, and watch the free instructional videos, you will learn the essence of obesity and being overweight, and the proper treatment. You will see how important it is not to be on a low calorie diet, which can slow down your metabolism. You will understand how important it is to follow a diet and exercise program which is tailored for you, which will correct your hormonal imbalance, increase your metabolism, and improve your body composition for health and longevity. You will also discover how this book is important for your weight maintenance, to prevent weight gain.

Obesity During Pregnancy in Clinical PracticeObesity During Pregnancy in Clinical Practice

Nonetheless, weight loss programs tailored for women during postpartum may improve body image. Although several weight loss intervention studies targeting postpartum women are in progress, body image is not usually assessed [78].

Author: Wanda Nicholson

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

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This book summarizes the effects of overweight/obesity in the childbearing years that can be effectively communicated to patients by their providers in a busy practice setting, and provides concise and understandable summaries of the evidence-based, theory-driven lifestyle interventions that have been shown to be effective for weight loss and modifying the risk of developing diabetes and obesity.

Tailoring Health MessagesTailoring Health Messages

Figure 8.14 A Testimonial Tailored Message (for female. less than 35 years old. in complation stage to begin a weight loss program and who has failed at several previous weight loss attempts). [FOR FEMALE AGE 35] Hi. l'rn Nora.

Author: Matthew W. Kreuter

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135462420


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Through the use of new technologies, researchers, and practitioners in health education and health communication can now provide health information and behavior change strategies that are customized based on the unique needs, interests, and concerns of different individuals. These tailored health messages can be highly effective in assisting individuals in understanding and responding to health concerns. In this volume, Matthew Kreuter, David Farrell, and their colleagues define the process of tailoring and describe its uses in health communication programs. They present a theoretical and public health rationale for tailoring and support their position with empirical evidence. They also lay out the steps involved in creating and delivering tailored health communication programs, which can then be applied in practice. Practitioners, researchers, and students in health communication, health psychology, public health, and related areas will find this book to be a vital and invaluable resource for improving communication about health issues.

Flat Belly Fitness a Simple Guide 53 Tips to How to Get a Flatter Belly and Build a Better BodyFlat Belly Fitness a Simple Guide 53 Tips to How to Get a Flatter Belly and Build a Better Body

Women's Health Jul 2006 3. Trouble Spot Fat Loss, Bruce Krahn 45, 10. The Body Fat Breakthrough, By Ellington Darden 9,157,163. Prevention Feb 2008 11. Weight Loss Tailored for Women, By Ohan Karatoprak MD 12, 1415, 17.

Author: Riley Rowe

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

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If you’ve tried just about everything to shed stubborn belly fat, including bizarre diets, insane workouts and extreme calorie counting, you realise by now that most of these “magic bullet” solutions often fall short in getting you that coveted trimmer middle. Yet by making a selection of small but simple changes, you can transform your waistline, build a better body and feel more energized - without starving yourself, popping fat loss pills, or spending endless hours exercising. “Flat Belly Fitness – A Simple Guide” is a quick reference handbook containing a compilation of ideas and tips to help kick-start you into a healthier lifestyle, eliminate excess belly fat, and get you tighter, firmer, faster. So if you want to quit calorie counting and yo-yo dieting, build a better, healthier body and reveal your inner abs, get “Flat Belly Fitness - A Simple Guide”...today!

Frontiers in Oncology Breast Cancer Awareness Month Special EditionFrontiers in Oncology Breast Cancer Awareness Month Special Edition

Randomized to a 3-month fully-automatic weband email-based dietary or physical activity Social cognitive theory and goal setting Diet only program–Culturally tailored Women's Intervention Nutrition Study Participants were randomized to ...

Author: Paula R. Pohlman

Publisher: Frontiers Media SA

ISBN: 9782889631643


Page: 117

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Foreword from the Editors: The start of October marks the commencement of Breast Cancer Awareness month, an annual month-long event to raise awareness and express support for those that have been affected by breast cancer in one way or another. Thanks to the incredible work and efforts by the scientific community, we have greatly enhanced our ability to detect breast cancer in its earliest stages, and have been able to develop simple routine screening techniques to ensure that everyone, even those in areas where resources are scarce, can identify early signs of a tumor forming. Our ability to treat breast cancer has greatly improved, becoming more sophisticated and precise. The advent of state-of-the-art imaging instruments, advanced surgical techniques, and immunotherapy means that we are able to treat patients better, being mindful of the plethora of difficulties that arise for breast cancer survivors. Breast cancer, despite tremendous advances in recent decades, remains one of the most common cancer types across the globe, and efforts by the scientific community require continued to support in order to guarantee further advances. In this Special Edition, we present selected articles looking at breast cancer from all angles. Coming from a diverse set of authors, this Special Edition includes manuscripts evaluating nation-wide screening programs, advanced surgical techniques, the future direction of molecular targeting, and more. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the wider community for their continued efforts in allowing for accelerated scientific developments, and most importantly for supporting everyone affected both directly and indirectly. Paula R. Pohlman and Sarah M. Temkin

The Obesity EpidemicThe Obesity Epidemic

For six months during the course of pregnancy, a cohort of Hispanic women received culturally tailored and motivational messages on diet and physical activity modification. At the end of their pregnancy, the women exposed to the program ...

Author: Monica M. Taylor

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319689784


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This book addresses the obesity epidemic from a political, economic and social perspective. Examining the populations that suffer the greatest from political and economic decision-making associated with obesity prevalence, this book utilizes a contemporary framework to discuss obesity. While it does examine the behavioral risks associated with rising obesity rates, it also explores the political level, by evaluating theories in social justice and the political economy that foster or restrict at-risk behaviors. It considers the economic context through rising income inequality levels in the US. It also critiques the actions of higher institutions, including transnational corporations, as social contributors to this epidemic. Finally, it compares global and national challenges of the epidemic.

Weight Loss Exercise and Health ResearchWeight Loss Exercise and Health Research

EFFICACY OF TAILORED INTERVENTION As indicated , numerous problems have been identified with weight - loss intervention programs that increase physical activity or decrease dietary fat intake . In addition , although the workplace ...

Author: Carrie P. Saylor

Publisher: Nova Publishers

ISBN: 1600210775


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Weight loss can be achieved in many ways including reduction of caloric intake, exercise and because of health reasons. This book combines research from around the world in all three areas.

Women s Health Perfect Body DietWomen s Health Perfect Body Diet

Outlines a fiber-based diet plan tailored to women, drawing on research into how a woman's body responds to exercise while explaining how to lose weight by eating in accordance with hormones, blood-sugar levels, and psychological needs.

Author: Cassandra Forsythe

Publisher: Rodale Press

ISBN: 1594867909


Page: 352

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Outlines a fiber-based diet plan tailored to women, drawing on research into how a woman's body responds to exercise while explaining how to lose weight by eating in accordance with hormones, blood-sugar levels, and psychological needs.

Calcium Vitamin D and HealthCalcium Vitamin D and Health

This was investigated using clinic records of a population of overweight and obese men and premenopausal women who participated in an individually tailored three month weight loss program. 2. Study Design and Population This study is a ...

Author: Luis Gracia-Marco

Publisher: MDPI

ISBN: 9783039285648


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Calcium is the main mineral in the body, involved in a variety of structural and functional roles. The maintenance of calcium homeostasis is perhaps the most studied function of vitamin D. This Special Issue of Nutrients, “Calcium, Vitamin D and Health” contains 12 original publications and two reviews investigating the contribution of (mainly) vitamin D and calcium on relevant health outcomes in a variety of populations, which reflect the evolving and broad interest of researchers on this topic.

Obesity and GynecologyObesity and Gynecology

Strategies such as face-to-face education sessions and practical advice on approaches to healthy eating tailored to the ... It is currently recommended that women with BMI.25 should aim for weight loss via caloric restriction through ...

Author: Tahir A. Mahmood

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780128179208


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Obesity and Gynecology, Second Edition, presents updated chapters on a variety of topics, ranging from adolescent obesity, contraception, assisted reproduction and sexual dysfunction, to bariatric surgery and improving semen parameters. The prevalence of obesity in men and women continues to dramatically increase around the world. Obesity presents specific challenges in relation to male and female infertility and general gynecology. Patients who are obese require specific considerations and knowledge. Presents an essential reference on the significant risks of obesity related to contraception, male and female infertility, and general gynecology Builds foundational knowledge, showing how obesity relates to general gynecology, including menstrual disorders, breasts cancer, menopause and sexual dysfunction Assembles critically evaluated chapters that focus on obesity and gynecology to meet the practical needs of gynecologists, endocrinologists and general practitioners