Origami Magic EbookOrigami Magic Ebook

With origami magic, presentation is key. Simply knowing the secret of a trick or puzzle won't make you a good magician—you need to try it out in private, ...

Author: Steve Biddle

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 9781462919093


Page: 80

View: 599

Make fun and simple paper craft projects and them use them to perform magic tricks with this easy origami ebook. Presto!—Before your eyes you have the Origami Magic Ebook! But don't wait too long, it may just disappear. Inspired by world famous magician and paper folder, Harry Houdini, the Origami Magic Ebook will demystify the hidden secrets of paper folding and teach you how to become a master of impossible illusion, amazing tricks and perplexing puzzles. Prepare to astound your friends and family in no time at all as you perform stunts like Houdini himself—all through the magic of origami! Use it to craft eye-catching origami for your friends, to beautify your home—or as a wonderful gift for paper craft lovers. All of the folds are simple enough to be origami-for-kids projects and are a great way to learn origami. None of the projects require paint or glue so just grab some origami paper and start folding right away! This origami ebook includes: 80 page, full-color origami book Step-by-step instructions Colorful diagrams and pictures Paper folding guide and tips 17 easy origami projects Videos with expert folding lessons This exciting book is packed with paper folds to create mystifying puzzles, amazing tricks and fantastic illusions. Origami projects Include: Zig-Zag Alien Magic Tipper The Magic Wallet Inside-Out Puzzle Lucky Stars And many more…

Origami 3 Origami 3

Origami. Magic. Trick. Marshall Bern, Erik Demaine, David Eppstein, and Barry Hayes 1 Introduction The great Harry Houdini was one of the first to perform ...

Author: Thomas Hull

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781439870044


Page: 352

View: 719

The book contains papers from the proceedings of the 3rd International Meeting of Origami Science, Math, and Education, sponsored by OrigamiUSA. They cover topics ranging from the mathematics of origami using polygon constructions and geometric projections, applications, and science of origami, and the use of origami in education.

Origami 4Origami 4

“A DiskPacking Algorithm for an Origami Magic Trick.” In Proceedings of the International Conference on Fun with Algorithms, Isola d'Elba, Italy, ...

Author: Robert J. Lang

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781439871041


Page: 572

View: 987

The connections between origami, mathematics, science, technology, and education have been a topic of considerable interest now for several decades. While many individuals have happened upon discrete connections among these fields during the twentieth century, the field really took off when previously isolated individuals began to make stronger connections with each other through a series of conferences exploring the links between origami and "the outside world." The Fourth International Meeting on Origami in Science, Mathematics, and Education (4OSME), held in September, 2006, at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California, brought together an unprecedented number of researchers presenting on topics ranging from mathematics, to technology, to educational uses of origami, to fine art, and to computer programs for the design of origami. Selected papers based on talks presented at that conference make up the book you hold in your hands.

Origami Design SecretsOrigami Design Secrets

Marshall Bern, Erik Demaine, David Eppstein, and Barry Hayes, “A disk-packing algorithm for an origami magic trick,” in Origami3, op. cit., pp. 17–28.

Author: Robert J. Lang

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781439867747


Page: 770

View: 592

The magnum opus of one of the world’s leading origami artists, the second edition of Origami Design Secrets reveals the underlying concepts of origami and how to create original origami designs. Containing step-by-step instructions for 26 models, this book is not just an origami cookbook or list of instructions—it introduces the fundamental building blocks of origami, building up to advanced methods such as the combination of uniaxial bases, the circle/river method, and tree theory. With corrections and improved illustrations, this new expanded edition also covers uniaxial box pleating, introduces the new design technique of hex pleating, and describes methods of generalizing polygon packing to arbitrary angles. With coverage spanning the foundations of origami construction and advanced methods using both paper and pencil and custom-built free software, Origami Design Secrets helps readers cultivate the intuition and skills necessary to develop their own designs. It takes them beyond merely following a recipe to crafting a work of art.

Origami for HalloweenOrigami for Halloween

People havefun celebrating Halloween by “trick-or-treating.”Children dressin Halloween costumes and as soon as darkness falls, they walk around their ...

Author: Robyn Hardyman

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN: 9781508151555


Page: 32

View: 534

Even though for many kids Halloween is most associated with trick-or-treating, this holiday hasn't always been about candy! In fact, it's a very old holiday, and a lot of its traditions have lasted many years. Readers will enjoy learning about Halloween's roots while making origami projects to decorate for today's celebrations. A ghost, witch's hat, bat, and jack -o'-lantern are just some of the great paper-folding crafts readers can try by following clear, concise instructions. Full-color photographs guide them through each step and show off the spooky, completed origami!

Origami Made Easy EbookOrigami Made Easy Ebook

We now suggest a trick to simplify the construction of the Flower Base, even though it is good to know the steps in making this without resorting to a ...

Author: Vanda Battaglia

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 9781462919116


Page: 96

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The best origami kit for beginners—make simple and fun paper craft projects—everything you need is included in the box! This essential origami guide clearly explains the folding directions and shows you how to read the diagrams and perform the folding actions in a series of simple and easy step-by-step lessons. You'll also learn about different types of origami paper, how to make a perfect square from any sheet of paper (for example a letter-sized or A4 sheet) and how to fold origami "bases" which can be made into any number of other origami shapes—many of which are demonstrated in this book! By following the simple instructions in this book (and the accompanying YouTube videos) you'll quickly learn the basic techniques and notation of origami. This origami-for-beginners kit includes: A full-color, 96-page origami book Simple step-by-step folding instructions 14 fun and easy projects 60 sheets of double-sided, high-quality origami paper 15 different patterns and colors Step-by-step video tutorials Origami Made Easy Kit opens up a whole world of interesting possibilities in paper folding! Pretty soon you will be amazing your friends and creating interesting new objects just starting with a plain piece of paper and folding it up in a minute or two. Voila!

Advanced OrigamiAdvanced Origami

The trick with any origami model is to breathe life into the subject with a loose, lyrical handling of the final shaping that only wet-folding allows.

Author: Michael G. LaFosse

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 9781462905508


Page: 144

View: 731

Take your paper folding to an advanced level with this user-friendly origami book. From shimmering hummingbirds to magnificent bats, from a stunning panther mask to graceful sea turtles, Michael G. LaFosse's complex and beautiful origami projects are well known around the world. Focusing on models from nature, Advanced Origami provides unparalleled instruction on how to create master-class level 3D origami paper folding projects. The origami designs are challenging—they require some folding experience—but the results are more origami art than craft. Paper folders will create projects that can be displayed or given as gifts. Sophisticated origami or paper crafts fans will appreciate the unique origami designs along with complete detailed instructions and easy-to-follow color photos and diagrams. Advanced Origami also features information on paper selection and preparation, advance techniques such as "wet folding" and making your own paper. This origami book contains: 128 page, full-color book 15 original and challenging projects Step-by-step instructions Colorful diagrams and photographs Advanced techniques and tips In recent years origami has evolved beyond simple folding and creasing into a true art form akin to sculpture. For those seeking to learn origami at such a level, Advanced Origami provides all the essential information and techniques. Soon you will be able to design and fold your own origami sculptures! Origami projects include: North American Cardinal Koi Fish Origamido Butterfly Pond Frog And many more…

There s Math in My Origami There s Math in My Origami

These tricks are helpful if you want to come up with some origami art of your very own. Trick 1: Create 2 Identical Shapes You can make 2 of the exact same ...

Author: Fumiaki Shingu

Publisher: The Experiment

ISBN: 9781615197958


Page: 176

View: 480

35 creative origami designs plus brain-teasing math questions add up to the perfect math activity for kids Discover how fractions, shapes, and symmetry turn a flat sheet of paper into a 3D work of art! Each one of the 35 amazing projects in There’s Math in My Origami! invites kids to: Follow the simple, step-by-step instructions Flex their math skills by answering a fun quiz question Fold adorable origami like they’ve never seen before! Includes educational projects for kids ages 7 and up—plus 2 pages of eye stickers, and 80 sheets of origami paper!

Origami for BeginnersOrigami for Beginners

The Creative World of Paper Folding: Easy Origami Book with 36 Projects: Great for Kids or Adult Beginners Florence Temko. TRICK MOUSE (Use a 2" square) 2.

Author: Florence Temko

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 9781462906116


Page: 32

View: 576

Make simple and fun paper craft models with this easy origami book! World renowned origami author and expert Florence Temko brings you Origami for Beginners, a her collection of her most simple and user-friendly designs. Experience the thrill of creating delightful origami objects from a single sheet of paper. Develop your creativity. Enhance your dexterity. Origami for Beginners teaches you how to make over forty simple-to-fold origami objects—from jumping mice to adorable kittens to beautiful Christmas ornaments and greeting cards. Origami is an ideal activity for children since paper folding develops dexterity and creativity. Origami is also a craft based on a few fundamental 3D folding techniques, so Origami for Beginners is a useful starting point for fans of all ages and abilities. Although this book is aimed at origami beginners, it contains projects suitable for origami fans of all ages and abilities and is the perfect book for all those who enjoy making things with their hands. This origami book contains: 32 page, full-color book 36 fun origami projects Step-by-step directions Colorful diagrams and pictures Use it to craft eye-catching origami for your friends, to beautify your home—or as a wonderful gift for paper craft lovers. All of the folds are simple enough to be origami-for-kids projects and are a great way to learn origami. None of the projects require paint or glue so just grab some origami paper and start folding right away! Origami projects include: Diamond Base Pirate's Hat Tropical Fish Skyscraper Layered Card Sunburst And many more…

Bible OrigamiBible Origami

Now I've got a lively origami picture. The trick has been to make the pieces look like they belong together. They have to be in the same style, ...

Author: Andrew Dewar

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 9781462915729


Page: 64

View: 558

Befold! — Combine the age–old art of origami paper folding with the greatest stories from the Bible! Perfect for children and young adults, this boxed paper craft kit contains everything beginner to advance paper folders will need to create colorful paper figurines from famous Biblical stories and assemble them on origami background tableaus to help retell the stories. Each Biblical tale is introduced, followed by an explanation of the significance of all the folded paper figures in the story. The finished origami pieces can then be used to reenact these timeless stories, or to create inspiring dioramas. These reenactments using origami paper figures and background help bring the sacred Bible stories alive for your family, youth group or Sunday school class. This do-it-yourself paper craft kit contains: A full–color 64-page booklet Step-by-step folding instructions Easy-to-follow diagrams The Bible is not just a book. It is also a fountain, from which springs forth great sprays of art music and literature. There has always been a tradition of presenting the Bible visually. This fun origami kit for children will make scripture come to life! Origami projects include: The First Christmas Easter Adam & Eve Noah's Ark The Tower of Babel Jacob's Ladder Jonah and the Whale

Fun Easy OrigamiFun Easy Origami

29 Original Paper-folding Projects: Includes Origami Book with ... Message Car UFO Jump-up Flea Coin Trick This kit includes everything an origami beginner ...

Author: Tuttle Publishing,

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 9781462915514


Page: 32

View: 444

Make colorful and fun paper craft projects with this easy origami ebook. Fun & Easy Origami is perfect for people of any age including the beginner paper folder or for those more advanced looking to expand their repertoire. This delightful paper craft ebook makes origami simple and includes a variety of animals and toys; from a flying fish, dragon puppet and birthday card to a dollhouse bed, coin trick and jump-up insect. Use it to craft eye-catching origami for your friends, to beautify your home—or as a wonderful gift for origami lovers. All of the folds are simple enough to be origami-for-kids projects and are a great way to learn origami. The origami ebook contains: 2 full-colored, 32-page booklets Clear step-by-step instructions Easy-to-follow diagrams 20 simple origami projects Fun & Easy Origami provides you this stunning collection of origami projects that will have you creating origami masterpieces in no time! Origami projects include: Wind Toy Treasure Box Dragon Puppet Coin Trick UFO And many more…

Geometric Folding AlgorithmsGeometric Folding Algorithms

Linkages, Origami, Polyhedra Erik D. Demaine, Joseph O'Rourke ... Adisk packing algorithm foran origami magic trick. InProc.

Author: Erik D. Demaine

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107394094



View: 228

Did you know that any straight-line drawing on paper can be folded so that the complete drawing can be cut out with one straight scissors cut? That there is a planar linkage that can trace out any algebraic curve, or even 'sign your name'? Or that a 'Latin cross' unfolding of a cube can be refolded to 23 different convex polyhedra? Over the past decade, there has been a surge of interest in such problems, with applications ranging from robotics to protein folding. With an emphasis on algorithmic or computational aspects, this treatment gives hundreds of results and over 60 unsolved 'open problems' to inspire further research. The authors cover one-dimensional (1D) objects (linkages), 2D objects (paper), and 3D objects (polyhedra). Aimed at advanced undergraduate and graduate students in mathematics or computer science, this lavishly illustrated book will fascinate a broad audience, from school students to researchers.

China s Management of Enterprise AssetsChina s Management of Enterprise Assets

ARTIST : SUSAN JAWORSKI STRANC STAMPING TRICK Origami papers are often very shiny , but the metallics are dazzling when they are stamped and embossed .


Publisher: World Bank Publications

ISBN: 0821340115


Page: 89

View: 911

World Bank Technical Paper No. 367, Africa Region Series. This report is the second in a series of technical papers published by the World Bank on the Early Childhood Development (ECD) Initiative launched by the Bank's Africa Region. The review complements a previous paper, The Condition of Young Children in Sub-Saharan Africa, which outlined the shape and scale of children's survival needs and documented how in Africa children face greater challenges to healthy development than in any other region in the world. The present review explores ways of meeting these developmental challenges. It focuses on efforts that address the intersecting health, nutrition, and early education needs of children up to six years old in their institutional and socio-cultural environments. The paper also reviews current programs and policies across a set of 11 country experiences, including case studies from Angola, Kenya, Mauritius, and South Africa, revealing the policy and institutional conditions necessary for sustained impact of ECD efforts.

Stamping Tricks for ScrapbooksStamping Tricks for Scrapbooks

ARTIST : SUSAN JAWORSKI STRANC STAMPING TRICK Origami papers are often very shiny , but the metallics are dazzling when they are stamped and embossed .

Author: Betty Auth


ISBN: 1610594665



View: 945

More than 70 projects arranged in ten sections: backgrounds, borders, frames, corners, die cuts, stickers, lettering, journaling, dividers, and covers. Each section has an introductory spread with a finished scrapbook page, materials list and instructions on the basic technique, and illustrations of additional variations on the technique, with an explanatory paragraph accompanying each.

Halloween OrigamiHalloween Origami

Trick. or. Treat? Design by Gilad Aharoni 3) Fold left and right corners inwards. For many years it has been traditional to give small candies to people who ...

Author: Nick Robinson

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486311289


Page: 80

View: 818

More than 20 projects, illustrated with photos and 2-color diagrams, range from easy to fiendishly challenging. Models include black cats, a tombstone, fangs, witches galore, and other familiar Halloween figures.

ORIGAMI with loveORIGAMI with love

Trick Use a rhombus with a side of 7cm , formed from two regular triangle ( in which the opposite angles are 60 and 120 " ) . At the end of the tutorial ...

Author: Ludmila Shchennikova

Publisher: Litres

ISBN: 9785043221766



View: 568

If you like origami paper art and you are looking for new interesting models – this book is for you! It provides step-by-step instructions for folding origami models by Ludmila Schennikova.Colorful illustrations, detailed diagrams with a description of every step will make the folding process easy and interesting.

How to Fold ItHow to Fold It

A disk-packing algorithm for an origami magic trick. In Origami3: Proceedings of the 3rd International Meeting of Origami Science, Mathematics, ...

Author: Joseph O’Rourke

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139498548



View: 232

What do proteins and pop-up cards have in common? How is opening a grocery bag different from opening a gift box? How can you cut out the letters for a whole word all at once with one straight scissors cut? How many ways are there to flatten a cube? With the help of 200 colour figures, author Joseph O'Rourke explains these fascinating folding problems starting from high school algebra and geometry and introducing more advanced concepts in tangible contexts as they arise. He shows how variations on these basic problems lead directly to the frontiers of current mathematical research and offers ten accessible unsolved problems for the enterprising reader. Before tackling these, you can test your skills on fifty exercises with complete solutions. The book's website, http://www.howtofoldit.org, has dynamic animations of many of the foldings and downloadable templates for readers to fold or cut out.

Yoga as OrigamiYoga as Origami

The trick is to mediate it and set up the trinity. The final principle is that of repetition. You do the same things every day; the trick is to use that to ...

Author: Kat Villain

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781525508288


Page: 280

View: 505

The practices of the body hold the power to transform the habits of the mind. Understanding the body’s fundamental proportions, folds, and fits is the key to establishing a safe and effective yoga practice and achieving optimal health and well-being. Katonah Yoga, a type of Hatha yoga developed by Nevine Michaan, combines Daoist concepts with sacred geometries and the archetypal measurements of the human body. Like origami, postures are both a precise geometric puzzle and a disciplined creative art form. This comprehensive guide for daily practice contains concrete, specific instructions for a wide array of postures along with metaphorical descriptions and discussions of the esoteric wisdom and patterns that underlie all form. It is suitable for those of all levels and backgrounds, from beginners to experienced practitioners. Extensive illustrations and photographs, including suggestions, the correct use of props, and common errors, accompany the text.

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda Origami Yoda 1 The Strange Case of Origami Yoda Origami Yoda 1

146 But somehow I just didn't think it was a trick. Look how many people had listened to Origami Yoda's advice and were now actually having fun at a Fun ...

Author: Tom Angleberger

Publisher: Abrams

ISBN: 9781613124512


Page: 192

View: 427

In this funny, uncannily wise portrait of the dynamics of a sixth-grade class and of the greatness that sometimes comes in unlikely packages, Dwight, a loser, talks to his classmates via an origami finger puppet of Yoda. If that weren’t strange enough, the puppet is uncannily wise and prescient. Origami Yoda predicts the date of a pop quiz, guesses who stole the classroom Shakespeare bust, and saves a classmate from popularity-crushing embarrassment with some well-timed advice. Dwight’s classmate Tommy wonders how Yoda can be so smart when Dwight himself is so clueless. With contributions from his puzzled classmates, Tommy assembles this first case file in the blockbuster bestselling Origami Yoda series, written by Tom Angleberger, author of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi: Beware the Power of the Dark Side, and hailed by School Library Journal as “honest, funny, and immensely entertaining.” F&P Level: T F&P Genre: RF