The Woodlands OrchidsThe Woodlands Orchids

This question may be answered shortly; it was formed-at least the beginning of it-under compulsion.

Author: Frederick Boyle

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This question may be answered shortly; it was formed-at least the beginning of it-under compulsion. After fifteen years of very hard work, Mr. Measures broke down. The doctor prescribed a long rest, and insisted on it; but the patient was equally determined not to risk the career just opening, with an assurance of success, by taking a twelve-months' holiday.

The Woodlands Orchids Described and IllustratedThe Woodlands Orchids Described and Illustrated

With Stories of Orchid-Collecting Frederick Boyle. Frederick Boyle The
Woodlands Orchids, Described and Illustrated With Stories of Orchid-Collecting ...

Author: Frederick Boyle

Publisher: Good Press

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"The Woodlands Orchids, Described and Illustrated" by Frederick Boyle. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

Woodland and Bog Rein Orchids in Your PocketWoodland and Bog Rein Orchids in Your Pocket

Compiled and illustrated by long-time orchid specialist Paul Martin Brown, this pocket guide to the woodland and bog rein orchids forms part of a series that will cover all the wild orchids of the continental United States and Canada.

Author: Paul Martin Brown

Publisher: University of Iowa Press

ISBN: 9781587298622


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Native orchids are increasingly threatened by pressure from population growth and development but, nonetheless, still present a welcome surprise to observant hikers in every state and province. Compiled and illustrated by long-time orchid specialist Paul Martin Brown, this pocket guide to the woodland and bog rein orchids forms part of a series that will cover all the wild orchids of the continental United States and Canada. Brown provides a description, general distributional information, time of flowering, and habitat requirements for each species as well as a complete list of hybrids and the many different growth and color forms that can make identifying orchids so challenging. For the woodland and bog rein orchids, which make up some of the most delicate and subtly colored of all wild orchids, he includes information on nineteen species, four subspecies and varieties, and seven hybrids. The genus Platanthera is the largest genus of orchids to be found in North America north of Mexico; the woodland and bog rein orchids comprise a significant group of species found throughout much of temperate U.S. and Canada. The luminously green rein orchids, so-called because of the resemblance of some of the flowers to the reins used on horses, are especially abundant in rich woodlands, wetlands, and bogs in the more northerly and cooler habitats. Most are easy to identify based upon their general appearance, range, and time of flowering. Answering three simple questions—when, where, and how does it grow?—and comparing the living plants with the striking photos in this backpack-friendly laminated guide and the information in the simple key should enable both professional and amateur naturalists to achieve the satisfaction of identifying a specific orchid.

Britain s OrchidsBritain s Orchids

As a result, the canopy is opened-up every few years, allowing more light to
reach the woodland floor – which coincidentally creates favourable conditions for
a variety of orchids . Shortly after an area has been coppiced, orchids previously

Author: Sean Cole

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691177618


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An accessible, comprehensive and beautifully illustrated guide--the only one to cover all the orchids found in Britain and Ireland Covering more than fifty species as well as hybrids and variants, this is an engaging, intuitive and in-depth identification guide to all the orchids of Britain and Ireland at all stages of development, from first emergence through to setting seed. Drawing on the authors' extensive field experience and the latest scientific research, Britain's Orchids uses multiple techniques to help both beginner and more advanced orchid enthusiasts to identify even the trickiest plants. The book is beautifully illustrated with plates by talented artist Sarah Stribbling as well as more than 1,000 detailed, instructive and evocative photographs by the authors. Orchids have long fired the imagination with their beauty and rarity. This book aims to ignite or increase your passion for these special plants and for the conservation of their habitats, from remote mountaintops to urban wild spaces. The first book to cover all the species, subspecies and varieties, as well as hybrids, at all stages of development Lavishly illustrated with close to 100 stunning plates drawn to scale to show key identification features and more than 1,000 stunning photo showing orchids in their natural settings Simple, step-by-step system for identifying almost any orchid Up-to-date distribution maps and seasonal charts showing when each species can be seen in its various stages Special-feature identification keys that can be used on difficult plants

Native Orchids of Nova ScotiaNative Orchids of Nova Scotia

Yellow Lady ' s - slipper Cypripedium calceolus In Nova Scotia , this orchid is
nearly always associated with gypsum areas . ... THE WOODLAND ORCHIDS
The woodlands can be divided into coniferous , deciduous and mixed woods . 1 .

Author: Carl Munden

Publisher: Cape Breton University Press

ISBN: 0920336779


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This book is written primarily for the amateur enthusiast and field naturalist who would like to identify their "find" easily and with the least amount of detective work (that is sometimes the way of more professional books written about orchids). Mr. Munden has kept botanical terms toa minimum and has taken pains to exclude various confusing terms, including authorities for species binomials. This book is for the non-professional who wants to know more about the Native Orchids of Nova Scotia.


The Magazine of the American Orchid Society. RICHARD CLARK EDWIN S .
BOYETT Summit ... [ 17 ] Rohrlara Jens Kunadt ' Woodlands ' , HCCIAOS (
Helmut Asp . epidendroides ) . Grower : Woodland Orchids . ( 18 ] Adaglossum
Wiley Kiley ...



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The Orchid DigestThe Orchid Digest

NE The Orchids from Bau Perhaps one of the most famous accounts of the Bau
orchids is written by Frederick Boyle in The Woodlands Orchids for 1901 . The
story of P . stonei var . platytaenium was reproduced in Orch . Dig . , Vol . 39 , pp .



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The Pollination Biology of North American Orchids Volume 1The Pollination Biology of North American Orchids Volume 1

Galearis spectabilis, often described as a woodland orchid (e.g., Luer 1975), can
also occur in old fields (Sheviak and Catling 2002a) and may be dependent on
both meadow and woodland nesting species of Bombus for chance pollination.

Author: Charles L. Argue

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461405920


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Recent studies have revealed remarkable complexity and diversity in orchid-pollinator relationships. These studies comprise a vast literature currently scattered in numerous, often obscure, journals and books. The Pollination Biology of North American Orchids brings together, for the first time, a comprehensive treatment of this information for all native and introduced North American orchids found north of Mexico and Florida. It provides detailed information on genetic compatibility, breeding systems, pollinators, pollination mechanisms, fruiting success, and limiting factors for each species. Distribution, habitat, and floral morphology are also summarized. In addition, detailed line drawings emphasize orchid reproductive organs and their adaptation to known pollinators. This, the first of two volumes, furnishes a brief introduction to the general morphology of the orchid flower and the terminology used to describe orchid breeding systems and reproductive strategies. It treats the lady’s-slippers of genus Cypripedium, subfamily Cypripedioideae, and nine genera of the subfamily Orchidoideae, including the diverse rein orchids of genus Platanthera. The Pollination Biology of North American Orchids will be of interest to both regional and international audiences including: Researchers and students in this field of study who are currently required to search through the scattered literature to obtain the information gathered here. Researchers and students in related fields with an interest in the co-evolution of plants and insects. Conservation specialists who need to understand both the details of orchid reproduction and the identity of primary pollinators in order to properly manage the land for both. Orchid breeders who require accurate and current information on orchid breeding systems. General readers with an interest in orchid biology. Charles Argue, Ph.D., is a plant biologist at the University of Minnesota specializing in the study of pollen grains. His articles have appeared in numerous journals including the American Journal of Botany, International Journal of Plant Sciences (formerly Botanical Gazette), Botany (formerly Canadian Journal of Botany), Grana, Pollen et Spores, North American Native Orchid Journal, The Native Orchid Conference Journal, Fremontia, and as chapters in a number of books.

The Orchid Album Comprising Coloured Figures and Descriptions of New Rare and Beautiful Orchidaceous PlantsThe Orchid Album Comprising Coloured Figures and Descriptions of New Rare and Beautiful Orchidaceous Plants

CYMBIDIUM IRIDIOIDES ? Don ' s Prodromus , p . 36 . The subject of our present
illustration is a very old inhabitant of our plant stoves , and was cultivated in
collections , many years ago , when few other Orchids existed in a cultivated state

Author: Benjamin Samuel Williams


ISBN: HARVARD:32044106379365



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The Orchid ReviewThe Orchid Review

It was stated at the time that Stevens ' Auction Rooms had an embarrassing
quantity of treasures . In ' The Woodlands Orchids ' by Frederick Boyle published
in 1901 we read of an intriguing tale which accounts for the sudden and
unexpected ...



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Proceedings of the 14th World Orchid ConferenceProceedings of the 14th World Orchid Conference

For the purpose of this paper I have used the following habitat types to
demonstrate the range of orchid species found in Scotland : deciduous woodland
, coniferous woodland , moorland , limestone pavement , grassland , and coastal

Author: Alec M. Pridgeon


ISBN: CORNELL:31924081057626


Page: 428

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In one convenient and illustrated source, this volume of the Proceedings of the 14th World Orchid Conference records the lectures, the social events and the awards list of trophies, medals and ribbons. Coverage of the lectures ranges from historical trends to future breeding patterns, from orchid floras and monographs to the world's botanic gardens, from the newest developments in orchid science to specialist forums and poster sessions.

Field Guide to the Wild Orchids of TexasField Guide to the Wild Orchids of Texas

All four of these species are found in mixed woodlands , although the Listera
certainly prefers moister areas than the others . The open prairies and wetlands
will then be painted in various shades of pink and white by Calopogon
oklahomensis ...

Author: Paul Martin Brown


ISBN: UOM:39015076158008


Page: 316

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"In his tenth book covering the wild orchids of North America, botanist Paul Martin Brown turns to the Lone Star State. From the Big Thicket to the Big Bend, from the panhandle to the coastal plains, FIELD GUIDE TO THE WILD ORCHIDS OF TEXAS is the first native orchid field guide to cover all of the state's eco-regions. In addition to the many insider orchid-hunting tips Brown provides, he also recommends trip itineraries offering the fullest viewing of native orchids at their peak seasons. This handy guide covers more than 50 species and varieties, several of which are new to Texas and, in some cases, even brand-new to the orchid world. Brown also covers numerous color and growth forms. FIELD GUIDE TO THE WILD ORCHIDS OF TEXAS includes all the essential tools-field photographs, diagnostic line drawings, and useful reference keys-to quickly and easily identify an orchid discovered in the wild. A checklist of the state's wild orchids and charts listing optimal flowering times and distribution by region make this a user-friendly year-round guide. Though many may not realize it, Texas is home to some of the rarest orchid species in the world. FIELD GUIDE TO THE WILD ORCHIDS OF TEXAS is a valuable and comprehensive resource for the casual hiker and lover of the outdoors."--BOOK JACKET.