The Vivid Flavors CookbookThe Vivid Flavors Cookbook

A unique "fusion" cuisine that puts a new spin on classic flavor combinations found in the foods of France, Italy, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and China.

Author: Robert Wemischner

Publisher: Lowell House

ISBN: 1565653408


Page: 320

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A unique "fusion" cuisine that puts a new spin on classic flavor combinations found in the foods of France, Italy, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and China.

The Gourmet Garage CookbookThe Gourmet Garage Cookbook

Throughout this book we have used fresh herbs and spices as flavor enhancers. How to Use Fresh Herbs For the truest and best flavors we much prefer to use ...

Author: Sheryl London

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company

ISBN: 9781429934091


Page: 480

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From New York's hottest and fastest-growing chain of gourmet food stores, a cookbook bursting with new flavors. Founded in 1992 as a supplier of fresh and exotic ingredients to the chefs and restaurateurs of New York, the Gourmet Garage became a retailing leg when it opened its doors to the public a few years later. Now, award-winning cookbook authors Sheryl and Mel London and the experts of the Gourmet Garage show you how to select from the dizzying array of both everyday and sometimes unfamiliar ingredients, transforming them into simple, wonderful meals in your own kitchen. Unlike other cookbooks, The Gourmet Garage Cookbook is organized by ingredient and takes you through every section of a specialty food store that is just one step away from the farmer. From the fruit section, papaya and lime combine in a relish for grilled shrimp. Gourmet yams are accompanied by pears, crystallized ginger, and distilled figs. Of particular interest to the home cook are the "Shop Smart" tips in each chapter which tell the reader how to choose the best and freshest products in the marketplace, and "Notes for the Cook," containing dozens of helpful hints for making the most out of fresh ingredients.

Catalan Cuisine Revised EditionCatalan Cuisine Revised Edition

Noting how Catalan techniques are being increasingly implemented by some of the world's top chefs, an introduction to its traditions explains how to achieve unexpectedly flavorful results through unusual combinations, in a volume that ...

Author: Colman Andrews

Publisher: Harvard Common Press

ISBN: 1558323295


Page: 332

View: 640

Noting how Catalan techniques are being increasingly implemented by some of the world's top chefs, an introduction to its traditions explains how to achieve unexpectedly flavorful results through unusual combinations, in a volume that contains two hundred recipes. Reprint.

Fusion Food CookbookFusion Food Cookbook

Fusion Food Cookbook celebrates the new American cuisine, in which distinctive seasonings and cooking styles from Asia, Mexico, the American Southwest, New Orleans, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean are incorporated into familiar home ...

Author: Hugh Carpenter

Publisher: Artisan Publishers

ISBN: 1885183003


Page: 232

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Presents techniques and recipes for fusion food, so called because it uses culinary techniques, ingredients, and presentations from several cultures or countries

The Backyard Fire CookbookThe Backyard Fire Cookbook

Brush it on before the salmon goes on the grill and the fish just soaks up all those vivid flavors. Finish with more glaze spooned over the top—or, ...

Author: Linda Ly

Publisher: Harvard Common Press

ISBN: 9780760363430


Page: 208

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Ditch the gas grill and light your fire with this comprehensive guide from the author of The New Camp Cookbook. The Backyard Fire Cookbook offers techniques and recipes to master cooking with live fire and coals, including planking, cast iron, foil packets, and more. There's no denying the thrill of cooking outdoors and the sense of community it brings when people gather around a fire, and in this book, author Linda Ly will teach you how to master the flames. For the adventurous, start by building a home fire pit. It's easier than it sounds and requires minimal investment of time and space. If you'd rather not, that's okay! There are plenty of other options, from vessel fire pits to tabletop grills. Even a charcoal kettle grill will give you more flavor than cooking with gas. Ly also covers everything you need to know about fuel sources (hardwood, hardwood lump charcoal, and smoking wood), her go-to grilling tools and accessories, secrets for stocking an indoor and outdoor pantry, fire making, fire safety, and tips and tricks for grilling more efficiently. You can choose your own adventure with over 70 recipes for ember roasting, wood-fired cooking, charcoal grilling, and foil pack meals. Next-level techniques like dutch oven cooking, grilling a la plancha, and plank grilling are all part of the fun, too. With modern twists on classics and globally-inspired meals like Smoky Ember-Roasted Eggplant Dip, Thai Chicken Pizza with Sweet Chili Sauce, Grilled Oysters with Kimchi Butter, Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf on a Plank, and Artichoke, Sun-Dried Tomato, and Feta Stuffed Flank Steak, you’ll find a recipe for almost every occasion. This is not a book about low-and-slow barbecue, and you won't find overnight marinades or complicated recipes, either. Ly aims to encourage easy, accessible grilling that you look forward to doing on a weeknight because, quite simply, food just tastes better outside. Whether you're a seasoned home cook or a novice on the grill, The Backyard Fire Cookbook will help you make the backyard your new kitchen.

The Ultimate Outdoor CookbookThe Ultimate Outdoor Cookbook

Brush it on before the salmon goes on the grill and the fish just soaks up all those vivid flavors. Finish with more glaze spooned over the top—or, ...

Author: Linda Ly

Publisher: Harvard Common Press

ISBN: 9780760372869


Page: 256

View: 180

Get outside, cook, and make the outdoors your kitchen! In The Ultimate Outdoor Cookbook, you will learn how to cook every meal of the day outside, from breakfast to dessert with drinks in between, using live fire, grills, foil packs, cast iron pans, dutch ovens, planchas, and some with a smoker. Whether you are cooking in your backyard, at a local park, or camping deep in the woods, there is a recipe and technique for you. Enjoy over 100 delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes for all tastes and diets curated from author Linda Ly's best-selling The New Camp Cookbook and its successful follow-up, The Backyard Fire Cookbook, including: Blueberry Skillet Scones with Lemon Glaze Peppercorn-Crusted Caveman Steak with Horseradish Cream Foil Pack French Dip Cast Iron Clambake Thai Chicken Pizza with Sweet Chili Sauce Spicy Grilled Shrimp on Avocado Toast Planked Figs with Prosciutto and Goat Cheese Dutch Oven Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix Mimosa Sangria The Ultimate Outdoor Cookbook also provides practical guidance on how to build and work with different types of fires. Whether you are a seasoned home cook or a novice of the flame, these techniques and recipes will have you in love with your new kitchen—the great outdoors.

Carbone s CookbookCarbone s Cookbook

pillowy veal pockets contain the vivid flavors of prosciutto and sharp cheese. The tang of artichoke hearts in sherry wine also helps create a beguiling ...

Author: Jane Stern

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781418557867


Page: 232

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While Italian restaurants are popular throughout the United States, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut make up the part of the country most associated with the great ones. And one of the best is Carbone's in Hartford, Connecticut. Founded sixty-five years ago, Carbone's is Hartford's oldest and best-reviewed restaurant. The founder, Charlie Carbone, learned some of his best recipes from New York restaurants by going into their kitchens, posing as a health inspector, and watching their chefs. In the 1960's, chef Gaetano Carbone created a weekly special and many of these recipes by "the master" are in the book. Vinnie Carbone continues the family tradition and has a unique way of catering special events. Carbone's Cookbook not only contains the creative recipes of Executive Chef Paul Rafella and Michael McDowell, but also takes you inside a real family-owned Italian restaurant. Well into its second half-century, Carbone's is famous for its Veal All Bergamo, Roasted Mushrooms, Scampi Popalardo, Filetto do Manzo and Salmone Alla Senape. In keeping with the tradition of celebrating the finest regional restaurants in the United States, Carbone's is the sixth restaurant in the United States to be chosen to be a Roadfood cookbook by authors Jane and Michael Stern.

The Bean CookbookThe Bean Cookbook

Creative Recipes for Every Meal of the Day Tami Hardeman. g SOUPS & STEWS g CONTENTS SOUTHWEST NAVY BEAN SOUP This soup has the vivid flavors of chili, ...

Author: Tami Hardeman

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780744048766


Page: 224

View: 656

Harness the magical power of the world's most versatile plant-based proteins with 100 delicious recipes that will revolutionize breakfast, lunch, dinner, and, yes, even dessert. Beans, chickpeas, dried peas, and lentils (a.k.a. pulses)--they may seem humble, but they're actually very cool, a perfect canvas for bold flavors and the foundation of an inventive menu. Drawing on culinary traditions from around the world, The Bean Cookbook offers 100 phenomenal ways to enjoy these extraordinary legumes. Not only are they astonishingly shelf-stable and economical, they're healthy, too! With heaps of protein, fiber, and other micronutrients, dried legumes are a nutritious option for any diet. This cookbook has something to offer everyone! * 100 delicious vegetarian recipes * Stunning photography on every other page! * An exciting variety of pulses, from well-known black beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, red lentils, split peas, and chickpeas, etc., to less ordinary varieties such as adzuki beans, mung beans, scarlet runners, and pigeon peas * Vegan options throughout the book and ideas for exchanging one pulses in a recipe for another Try Curried Mungo Bean Avocado Toast, Lentil Cream Cheese Tartines, White Bean Coconut Curry, Red Lentil Lasagna, Lima Bean Panzanella, Coconut White Bean Tres Leches Cakes, or Flourless Black Bean name just a few of the exciting and downright delicious recipes found in this book.

The Blue Chair Jam CookbookThe Blue Chair Jam Cookbook

You are looking for firm fruit with a vivid flavor. Mandarins may sometimes be bland or dry, so it is important to taste the fruit first if possible.

Author: Rachel Saunders

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN: 9781449401986


Page: 384

View: 477

Rachel Saunders's The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook is the definitive jam and marmalade cookbook of the 21st century. In addition to offering more than 100 original jam, jelly, and marmalade recipes, master jam artisan Rachel Saunders shares all of her technical preserving knowledge, as well as her unique jam maker's perspective on fruit. Rachel combines nostalgia with a modern, sustainable approach to creating fresh and vividly flavored preserves. The recipes are divided into chapters based on the seasons, and each chapter is organized by month and type of fruit. Sample recipes include Strawberry-Marsala Jam with Rosemary, Italian Lemon Marmalade, and Early Girl Tomato Jam. More than 100 stunning photographs by Sara Remington illustrate each part of the preserving process--from the different stages of cooking to testing for doneness to the final canning stage. Each recipe includes an approximate yield and a suggested shelf life, in addition to details on recommended equipment, including Rachel's beloved copper jam pot. The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook gives all measurements by weight rather than volume, making it the most exact and reliable American jam book on the market. More than 20 recipe variations are provided, along with detailed information about common and rare fruits, hybrid varieties, and flavor combinations. Nothing is left to chance or overlooked; Rachel explains every aspect of jam and marmalade making in step-by-step detail. The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook is a one-of-a-kind, must-have resource for home and professional cooks alike.

The Harry Caray s Restaurant CookbookThe Harry Caray s Restaurant Cookbook

There is no substitute for the vivid flavor of homemade chicken stock. 3 tablespoons olive oil 2 pounds chicken bones (backs, necks, breast plates) 2 ...

Author: Jane Stern

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781418568269


Page: 240

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Harry Caray's Restaurant, "the best steakhouse in Chicago"* with "the quintessential Chicago bar"**, is named for the late, renowned baseball announcer and has been designated the Official Home Plate of the Chicago Cubs. The bar is 60'6", the exact distance from the pitcher's mound to home plate, and the restaurant houses 1,500 pieces of baseball memorabilia, including photographs, vintage newspapers, a Sammy Sosa autographed bat, and items from Stan Musial, Ernie Banks, Hank Aaron, Ted Williams, and others. Harry Caray's is just north of the Loop in one of Chicago's most architecturally significant buildings. The Harry Caray's Restaurant Cookbook is a visit to Chicago and the restaurant that serves "the best Chicken Vesuvio in the city"***. More than 150 recipes include "potent pasta, holy-cow steaks, and chicken fit for the Chairman of the Board." **** The stories, sidebars, and pictures bring back memories of baseball and Chicago. This important addition to the RoadfoodTM Cookbook series is sure to be a favorite with people in Chicagoland and throughout the country. "When you only have time to visit one restaurant in Chicago, it's got to be Harry Caray's" - David M. Lissner, Dining Chicago. * Chicago Tribune ** Jay Leno *** Chicago Tribune and ABC **** Chicago Sun Times

Louie s Backyard CookbookLouie s Backyard Cookbook

Small, yellow, and with a vivid flavor very different from the more familiar Persian lime, the Key lime is not commercially grown but can be ...

Author: Michael Stern

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781418580360


Page: 234

View: 708

Key West is a world apart. People come for one reason or another and never want to leave. Ernest Hemingway, Robert Frost, and Jimmy Buffett are well known. Lesser known?except to Louie's regulars?are Phil Tenney, Doug Shook, Ben Harris, Darlene Ciulla, and others, all of whom call Louie's "our home and our family." What marks the food at Louie's backyard is innovation. Chef Doug Shook likes to create new variations daily. "Inventing is the joy of cooking," he says, Which means the recipes in The Louie's Backyard Cookbook are the best of many recipes Shook has created over the years. They are for people who enjoy the entire process of creating a meal, from procuring the ingredients to making a handsome presentation of a finished dish. The Louie's Backyard Cookbook contains not only 150 of Doug Shook's most creative recipes, but through photos and stories it takes you behind the scenes to learn about the restaurant and the Key West culture that lures people with its bauty and keeps them with its liberty. The Louie's Backyard Cookbook is the next best thing to experiencing the islands themselves.

Fresh from the Garden CookbookFresh from the Garden Cookbook

MAKES 4 SERVINGS Crisp textures and vivid flavors make this salad a family favorite. The spunky sweet rice vinegar dressing is enlivened with fresh lime ...

Author: Ann Lovejoy

Publisher: Sasquatch Books

ISBN: 9781570618055


Page: 224

View: 994

Featuring the very best recipes from her weekly Seattle-Post Intelligencer column "Fresh from the Garden," Ann Lovejoy's newest book consolidates her passion for gardening and cooking into a year-round celebration of fresh, organic ingredients. Organized by season, her simple, uncluttered recipes emphasize bright flavors, aromatic herbs, and an abundance of fresh produce — from familiar favorites like raspberries and zucchini to more exotic items such as garlic tips and dandelion greens. Recipes include Lavender Lemonade, Grilled Prawns with Pumpkin Seed Salsa, Garlic Turkey with Green Peppercorn Gravy, Cress and Fennel Soup, Ginger-Berry Shortcake, and many more. Lovejoy offers a wealth of advice on selecting and growing specific varieties of produce, and her time-tested organic gardening tips are designed to help readers make the most of their growing year.

Bean By Bean A CookbookBean By Bean A Cookbook

... eye. this is my own take on those gorgeous, vivid flavors and crispy textures. I make this frequently or try variations, and I'm never disappointed.

Author: Crescent Dragonwagon

Publisher: Workman Publishing

ISBN: 9780761168706


Page: 400

View: 567

Has there ever been a more generous ingredient than the bean? Down-home, yet haute, soul-satisfyingly hearty, valued, versatile deeply delectable, healthful, and inexpensive to boot, there’s nothing a bean can’t do—and nothing that Crescent Dragonwagon can’t do with beans. From old friends like chickpeas and pintos to rediscovered heirloom beans like rattlesnake beans and teparies, from green beans and fresh shell beans to peanuts, lentils, and peas, Bean by Bean is the definitive cookbook on beans. It’s a 175-plus recipe cornucopia overflowing with information, kitchen wisdom, lore, anecdotes, and a zest for good food and good times. Consider the lentil, to take one example. Discover it first in a delicious slather, Lentil Tapenade. Then in half a dozen soups, including Sahadi’s Lebanese Lentil Soup with Spinach, Kerala-Style Dahl, and Crescent’s Very, Very Best Lentil, Mushroom & Barley Soup. It then turns up in Marinated Lentils De Puy with Greens, Baked Beets, Oranges & Walnuts. Plus there’s Jamaica Jerk-Style Lentil-Vegetable Patties, Ethiopian Lentil Stew, and Lentil-Celeriac Skillet Sauce. Do the same for black beans—from Tex-Mex Frijoles Dip to Feijoada Vegetariana to Maya’s Magic Black Beans with Eggplant & Royal Rice. Or shell beans—Newly Minted Puree of Fresh Favas, Baked Limas with Rosy Sour Cream, Edamame in a Pod. And on and on—from starters and soups to dozens of entrees. Even desserts: Peanut Butter Cup Brownies and Red Bean Ice Cream.

Franny sFranny s

By writing a cookbook, we've taken this exchange even further, ... vivid flavors that makes these recipes memorable—without making them difficult.

Author: Andrew Feinberg

Publisher: Artisan Books

ISBN: 9781579655433


Page: 377

View: 532

“Refreshingly uncomplicated” Italian recipes from the Brooklyn restaurant with a national following (Houston Chronicle). Franny’s is filled with recipes destined to become classics, from the celebrated restaurant known for its simple, seasonal Southern Italian dishes and exceptional pizza, where Chef Andrew Feinberg plays with traditional cuisine and makes the dishes lighter and brighter. New favorites—including Roasted Romano Beans with Calabrese Olives, Clam Pizza, and Linguine with Meyer Lemon—sit side by side with perfect executions of timeless Italian dishes like Marinated Artichokes, Baked Sausage and Polenta, and Bucatini alla Puttanesca. Feinberg breaks down his techniques for the home cook while offering cutting-edge food combinations, spinning the typical ingredients in unexpected directions. Teeming with irresistible full-color photographs, Franny’s shows how simple preparations of quality ingredients can create food that is much more than the sum of its parts. As Alice Waters says in her foreword: “This book captures the beating heart of what makes Franny's so beautiful: its simplicity, its ability to make the ordinary surprising, and—above all—its celebration of honest everyday cooking.” “Approachable, family-friendly fare.” —The Wall Street Journal “This book is a true gift that will be put to frequent use.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Kimchee CookbookKimchee Cookbook

At this stage, adjust the salt, sugar, and chili to taste. If a more vivid flavor is wanted, add more seasoning. Put everything into a container and cover.

Author: Kim Man-Jo

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 9781462908141


Page: 128

View: 437

Learn to make Korean kimchee with this easy-to-use Korean cookbook. Korea's favorite food - kimchee - is not simply a side dish. Made by pickling vegetables and other foods, adding seasonings and allowing the mixture to mature, it is the country's national dish. Based on the Asian theory of Yin and Yang, kimchee expresses Korean Cosmology in its highest form, in fact to a Korean, to eat kimchee is to become one with the universe. This cookbook catalogues over 80 recipes for all seasons. Recipes include: Traditional whole cabbage kimchee Cubed radish kimchee Cucumber kimchee King scallion kimchee Swiss chard kimchee Stuffed kimchee Korean watercress juicy kimchee Octopus kimchee And many more! Sumptuous photographs illustrate the dishes and substitutes are offered for hard-to-find or specifically Korean ingredients. Tips on preparation and a historical and cultural over-view of the dish make for a comprehensive insight into Korean cuisine and culture.

The Complete America s Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook 2001 2021The Complete America s Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook 2001 2021

Fine grind , yellow cornmeal Fine Yellow • Ideal texture • More muted corn flavor COUSCOUS , PEARL Roland • Large pearls with a firm , springy texture ...

Author: America's Test Kitchen

Publisher: Complete Atk TV Show Cookbook

ISBN: 9781948703420


Page: 1160

View: 659

"Every recipe from the hit TV show along with product ratings"--Jacket.