An evocative play about Virginia Woolf's life and relationships with her husband, Leonard, and her lover, Vita Sackville-West.

Author: Edna O'Brien

Publisher: San Diego : Harcourt Brace Jovanovich

ISBN: 0156935600


Page: 73

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An evocative play about Virginia Woolf's life and relationships with her husband, Leonard, and her lover, Vita Sackville-West.

Coaching Yourself to LeadershipCoaching Yourself to Leadership

The purpose of the book is not to help you become the next Jack WelchOCobeing a great leader doesnOCOt mean you have to get to the top.

Author: Ginny O'Brien

Publisher: Human Resource Development

ISBN: 0874258693


Page: 154

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What would happen if a respected business coach gave you a new model for leadership that could help you achieve the happiness, productivity and fulfillment at work you so desire? It would change your life. ThatOCOs exactly what author Ginny O'Brien has done. SheOCOs a certified business coach who draws on an approach sheOCOs used successfully for years in her practice to develop effective leaders. It integrates competencies from three domains of leadershipOCoself, work and othersOCoand emphasizes both masculine and feminine elements of strength. OOCOBrienOCOs themesOCobe authentic, visionary, emotionally intelligent, an assertive communicator and connected to others through relationships and alliancesOCoare covered in-depth in separate chapters. Exercises, tools and specific guidance are also provided to help you turn the information presented into everyday practices. The purpose of the book is not to help you become the next Jack WelchOCobeing a great leader doesnOCOt mean you have to get to the top. Rather, it is to provide you with practices and techniques that will transform you into a more positive, authentic leader who can make work better for yourself and those you currently lead. Sample topics: Identifying values: Getting to the core of you; The dilemma of defensive behaviors; Leadership and parenting: The same skill set; Dealing with people you donOCOt respect; Assertive vs aggressive; Passive-aggressive communicators: The Alienators; The art of asking powerful questions; Managing your fear; The problem with delegating perfection

Donald BrianDonald Brian

... of Broadway Charles Foster. Donald Brien and Virginia OBrien O . . ... The
PLAYGOER TRADE MARK The only picture of Donald Brian and his wife Virginia
O ' Brien ever used together in the same show . His final appearance as Prince ...

Author: Charles Foster

Publisher: Breakwater Books

ISBN: 1550812149


Page: 172

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An insider's view into the early days of Hollywood and the motion picture industry. This is the story of one man's meteoric rise from obscurity in an isolated Canadian province to becoming one of the most famous Broadway starsin the world.

Margaret O BrienMargaret O Brien

Fred Avery), Ben Lessy (Private Monks), Wally Cassell (Jack), Mickey Rooney (
Guest), Judy Garland (Guest), Red Skelton (Himself), Eleanor Powell (Herself),
Ann Sothern (Guest), Lucille Ball (Cameo), Virginia O'Brien (Herself), Frank
Morgan ...

Author: Allan R. Ellenberger

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476604015


Page: 253

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Among Hollywood’s child stars are some talented children, normal and pleasant who find fame in film. Margaret O'Brien is one; her career began in 1941. The fresh-faced moppet quickly became a sensation and won the 1944 Academy Award for Outstanding Child Actress. As Adele in Jane Eyre (1944) and Beth in Little Women (1949), Margaret endeared herself to millions. Despite the strain of growing up on screen, O'Brien continues to perform today. This reference work details O’Brien’s remarkable and varied career on stage, screen, and television: it includes a biography and a complete listing of all her film, radio, stage, and television appearances, as well as references to her in magazines and newspapers. Each entry includes complete production information, as well as reviews and behind-the-scenes commentary. Included are forewords by Robert Young and O'Brien herself, who provided much of the information in this book. Dozens of photos, including many from O'Brien's personal collection, illustrate the text and show the varied stages of a career that includes both famous roles and famous friendships.

Directory of History Departments and Organizations in the United States and CanadaDirectory of History Departments and Organizations in the United States and Canada

Preservation Agency OBRIEN , Albert C. , San Diego State OBRIEN , Charles H. ,
Western Illinois OBRIEN , David J. , Holy Cross ÕBRIEN , Dennis H. , West
Virginia OBRIEN , Gail W. , North Carolina State OBRIEN , John T. , Dalhousie ...



ISBN: IND:30000047776376



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Red SkeltonRed Skelton

Stars: Eleanor Powell, Ann Sothern, Robert Young, Lionel Barrymore, John
Carroll, Red Skelton, Virginia O'Brien. Ship Ahoy (95 minutes). Director: Edward
Buzzell. Screenplay: Harry Clark. Stars: Eleanor Powell, Red Skelton, Bert Lahr, ...

Author: Wes Gehring

Publisher: Indiana Historical Society

ISBN: 9780871952752


Page: 362

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For twenty years, Hoosier comic Red Skelton entertained millions of viewers who gathered around their television sets to delight in the antics of his notable characters. Gehring examines the man behind the characters-- someone who never let the facts get in the way of a good story. He delves into Skelton's hardscrabble life with a shockingly dysfunctional family in the southern Indiana community of Vincennes, his days on the road on the vaudeville circuit, the comedian's early success on radio, his up-and-down movie career with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and his sometimes tragic personal life.

Conditions in the Paint Creek District West VirginiaConditions in the Paint Creek District West Virginia

37, a Resolution Authorizing the Appointment of a Committee to Make an
Investigation of Conditions in the Paint Creek District, West Virginia United States
. Congress. Senate. Committee on Education and Labor. Senator MARTINE . O '
Brien ...

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Education and Labor


ISBN: NYPL:33433004194795



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The History of Upshur County West VirginiaThe History of Upshur County West Virginia

WILLIAM SMITH O'BRIEN was born in Barbour County, West Virginia, January 8,
1862, and is a son of General Emmet Jones O'Brien and Martha Ann O'Brien.
General Emmet J. O'Brien was of Irish and English descent. His father, Daniel ...

Author: Cutright

Publisher: Genealogical Publishing Com

ISBN: 9780806346359


Page: 607

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As a body, these records are extracted from roughly 750 known Bibles and extend from the late 18th through the early 20th centuries, with the greatest concentration from the mid-19th century. Most of the entries refer to births, marriages, and deaths and in most cases indicate the name(s) of the principals, the date of the event, and, sometimes, such supplementary information as his/her age or address, the maiden name of a parent, etc. Each Bible record is identified by family name and followed by a reference to the Huguenot Society records where the original can be found. In all, the records refer to more than 2,500 main families named in the surname index at the back of the volume and embrace a staggering 25,000 individuals of Huguenot or possible Huguenot ancestry--connections and allied families that would otherwise be lost to us in the unpublished files of this august organization.

Movies Magnificent 150 Must See Cinema ClassicsMovies Magnificent 150 Must See Cinema Classics

Eleanor Powell (Marilyn Marsh), Ann Sothern (Dixie Donegan), Robert Young (
Eddie Crane), Lionel Barrymore (Judge Murdock), John Carroll (Buddy Crawford)
, Red Skelton (Joe “Red” Willet), Virginia O'Brien (Lull), Tom Conway (Mr ...

Author: John Reid


ISBN: 9781411650671


Page: 266

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Few people would argue with the films selected for detailed notices and reviews in this book. Many of the movies are award-winners, and most chalked up impressive figures at the box-office. Who would dispute the inclusion of Citizen Kane or Rebecca or The Best Years of Our Lives? However, along with The Yearling and Reap the Wild Wind and Hello, Frisco, Hello, I've also included a few surprises. A magnificent publication. -- Rodney Bourke in International Movie Making (April 2006).

Film StudyFilm Study

"Slapsie" Maxie Rosenbloom, Cass Daley, George O'Brien, Gloria Jean, John
Loder, Ann Rutherford, John Carroll, John Agar, Sherry Britton, Allen Jenkins,
Virginia O'Brien, Rise Stevens, Vaughn Monroe, John Dereck, Mary Astor, Jimmy

Author: Frank Manchel

Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press

ISBN: 0838634125


Page: 4

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The four volumes of Film Study include a fresh approach to each of the basic categories in the original edition. Volume one examines the film as film; volume two focuses on the thematic approach to film; volume three draws on the history of film; and volume four contains extensive appendices listing film distributors, sources, and historical information as well as an index of authors, titles, and film personalities.

Niles Weekly RegisterNiles Weekly Register

Smyth of Va . In the post office department - Messrs . Holmes of N , Of claims . -
Messrs . McCoy of Va . Wlittlcscy of Carolina , Leffler of Virginia , O'Brien of Maine
. Ohio , Barber of Conn . Clark of N. Y. Melotire of Maine , On the public buildings



ISBN: UCD:31175018549710



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Ava GardnerAva Gardner

Cast: Red Skelton, Gene Kelly, Lucille Ball, Virginia O'Brien. (AG uncredited.)
Ghosts on the Loose. 1943. Monogram. Producer: Sam Katzman. Director:
William Beaudine. Screenplay: Kenneth Higgins. Cast: Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall,
Bobby ...

Author: Lee Server

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1429908742


Page: 560

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"The most complete and engrossing biography yet of this exotic Southern girl...Excellent."—Liz Smith She was the sex symbol who dazzled all the other sex symbols. She was the temptress who drove Frank Sinatra to the brink of suicide and haunted him to the end of his life. Ernest Hemingway saved one of her kidney stones as a sacred memento, and Howard Hughes begged her to marry him—but she knocked out his front teeth instead. She was one of the great icons in Hollywood history—star of The Killers, The Barefoot Contessa, and The Night of the Iguana—and one of the few whose actual life was grander and more colorful than any movie. Her jaw-dropping beauty, charismatic presence, and fabulous, scandalous adventures fueled the legend of Ava Gardner—Hollywood's most glamorous, restless and uninhibited star. In this acclaimed first full biography of Gardner, Lee Server recreates—with great style and vivid detail—the actress's life, from her beginnings as a barefoot North Carolina farm girl to her heady days as a Hollywood goddess. He paints the full spectacle of her tumultuous private life—including her string of failed marriages to Mickey Rooney, Sinatra and Artie Shaw—and Gardner's lifelong search for adventure and love. Ava Gardner: "Love is Nothing" is both an exceptional work of biography and a richly entertaining read.

Making and Unmaking NationsMaking and Unmaking Nations

1996. Limits of Anarchy: Intervention and State Formation in Chad. Charlottesville
: University Press of Virginia. O'Brien, Conor Cruise. 1967. “The Tragedy of Biafra
: A Condemned People.” New York Review of Books, December 21, pp. 14–20.

Author: Scott Straus

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9780801455674


Page: 400

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Winner of the Grawmeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order, 2018 Winner of the Joseph Lepgold Prize Winner of the Best Books in Conflict Studies (APSA) Winner of the Best Book in Human Rights (ISA) In Making and Unmaking Nations, Scott Straus seeks to explain why and how genocide takes place—and, perhaps more important, how it has been avoided in places where it may have seemed likely or even inevitable. To solve that puzzle, he examines postcolonial Africa, analyzing countries in which genocide occurred and where it could have but did not. Why have there not been other Rwandas? Straus finds that deep-rooted ideologies—how leaders make their nations—shape strategies of violence and are central to what leads to or away from genocide. Other critical factors include the dynamics of war, the role of restraint, and the interaction between national and local actors in the staging of campaigns of large-scale violence. Grounded in Straus's extensive fieldwork in contemporary Africa, the study of major twentieth-century cases of genocide, and the literature on genocide and political violence, Making and Unmaking Nations centers on cogent analyses of three nongenocide cases (Côte d'Ivoire, Mali, and Senegal) and two in which genocide took place (Rwanda and Sudan). Straus's empirical analysis is based in part on an original database of presidential speeches from 1960 to 2005. The book also includes a broad-gauge analysis of all major cases of large-scale violence in Africa since decolonization. Straus's insights into the causes of genocide will inform the study of political violence as well as giving policymakers and nongovernmental organizations valuable tools for the future.

Senator from West VirginiaSenator from West Virginia

S. O'BRIEN , Secretary of State . Filed in the office of the secretary of state of West
Virginia January 11 , 1941 . WM . S. O'BRIEN , Secretary of State . Recorded in

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Privileges and Elections


ISBN: IND:30000091250906


Page: 293

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Hollywood Movie MusicalsHollywood Movie Musicals

... John Huddleston, Chuck Lowry, Clark Yocum, plus Buddy Rich, Ziggy Elman (
themselves), Virginia O'Brien (Ginny/lady of the court/nurse), Louise Beavers (
Niagra), Charles Coleman (doorman/gatekeeper), Sig Arno (Nick), Nelson Knoop
, ...

Author: John Howard Reid


ISBN: 9781411697621


Page: 272

View: 984

When most people think of movie musicals, films like "Singin' in the Rain", "Sound of Music", "The Red Shoes", "On the Town", "White Christmas", "Ziegfeld Follies", "Top Hat", "Funny Face" and "Funny Girl" immediately come to mind. Such films are included in this book, as are many of the works of major stars, including Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby, Gene Kelly, Betty Grable, Shirley Temple, Julie Andrews, Elvis Presley, Lucille Ball, Alice Faye, Jeanette MacDonald, Maurice Chevalier, Nelson Eddy, Doris Day, Dick Powell, Betty Hutton, Eleanor Powell, and Al Jolson. But attention is also drawn to less lavishly produced but very pleasant musical offerings from both major and minor studios (including perhaps the finest "B" musical ever made). In all, 125 pictures are reviewed and detailed with full cast and technical credits, plus songs and musical numbers, awards, release dates and other essential background information.

Charles WaltersCharles Walters

On that night, when the floor was opened to questions, an audience member
asked where Du Barry co-star Virginia O'Brien had been keeping herself, and a
loud voice instantly rang out from the rear of the auditorium: “She's sitting back
here ...

Author: Brent Phillips

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 9780813147222


Page: 368

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From the trolley scene in Meet Me in St. Louis (1944) to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers's last dance on the silver screen ( The Barkleys of Broadway, 1949) to Judy Garland's timeless, tuxedo-clad performance of "Get Happy" ( Summer Stock, 1950), Charles Walters staged the iconic musical sequences of Hollywood's golden age. During his career, this Academy Award--nominated director and choreographer showcased the talents of stars such as Gene Kelly, Doris Day, Debbie Reynolds, and Frank Sinatra. However, despite his many critical and commercial triumphs, Walters's name often goes unrecognized today. In the first full-length biography of Walters, Brent Phillips chronicles the artist's career, from his days as a featured Broadway performer and protégé of theater legend Robert Alton to his successes at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. He takes readers behind the scenes of many of the studio's most beloved musicals, including Easter Parade (1948), Lili (1953), High Society (1956), and T he Unsinkable Molly Brown (1964). In addition, Phillips recounts Walters's associations with Lucille Ball, Joan Crawford, and Gloria Swanson, examines the director's uncredited work on several films, including the blockbuster Gigi (1958), and discusses his contributions to musical theater and American popular culture. This revealing book also considers Walters's personal life and explores how he navigated the industry as an openly gay man. Drawing on unpublished oral histories, correspondence, and new interviews, this biography offers an entertaining and important new look at an exciting era in Hollywood history.


... Tony Martin, Dennis Morgan, Fayard Nicholas, Harold Nicolas, Merle Oberon,
Margaret O'Brien, Virginia O'Brien, Donald O'Connor, Donna Reed, Debbie
Reynolds, Ginger Rogers, Ann Rutherford, and Alexis Smith. Top Row: Howard
Keel, ...

Author: Steven Bingen

Publisher: Santa Monica Press

ISBN: 9781595808936


Page: 312

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M-G-M: Hollywood’s Greatest Backlot is the illustrated history of the soundstages and outdoor sets where Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer produced many of the world’s most famous films. During its Golden Age, the studio employed the likes of Garbo, Astaire, and Gable, and produced innumerable iconic pieces of cinema such as The Wizard of Oz, Singin’ in the Rain, and Ben-Hur. It is estimated that a fifth of all films made in the United States prior to the 1970s were shot at MGM studios, meaning that the gigantic property was responsible for hundreds of iconic sets and stages, often utilizing and transforming minimal spaces and previously used props, to create some of the most recognizable and identifiable landscapes of modern movie culture. All of this happened behind closed doors, the backlot shut off from the public in a veil of secrecy and movie magic. M-G-M: Hollywood’s Greatest Backlot highlights this fascinating film treasure by recounting the history, popularity, and success of the MGM company through a tour of its physical property. Featuring the candid, exclusive voices and photographs from the people who worked there, and including hundreds of rare and unpublished photographs (including many from the archives of Warner Bros.), readers are launched aboard a fun and entertaining virtual tour of Hollywood’s most famous and mysterious motion picture studio.

Get HappyGet Happy

... Dorothy Oakes, Sheila O'Bannon, Margaret O'Brien, Virginia O'Brien, Irma
Ootes, Janis Paige, Linton Parker, Ken Partridge, William Patterson, Richard
Paxton, Margaret Pellegrini, Buddy Pepper, LeRoy Percy, Gilbert Perkins, Woolf
Phillips, ...

Author: Gerald Clarke

Publisher: Delta

ISBN: 9780307556332


Page: 528

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She lived at full throttle on stage, screen, and in real life, with highs that made history and lows that finally brought down the curtain at age forty-seven. Judy Garland died over thirty years ago, but no biography has so completely captured her spirit -- and demons -- until now. From her tumultuous early years as a child performer to her tragic last days, Gerald Clarke reveals the authentic Judy in a biography rich in new detail and unprecedented revelations. Based on hundreds of interviews and drawing on her own unfinished -- and unpublished -- autobiography, Get Happy presents the real Judy Garland in all her flawed glory. With the same skill, style, and storytelling flair that made his bestselling Capote a landmark literary biography, Gerald Clarke sorts through the secrets and the scandals, the legends and the lies, to create a portrait of Judy Garland as candid as it is compassionate. Here are her early years, during which her parents sowed the seeds of heartbreak and self-destruction that would plague her for decades ... the golden age of Hollywood, brought into sharp focus with cinematic urgency, from the hidden private lives of the movie world's biggest stars to the cold-eyed businessmen who controlled the machine ... and a parade of brilliant and gifted men -- lovers and artists, impresarios and crooks -- who helped her reach so many creative pinnacles yet left her hopeless and alone after each seemingly inevitable fall. Here, then, is Judy Garland in all her magic and despair: the woman, the star, the legend, in a riveting saga of tragedy, resurrection, and genius.

Show BoatShow Boat

... black and white choruses, the latter given greater prominence. An abbreviated
ballyhoo for Andy follows, during which Horne appears for a few seconds only: a
concession to the lyric that mentions Julie by name. By contrast, Virginia O'Brien

Author: Todd Decker

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199968138


Page: 336

View: 234

Show Boat: Performing Race in an American Musical tells the full story of the making and remaking of the most important musical in Broadway history. Drawing on exhaustive archival research and including much new information from early draft scripts and scores, this book reveals how Oscar Hammerstein II and Jerome Kern created Show Boat in the crucible of the Jazz Age to fit the talents of the show's original 1927 cast. After showing how major figures such as Paul Robeson and Helen Morgan defined the content of the show, the book goes on to detail how Show Boat was altered by later directors, choreographers, and performers up to the end of the twentieth century. All the major New York productions are covered, as are five important London productions and four Hollywood versions. Again and again, the story of Show Boat circles back to the power of performers to remake the show, winning appreciative audiences for over seven decades. Unlike most Broadway musicals, Show Boat put black and white performers side by side. This book is the first to take Show Boat's innovative interracial cast as the defining feature of the show. From its beginnings, Show Boat juxtaposed the talents of black and white performers and mixed the conventions of white-cast operetta and the black-cast musical. Bringing black and white onto the same stage -- revealing the mixed-race roots of musical comedy -- Show Boat stimulated creative artists and performers to renegotiate the color line as expressed in the American musical. This tremendous longevity allowed Show Boat to enter a creative dialogue with the full span of Broadway history. Show Boat's voyage through the twentieth century offers a vantage point on more than just the Broadway musical. It tells a complex tale of interracial encounter performed in popular music and dance on the national stage during a century of profound transformations.