Thiruvalluvar Tours the WorldThiruvalluvar Tours the World

by the most secured Private Jet in the world, known as Air Force One and headed to his stay in the Shang-ri-la Hotel. Both these world leaders had arrived in Singapore to meet each other on Tuesday June 12th in what was specially ...

Author: Thangai, Dr. Kailash Nath, Irai Mathialagan, Keerthi Prasad

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 9781685233785


Page: 452

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This book is a non-fictional visualisation of current global incidents through the lens of Thirukkural. The book inroads into the raging COVID-19 pandemic, polygamous Chinese lifestyle, Singapore – an axle, and tech giants such as Google, Apple, etc. The first chapter, ‘American Presidential Election 2024’, starts with the voyage of Columbus and covers a little about the Red Indians. Pasu, from Anna University, and Guru went to America for MBA in Ivy League. Guru joined Harvard and Pasu went to Kellogg School. Pasu fell in love with an American girl, Dorzah, in Kellogg. About 80% of this chapter is in a WhatsApp conversation format – a trending social media for all generations. Interestingly, Dorzah is a republican and Pasu is a democrat supporter. The MBA friends from American universities started the WhatsApp group, ‘MBA Round D World’. Students from Harvard, Yale, UCB, IIT, LSE, ETH-Swiss and Moscow University are in it. They debated on the Presidential Election 2020 and finally landed in 2024. The subject changed to Swiss Direct Democracy, Brexit, Myanmar Coup. The Group, interestingly, entered into the ‘Happiness Index’ of the top 10 country’s research. Dorzah is also Trump's fan. The Group’s debate on the politics between Pasu and Dorzah did not affect their true love. The 1330th Kural reminded us, “Quarrelling adds delight to love; a hearty embrace [thereafter] adds delight to this quarrel.” Thirukkural was penned 2,000 years back by Thiruvalluvar and translated into 42 international languages.

Around the World The Grand Tour in Photo AlbumsAround the World The Grand Tour in Photo Albums

Piers Brendon provi a fairly thorough and enjoyable overview of the development of travel and popular tourism in the ... By 1872 , Thomas Cook & Son offered a luxurious 212 - day tour around the world a spectacular journey that included ...

Author: Barbara Levine

Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press

ISBN: 1568987080


Page: 216

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With snapshots, passenger lists, itineraries, and postcards, and from Cairo to Burma and back again, authors Barbara Levine and Kirsten Jensen transport readers back to the dawn of world travel when the middle class toured the world for the first time.

How to Travel the World Free As an International Tour DirectorHow to Travel the World Free As an International Tour Director

Around the World for FREE A Step-by-step Guide in Travelling the World for FREE Gerald Mitchell ... 2005 Time: 6:00 am Special Instructions: Motor Coach Company: Global Tours Date/Time received by Bell Captain: (Signature) Tour ...

Author: Gerald Mitchell

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781440100796


Page: 306

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Learn How to Turn Your Avocation into Your Vocation Be an International Tour Director and design and escort your own tours all around the world. In almost every country, tourism is one of the most significant industries providing jobs for thousands of people and economic advantages many countries would not have otherwise. Governments and private enterprise support the efforts of International Tour Directors who invest in imaginative and innovative tourist programs. By providing travelers with good opportunities to have the trip of their dreams, the professional International Tour Director brings income in to a country and to the tourism business in general. Satisfied customers will go back and encourage their friends to undertake the same type of experiences they have, and this will increase business even more. You may be called upon to design and escort Cruises, Spa Holidays, Student Trips, Senior Citizen Motor Coach Tours, Incentive programs, conventions, and almost whatever specialized group you can think of in London, Paris, New York, Rome, and exotic spots throughout the world. As an International Tour Director you will be expected to have a keen interest and skill in fulfilling the needs of your clients by seeking out and finding unspoiled and relatively undiscovered corners of the world, where facilities such as superb, un-crowded golf courses, fishing, hiking, splendid scenery, uncluttered roads and hospitable restaurants offer your clients the best in unforgettable travel experiences. Being a good communicator, a diplomat, detail oriented, well organized, and highly responsible will help you manage emergencies as well as handle considerable amounts of money in both foreign and local currencies. Many Tour Operators are now recruiting International Tour Directors with a Master's degree in history or some other specialty such as wine, culinary arts, architecture, arts and crafts, or even wildflowers. You are the clients' bridge over "the culture gap"

Spalding s World TourSpalding s World Tour

Americans Abroad: Two Centuries of European Travel. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1964. Elfers, James E. The Tour to End All Tours: The Story of Major League Baseball's 1913-1914 World Tour. Lincoln: University of Nebraska ...

Author: Mark Lamster

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781586485955


Page: 320

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In October of 1888, Albert Goodwill Spalding -- baseball star, sporting-goods magnate, promotional genius, serial fabulist -- departed Chicago on a trip that would take him and two baseball teams on a journey clear around the globe. Their mission, closely followed in the American and international press, had two (secret) goals: to fix the game in the American consciousness as the purest expression of the national spirit, and to seed markets for Spalding's products near and far. In the process, these first cultural ambassadors played before kings and queens, visited the Coliseum and the Eiffel Tower, and took pot shots with their baseballs at the great Sphinx in Egypt. This expedition to lands both exotic and familiar is chronicled with dash and wit in Mark Lamster's Spalding's World Tour, a book filled with larger-than-life characters often competing harder for love and money off the baseball diamond than for runs on it. Getting themselves into scrapes and narrowly escaping international incident all around the globe, these innocents abroad gave the world an early peek at the American century just around the corner. For anyone interested in the history of the game -- or the history of brand marketing -- Spalding's World Tour hits the sweet spot.

Our World TourOur World Tour

ISO 100∙ 70mm ∙ attention grabbers. saris aresimply beautiful f/5.6∙ 1/125 sec The worldfamous Taj Mahal ∙ The building is the most. Devout Indian women in front of the Taj Mahal ∙ The colorful, My next sightseeing tours offer two ...

Author: Mario Dirks

Publisher: Rocky Nook, Inc.

ISBN: 9781492014683


Page: 352

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Designed to inspire world travelers and photographers alike, this book takes you on a journey around the globe through the eyes of photographer Mario Dirks. In the fall of 2011, camera and lens manufacturer Sigma sent Mario on a yearlong adventure to photograph the most beautiful places on earth. As Sigma's World Scout, he spent 50 weeks visiting a total of 77 cities, 48 countries, and 6 continents. He took 101 flights and traveled 2,500 miles on foot. The result of his tour is a collection of 347 extraordinary photographs showcasing fascinating destinations and scenic locations from around the world. With this wealth of images and experiences, Mario Dirks has created a diversified snapshot of our earth. The images in this book show global sights like the Taj Mahal, Machu Picchu, Petra, the Grand Canyon, and Ayers Rock, as well as architectural masterpieces, unique natural landscapes, and portraits of people and animals. Mario's photographs are accompanied by anecdotes from his travels, making this book a visual delicacy not only for traveling photographers, but for anyone interested in viewing captivating images from around the world. Come with the author on a journey to the Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia; immerse yourself in the colorful and exciting variety of our world; and experience what great travel photography is made of.

The Supreme Master Ching Hai s 1993 World Lecture TourThe Supreme Master Ching Hai s 1993 World Lecture Tour

Heaven; that is why we are forever unhappy here - until the time comes for us to realize that our Home is not in this world. Then we will find a guide to lead us back to where we came from, a guide who has already gone Home and come ...

Author: The Supreme Master Ching Hai

Publisher: The Supreme Master Ching Hai Publishing Co Ltd.



Page: 309

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1993 was a very special year. In response to the sincere longing of countless people, a fully enlightened living Master, enduring the hardships of a long journey, traveled around the world to share the news about immediate enlightenment and liberation in one lifetime. Her lecture tour, which caused a sensation around the world, sowed many spiritual seeds that have since germinated and are now playing a great role in elevating the spiritual consciousness of the world. With great respect and devotion, the lectures and interviews given by Supreme Master Ching Hai during this period were recorded, and have been compiled into six volumes. This series is being offered to you this Christmas season with the wish that you can stroll leisurely in Her vast wisdom and lose yourself in the boundless spiritual bliss that arises from the words of a perfect living Master.

The Sketchbook Project World TourThe Sketchbook Project World Tour

Or you might feel compelled to reach out to someone across the globe who views the world the same way you do. We (Steven and Shane) grew up in separate parts of the country. Shane was raised in Florida and was making websites at the age ...

Author: Steven Peterman

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 9781616894450


Page: 257

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Destined to go down as one of the era's most astonishing global art projects, the Brooklyn Art Library's Sketchbook Project has, in less than a decade, amassed more than thirty thousand sketchbooks submitted by people of all ages and artistic abilities from more than 130 countries. Bursting with color, vivid imagery, and bouts of whimsy mixed with deeply intimate insights, the sketchbooks capture the texture of personal experience in a dizzying variety of illustrative styles and layouts that run the gamut from street portraits to stream-of-consciousness doodles, comics, and pop-ups. The Sketchbook Project World Tour presents the most compelling, surprising, and visually stunning examples from this one-of-a-kind artistic treasury.