Three in NorwayThree in Norway

Just before bedtime there arrived at the rest-house three Norwegian tourists of
the sterner sex, and a young lady the daughter of one of them. The father was a
barrister, and the other two were the Lord Chief Justice of what they imagine to
be ...

Author: James Arthur Clutterbuck, Walter J. Lees

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783734036026


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Reproduction of the original: Three in Norway by James Arthur Lees, Walter J. Clutterbuck

The Battle for NorwayThe Battle for Norway

One of the latter's three companies was equipped with belted Kettenrad halftrack
motorcycles and was to play a significant role in the ensuing fighting.67 The
initial German assault was halted by a spirited Norwegian defence and during
the ...

Author: Geirr Haarr

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 9781783469055


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This is the second book in a series of two, covering the events at sea during the German invasion of Norway in 1940, the first modern campaign in which sea, air and ground forces interacted decisively.Part one covers the events at sea off southern and western Norway where Norwegian and British forces attempted to halt the German advance out of the invasion ports as well as the stream of supplies and reinforcements across the Skagerrak. The second part focuses on the British landings in Central Norway where the Royal Navy for the first time had its mastery challenged by air superiority from land-based aircraft. Part three covers the events in and around Narvik where Norwegian, British, French and Polish naval, air and land forces were engaged in the first combined amphibious landings of WW II. Part four sums up the events during the evacuation in June, in which the first carrier task force operations of the war, including the loss of the carrier Glorious, figure prominently. As in the first volume, the narration shifts continuously between the strategic and operational issues, and the experiences of the officers and ratings living through the events. Extensive research and use of primary sources reveals the many sides of this war, some of which remain controversial to this day.

Sabotage in NorwaySabotage in Norway

They got down unobserved, and three men went to deal with the pipelines. The
rest of the party went to the power station which they entered through a temporary
wooden partition. They took three Norwegian guards by surprise and were ...

Author: Bernard O'Connor


ISBN: 9781291380224


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Norwegians trained in industrial sabotage at Brickendonbury Manor, near Hertford, U.K. were infiltrated by the 'Shetland Bus', fishing boats, motorboats, submarines or parachuted in by planes to attack targets across Norway. They included Karl Aarsaether, Jan Allen, Johannes S. Andersen, Gunnar Berg, Torfinn Bjornas, Svein Blindheim, Peter Deinboll, Andreas Fasting, Kasper Fjell, Gunnar Fougner, Arne Gjestland, Per Getz, Gregers Gram, Sverre Granlund, Torleif Grong, Arne Haegstad, Knut Haukelid, Claus Helberg, Thor Helliessen, Willy Houlder, Kasper Idland, Fredrik Kayser, Arne Kjelstrup, Frithjof Pedersen Kviljo, Ruben Langmo, Alf Lindeberg, Martin Linge, Max Manus, Odd Nilsen, Nils Nordland, Martin Olsen, Erik Gjems-Onstad, Arthur Pevik, Johnny Pevik, Jens Anton Poulsson, Joachim Ronneberg, Einar Skinnarland, Paal Skjaerpe, Gunnar Sonsteby Odd Starheim, Hans Storhaug, Birger Stromsheim, Harald Svindseth, Edvard Tallasken, Gunvald Tomstad, Ragnar Ulstein, Karl Vilnes, Leif Well and Aasmund Wisloff. .

A short account of the Union between Sweden Denmark and Norway Taken from Puffendorf s History of Sweden Fit to be perus d by Scotsmen at this juncture etcA short account of the Union between Sweden Denmark and Norway Taken from Puffendorf s History of Sweden Fit to be perus d by Scotsmen at this juncture etc

... probably have Succeeded ; If the Danes had not by this . pretence , defign'd
theQppression of sweden and Norway . However , the Articles of that Union were
drawn up , in which the States of the three Kingdoms mutualtų engaged upon ...

Author: Samuel Freiherr von Pufendorf


ISBN: BL:A0018359892


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Norwegians Swedes and More Norway to Minnesota Olson FinstadNorwegians Swedes and More Norway to Minnesota Olson Finstad

Peder and his three younger siblings all emigrated from Norway to America.
Anna Aker and her husband, Ola Anfinson Rabba, were said to have moved to
America, but no ship records have been found. Mikkel and Trogeir settled in the ...

Author: Loren H. Amundson

Publisher: Virtualbookworm Publishing

ISBN: 9781589397057


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"Norwegians, Swedes and More" provides a synopsis of our ancestral family components; Norwegians and Swedes as well as those of French, German, English, and Canadian descent by way of the St. Lawrence Seaway in Quebec and upstate New York. Part I, Destination Dakota Territory, describes Loren's multifaceted family from all of the above backgrounds and finds them as homesteaders in Minnehaha County, "Dakota" [Dakota Territory, South Dakota]. Part II, Norway to Minnesota, is "all Norwegian" and finds Mavis' families homesteading in Lac qui Parle County in west central Minnesota, where they reached their final Vesterheim. This book is the third of six about these families, each containing the same core of material to set the stage for individual family presentations. Book Three provides descriptions and stories about Olson - Finstad ancestors and descendants of Mavis' families after beginning their lives in Hallingdal and Eidsvoll areas of Norway.

The Constitution of the Kingdom of NorwayThe Constitution of the Kingdom of Norway

The Storthing meets in October each year, the prescribed length of the session
being three months, but if this period does not suffice for the transaction of ...
Norway has now possessed universal manhood suffrage for the last seven years.

Author: Hans Lien Brækstad

Publisher: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.

ISBN: 9781584779308


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Papers Presented at the Norway FAO Expert Consultation on the Management of Shared Fish StocksPapers Presented at the Norway FAO Expert Consultation on the Management of Shared Fish Stocks

Three agreements between Norway and the Soviet Union form the basis of the
Barents Sea fisheries regime . A 1975 Framework Agreement provides for the
Norwegian - Russian Fisheries Commission as the institutional hub of the regime

Author: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.

ISBN: 925104936X


Page: 240

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A critical input into the proceedings of this Expert Consultation were two discussion papers and 12 cases studies, contained in this document. The first discussion paper addresses the basic requirements and principles for successful management of shared fish stocks derived from game theoretical considerations and practical experiences. The second discussion paper presents the legal aspects of the management of shared fish stock.

Sickness Disability and Work Breaking the Barriers Vol 1 Norway Poland and SwitzerlandSickness Disability and Work Breaking the Barriers Vol 1 Norway Poland and Switzerland

What are the most promising avenues ofreform in Norway, Poland and
Switzerland? All three countries are facing high costs because of high or
increasing numbers of people receiving sickness and disability benefits. Too few
people with ...

Author: OECD

Publisher: OECD Publishing

ISBN: 9789264026322


Page: 176

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This first report in a new OECD series on sickness, disability and work explores the possible factors behind this paradox. It looks specifically at the cases of Norway, Poland and Switzerland, and highlights the role of institutions and policies. A range of reform recommendations is put forward.

A journey through Norway Lapland and part of SwedenA journey through Norway Lapland and part of Sweden

One vessel returned while I was there , having taken fifty - three deer , fifty - three
walrus , and fifty - three vogs , or 1 , 900 pounds , of eider ... The trade has given
Hammerfest a more enterprising set of seamen than any other port in Norway .

Author: Robert Everest


ISBN: OXFORD:600007671


Page: 383

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Concentration Camp Survivors in Norway and IsraelConcentration Camp Survivors in Norway and Israel

Thus our investigated groups are not representative for all concentration camp
survivors in Norway or Israel from a strictly scientific point of view, and they are
not mutually commensurable ... There are three Norwegian and three Israeli

Author: Leo Eitinger

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789401571999


Page: 199

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The general background of the groups investigated The purpose of this paper is to examine whether the severe psychic and physical stress situations to which human beings were exposed in the concentration camps of World \Var II have had lasting psychological results, to discover the nature of these conditions and the symptomatology they present, and finally to investigate which detailed factors of the above-mentioned stress situation can be con sidered decisive for the morbid conditions which were revealed. In order to elucidate these questions from different points of view, I have examined groups of former concentration camp inmates both in Norway and Israel. The Norwegians who were examined compose a fairly uniform group of men and women, born and bred in Norway, who after the War naturally returned to their native country. The Israeli groups which were examined were drawn from almost every country in Europe that had been under German occupation during World War II. They had all immigrated into Israel, mostly after 1948.

Quality Matters in Early Childhood Education and Care Norway 2013Quality Matters in Early Childhood Education and Care Norway 2013

Democratic partnership and parental engagement are important aspects of all
three curricula (Norway, New Zealand and Sweden). Table 2.2 shows that it is a
legal obligation for ECEC provisions in Norway, New Zealand and Sweden to ...

Author: Taguma Miho

Publisher: OECD Publishing

ISBN: 9789264176713


Page: 59

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This book focuses on quality issues in early childhood education and care in Norway.

Tent Life with English Gipsies in NorwayTent Life with English Gipsies in Norway

There were also two or three Norwegian gentlemen ( one of them , a Chevalier
de l ' Ordre de Wasa ) , a Scotch traveller with a large sandy beard , and a tall ,
portly gentleman , going to visit some friends near Christiania . Finding we had ...

Author: Hubert Smith


ISBN: NYPL:33433066613633


Page: 540

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A fantastic journal and ethnography of Norwegian Gypsy life all rolled into one.

Three Famous Bread Recipes From NorwayThree Famous Bread Recipes From Norway

This book provides simple and easy to follow bread recipes from Norway for readers. This book shows you how to make three famous bread from Norway easily in your own kitchen.

Author: Swan Aung

Publisher: Swan Aung

ISBN: 9781678038335



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This book provides simple and easy to follow bread recipes from Norway for readers. This book shows you how to make three famous bread from Norway easily in your own kitchen.

Travels Through Norway and Lapland During the Years 1806 1807 and 1808Travels Through Norway and Lapland During the Years 1806 1807 and 1808

We proceeded in light sledges down the level valley, and over three or four
frozen lakes, which are connected together as in a chain, and the banks of which
are surrounded with birch and alder. From these lakes the Folda Elv takes its rise,

Author: Leopold von Buch

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108028813


Page: 482

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An 1810 German account of the climate, minerals and peoples of Scandinavia, published in this English translation in 1813.