Voices of The Mayflower tells the story of a handful of religious fanatics, brave souls, crooks and cowards who sailed from Europe to New England 400 years ago - some in pursuit of religious freedom but most adventurers in the quest for ...

Author: Richard Holledge

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781838592523


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Voices of The Mayflower tells the story of a handful of religious fanatics, brave souls, crooks and cowards who sailed from Europe to New England 400 years ago - some in pursuit of religious freedom but most adventurers in the quest for riches. The narrative begins in 1602 six years before a small band known as Separatists flee persecution in England for the Netherlands. Exile is a painful disappointment but, undaunted, they sail the Atlantic in a rickety ship used for the Bordeaux wine trade to a world where they hope to create a perfect community. Half of them die within weeks of landing in New England. For the rest, there is nothing but a heroic struggle to survive famine, plague, ‘savages and wild lions’. They are cheated by their London backers and betrayed and almost bankrupted by one of their own. They confound their reputation as God-fearing folk by ruthlessly beheading a Native American chief. We share moments of love and loyalty - though most marriages are matters of cold convenience. There are stories of idealism and sacrifice but this is not a warm saga of ‘pilgrims’ living in saintly perfection; some are guilty of greed, duplicity and even murder. This is the story of The Mayflower and the voyage that changed the world.

Dawnland VoicesDawnland Voices

While the Mayflower broughtsome regrettable consequences upon the Wampanoag, noteverything that came over onthatship wasillfated.

Author: Siobhan Senier

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780803256804


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Dawnland Voices calls attention to the little-known but extraordinarily rich literary traditions of New England’s Native Americans. This pathbreaking anthology includes both classic and contemporary literary works from ten New England indigenous nations: the Abenaki, Maliseet, Mi’kmaq, Mohegan, Narragansett, Nipmuc, Passamaquoddy, Penobscot, Schaghticoke, and Wampanoag. Through literary collaboration and recovery, Siobhan Senier and Native tribal historians and scholars have crafted a unique volume covering a variety of genres and historical periods. From the earliest petroglyphs and petitions to contemporary stories and hip-hop poetry, this volume highlights the diversity and strength of New England Native literary traditions. Dawnland Voices introduces readers to the compelling and unique literary heritage in New England, banishing the misconception that “real” Indians and their traditions vanished from that region centuries ago.

Mayflower DreamsMayflower Dreams

A voice said, “Psalm 8.” Rose listened as different voices joined together in a joyful song. When the singing stopped, someone said, “Here are two of my ...

Author: Karen Petit

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781973603610


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Deep inside the common house, William Bradford coughed and wheezed. His face was as gray as the smoke from the fire. His right hand tried to roll a large barrel of gunpowder toward the door while his left hand pressed against the wall for support. Pieces of smoldering straw fell down from the roof, landing on him and the barrel. Thou art too sick to move that barrel. Let us help thee. Before, during, and after the 1620 voyage on the Mayflower, the Pilgrims experienced a common house fire, other challenges, and many accomplishments. Their journey is explored by Rose Hopkins when she travels backward in time and meets her ancestors through Mayflower Dreams. Within her reality and dreams, Rose finds that her modern life connects to Pilgrim history and culture. In her reality, Rose has problems living in the present. She is often late and is separated from her husband. She connects to her ancestors as she uses a sampler to look for a watch. Her journey includes visiting Pilgrim Hall Museum, Plymouth Rock, Plimoth Plantation, and the Mayflower II. In her dreams, Rose uses lucid dreaming techniques to create a dream story. She meets many Pilgrims, including John Robinson, the pastor of the Puritans. The Pilgrim history, lifestyle, dialogue, and dreams of religious freedom are realistically displayed within Roses dream story.

AmericanHeritage American VoicesAmericanHeritage American Voices

The Mayflower was supposed to land north of Jamestown but still in Virginia, where they would be governed by the rules of the Virginia Company.

Author: David C. King

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0471463353


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Find out what life was like in colonial America from the people who lived it! This first book in the American Heritage American Voices series will give you a rare glimpse into the day-to-day experiences of early Americans. You'll learn from fourteen-year-old George Washington about his Rules of Civility and Decent Behaviour (such as "Do not laugh too much or too loud in public."); you'll read the testimony of an accused witch from the Salem witch trials; and you'll hear about the terrible conditions African slaves suffered when they were brought to America, from one of the slaves who survived. You'll also find out about what led up to the Boston Tea Party, what happened to the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and the daring mission of the first submarine (in 1776!). From Columbus's letter describing his first voyage to America to the Constitution of the United States, Colonies and Revolution presents a wealth of period documents, including diaries, letters, articles, advertisements, speeches, and more, from both famous figures and ordinary citizens. Find out how all of these American voices working together helped to make this country what it is today.

English One Tongue Many VoicesEnglish One Tongue Many Voices

Every American schoolchild knows that it was in November of that year that a ship named the Mayflower reached land in what is now Massachusetts, ...

Author: Jan Svartvik

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137160072


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This is the fully revised and expanded second edition of English - One Tongue, Many Voices, a book by three internationally distinguished English language scholars who tell the fascinating, improbable saga of English in time and space. Chapters trace the history of the language from its obscure beginnings over 1500 years ago as a collection of dialects spoken by marauding, illiterate tribes. They show how the geographical spread of the language in its increasing diversity has made English into an international language of unprecedented range and variety. The authors examine the present state of English as a global language and the problems, pressures and uncertainties of its future, online and offline. They argue that, in spite of the amazing variety and plurality of English, it remains a single language.


Through the gratings drifted the hum of a busy hive— voices calling, songs coming from a distance, the metallic click of scissors as the workers picked them ...

Author: Vicente Blasco Ibañez

Publisher: Lindhardt og Ringhof

ISBN: 9788726813340


Page: 91

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When Tona’s husband dies at sea she is left alone to fend for both herself and her sons. She opens a tavern and attempts to live a normal life, even finding another handsome man to fall in love with. It seems that for Tona, however, it never just rains, but pours. She is soon faced with yet another cruel disappointment. ‘Mayflower’ and its vivid descriptions tell the tale of one woman’s misfortune, her courage, and the strength of the human spirit. One of Vicente Blasco Ibáñez’s most famous novels for a reason, the true-to-life nature of his writing reflect his own experiences with a life of hardships. Vicente Blasco Ibáñez (1867 - 1928) was born in Valencia, Spain. Despite being best known for his work as a novelist, he was also a respected journalist and politician. He reflects his own experiences moving in these circles through his work, as his characters often seem to fall victim to less than favorable social and environmental conditions. Among his most important works are "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse", "Our Sea", "La Bodega", and "Mayflower".

Pennhurst Ghosts of Mayflower IIPennhurst Ghosts of Mayflower II

were known to appear in Mayflower photos. In some way, I was arming myself and ... His voice was reassuring as he went over the rules of ghost exploration.

Author: Tamera Lawrence

Publisher: Outskirts Press

ISBN: 9781478755883


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Ghost. The very word tempts the mind with lurid images of lost souls trapped in an alternate dimension. Many of us will never encounter a ghost or perhaps be aware of its presence. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist – in fact, they do exist- in the battered walls of the Mayflower Hall, Pennhurst. With its morbid history, Pennhurst State School and Hospital left behind a tragic legacy of neglect and abuse. Opening in 1908, Pennhurst was created to isolate the mental and physically handicapped from “normal” society and institutionalize them. The most vulnerable lived at Pennhurst—children. Conditions quickly became strained by limited staff, overcrowding and lack of funding. Finally in the 1980’s, Pennhurst began closing its doors. Today the remnants of Pennhurst are hard to ignore with its towering fortress of crumbling buildings and rustic grounds. But during the Halloween season, Pennhurst Haunt offers several attractions for the curious or thrill seekers. Ghost Hunt is located in the Mayflower Hall. For several years, I have spent time in this dark, eerie building and have witnessed the paranormal first hand. This sequel to the original Ghosts of Mayflower offers a reader a chance to spend some time in one of the most haunted locations in Pennsylvania. And if you dare, please come visit us.

Pilgrim VoicesPilgrim Voices

MAYFLOWER. COMPACT. Today, November 11, 1620, before we came to harbor, it was thought there should be an association and agreement.

Author: Peter Roop

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781504010160


Page: 46

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A Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People and a C. S. Lewis Noteworthy book: A rich history of the pilgrim experience, as recorded in real diaries Nearly four hundred years after the pilgrims left England in search of a better life, their stories still resonate with Americans today. In this account, the pilgrims’ own writings of their adventures and hardships are brought to life for young readers. This touching account shows the pilgrims’ voyage on the Mayflower, their first meeting with the native people, and the hardships of hunger, illness, and death that they faced during their first winter. Finally, after more than a year in the New World, they celebrate the harvest and truly give thanks.

The Mayflower Or Sketches of Scenes and Characters Among the Descendants of the PilgrimsThe Mayflower Or Sketches of Scenes and Characters Among the Descendants of the Pilgrims

The last words were repeated , and prolongo ed most vehemently by a voice that I knew for Master William's . “ Now , Willie , I like the other one best ...

Author: Harriet Beecher Stowe


ISBN: NYPL:33433112007665


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With a pinched voice she said, 'But I must not complain. We are following the example of the first apostles. This is all part of God's test.

Author: Arminal Dare

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781838592899


Page: 688

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The Mayflower Marriage breathes life into the story of the Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth in 1620. This compelling and very human story follows John Alden and Priscilla Mullins as they fall in love during the historic 1620 crossing of The Mayflower from Plymouth to Massachusetts. This love is constantly challenged, but survives batterings and betrayals and through this the couple achieve a stronger and deeper devotion. John and Priscilla meet in England as preparations for the Mayflower’s departure are in progress, Priscilla as a passenger and John as a crew member. They gradually discover their mutual attraction as they cope with a voyage fraught with sickness, strife and the ferocious storms. Life in early Plymouth is grim as the settlers suffer famine, disease, and death. John can only watch as Priscilla cares unceasingly for the members of her family, as one after another she loses her father, mother and younger brother. He longs to assist and comfort her but is prevented by Pilgrim morality and rigid social norms. Over time, conditions in the new colony gradually improve, with help from friendly Native Americans and occasional supply ships. Despite resistance from the Pilgrim leadership, John and Priscilla finally marry and raise a family. The sweeping, heroic narrative follows them throughout the remainder of their long and eventful lives, raising a family while navigating the political infighting and squabbling of the early Pilgrim society.

Voices of a People s History of the United StatesVoices of a People s History of the United States

You didn't come here on the “Mayflower." You came here on a slave ship. In chains, like a horse, or a cow, or a chicken. And you were brought here by the ...

Author: Howard Zinn

Publisher: Seven Stories Press

ISBN: 1583229477



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Here in their own words are Frederick Douglass, George Jackson, Chief Joseph, Martin Luther King Jr., Plough Jogger, Sacco and Vanzetti, Patti Smith, Bruce Springsteen, Mark Twain, and Malcolm X, to name just a few of the hundreds of voices that appear in Voices of a People's History of the United States, edited by Howard Zinn and Anthony Arnove. Paralleling the twenty-four chapters of Zinn's A People's History of the United States, Voices of a People’s History is the long-awaited companion volume to the national bestseller. For Voices, Zinn and Arnove have selected testimonies to living history—speeches, letters, poems, songs—left by the people who make history happen but who usually are left out of history books—women, workers, nonwhites. Zinn has written short introductions to the texts, which range in length from letters or poems of less than a page to entire speeches and essays that run several pages. Voices of a People’s History is a symphony of our nation’s original voices, rich in ideas and actions, the embodiment of the power of civil disobedience and dissent wherein lies our nation’s true spirit of defiance and resilience.

Mary of the MayflowerMary of the Mayflower

Groups of the pilgrims gathered, speaking in hushed voices. One old man sagely commented, “They seem to be vexed that we may not land near Virginia, ...

Author: Diane Stevenson Stone

Publisher: Scrivener Books




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For thirteen-year-old Mary Chilton, every day is filled with adventure. She is surrounded by friends and family, and her windmill house feels like a castle to her. But Mary can't forget that her family was forced to leave their last home because of their religion, and even in Holland, things are looking dangerous again. Mary's world is changed forever when her father announces that they will join the Pilgrims traveling to the New World in search of more freedom and a better life. She must leave her older sisters and friends, and even give up her cat. With only the clothes on her back and her grandmother's locket, Mary joins her parents aboard the Mayflower and starts the dangerous journey across the Atlantic Ocean. Mary faces deadly storms, cruel bullies, cold, starvation, and illness. With the help of some new friends and a special message on her grandmother's locket, Mary discovers she is stronger and braver than she ever knew. But when the unthinkable happens, will Mary find the courage to make her dreams of a new home come true?