The Patriot GameThe Patriot Game

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Author: Ron Culley

Publisher: Grosvenor House Publishing

ISBN: 9781781481776


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The Irish Republican Army's Chief of Staff, Charlie Kerins, is executed by de Valera's Free State government following a tip-off. Sinéad O'Grady, a young and inexperienced Volunteer serving in the IRA during Ireland's Emergency period throughout World War Two is tasked with finding the informer and with assisting a German diplomat in organising an arms drop in rural Kerry. But with a traitor in the ranks, British Intelligence and de Valera's Gardai on her heels, falling in love has got to be a distraction. As an assassination campaign begins, mistrust deepens and Sinéad's life and that of those she loves hang by a thread.

Driven PatriotDriven Patriot

20 As David Brinkley, thenanewly arrived young newspaperman from North Carolina, remembered their reaction: “The city of Washington—their city. . .had been takenover by a lot ofpompous, illdressed, argumentative NewDealers, ...

Author: Townsend Hoopes

Publisher: Naval Institute Press

ISBN: 9781612512457


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A haunting portrait of one of the most fascinating and influential figures of the mid-twentieth century, this biography takes a penetrating look at James Forrestal's life and work. Brilliant, ambitious, glamorous, yet a perpetual outsider, Forrestal forged a career that took him from his working-class origins to the social and financial stratosphere of Wall Street, and from there to policy making in Washington. As secretary of the navy during World War II, he was the principal architect in transforming an obsolescent navy into the largest, most formidable naval force in history. After the war, as the nation's first secretary of defense, he played a major role in shaping the anti-Communist consensus that sustained the U.S. policy of containment during the Cold War. Despite his many achievements, Forrestal's life ended in tragedy with his suicide in 1949. This absorbing study not only takes an understanding look at the many-sided man but presents an authoritative history of the great but troubled years of America's rise to world primacy. Winner of the 1992 Roosevelt Naval History Prize, the book enjoyed wide acclaim when first published and is now considered a definitive work.

News letterNews letter

Such a patriot can ill be spared . ... Michael Hahn Spangler Chapter was represented by Mrs. Robert L. Motter , President , Miss Hazel G. Glessner , Past State President , Mrs. R. Thena , Mrs. A. M. Owen , Mrs. T. Shipley , Mrs. C. S. ...



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Such a patriot can ill be spared . ... Michael Hahn Spangler Chapter was represented by Mrs. Robert L. Motter , President , Miss Hazel G. Glessner , Past State President , Mrs. R. Thena , Mrs. A. M. Owen , Mrs. T. Shipley , Mrs. C. S. ...

Author: National Society, United States Daughters of 1812. State of New York


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The American Herd BookThe American Herd Book

15 , 1878 , bred and owned by A. J. Graves , Flora , Boone Co. , Ill . , got by Irene's Duke 34248 , out of Mavis ( vol ... THENA , Red , calved May 5 , 1878 , bred and owned by R. Dougherty & Sons , Parkville , St. Joseph Co. , Mich .

Author: Lewis Falley Allen


ISBN: UCAL:B3243451


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To which is prefixed a concise history of English and American Short horns, compiled from the best authorities.

The Ponzi Book A Legal Resource for Unraveling Ponzi SchemesThe Ponzi Book A Legal Resource for Unraveling Ponzi Schemes

Zaccagnino, 2006 WL 1005042, at *4 (C.D. Ill. Apr. 18, 2006); Diversified Fiber Prods., Inc. v. United States (In re Thena, Inc.), 190 B.R. 407, 411 (D. Or. 1995); Drummond v. ... The Patriot Grp., LLC (In re Dreier ...

Author: Kathy Bazoian Phelps

Publisher: LexisNexis

ISBN: 9780327173120


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Covering virtually all legal issues relating to unwinding Ponzi schemes, The Ponzi Book is relevant and timely, given the increased exposure of Ponzi schemes and the substantial litigation that has ensued in the quest to find assets and to make investors whole. Designed to be a comprehensive guide to the complex issues that arise in Ponzi schemes, The Ponzi Book includes a thorough legal analysis to support competing claims and defenses of affected parties, and contains a sophisticated discussion of the administrative practicalities that arise in Ponzi cases. Both practitioners in the field and parties affected by a Ponzi scheme can benefit from the comprehensive coverage of issues in The Ponzi Book. Several chapters are dedicated to increasingly common fraudulent transfer claims (clawbacks) and preference claims arising in Ponzi schemes, along with the defenses that investors, brokers and others can assert to those claims. The book also includes a detailed discussion of a broad array of litigation claims that can be pursued against any type of defendant with culpability or liability due to its involvement in a Ponzi scheme. Separate chapters are dedicated to each of the complicated legal issues of deepening insolvency, standing, and in pari delicto as they arise in Ponzi litigation. Since Ponzi schemes usually involve related criminal proceedings, the book also covers Fifth Amendment and other privilege issues as well as a detailed analysis of what happens to competing claims for assets in parallel insolvency and criminal proceedings. For those seeking to recover assets, several chapters discuss prejudgment remedies available to freeze assets, contempt proceedings, and service issues both internationally and domestically. The ultimate end game for claimants and those administering the unwinding of a Ponzi proceeding is the claims and allowance and distribution process, and this book offers a sophisticated review of differing approaches and methodologies available in the claims review process. Finally, the highlights of recent changes in the tax laws relative to tax relief for Ponzi victims are covered to raise awareness of these issues for victims and their tax advisors.

Harvard YardHarvard Yard

I'll point your way. ... He went up to Smith and said, “Be gone by sundown, or I'll have you tarred and feathered. ... Just thenarider came pounding up the road and right intothe courtyard, adding to theconfusion. “Hey, lads!

Author: William Martin

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780446534215


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Picking up where his runaway bestseller "Back Bay" left off, William Martin returns to Boston, this time bringing the history of Harvard University vibrantly to life.

Slavery Abolition and Emancipation Vol 2Slavery Abolition and Emancipation Vol 2

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Author: Peter J Kitson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000742244


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Most writers associated with the first generation of British Romanticism - Blake, Coleridge, Wordsworth, Southey, Thelwall, and others - wrote against the slave trade. This edition collects a corpus of work which reflects the issues and theories concerning slavery and the status of the slave.

The Literary WorldThe Literary World

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