Those Without ShadowsThose Without Shadows

This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original.

Author: Francoise Sagan


ISBN: 1104850249


Page: 130

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This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original. Due to its age, it may contain imperfections such as marks, notations, marginalia and flawed pages. Because we believe this work is culturally important, we have made it available as part of our commitment for protecting, preserving, and promoting the world's literature in affordable, high quality, modern editions that are true to the original work.

The Land Without ShadowsThe Land Without Shadows

"Nabsi" uses the same technique but cites "Harvest of Hate" by the Nigerian Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka in an overt comparison of events in Somalia with those in the Nigeria-Biafra civil war.13 In "A Faint Hope," the narrator converses ...

Author: Abdourahman A. Waberi

Publisher: University of Virginia Press

ISBN: 0813925088


Page: 86

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Originally published in France in 1994, this newly translated collection presents stories about the precolonial and colonial past of Djibouti alongside those set in the postcolonial era. With irony and humor, these short stories portray madmen, poets, artists, French colonists, pseudointellectuals, young women, aspiring politicians, famished refugees, khat chewers, nomads struggling to survive in Djibouti's ruthless natural environment, or tramps living (and dying) in Balbala, the shantytown that stretches to the south of the capital--Cover.

Cultural AmnesiaCultural Amnesia

Françoise Sagan got lucky in that respect: Those Without Shadows. So did Gabriel García Márquez: not for One Hundred Years of Solitude, a title I find as spongy as the book, but for The Autumn of the Patriarch. In the original German, ...

Author: Clive James

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9780330462471


Page: 912

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‘In this book can be heard the merest edge of an enormous conversation. As they never were in life, we can imagine the speakers all gathered in some vast room, wearing name tags in case they don’t recognize each other (although some recognize each other all too well, and avoid contact). My heroes and heroines are here. The reader will recognize some of their names, while other names will be more obscure. My intellectual betes noires are here too, and the same division might apply.’ An almanac combining a comprehensive survey of modern culture with an annotated index of who-was-who and what-was-what, Cultural Amnesia is Clive James’ unique take on the places and the faces that shaped the twentieth-century. From Anna Akhmatova to Stefan Zweig, via Charles de Gaulle, Hitler, Thomas Mann and Wittgenstein, this varied and unfailingly absorbing book is both story and history, both public memoir and personal record – and provides an essential field-guide to the vast movements of taste, intellect, politics and delusion that helped to prepare the times we live in now.

Transactions of the Annual MeetingTransactions of the Annual Meeting

Strange as it may seem , pleurisy with effusion occurred in only 6 per cent . of these cases with annular shadows as against 14 per cent . of those without . Dry pleurisy occurred with about equal frequency . The patients with annular ...

Author: National Tuberculosis Association


ISBN: UIUC:30112111047962



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The Keep Of ShadowsThe Keep Of Shadows

Storm emerged from the tunnel with his palms extended toward the line of Serpent Warriors and launched balls of white magic toward them without losing a step. The spheres of light smashed into the warriors, consuming them with flames, ...

Author: David J. Boseke

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595611745


Page: 432

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The Nations of the Young Kingdoms had not felt the anguish of war for nearly twenty years. Now, with a massive barbarian army poised to invade Aljamin, just one walled city, Akaar, guards the large Kingdom’s borders. The city lies exposed and vulnerable to invasion. Defenseless. With their land in chaos, Sinjin Storm and his trusted companions set out to rally allies to help defend their country. Taken under the wing of Sorrell Tovaal, a powerful wizard, Storm begins to have visions and is beset with questions. Mysterious occurrences confound his questions as long-held secrets begin to be revealed. With unwavering courage, Storm encounters assassins, beasts, and dark figures from the Dead Wood forest that seem bent on his destruction. As the invasion intensifies, Storm and his allies realize the barbarian hordes are merely pawns in a war between two powerful, yet parallel worlds. The Young Kingdoms quickly realize that dark forces are working furiously in this other world, poised and waiting for the chance to bring an age of darkness and chaos to the human world. Storm must quickly discover and develop his powers as a wizard and his courage as a man. Only then can he master the only force capable of sealing the breech between the two worlds.

Empire of Texts in MotionEmpire of Texts in Motion

But his ambiguous remarks on “In Praise of Shadows,” not to mention the empirical evidence he provides in the first part of ... and says little concerning the difficulties of life “in the shadows” for those without financial security.41 ...

Author: Karen Laura Thornber

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9781684170517



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By the turn of the twentieth century, Japan’s military and economic successes made it the dominant power in East Asia, drawing hundreds of thousands of Chinese, Korean, and Taiwanese students to the metropole and sending thousands of Japanese to other parts of East Asia. The constant movement of peoples, ideas, and texts in the Japanese empire created numerous literary contact nebulae, fluid spaces of diminished hierarchies where writers grapple with and transculturate one another’s creative output. Drawing extensively on vernacular sources in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, this book analyzes the most active of these contact nebulae: semicolonial Chinese, occupied Manchurian, and colonial Korean and Taiwanese transculturations of Japanese literature. It explores how colonial and semicolonial writers discussed, adapted, translated, and recast thousands of Japanese creative works, both affirming and challenging Japan’s cultural authority. Such efforts not only blurred distinctions among resistance, acquiescence, and collaboration but also shattered cultural and national barriers central to the discourse of empire. In this context, twentieth-century East Asian literatures can no longer be understood in isolation from one another, linked only by their encounters with the West, but instead must be seen in constant interaction throughout the Japanese empire and beyond.

The Storyteller s ShadowsThe Storyteller s Shadows

He'd say you're one of the few lucky ones belonging to one of those pockets of humans throughout history who knew ... of shadow players show themselves beneath halos and rainbow, picking their teeth leisurely and lazing about without a ...

Author: Bill Reed

Publisher: Reed Independent

ISBN: 9780648175698


Page: 416

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In a volume containing 14 original plays – including three shadow-play adaptions of Gogol, Morton and Runyon classics – the author resurrects a sadly neglected theatre genre – the shadow play combining traditional shadow techniques with normal acting to create ‘full-bodied’ mainstream plays.

On the Theory of Painting to which is added an Index of mixed tints and an introduction to painting in water colours with precepts Second edition enlargedOn the Theory of Painting to which is added an Index of mixed tints and an introduction to painting in water colours with precepts Second edition enlarged

The rest are to be more diminished , both in form and size ; and again from these should be spread out those accidental lights which prevent monotony in the shadows , add interest to the portions of the picture which without them ...

Author: Theodore Henry Fielding


ISBN: BL:A0018966085



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Man, there are so many of them. Killers of kids and women. Cowards that come from the shadows and attack those without weapons, those with only good in their blood. If you're a buddy, you'll know I'm drunk while writing this—you have to ...

Author: Michael Morley

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781455557868


Page: 400

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All five parts of the chilling serial killer thriller, now in one volume, for fans of James Patterson, David Baldacci, Jeffrey Deaver, and Harlan Coban. A madman is on the rampage in the Los Angeles streets. The City of Angels has become The City of Fear. And everyone from the Oval Office down wants a quick result. The heat is on Jake Mottram, head of the FBI's new Spree Killer Unit, and psychological profiler Angie Holmes to find the madman responsible. Until now, they've been great together. Both at work and in bed. But a killer is about to come between them, in ways that could cost them far more than their careers. Will they survive the spree about to come? Spree Life and death in LA - like you've never seen it before.

The Isle of Mists The Secrets of Droon 22 The Isle of Mists The Secrets of Droon 22

“Maybe that's the thing about shadows,” said Keeah. “You can't have them without the sun!” As if on cue, the bright pink and blue domes of Jaffa City peeped over the distant horizon, gleaming in the sun of the new day. Max chuckled.

Author: Tony Abbott

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

ISBN: 9780545418355


Page: 128

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With nearly 2 million books in print, this Little Apple series is H-O-T, hot. The SECRET is out - DROON is the series that kids, parents, and teachers are talking about! Evil Lord Sparr has collected all Three Powers, something he has been trying to do since the very first DROON adventure. Armed with the Coiled Viper, the Red Eye of Dawn, and the Golden Wasp, Sparr is ready to journey to the Isle of Mists - an eerie place of fog and darkness. Eric, Keeah, and the others are hot on his trail. But they are worried. The Isle of Mists is where Sparr's stepfather, Emperor Ko, mysteriously disappeared. Some even say that the evil ruler is still alive there. Sparr plus the Three Powers plus Emperor Ko? For Eric and his friends, that's not a good equation....

Book of ShadowsBook of Shadows

And I was also beginning to see that without the Goddess, without an appreciation for those aspects of being which we think of as feminine, without nurturance, compassion, intuition, connectedness, beauty, and the uniquely feminine ...

Author: Phyllis Curott

Publisher: Harmony

ISBN: 9780307832276


Page: 320

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Since Phyllis Currot first published Book of Shadows, the story of her spiritual journey and initiation as a High Priestess in the Wiccan community, Witchcraft has captured America's imagination as a theme for fiction, television shows, and films. Now America's highest-profile Witch returns to dispel more myths and misrepresentations of her faith, and to share a practical guide to the beautiful spiritual rituals and philosophies behind Wiccan tradition. Rich with enchanting stories from Currot's own experiences and detailed advice for creating potions, working with Nature, and finding the Divine within, Witch Crafting is much more than just another superficial recipe book. Curott's unique guidebook integrates the inspiration of religious wisdom with sound, practical information. Witch Crafting reveals how to: incorporate Wiccan practices into your daily life; master the secret arts of effective spell casting; create sacred space and personal rituals; perform divinations for insight and success; and tap the magical power of altered states, such as dreaming meditation, prayer, and trance. Perfect for beginners or seasoned practitioners, Witch Crafting is the ideal handbook for anyone seeking to unlock the divine power that makes real magic happen, and to experience the power and gifts of the universe more fully.

Fifth IEEE International Conference on Information VisualisationFifth IEEE International Conference on Information Visualisation

Generating Dynamic Shadows for Virtual Reality Applications Sandra Sudarsky Siemens Corporate Research , Inc. 755 College Road East Princeton ... Standard VRML objects allow the light to pass through them without casting any shadows .

Author: Ebad Banissi

Publisher: IEEE

ISBN: STANFORD:36105110681389


Page: 769

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Annotation The main subjects of the July 2001 conference are computer aided geometric design, medical visualization, visualization in built environment, digital art, rendering, and visual methods for parallel and distributed programming. Topics of the 110 papers include a prototype design tool for building integrated photovoltaics, finding and characterizing candidate binding sites, visualizing capacity and load in production planning, error analysis for the evaluation of rational Bezier curves, drawing conics on a hexagonal grid, visual interaction with XML metadata, virtual access to landscapes and historic gardens at linked locations, and adaptive fairing of surface meshes by geometric diffusion. No subject index. c. Book News Inc.

Resounding TranscendenceResounding Transcendence

music/drama relationship in the first jejer of the classical style, although there are always those who would ... Middletown, and Washington, DC in the summer of 2006, wayang without shadows may seem antithetical even to those who know ...

Author: Jeffers Engelhardt

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199911844



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Resounding Transcendence is a pathbreaking set of ethnographic and historical essays by leading scholars exploring the ways sacred music effects cultural, political, and religious transitions in the contemporary world. With chapters covering Christian, Muslim, Jewish, and Buddhist practices in East and Southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, North America, the Caribbean, North Africa, and Europe, the volume establishes the theoretical and methodological foundations for music scholarship to engage in current debates about modern religion and secular epistemologies. It also transforms those debates through sophisticated, nuanced treatments of sound and music - ubiquitous elements of ritual and religion often glossed over in other disciplines. Resounding Transcendence confronts the relationship of sound, divinity, and religious practice in diverse post-secular contexts. By examining the immanence of transcendence in specific social and historical contexts and rethinking the reified nature of "religion" and "world religions," these authors examine the dynamics of difference and transition within and between sacred musical practices. The work in this volume transitions between traditional spaces of sacred musical practice and emerging public spaces for popular religious performance; between the transformative experience of ritual and the sacred musical affordances of media technologies; between the charisma of individual performers and the power of the marketplace; and between the making of authenticity and hybridity in religious repertoires and practices. Broad in scope, rich in ethnographic and historical detail, and theoretically ambitious, Resounding Transcendence is an essential contribution to the study of music and religion.