Three Across the Northern PlainsThree Across the Northern Plains

If past experiences were any indication, I was about to find myself in a den full of grizzlies. In three days ... The Dakota Territory along the northern high plains could hardly 18 Three Across the Northern Plains.

Author: Jack P. Jones

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595256044


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Katrina "Sis" Fletcher along with her brother, Jonah, and friend Sooey, embark on a dangerous mission to deliver a warning by their uncle, Harlan Fletcher, to a cruel land-grabber and murderer in the unsettled Northern High Plains, the wild Dakota Territory in the mid-1870s. Sis is an eighteen-year-old wearing a Colt .45 on her hip and determined to complete her mission. Jonah is two years her junior and an expert with his deceased father's .44 Winchester, having been trained to speed and accuracy since early childhood. Sooey, a six-foot-six four hundred pounds of brute force provides the muscle needed to see them through the battles forced on them by cruel and brutal men. With grit and wit, the three narrowly escape death on the perilous journey and when finally reaching Bitter Root, the town and valley controlled by ruthless killers, they face the toughest fight of their lives. Added to their woes, they must rescue two half-breed sisters having inclinations and designs of their own where Jonah is concerned. They struggle to hang on until their uncle and his seven sons arrive from Kansas. And arrive they do! In the fashion of the fighting Fletchers-Winchesters cocked and fingers set to trigger, stepping aside for no man or group and dishing out justice western style!

Leola s MountainLeola s Mountain

By the Same Author Novels Hamhocks, Turnip Greens & Blackeyed Peas The Third Season Under a Long Sky Three Across Texas Three Across Kansas Three Across Wyoming Three Across Montana Three Across the Northern Plains Iron Spur Nonfiction ...

Author: Jack Jones

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595408603


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The dying Leola watched the Air Force pilot whom Anna loved, and could never have, take her hand and lead her into the living room. She had never seen a more beautiful scene. Anna's dress, sheen of white, molded to the curves of her body in a whispering shuffle as they danced to the soft music. Who could have known that the ten-year-old motherless, freckle-faced, skinny child she had taken as her own would grow to have such beauty and poise? What a bonus for her to have character, leading her to love and nurse those old war veterans under her care. Whether she was the tomboy in overalls repairing a roof or visiting an old man at his whiskey still, there was always the woman-a woman unlike any other. Here was the prize of Leola's Mountain, always caring, educated with funds furnished by a moonshiner and a carpet mill worker. Whether in a white gown or a nurse's uniform, it quietly proclaimed all the purity that was underneath. She was a mountain gal. She was Anna Beam. Brutal and evil men came to harm her and Anna. Could the old moonshiner and his misfit friends save them?

Weekly Weather Crop BulletinWeekly Weather Crop Bulletin

Unseasonably mild temperatures occurred along the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts during the day . Dust from the storms two days before on the Great Plains reduced visibility two to three miles in the Southeast . The snow continued in the ...



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Final yearly issue includes index of special articles. December through March issues contain reports of snow and ice conditions.

The Changing American CountrysideThe Changing American Countryside

In 1950 over 40 percent of the nation's grazed land was in the Mountain States , with another 22.5 percent in the Northern and Southern Plains . By 1987 these three regions had 74.9 percent of the nation's grazed land , the Mountain ...

Author: Emery N. Castle

Publisher: Rural America

ISBN: UOM:39015037856773


Page: 592

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The literature on rural America, to the extent that it exists, has largely been written by urban-based scholars perpetuating out-of-date notions and stereotypes or by those who see little difference between rural and agricultural concerns. As a result, the real rural America remains much misunderstood, neglected, or ignored by scholars and policymakers alike. In response, Emery Castle offers The Changing American Countryside, a volume that will forever change how we look at this important subject. Castle brings together the writings of eminent scholars from several disciplines and varying backgrounds to take a fresh and comprehensive look at the "forgotten hinterlands." These authors examine the role of non-metropolitan people and places in the economic life of our nation and cover such diverse issues as poverty, industry, the environment, education, family, social problems, ethnicity, race, religion, gender, government, public policy, and regional diversity The authors are especially effective in demonstrating why rural America is so much more than just agriculture. It is in fact highly diverse, complex, and interdependent with urban America and the international market place. Most major rural problems, they contend, simply cannot be effectively addressed in isolation from their urban and international connections. To do so is misguided and even hazardous, when one-fourth of our population and ninety-seven per cent of our land area is rural. Together these writings not only provide a new and more realistic view of rural life and public policy, but also suggest how the field of rural studies can greatly enrich our understanding of national life.

Contemporary AuthorsContemporary Authors

Three across the Northern Plains , Writers Club Press ( Lincoln , NE ) , 2002 . PERSONAL : Born January 2 , 1914 , in Shreveport , LA ; son of Alfred Charles ( a fine - cabinet maker ) and Wilie ( Tilton ) Jones ; married Ruth - Marion ...


Publisher: Gale / Cengage Learning

ISBN: 0787667145


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