Understanding Islam and Muslim TraditionsUnderstanding Islam and Muslim Traditions

Provides a basic overview of Islamic beliefs, traditions, and practices, including history, prayers, the body, food, and holidays.

Author: Tanya Gulevich

Publisher: Omnigraphics Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39015063270949


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Provides a basic overview of Islamic beliefs, traditions, and practices, including history, prayers, the body, food, and holidays.

Intellectual Traditions in IslamIntellectual Traditions in Islam

This is a collection of papers by scholars on the role of the intellect in the legal, theological, philosophical and mystical traditions of Islam.

Author: Farhad Daftary

Publisher: I.B.Tauris

ISBN: 186064760X


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This is a collection of papers by scholars on the role of the intellect in the legal, theological, philosophical and mystical traditions of Islam.

Voices of Islam Voices of traditionVoices of Islam Voices of tradition

Introduction : Islam , Tradition , And Traditionalism Vincent J. Cornell " Tradition is
the living faith of the dead , traditionalism is the dead faith of the living . ” This
statement by the historian of Christianity Jaroslav Pelikan sums up the challenge

Author: Vincent J. Cornell

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0275987337


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Provides a wide depiction of Islamic doctrines, practices, and worldviews. Some 50 articles by scholars that are also practicing Muslims representing a diverse range of places, traditions, cultures, and beliefs are presented in volumes that individually address the grand traditions and beliefs of the religion; the spiritual experience of Islam; everyday experiences of family, home, and society; Islamic cultures' art, aesthetics, and science; and Muslim progressives, modernists, and other reformers.

African Discourse in Islam Oral Traditions and PerformanceAfrican Discourse in Islam Oral Traditions and Performance

Traditional. Oral. Genre. in. a. Muslim. Ilorin. Survival. Challenges. It is hardly a
surprise that when two strong ideas or deeply rooted cultural elements meet,
each might the other, and sometimes, one of them might present a dominant
impact ...

Author: Abdul-Rasheed Na'Allah

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135176983


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This work develops an African indigenous discourse paradigm for interpreting and understanding literary and cultural materials. By returning the African knowledge system back to its roots and placing it side by side with Western paradigms, Na'Allah has produced a text that will be required reading for scholars and students of African culture and literature.

Islam Fundamentalism and the Betrayal of TraditionIslam Fundamentalism and the Betrayal of Tradition

He is conversant with a broad range of Islamic intellectual disciplines, and has
first-hand experience of several oral and cultural traditions. An avid proponent of
cross-cultural understanding, Dr. Lumbard has published several articles on ...

Author: Joseph E. B. Lumbard

Publisher: World Wisdom, Inc

ISBN: 9781933316666


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How has fundamentalism betrayed the true spirit of Islam?

The Islamic Scholarly TraditionThe Islamic Scholarly Tradition

He is the author of “The Chronology of the Qurʾān: A Stylometric Research
Program,” Arabica; “The Traveling Tradition Test: A Method for Dating Muslim
Traditions,” Der Islam, 85/1 (2010): 203–242; “The Codex of a Companion and
the ...

Author: Michael A. Cook

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004194359


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Bringing together the expansive scholarly expertise of former students of Professor Michael Allan Cook, this volume contains highly original articles in Islamic history, law, and thought. The contributions range from studies in the pre-Islamic calendar, to the "blood-money group" in Islamic law, to transformations in Arabic logic.

Islam and WarIslam and War

Tradition. of. Islam. V^onsideration of the just war and jihad traditions yields a
sense that war is, or ought to be, an activity ... We have seen, for example, that
Islamic thinkers consider the stipulation that wars be fought only for religiously ...

Author: John Kelsay

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

ISBN: 0664253024


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This book explores questions regarding the justice of war and addresses the lack of comparative perspectives on the ethics of war, particularly with respect to Islam. Focusing on the role of Islamic symbols in the rhetoric of Saddam Hussein, Kelsay provides an overview of the Islamic tradition regarding war and peace, and investigates the notion of religion as a just cause for war.

The Islamic Traditions of CirebonThe Islamic Traditions of Cirebon

Chapter 8: Pesantren and Tarekat: The role of Buntet INTRODUCTION On Java,
the pesantren and the tarekat, meaning (mystical) path, is the hall-mark of
traditional Islam. The former is a place where syare'at (the exoteric dimension of
Islam) ...

Author: A.G. Muhaimin

Publisher: ANU E Press

ISBN: 9781920942311


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This work deals with the socio-religious traditions of the Javanese Muslims living in Cirebon, a region on the north coast in the eastern part of West Java. It examines a wide range of popular traditional religious beliefs and practices. The diverse manifestations of these traditions are considered in an analysis of the belief system, mythology, cosmology and ritual practices in Cirebon. In addition, particular attention is directed to the formal and informal institutionalised transmission of all these traditions

Law and Tradition in Classical Islamic ThoughtLaw and Tradition in Classical Islamic Thought

Fred Andalus, Starlatch 391–92, 401–403. For a likely example of assimilation of
parallels in the ḥadīth literature, see Behnam Sadeghi, “The Traveling Tradition
Test:A Method forDating Traditions,” Der Islam 85,no. 1(2008): 203–42, 222. 10.

Author: M. Cook

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137078957


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Bringing together essays on topics related to Islamic law, this book is composed of articles by prominent legal scholars and historians of Islam. They exemplify a critical development in the field of Islamic Studies: the proliferation of methodological approaches that employ a broad variety of sources to analyze social and political developments.

The New Voices of IslamThe New Voices of Islam

CHAPTER 2 Present - Day Islam Between Its Tradition and Globalization
Mohammed Arkoun Mohammad Arkoun is arguably one of the most influential
voices of moderate Islam today . Born in Algeria in 1928 , he moved to Paris to
pursue ...

Author: Mehran Kamrava

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520250990


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"Mehran Kamrava has compiled a selection from some of the leading Muslim reformist thinkers whose voices have often been muted and marginalized. These essays introduce the reader to the nuances of the unfolding drama surrounding the issues of religion, politics and the public space across the Muslim World, revealing the richness as well as the limitations of these new attempts to synthesize Islam and modernity. This is a must-read for all those interested in hearing the new voices and seeing the other face of Islam."--Manochehr Dorraj, Professor of Political Science, Texas Christian University "The New Voices of Islam is a fine collection that effectively answers the question: where are the reformist voices in Islam? Mehran Kamrava has done an excellent job of presenting the global diversity of Muslim thinking from North Africa to Southeast Asia, Europe to America."--John L. Esposito, University Professor and Founding Director of the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, Georgetown University "Western public concern about Islamic extremism is almost wholly uninformed by the views of the reforming intellectuals gathered together in Mehran Kamrava's very important book The New Voices of Islam. These men and women, living both within the Islamic world and in Europe and America, have been struggling for a modern, pluralist, tolerant and democratic transformation of the Muslim world years before the crises of 9/11 and 7/7. Their collective message deserves the widest exposure, particularly within western political circles where it has, sadly, gone unheeded."--David Waines, Emeritus Professor of Islamic Studies, Lancaster University "This volume contains not the voices of Muslim governments and Islamist oppositions but the work of Muslim mavericks--refreshing in their originality, searing in their critiques, reassuring in their rationality. These voices deserve a wider audience in the West, and this book responds to that need. But also, and most especially, they deserve the attention of Muslims everywhere. Government repression and Islamist pressures unfortunately obstruct general access to such unconventional ideas in many Muslim states."--Robert D Lee, Professor of Political Science, Colorado College

Introduction to Traditional Islam IllustratedIntroduction to Traditional Islam Illustrated

This growth was the result of contact with the old cultures which Islam
encountered and subjugated. ... Mesopotamia, the Coptic of Egypt (with its
Pharaonic heritage), without mentioning the numerous local traditions like those
of the Berbers of ...

Author: Jean-Louis Michon

Publisher: World Wisdom, Inc

ISBN: 9781933316512


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A primer on Islam refutes headline-generated perceptions to reveal the faith's more serene and cultivated traditions, in a lavishly illustrated introduction that outlines Islam's culturally rich tenets while revealing the threats posed by fundamentalism and secularism. Original.

The Lineaments of IslamThe Lineaments of Islam

... the narratives of the shared founding fathers of Judaism and islam. after all,
these founding fathers—abraham, isaac and ishmael, King david and others—
serve as the paradigms upon which adherents of both traditions model
themselves, ...

Author: Paul Cobb

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004218857


Page: 490

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In honor of Fred M. Donner's distinguished career as an interpreter of early Islam, this volume collects more than a dozen studies by his students. They range over a wide array of sub-fields in Islamic studies, including Islamic history, historiography, Islamic law, Qur'anic studies and Islamic aracheology.

Islam Christianity and Tradition A Comparative ExplorationIslam Christianity and Tradition A Comparative Exploration

It operates generally within the sphere of comparative religion and is, specifically,
a comparative exploration of the role of tradition/Tradition within two distinct faiths
, Islam and Christianity. Specific leitmotivs include the roles of authority, ...

Author: Ian Richard Netton

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9780748630257


Page: 256

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Offers a unique comparative exploration of the role of tradition in Islam and Christianity. The idea of 'tradition' has enjoyed a variety of senses and definitions in Islam and Christianity, but both have cleaved at certain times to a supposedly 'golden age' of tradition from the past. The author suggests there has been a chain of thinkers from classical Islam to the twentieth century who share a common interest in ijtihad (or independent thinking). Drawing on past and present evidence, and using Christian tradition as a focus for contrast and comparison, the author highlights the seemingly paradoxical harmony between tradition and itjihad in Islam.The author draws on a variety of primary and secondary sources including contemporary newspaper and journal

Muslim Traditions and Modern Techniques of PowerMuslim Traditions and Modern Techniques of Power

I will focus on a particularly sensitive period of the metamorphosis of Islam in one
of the major centers of Muslim traditions : Egypt in the 19th century , and
especially in its last quarter . I will pay attention to how the process was
embedded in ...

Author: Armando Salvatore

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 3825848019


Page: 331

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This volume deals with historical and contemporary articulations of the relation of tension between the civilizing impetus of Muslim traditions, and modern forms, fields and techniques of power. These techniques are associated with the process of state-building, as well as with the related constraints of disciplining, normative cohesion, control of the territory and monitored social differentiation. The contributions conceptualize Muslim traditions as deriving their legitimacy, authority, as well as normative and organizing power from being embedded in the discourses and institutions of Islam, which constitute one major center within world history, by now also encompassing Muslim communities within Western societies.

A Fresh Look at Islam in a Multi Faith WorldA Fresh Look at Islam in a Multi Faith World

... an open Islamic tradition to explore the questions that underpin educational
theory and practices in multi-faith societies. ... curriculum in a wider frame: the
different trajectories of young British Muslims and the philosophical traditions of
Islam, ...

Author: Matthew L.N. Wilkinson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317595984


Page: 278

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***WINNER: Cheryl Frank Memorial Prize, International Association of Critical Realism.*** A Fresh Look at Islam in a Multi-Faith World provides a comprehensively theorised and practical approach to thinking systematically and deeply about Islam and Muslims in a multi-faith world. It makes the case for a contemporary educational philosophy to help young Muslims surmount the challenges of post-modernity and to transcend the hiatuses and obstacles that they face in their interaction and relationships with non-Muslims and visa-versa. It argues that the philosophy of critical realism in its original, dialectical and metaReal moments so fittingly ‘underlabours’ (Bhaskar, 1975) for the contemporary interpretation, clarification and conceptual deepening of Islamic doctrine, practice and education as to suggest a distinctive branch of critical realist philosophy, specifically suited for this purpose. This approach is called Islamic Critical Realism. The book proceeds to explain how this Islamic Critical Realist approach can serve the interpretation of the consensual elements of Islamic doctrine, such as the six elements of Islamic belief and the five ‘pillars’ of Islamic practice, so that these essential features of the Muslim way of life can help Muslim young people to contribute positively to life in multi-faith liberal democracies in a globalising world. Finally, the book shows how this Islamic Critical Realist approach can be brought to bear in humanities classrooms by history, religious education and citizenship teachers to help Muslim young people engage informatively and transformatively with themselves and others in multi-faith contexts.

A Muslim Mystic Community in BritainA Muslim Mystic Community in Britain

They have also helped to overcome well-established generalities on Islam which
depict it as a single totality. However, what is not enough emphasized in these
studies are the positions of different Islamic traditions vis-a-vis each other. In
other ...

Author: Tayfun Atay

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783867417433


Page: 292

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This book is a social anthropological analysis (based on ethnographic fieldwork) of the discourse and social practice of an Islamic-mystic community in London, namely, the branch of Naqshbandi Sufi order led by Sheikh Nazim of Cyprus. The Naqshbandi order is a well-known mystical institution having a widespread historical and contemporary influence on the life of many Muslims all over the world, including the West. The book focuses particularly on the definitions and reflections of the members of this branch upon themselves and the wider modern ('western') society outside their close-knit community. It reveals that the Islamic discourse of the community encompasses a multitude of expressions by which the members' perceptions of their social and spiritual universe are shaped and communicated to a wider audience. And it concludes that a thorough analysis of an Islamic community should pay particular attention to three closely related discursive processes: (a) the reflections of such a community on the wider (modern) society of which it is a part; (b) the ways in which it defines itself as 'Islamic' and contests with other Muslim groups or movements for the representation of the 'correct model' of Islamic tradition; (c) the discourses of conflict and power within such a community. Tayfun Atay holds an MA in Area Studies (Near & Middle East) and a PhD in Social Anthropology from School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. He has done ethnographic fieldworks in London and many parts of Turkey, and published five monographs in Turkish. Currently, he is Professor of Ethnology in the Department of Folklore and Ethnology at the University of Ankara.

Islam in RussiaIslam in Russia

Muslim Political Movements Twice , in 1905–7 and 1917 , Russia's Muslims
formed political organizations to unite the ... other Turkic peoples , was its greater
tolerance toward pre - Islamic traditions and their incorporation into the fold of
Islam .

Author: Shireen Hunter

Publisher: M.E. Sharpe

ISBN: 0765612828


Page: 592

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Traces the shared history of Russia and Islam in expanding compass; from the Tatar civilization within the Russian heartland, to the conquered territories of the Caucasus and Central Asia, to the larger geopolitical and security context of contemporary Russia on the civilizational divide. The study stresses political and geopolitical relationships.

A New Introduction to IslamA New Introduction to Islam

If we imagine the Islamic tradition as an interlocking jigsaw puzzle, the Qur'an
forms the central piece. But as we have seen, like the first piece of any puzzle, it
is difficult to make sense of in isolation. The events of the life of Muhammad fit ...

Author: Daniel W. Brown

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781444357721


Page: 360

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The second edition of this student-friendly textbook explores the origins, major features and lasting influence of the Islamic tradition. Traces the development of Muslim beliefs and practices against the background of social and cultural contexts extending from North Africa to South and Southeast Asia Fully revised for the second edition, with completely new opening and closing chapters considering key issues facing Islam in the 21st century Focuses greater attention on everyday practices, the role of women in Muslim societies, and offers additional material on Islam in America Includes detailed chronologies, tables summarizing key information, useful maps and diagrams, and many more illustrations

Producing Islamic KnowledgeProducing Islamic Knowledge

What makes it Islamic is not necessarily its congruence with some broadly
accepted standard of orthodoxy and orthopraxy, but its reference to the ongoing
series of debates that constitutes Islam as a living tradition. I find Talal Asad's ...

Author: Martin van Bruinessen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136932861


Page: 208

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How do Muslims in Europe acquire discursive and practical knowledge of Islam? How are conceptions of Islamic beliefs, values and practices transmitted and how do they change? Who are the authorities on these issues that Muslims listen to? How do new Muslim discourses emerge in response to the European context? This book addresses the broader question of how Islamic knowledge (defined as what Muslims hold to be correct Islamic beliefs and practices) is being produced and reproduced in West European contexts by looking at specific settings, institutions and religious authorities. Chapters examine in depth four key areas relating to the production and reproduction of Islamic knowledge: authoritative answers in response to explicit questions in the form of fatwas. the mosque and mosque association as the setting of much formal and informal transmission of Islamic knowledge. the role of Muslim intellectuals in articulating alternative Muslim discourses. higher Islamic education in Europe and the training of imams and other religious functionaries. Featuring contributions from leading sociologists and anthropologists, the book presents the findings of empirical research in these issues from a range of European countries such as France, Italy, the Netherlands and Great Britain. As such it has a broad appeal, and will be of great interest to students and scholars of Islamic studies, anthropology, sociology and religion.