They Laughed at GalileoThey Laughed at Galileo

. . And here's the story of how those dreamers overcame the odds against them. 'I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.' Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943

Author: Albert Jack

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From the wireless to the computer, and from hula hoops to interplanetary travel, inventions and discoveries have changed our lifestyles in ways that would have astounded our ancestors. Each of them was originally developed by visionaries who dreamt of the seemingly impossible, but who were opposed by an array of experts publicly declaring that ‘It cannot be done.’ Well, yes it could . . . And here's the story of how those dreamers overcame the odds against them.

Narrative and Romantic Poems of the ItaliansNarrative and Romantic Poems of the Italians

As soon as he was out of the reach of the claws of one sovereign , he
immediately satirized his discarded patron at the court of another . When his royal
protectors read his verses , and enjoyed the satirical portraits of their compeers ,
they laughed at each other , and the world at large laughed more heartily at ...
The bones of the historian rest at Florence , near the remains of Galileo and
Michael Angelo .

Author: Ugo Foscolo


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Galileo Galilei and the Roman Curia tr by mrs G SturgeGalileo Galilei and the Roman Curia tr by mrs G Sturge

At first , therefore , the majority of the learned world shook their heads
incredulously about the phenomena announced by ... The latter , who was the
first mathematician in Rome in his day , even said “ he laughed at the pretended
satellites of ...

Author: Karl von Gebler


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Thinking Critically about New Age IdeasThinking Critically about New Age Ideas

We must remember that they laughed at Einstein , they laughed at Leonardo ,
and they laughed at Galileo . Many a great scientific advance has been initiated
by a crazy - sounding idea . On the other hand , we must remember that for every

Author: William Douglas Gray

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Bad ArgumentsBad Arguments

Such theories are often ridiculed or even laughed at. But to those who commit
this fallacy, this is actually a reason to think that their theory is true. “After all,” they
reason, “the mainstream laughed at Galileo when he said the sun was the center

Author: Robert Arp

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A timely and accessible guide to 100 of the most infamous logical fallacies in Western philosophy, helping readers avoid and detect false assumptions and faulty reasoning You’ll love this book or you’ll hate it. So, you’re either with us or against us. And if you’re against us then you hate books. No true intellectual would hate this book. Ever decide to avoid a restaurant because of one bad meal? Choose a product because a celebrity endorsed it? Or ignore what a politician says because she’s not a member of your party? For as long as people have been discussing, conversing, persuading, advocating, proselytizing, pontificating, or otherwise stating their case, their arguments have been vulnerable to false assumptions and faulty reasoning. Drawing upon a long history of logical falsehoods and philosophical flubs, Bad Arguments demonstrates how misguided arguments come to be, and what we can do to detect them in the rhetoric of others and avoid using them ourselves. Fallacies—or conclusions that don’t follow from their premise—are at the root of most bad arguments, but it can be easy to stumble into a fallacy without realizing it. In this clear and concise guide to good arguments gone bad, Robert Arp, Steven Barbone, and Michael Bruce take readers through 100 of the most infamous fallacies in Western philosophy, identifying the most common missteps, pitfalls, and dead-ends of arguments gone awry. Whether an instance of sunk costs, is ought, affirming the consequent, moving the goal post, begging the question, or the ever-popular slippery slope, each fallacy engages with examples drawn from contemporary politics, economics, media, and popular culture. Further diagrams and tables supplement entries and contextualize common errors in logical reasoning. At a time in our world when it is crucial to be able to identify and challenge rhetorical half-truths, this bookhelps readers to better understand flawed argumentation and develop logical literacy. Unrivaled in its breadth of coverage and a worthy companion to its sister volume Just the Arguments (2011), Bad Arguments is an essential tool for undergraduate students and general readers looking to hone their critical thinking and rhetorical skills.

Clear Thinking with PsychologyClear Thinking with Psychology

days— “ they laughed at Galileo , ” “ they laughed at Newton ” —suffer from a
serious logical flaw satirized perfectly by Carl Sagan : “ They laughed at Bozo the
Clown , too . ” The simple truth is that , among promoters of revolutionary or “
fringe ...

Author: John Ruscio

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company

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Do your students have the tools to distinguish between the true science of human thought and behavior, and pop psychology? Ruscio's new book provides a tangible and compelling framework for making that distinction. Because we are inundated with "scientific" claims, the author does not merely differentiate science and pseudoscience, but goes further to teach the fundamentals of scientific reasoning on which students can base their evaluation of information.

Rational EpisodesRational Episodes

Didn't they laugh at Galileo , Newton , Darwin , and Einstein ? These questions
deserve an answer . Answering the last question first , yes they laughed at
Galileo , but , as a wise person — I think it was Martin Gardner - once observed ,
they ...

Author: Keith M. Parsons


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In this accessible, concise yet comprehensive introduction to a sometimes-formidable subject, Parsons presents elementary topics in logic for people who have little background in mathematics or science and have no career goals in those fields.

The Kindergarten primary MagazineThe Kindergarten primary Magazine

They found snow at the north and south pole , with which they pelted each other
in a lively game of snowball . They also wandered ... They found the continents
named after the great astronomers , - Secchi , Herschel , Newton , Galileo , and
others . One little goblin ... They laughed at the idea of that little moon appearing
three times a day , and wondered what people on earth would say to that . The
outer ...

Author: Bertha Johnston


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As he saw the Every Catholic , then , is free to believe that the earth goes stars ,
night after night , and wondered at ... All the sisters Galileo proved erroneous , it
may still be found possible to laughed at Oweenee , but Osseo was kind and ...



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Field NotesField Notes

... Cole became a punning Marc Antony with the concluding comment , " have not
come to praise but to Barry Fell , " and scoffingly remarked that " they laughed at
Galileo , they laughed at Barry Fell , they also laughed at Laurel and Hardy .



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You laugh : That is not wise ! Men laughed , remember , at Galileo . They laughed
at Newton . I had not thought you were one who mocks what is contrary to
common superstition . " “ My father , " said Ommony , " you are confirming rumors
I ...

Author: Talbot Mundy

Publisher: Rivercity Press

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A young English adventurer in India during the 1920s sets out to find a piece of jade with supernatural powers and the hidden valley inhabited by a holy lama who can reveal the secrets of the universe. The 23 books in this series, published between 1916 and 1939, are all somewhat related, although they may have different main characters. In order of publication they are: King-of the Khybers (1916; aka King of the Kyber Rifles), The Winds of the World (1916), Hira Singh's Tale (1918), Guns of the Gods (1921), The Caves of Terror (1924), The Nine Unknown (1924), Ramsden (1926; aka The Devil's Guard), The Woman Ayisha (1930), The Hundred Days (1930), Jingrim (1931; aka Jingrim Sahib, 1953), The Lost Trooper (1931), C. I. D. (1932), Jungle Jest (1932), The Lion of Petra (1932), The King in Check (1933; aka Affair in Araby, 1953), The Gunga Sahib (1933), The Mystery of Khufu's Tomb (1933), Jingrim and Allah's Peace (1933), The Red Flame of Erinpura (1934), The Seventeen Thieves of El-Kalil (1935), The Thunder Dragon Gate (1937), and Old Ugly Face (1939).

Harry Brightside or The young traveller in Italy By aunt LouisaHarry Brightside or The young traveller in Italy By aunt Louisa

All at once they turned the corner of a street , and there on the soft green turf ,
quite apart from any house , was the most beautiful group of buildings ... However
it did not fall , so he laughed at his own fears , and went again and stood quite
under it . ... His papa told him that one day , as that wonderful astronomer ,
Galileo , was looking at it , and watching its movement backward and forward —
which is ...

Author: Laura Valentine


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Revised and enlarged from the third American editionRevised and enlarged from the third American edition

In this work he maintains that observation is the only means of arriving at
certainty , and that everything which cannot be proved by experience is ...
Though they laugh at the story of Jonah and the whale , they accept every word
of Christ , who quotes the story . ... Theology , who possess the " passion of reality
, " and are endowed with the new cosmology of Galileo . three i not au main ,
succee He liv ...

Author: John Fletcher HURST


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Engineering EducationEngineering Education

Brandishing such taunts as , “ They laughed at Galileo , ” and " They laughed at
Einstein , ” proponents of the Dean Machine accused the engineering fraternity of
being closed - minded , cliquish and afraid of unconventional ideas for not ...



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