A Research Agenda for HousingA Research Agenda for Housing

Brend, Y. (2017, 19 September). Bedroom-sharing rules shut door on ... Vancouver: GVRD (the Greater Vancouver Regional District). Heidegger, M. (1971).

Author: Markus Moos

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 9781788116510


Page: 256

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Housing is one of the most pertinent issues of our time. Shaped by rapid urbanization, financialization, and various changes in demography, technology, political ideology and public policy, the provision of affordable, adequate, and suitable housing has become an increasingly challenging feat. From high-rise apartment towers constructed in global cities around the world to informal settlements rapidly expanding across the global south, this volume focuses on how political, economic, and societal changes are shaping housing in a variety of contexts.

Planning on the EdgePlanning on the Edge

Vancouver and the Challenges of Reconciliation, Social Justice, ... 2017. 2016 Water Consumption Statistics Report. Burnaby: Metro Vancouver. –. 2019.

Author: Penny Gurstein

Publisher: UBC Press

ISBN: 9780774861694



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Vancouver is heralded around the world as a model for sustainable development. In Planning on the Edge, nationally and internationally renowned planning scholars, activists, and Indigenous leaders assess whether this reputation is warranted. While recognizing the many successes of the “Vancouverism” model, the contributors acknowledge that the forces of globalization and speculative property development have increased social inequality and housing insecurity since the 1980s in the city and the region. By evaluating policies at the local, provincial, and federal levels and taking reconciliation with Indigenous peoples into account, Planning on the Edge highlights the kinds of policies and practices needed to reorient Vancouver’s development trajectory along a more environmentally sound and equitable path.

American Jewish Year Book 2017American Jewish Year Book 2017

Greater Vancouver's Jewish population has had to face numerous challenges over the past decade. Steady population growth, an increasing housing cost, ...

Author: Arnold Dashefsky

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319706634


Page: 846

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The American Jewish Year Book, now in its 117th year, is the annual record of the North American Jewish communities and provides insight into their major trends. The first chapter of Part I is an examination of how American Jews fit into the US religious landscape, based on Pew Research Center studies. The second chapter examines intermarriage. Chapters on “The Domestic Arena” and “The International Arena” analyze the year’s events as they affect American Jewish communal and political affairs. Three chapters analyze the demography and geography of the US, Canada, and world Jewish populations. Part II provides lists of Jewish institutions, including federations, community centers, social service agencies, national organizations, synagogues, Hillels, day schools, camps, museums, and Israeli consulates. The final chapters present national and local Jewish periodicals and broadcast media; academic resources, including Jewish Studies programs, books, journals, articles, websites, and research libraries; and lists of major events in the past year, Jewish honorees, and obituaries.

Livable Cities from a Global PerspectiveLivable Cities from a Global Perspective

What are hedge cities and why is Vancouver considered one of them? ... Retrieved May 19, 2017, www.metrovancouver.org/services/regionalplanning/homelessness ...

Author: Roger W. Caves

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781315523392


Page: 270

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Livable Cities from a Global Perspective offers case studies from around the world on how cities approach livability. They address the fundamental question, what is considered "livable?" The journey each city has taken or is currently taking is unique and context specific. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to livability. Some cities have had a long history of developing livability policies and programs that focus on equity, economic, and environmental concerns, while other cities are relatively new to the game. In some areas, government has taken the lead while in other areas, grassroots activism has been the impetus for livability policies and programs. The challenge facing our cities is not simply developing a livability program. We must continually monitor and readjust policies and programs to meet the livability needs of all people. The case studies investigate livability issues in such cities as Austin, Texas; Helsinki, Finland; London, United Kingdom; Warsaw, Poland; Tehran, Iran; Salt Lake City, United States; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Sydney, Australia; and Cape Town, South Africa. The chapters are organized into such themes as livability in capital city regions, livability and growth and development, livability and equity concerns, livability and metrics, and creating livability. Each chapter provides unique insights into how a specific area has responded to calls for livable cities. In doing so, the book adds to the existing literature in the field of livable cities and provides policy makers and other organizations with information and alternative strategies that have been developed and implemented in an effort to become a livable city.

OECD Urban Studies Improving Transport Planning for Accessible CitiesOECD Urban Studies Improving Transport Planning for Accessible Cities

McKinsey & Company (2014), Electric Vehicles in Europe: Gearing Up for a New Phase?. [63] [27] Metro Vancouver (2017), Transit-oriented Affordable Housing ...

Author: OECD

Publisher: OECD Publishing

ISBN: 9789264593565


Page: 200

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Cities are places of opportunity. They provide not just jobs but a whole range of public, cultural, social and consumption amenities. Transport is what connects people to these opportunities and cities provide access with varying degrees of success – especially when it comes to modes of transport that favour a green transition. This report argues that building sustainable transport networks for accessible cities requires a holistic planning approach, a sound institutional framework, reliable sources of funding, strong governmental capacity, and should build on community engagement.

Neighbourhood HousesNeighbourhood Houses

Building Community in Vancouver Miu Chung Yan, Sean R. Lauer. Proshansky, Harold M. 1978. ... 2017. Connect & Engage: A Survey of Metro Vancouver / 2017.

Author: Miu Chung Yan

Publisher: UBC Press

ISBN: 9780774865845


Page: 296

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Globalization and migration are creating disconnected societies in modern urban cities, and urban communities are at risk of becoming fragmented. Neighbourhood Houses draws on a five-year study to document and contextualize an antidote: the neighbourhood house movement. Contributors outline the history of the Vancouver neighbourhood house network, its relationship with local government and other organizations in the region, the programs and activities offered, and the experiences of participants. By providing health services, public recreation, daycare, adult literacy classes, and other programming, neighbourhood houses are revealed to be community hubs bringing both newcomers and neighbours together.

Regional Economic Outlook April 2017 Western Hemisphere DepartmentRegional Economic Outlook April 2017 Western Hemisphere Department

In Vancouver, for example, house prices and home sales have both fallen, ... buyers in the Greater Vancouver area, and Vancouver city introduced a new ...

Author: International Monetary Fund. Western Hemisphere Dept.

Publisher: International Monetary Fund

ISBN: 9781475575224


Page: 155

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With the global economy gaining some momentum, economies of Latin America and the Caribbean are recovering from a recession at the regional level in 2016. This gradual improvement can be understood as tale of two adjustments, external and fiscal, that are ongoing in response to earlier shocks. But headwinds from commodity terms-of-trade shocks and country-specific domestic factors are fading, paving the way for real GDP to grow by about 1 percent in 2017. Regional activity is expected to pick up further momentum in 2018, but at a slower pace than previously anticipated, while medium-term growth is projected to remain modest at about 2.6 percent. The outlook is shaped by key shifts in the global economic and policy landscape—where slow growth, low productivity, and high income inequality are creating pressure for a shift toward inward- looking policies in some advanced economies. Domestic fundamentals and developments, however, will continue to play a significant role in determining growth for the region. At the same time, risks to the outlook have widened in a setting of higher global uncertainty. In this challenging external context, countries should aim for completing fiscal and external adjustments to preserve or rebuild policy buffers. Charting a course toward higher, sustainable, and more equitable growth will also require strengthening structural reforms. Specifically, closing infrastructure gaps, improving the business environment, governance, and education outcomes, and encouraging female labor participation are necessary to boost medium-term growth and foster income convergence. Chapters in this report examine the ongoing external adjustment to terms-of-trade shifts, drivers of capital flows to the region, the role of the investor base, and macroeconomic impact of migration and remittances.

Australia s Metropolitan ImperativeAustralia s Metropolitan Imperative

<http://www.metrovancouver.org/services/regionalplanning/regional-economy/regional-profile/Pages/default.aspx>(accessed 24 May 2017). Metro Vancouver ...

Author: Richard Tomlinson


ISBN: 9781486307982


Page: 264

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Since the early 1990s there has been a global trend towards governmental devolution. However, in Australia, alongside deregulation, public–private partnerships and privatisation, there has been increasing centralisation rather than decentralisation of urban governance. Australian state governments are responsible for the planning, management and much of the funding of the cities, but the Commonwealth government has on occasion asserted much the same role. Disjointed policy and funding priorities between levels of government have compromised metropolitan economies, fairness and the environment. Australia’s Metropolitan Imperative: An Agenda for Governance Reform makes the case that metropolitan governments would promote the economic competitiveness of Australia’s cities and enable more effective and democratic planning and management. The contributors explore the global metropolitan ‘renaissance’, document the history of metropolitan debate in Australia and demonstrate metropolitan governance failures. They then discuss the merits of establishing metropolitan governments, including economic, fiscal, transport, land use, housing and environmental benefits. The book will be a useful resource for those engaged in strategic, transport and land use planning, and a core reference for students and academics of urban governance and government.

Routledge Handbook of Tourism CitiesRoutledge Handbook of Tourism Cities

MMGY Global. 2017. Request for proposal: Bringing the destination brand to life. Vancouver, BC: MMGY Global. Morgan, N., Pritchard, A., & Pride, R. 2011.

Author: Alastair M. Morrison

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429534805


Page: 596

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The Routledge Handbook of Tourism Cities presents an up-to-date, critical and comprehensive overview of established and emerging themes in urban tourism and tourist cities. Offering socio-cultural perspectives and multidisciplinary insights from leading scholars, the book explores contemporary issues, challenges and trends. Organised into four parts, the handbook begins with an introductory section that explores contemporary issues, challenges and trends that tourism cities face today. A range of topics are explored, including sustainable urban tourism, overtourism and urbanisation, the impact of terrorism, visitor–host interactions, as well as reflections on present and future challenges for tourism cities. In Part II the marketing, branding and markets for tourism cities are considered, exploring topics such as destination marketing and branding, business travellers and exhibition hosting. This section combines academic scholarship with real-life practice and case studies from cities. Part III discusses product and technology developments for tourism cities, examining their supply and impact on different travellers, from open-air markets to creative waterfronts, from social media to smart cities. The final Part offers examples of how urban tourism is developing in different parts of the world and how worldwide tourism cities are adapting to the challenges ahead. It also explores emerging forms of specialist tourism, including geology and ecology-based tourism, socialist heritage and post-communist destination tourism. This handbook fills a notable gap by offering a critical and detailed understanding of the diverse elements of the tourist experience today. It contains useful suggestions for practitioners, as well as examples for theoretical frameworks to students in the fields of urban tourism and tourism cities. The handbook will be of interest to scholars and students working in urban tourism, heritage studies, human geography, urban studies and urban planning, sociology, psychology and business studies.

Economic Report on Africa 2017Economic Report on Africa 2017

The Death and Life of Great American Cities. New York: Random House. Jedwab, R. 2013. ... Vancouver, BC: Metro Vancouver. Monkam, N., and M. Moore. 2015.

Author: United Nations Economic Commission for Africa

Publisher: United Nations

ISBN: 9789210603928


Page: 214

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The 2017 Economic Report on Africa focuses on the linkages between industrialization and urbanization. Urbanization is one of Africa mega trends with profound implications for the social, economic, environmental dimensions of growth and transformation. Theory and experience demonstrate that industrialization and urbanization can be mutually reinforcing processes. It is therefore imperative to explore the linkages between urbanization and industrialization given the profound implications for structural transformation in Africa.

Christian Witness in Cascadian SoilChristian Witness in Cascadian Soil

“Cracks in Secularism: Thriving Churches in Vancouver. ... .com/2017/06/07/cracks-secularismthriving-churches-vancouver/. ———. ... “The Infamous BC Bail.

Author: Ross A. Lockhart

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781725260252


Page: 208

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The Centre for Missional Leadership at St. Andrew’s Hall, Vancouver, has curated a dynamic collection of essays from missional thinkers in church and academy. Together, they explore both the pitfalls and possibilities of Christian witness in the post-Christendom soil of the Pacific Northwest. What does it mean to till, plant, and nurture Christian community while awaiting growth in the rocky soil of secularity, in this West Coast land better known for its hipsters, baristas, and outdoor lifestyle? Each chapter is an attempt to dust for divine fingerprints at work within the church and wider culture, giving evidence of God’s activity in our midst. Within this book you will encounter women and men who are finding hopeful ways to proclaim and live the gospel that are bearing fruit and growing hope within Christian communities and the neighborhoods they call home.


10 11 4 City of Vancouver, “Central Area Plan: Goals and Land Use Policy,” ... the Economy: A Regional Goods Movement Strategy for Metro Vancouver,” 2017, ...

Author: Larry Beasley

Publisher: On Point Press

ISBN: 9780774890335


Page: 424

View: 462

Until the 1980s, Vancouver was a typical mid-sized North American city. But after the city hosted Expo 86, something extraordinary happened. This otherwise unremarkable urban centre was transformed into an inspiring world-class city celebrated for its livability, sustainability, and competitiveness. This book tells the story of the urban planning phenomenon called “Vancouverism” and the philosophy and practice behind it. Writing from an insider’s perspective, Larry Beasley, a former chief planner of Vancouver, traces the principles that inspired Vancouverism and the policy framework developed to implement it. A prologue, written by Frances Bula, outlines the political and urban history of Vancouver up until the 1980s. The text is also beautifully illustrated by the author with 200 colour photographs depicting not only the city’s vibrancy but also the principles of Vancouverism in action.

Geography of British ColumbiaGeography of British Columbia

... port BC and Metro Vancouver, employment by industry, annual average, 2017 ... However, it is not Columbia Vancouver % resource development that is the ...

Author: Brett McGillivray

Publisher: UBC Press

ISBN: 9780774864343


Page: 256

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From the beginning of time, physical and human processes have altered British Columbia’s landscape. Geographers seek to understand these processes, and this text provides students with the basic tools and techniques of their craft. Completely revised and expanded for the 2020s, the four edition of Geography of British Columbia contains extensive urban content to reflect BC's transition from a resource-dependent economy to a more service-oriented one presents ideas and concepts in a clear and concise way includes a comprehensive glossary of key terms has more than 125 informative maps, diagrams, graphs, tables, and photos includes suggested readings and discussion questions for each chapter. In an era of climate change, it is more important than ever to understand the complex interaction between human influence on the landscape and the earth’s ever-changing physical processes. This book provides students with the tools, techniques, and knowledge they’ll need.

Lemon Aid New and Used Cars and Trucks 2007 2017Lemon Aid New and Used Cars and Trucks 2007 2017

ALBERTA Kirkham Auto 9298 Horton Road S.W., Calgary, AB (403) 253-2033 GREATER VANCOUVER Obtaining a pre-purchase vehicle inspection in Vancouver can be ...

Author: Phil Edmonston

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 9781459736986


Page: 656

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Steers buyers through the the confusion and anxiety of new and used vehicle purchases like no other car-and-truck book on the market. “Dr. Phil,” along with George Iny and the Editors of the Automobile Protection Association, pull no punches.

Red ZonesRed Zones

to provincial correctional services in B.C. (Reitano, 2017) Moreover, they make up one-third (34%) of the homeless population in Metro Vancouver despite ...

Author: Marie-Eve Sylvestre

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781316877579



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In Red Zones, Marie-Eve Sylvestre, Nicholas Blomley, and Céline Bellot examine the court-imposed territorial restrictions and other bail and sentencing conditions that are increasingly issued in the context of criminal proceedings. Drawing on extensive fieldwork with legal actors in the criminal justice system, as well as those who have been subjected to court surveillance, the authors demonstrate the devastating impact these restrictions have on the marginalized populations - the homeless, drug users, sex workers and protesters - who depend on public spaces. On a broader level, the authors show how red zones, unlike better publicized forms of spatial regulation such as legislation or policing strategies, create a form of legal territorialization that threatens to invert traditional expectations of justice and reshape our understanding of criminal law and punishment.

Green PortsGreen Ports

Port Metro Vancouver, 2017. Port Fees. https://www.portvancouver.com/about-us/port-fees/. Port of Prince Rubert, 2017. Green Wave Vessel Incentive Program.

Author: Rickard Bergqvist

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780128140550


Page: 310

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Green Ports: Inland and Seaside Sustainable Transportation Strategies presents the first book to exclusively focus on this important topic that is usually only covered in brief chapters or journal articles that are too theoretical, fragmented or regionally-focused. This book comprehensively and systematically examines the key issues and best practice for understanding green ports and quantifying aspects of their environmental performance. This applied research book will help researchers formulate the needed research questions. Includes practical application tools and techniques for increasing sustainability throughout the entire transportation chain Provides an overall picture of green ports through a collection of expert specialists Examines how ports and surrounding areas are addressing the environmental impacts related to growth in the cruise business Presents a theoretical framework to identify best practices for planning and policymaking for the impacts posed by climate change

The Governance of Land Use in the Netherlands The Case of AmsterdamThe Governance of Land Use in the Netherlands The Case of Amsterdam

Metro Vancouver's Regional Growth Strategy The Vancouver region is ... It has a staff of approximately 1500 and a budget of CAN 699.1 million in 2017. Metro ...

Author: OECD

Publisher: OECD Publishing

ISBN: 9789264274648


Page: 168

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This study examines the social, economic and environmental conditions affecting the spatial development of Amsterdam and its metropolitan area, as well as the plans, policies and institutions that govern how land is used.

Volume 4 Policy and PlanningVolume 4 Policy and Planning

References City of Vancouver (2012) Transportation 2040, ... greenest- city- action- plan.aspx City of Vancouver (2017) Walking and cycling in Vancouver, ...

Author: Filion, Pierre

Publisher: Policy Press

ISBN: 9781529219067


Page: 266

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Cities play a major role in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic as many measures are adopted at the scale of cities and involve adjustments to the way urban areas operate. Drawing from case studies across the globe, this book explores how the pandemic and the policies it has prompted have caused changes in the ways cities function. The contributors examine the advancing social inequality brought on by the pandemic and suggest policies intended to contain contagion whilst managing the economy in these circumstances. Offering crucial insights for reforming cities to be more resilient to future crises, this is an invaluable resource for scholars and policy makers alike.

The Governance of Land Use in the Czech Republic The Case of PragueThe Governance of Land Use in the Czech Republic The Case of Prague

Metro Vancouver's Regional Growth Strategy The Vancouver region is located in south-western British ... 500 and a budget of CAN 699.1 million in 2017. Metro ...

Author: OECD

Publisher: OECD Publishing

ISBN: 9789264281936


Page: 164

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Prague is a vibrant and growing city facing significant land-use pressures related to rapid peri-urban growth. This report examines land use and governance trends in Prague and the broader metropolitan area, including the formal elements of the planning system and broader governance ...

Smart Metropolitan Regional DevelopmentSmart Metropolitan Regional Development

Accessed 22 Jan 2017 Vancouver Economic Commission, Vancouver economic plan (Sept 2011), http://www. vancouvereconomic.com/. Accessed 28 Feb 2017 Greater ...

Author: T.M. Vinod Kumar

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789811085888


Page: 1096

View: 745

This book discusses the concept and practice of a smart metropolitan region, and how smart cities promote healthy economic and spatial development. It highlights how smart metropolitan regional development can energize, reorganize and transform the legacy economy into a smart economy; how it can help embrace Information and Communications Technology (ICT); and how it can foster a shared economy. In addition, it outlines how the five pillars of the third industrial revolution can be achieved by smart communities. In addition, the book draws on 16 in-depth city case studies from ten countries to explore the state of the art regarding the smart economy in smart cities – and to apply the lessons learned to shape smart metropolitan economic and spatial development.