Weave It Quilt It Wear It Weave It Quilt It Wear It

Create a one-of-a-kind garment from woven strips of fabric! Three patterns, step-by-step instructions, a full-color Design Portfolio, and diagrams for a variety of plain and fancy weaves are provided.

Author: Mary Anne Caplinger

Publisher: Martingale & Company Incorporated

ISBN: 1564771423


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Create a one-of-a-kind garment from woven strips of fabric! Three patterns, step-by-step instructions, a full-color Design Portfolio, and diagrams for a variety of plain and fancy weaves are provided.

The Natural History of the Traditional QuiltThe Natural History of the Traditional Quilt

For this reason, and also perhaps because fewer used scraps survive, the use of ribbed and corded fabrics in quilts is less common than fabrics of basic plain weave. Twill weave involves threading weft over and under warp in such a way ...

Author: John Forrest

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 9780292789180


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Traditional quilts serve many purposes over the course of a useful life. Beginning as a beautiful bed covering, a quilt may later function as a ground cover at picnics until years of wear relegate it to someone's ragbag for scrap uses. Observing this life cycle led authors John Forrest and Deborah Blincoe to the idea that quilts, like living things, have a natural history that can be studied scientifically. They explore that natural history through an examination of the taxonomy, morphology, behavior, and ecology of quilts in their native environment—the homes of humans who make, use, keep, and bestow them. The taxonomy proposed by Forrest and Blincoe is rooted in the mechanics of replicating quilts so that it can be used to understand evolutionary and genetic relationships between quilt types. The morphology section anatomizes normal and abnormal physical features of quilts, while the section on conception and birth in the life cycle discusses how the underlying processes of replication intersect with environmental factors to produce tangible objects. This methodology is applicable to many kinds of crafts and will be of wide interest to students of folklore, anthropology, and art history. Case studies of traditional quilts and their makers in the Catskills and Appalachia add a warm, human dimension to the book.

101 Patchwork Patterns101 Patchwork Patterns

QUILT MATERIALS TO BEGIN WITH, I want to say something as trite as it is important and that is, “Use the very best ... A firm weave is imperative where one is cutting small triangles and diamonds where part of each block must be bias.

Author: Ruby S. McKim

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486156415


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Patchwork patterns with complete instructions for cutting and sewing quilts. Various designs diagrammed and described include flower designs; rainbow designs; Irish chains; fish, bird, and leaf designs; and more.

Parson Gray Trade QuiltsParson Gray Trade Quilts

The weave of canvas can be a bit coarse, so it may not be the best idea to line the sleep side of your quilt with it, ... Cotton can stand up to considerable wear under normal conditions, although it's not as tough as linen, canvas, ...

Author: David Butler

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 9781452139678


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Quilting gets a rustic modern treatment in this 20-project sewing book that celebrates American trade quilts, with touches of Native and early American influences. The timeless style of these DIY designs will inspire quilters of every skill level to make cozy style statements for their home or office. Clear, step-by-step instructions detail how to use inventive techniques such as coffee staining and bleaching to achieve a perfectly distressed vintage feel, while dozens of helpful diagrams and photographs make these projects even more accessible. From a stunning Navajo blanket to a World's Fair design comprising international antique flags, this compilation is ideal for anyone looking to create gorgeous quilts and blankets in the spirit of a bygone era.

Apocalyptic ChicApocalyptic Chic

Traveling Blankets: Reweaving Stories of the Past The apocalypse reverses the history of clothing production from the industrialized production of ready-made ... In the seventeenth century, woven coverlets were more common than quilts ...

Author: Barbara Brodman

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781683930518


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This book focuses on legends and images of the apocalypse and post-apocalypse in film and graphic arts, literature and lore from early to modern times and from cultures around the world. It reflects an increasingly popular leitmotif in literature and visual arts of the modern century: humanity’s fear of extinction and quest for survival.

Surprising Designs from Traditional Quilt BlocksSurprising Designs from Traditional Quilt Blocks

... Pat Magaret & Donna Slusser Watercolor Quilts • Pat Magaret & Donna Slusser Weave It ! Quilt It ! Wear It ! Mary Anne Caplinger Welcome to the North Pole • Piece O'Cake Designs Whimsies & Whynots • Mary Lou Weidman WOW !

Author: Carole Fure

Publisher: Martingale & Company Incorporated

ISBN: 1564771555


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Unlock the design potential of traditional quilt blocks by using simple principles of color and value placement. You'll be amazed at the incredible number of designs you can find hidden within a single block. Includes: -- 110 variations on 10 block designs, step-by-step quilt planning, and easy-to-use charts-- Plans for four basic quilt designs -- repeat block, alternate block, strippy, and medallion-- Advice on playing with values to dramatically change the look of your blocks-- A magic formula for determining fabric amounts without complicated math

Quilting EssentialsQuilting Essentials

It also makes a cozy backing for your quilt . Muslin is a utility fabric used for foundation bases . It is generally a lighter weave and comes in a variety of widths . Selecting Batting Batting is the middle layer of a quilt.

Author: Editors of Creative Publishing international

Publisher: Creative Publishing international

ISBN: 9781627882705


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Learn how to machine-quilt the easy way with lots of photos! Are you curious about quilting but don't know a fat quarter from a batt? With this booklet, you can learn all of the basic steps of machine quilting: cutting, piecing, pressing, layering with batting and backing, basting, various methods of quilting, and binding. Taught step-by-step with lots of clear photos, this essential guide is a great addition to any quilter's library. It will become the reference you reach for so much, you might want to keep it right by your machine!

Quilting BibleQuilting Bible

If you are making a comforter for a child's bed , the quilt will be subject to hard and constant use ; select fabrics that can ... They are mediumweight , closely woven fabrics of 100 percent cotton or of a cotton / polyester blend .



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