Tuxedo WarriorsTuxedo Warriors

'Tuxedo Warriors' is told by Brian Sterling-Vete and continues the story where the original book ends.

Author: Brian Sterling-Vete

Publisher: Majorvision International

ISBN: 190761303X


Page: 388

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"Tuxedo Warriors" is the companion book to "The Tuxedo Warrior." This is the autobiography of author, composer, movie-maker Cliff Twemlow. The book ended at the beginning of what has been called the Golden Age of Video Cinematography, which he inspired. The new book, "Tuxedo Warriors" is the most complete biography of Cliff Twemlow ever written. It's also the autobiography Brian Sterling-Vete, who played a central role in this unique, entertaining, and true story of two extraordinary "Renaissance-Men," and their adventures as guerrilla movie-makers. Brian and Cliff traversed the globe on many previously untold adventures in Iceland, and the Arctic Circle, in the Mediterranean, in North Africa and a war zone, on tramp-steamer journeys across the ocean, and on road trips across continents. "Tuxedo Warriors" is told by Brian Sterling-Vete, and he continues the story where the original book ends. Brian is perhaps the only person who can tell the complete story from the time it all began, right through until the end, with sudden and untimely death of his great friend Cliff. Cliff and his works have now become known globally, even achieving "cult" status, primarily thanks to great work of Dr Chris Lee and Andy Wills in their excellent book "The Lost World of CLIFF TWEMLOW: The King of Manchester Exploitation Movies," re-releases of his movies, and through TV documentaries. "Tuxedo Warriors" is a compelling, entertaining, and true story about two extraordinary characters who were pioneers during this pivotal and innovative period in the history of world cinema. "Tuxedo Warriors" is the sequel to the book, and movie by Cliff Twemlow: "The Tuxedo Warrior," Starring: John Wyman, Carol Royle, Holly Palance, John Terry and James Coburn Jnr.

The Tuxedo ReciterThe Tuxedo Reciter

From the warrior's form they loosed the chain ; His face was lighted with calm disdain ; Nor cheek , nor lip , nor eye gave token E'en that he knew his chains were broken . He spakeno music , loud or clear , Was in the voice of the gray ...



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Danger in the FieldDanger in the Field

Thompson, H. (1967) Hell's Angels, New York: Random House. Twemlow, C. (1980) The Tuxedo Warrior, Chichester: Summersdale. Van Maanen, J. (1988) Tales of the Field: on writing ethnography, London: University of Chicago Press.

Author: Geraldine Lee-Treweek

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134651047


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The nature of qualitative inquiry means that researchers constantly have to deal with the unexpected, and all too often this means coping with the presence of danger or risk. This innovative and lively analysis of danger in various qualitative research settings is drawn from researchers' reflexive accounts of their own encounters with 'danger'. An original take on the ever-popular topic of the ethics of research, this pioneering book expands the common sense use of the term to encompass not just physical danger, but emotional, ethical and professional danger too, with the authors paying special attention to the gendered forms of danger implicit in the research process. From the physical danger of researching the night club 'bouncer' scene to the ethical dangers of participant observation in an old people's home, these international contributions provide researchers and students with thought provoking insights into the importance of a well chosen research design.

A Warrior s StoryA Warrior s Story

Since I am going to wear a new black cocktail dress I bought when I heard you made Major, you Probably need a tuxedo. Now where in the world are you going to get a tuxedo jacket and trousers at this late date?

Author: William E. Barnes

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781425123017


Page: 282

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Bill Connors USMC must extract a secret agent from North Korea without the North Koreans knowledge. He organizes a secret Marine Intelligence unit. Marine 'Gung Ho' is used throughout.

The Warriors of AtopiaThe Warriors of Atopia

Without bothering to take care, he threw the tuxedo on the floor as he changed into jeans and a casual shirt as he booted up the laptop. As soon as it had linked to the internet he accessed the BBC i-player site and started the playback ...

Author: Colin Litten-Brown

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781456778217


Page: 420

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The Nemetonum Society faces an even greater threat than before and once again the secret of the Gwydion Stones is challenged by foes that strive to possess their awesome power. From across the barrier of the inter-dimensional void the survivors of Atlantis strive to return to Earth while in England the remnants of Marcus Wolffs operation regroup and return to the attack. In the midst of these new threats, Hannah Chappel-Jones discovers an even more incredible secret, one her family have kept for over a century that sheds light on the very origin of the stones themselves. With assailants on all sides, the Society struggles to defend the stones against the most powerful threat they have ever faced. In their darkest hour of need, can they find help in the most unlikely of places and can they stand up to the Warriors of Atopia? The Warriors of Atopia: the sequel to The Gates of Atopia.

The Forgotten Alien Warriors Books 1 6The Forgotten Alien Warriors Books 1 6

hung up It wasn't just the tuxedo that had him on the south side of a bad mood. He had been cranky and irritable ... None of the Warriors wanted to spend any time with him anymore, and he was pretty much an outcast in his own home.

Author: Carly Fall

Publisher: Carly Fall LLC



Page: 1602

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They never expected the danger and trouble they’d meet from both humans and their own kind. But maybe they can discover happiness on Earth… if they find love. Dive into this award-winning, sexy alien series today! INCLUDES: THE LIGHT WITHIN ME FINDING FAITH REBORN DESTINY'S SHIFT TANGLED FATES THE DREAM WALKER

Forgotten Alien Warriors Books 1 3Forgotten Alien Warriors Books 1 3

It wasn't just the tuxedo that had him on the south side of a bad mood. He had been cranky and irritable since the last time he hung up the phone with Abby, and he knew it. Never one for a high patience level, his tolerance for ...

Author: Carly Fall

Publisher: Carly Fall-Fantasy & Romance




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When the evil from their planet escapes to Earth, they are sent to save us. They never expected to stay so long. They never expected the danger and trouble they’d meet from both humans and their own kind. But maybe they can discover happiness on Earth… if they find love. Books included: The Light Within Me: 2013 READER'S FAVORITE BRONZE MEDAL BOOK AWARD WINNER: A shy, awkward social misfit. A man not from this Earth. A deadly enemy. Finding Faith A ghost. An alien with special abilities. A race in time. Reborn He seems to have it all. She’s lost everything. Both are shackled to their painful pasts. Dive into this beginning of this award-winning series today!

Moonlight WarriorsMoonlight Warriors

Then, out of the blue, she had a crystal clear vision of herself in a dazzling white wedding dress with Charlie at her side in a tuxedo. He had never looked more handsome. Charlie looked at her intently. “Is something wrong?

Author: Joseph Rogers

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595531264


Page: 148

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Excerpt: "Love will lead us home." -- This message was emblazoned in gold letters on the blue tee-shirts worn by a group of teenagers that walked past Marcus on the sidewalk. Marcus Augustine was not a man who was easily distracted. Even though he was in the middle of a mission, Marcus paused for a few moments as he read the message on the high school students' shirts. The picture on the shirts depicted three travelers on horseback, perhaps they were knights, as they rode toward a holy city illuminated by a glowing cross. It reminded Marcus of a purer, truer, better time of his life. For those few moments, it reawakened and renewed all of his hopes. In this suspense thriller, Marcus Augustine and another highly-skilled sniper go head-to-head against each other. Only one of these two men can walk away alive. The police and FBI attempt to stop a sinister conspiracy involving biological warfare. Surprising plot twists add to the fun of reading this novel. "Everything is Not as It Seems" is the title of one chapter. This chapter title could aptly be applied to the entire book.

Beloved WarriorBeloved Warrior

His old charm reverberated as he donned a tuxedo for the press conference tour. Futch expressed his satisfaction with the fighter: “I thought it was an exercise in futility. After a two-year layoff, and after seeing him in that second ...

Author: Christian Giudice

Publisher: Potomac Books, Inc.

ISBN: 9781597977999


Page: 272

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An iconic figure--a shining light.

Hong Kong ConnectionsHong Kong Connections

The notable thing here is that the tuxedo is not an extension of the body, as we often see in many sci-fi heroes and ... Here is a specimen of superb training, a fighter all too humanly plausible — not the imagined warrior of an action ...

Author: Meaghan Morris

Publisher: Hong Kong University Press

ISBN: 9781932643190


Page: 358

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Since the 1960s, Hong Kong cinema has helped to shape one of the world's most popular cultural genres: action cinema. Hong Kong action films have proved popular over the decades with audiences worldwide, and they have seized the imaginations of filmmakers working in many different cultural traditions and styles. How do we account for this appeal, which changes as it crosses national borders? Hong Kong Connections brings leading film scholars together to explore the uptake of Hong Kong cinema in Japan, Korea, India, Australia, France and the US as well as its links with Taiwan, Singapore and the Chinese mainland. In the process, this collective study examines diverse cultural contexts for action cinema's popularity, and the problems involved in the transnational study of globally popular forms suggesting that in order to grasp the history of Hong Kong action cinema's influence we need to bring out the differences as well as the links that constitute popularity.

Day of the Djinn Warriors Children of the Lamp 4 Day of the Djinn Warriors Children of the Lamp 4

It was like taking off a tuxedo or unbuttoning a very tight shirt collar. He felt as if he could breathe again and, if he had possessed any physical lungs, he might have let out a euphoric sort of sigh. Finlay felt his djinn friend go ...

Author: P.B. Kerr

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

ISBN: 9780545301589


Page: 400

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From the NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author P. B. Kerr comes the fourth volume in this exceptional, imaginative adventure series about a brother and sister who discover they are djinns.Djinn twins John and Philippa are off on another whirlwind adventure that takes them around the globe and into unknown worlds. And it's a race against time as they attempt to rescue their mother from her fate as the Blue Djinn of Babylon. An aging curse has been placed on their father, and if the twins are gone too long, he'll rapidly become an old man. Meanwhile, museums all over the world are reporting robberies of valuable jade from their collections, as well as bizarre hauntings.

The Legal WarriorsThe Legal Warriors

The groom also will wear the very best, including a tuxedo—usually white or cream-colored—with a bow tie and frilly white dress shirt. The wedding is an opportunity for both families to show off their wealth and prestige.

Author: Attorney Joseph Patrick Meissner, J.D.

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781481766821


Page: 810

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Who are "The Legal Warriors" in this book? Some might think these are lawyers. But that is wrong. The real Legal Warriors in this book are the poor individuals and families who daily struggle to gain their rights. The real Legal Warriors are their community groups fighting for justice and improvements in society. These fighters include families struggling to save their homes from foreclosure. They are the neighborhood organizations combatting the industrial polluters who poison our water and air. They are the soldiers who skirmish to keep their gas and lights on. They are newcomers who come to our region to seek a "fresh start in life." These are only some of the legal warriors that I have been privileged to serve in my fifty years of legal work. To all of them I say thank you for sharing your battles with me. This book is dedicated to you. I pray and hope that the Good Lord blesses you and your communities with many well-deserved legal victories in all of your struggles.

The Shadow Warriors of NakanoThe Shadow Warriors of Nakano

One Nakano School officer named Oki Nobuo recalled that he used “English and a pistol” in his duties, which included donning a tuxedo and mingling at elegant dance parties to gather intelligence. Completing this beau tableau of a city ...

Author: Stephen C. Mercado

Publisher: Potomac Books, Inc.

ISBN: 9781612342177


Page: 353

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In the history of the twentieth century, the role of the military intelligence services in the competition among nations is still murky. Among the world's foremost intelligence services, those of Imperial Japan remain the least known. Few stories are as compelling as those surrounding the Japanese Army's Nakano School. From 1938 to 1945, the Nakano School trained more than 2,000 men in intelligence gathering, propaganda, and irregular warfare. Working in the shadows, these dedicated warriors executed a range of missions, from gathering intelligence in Latin America to leading commando raids against American lines in Papua New Guinea, in the Philippines, and on Okinawa. They played major roles in operations to subvert British rule in India, and they organized Japanese civilians into guerrilla units that would have made the invasion of Japan a bloodbath. One graduate used his Nakano commando training to elude U.S. and Philippine military patrols until emerging from the jungle nearly thirty years after the war's end. In the decades after World War II, graduates of the school worked to obtain from the United States and Russia the release of imprisoned war criminals and the recovery of lost territory, including Okinawa. Based on archival research and the memoirs of Japanese veterans, The Shadow Warriors of Nakano shines a much-needed light into the shadows of World War II and postwar Japanese affairs.

The Forgotten Alien Warriors Books 4 6The Forgotten Alien Warriors Books 4 6

They usually require a tuxedo, or at the minimum, a tie. Second, I despise pretending that it's nice to meet everyone I come in contact with. Third, I hate being questioned. Why do people think it's okay to pry into someone's life?

Author: Carly Fall

Publisher: Carly Fall-Fantasy & Romance




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When the evil from their planet escapes to Earth, they are sent to save us. They never expected to stay so long. They never expected the danger and trouble they’d meet from both humans and their own kind. But maybe they can discover happiness on Earth… if they find love. Books included: Destiny's Shift He’s a warrior with a special gift. She comes from a life of servitude… and they’re both in danger from their common enemy. Tangled Fates A blind warrior. A broken oath. An adventure into the underbelly of humanity. The Dream Walker He can walk in others' dreams. She has visions of killing others. Someone wants them both dead. Dive into this award-winning series today!

Wiccopian WarriorsWiccopian Warriors

Abigail was one of our greatest Wiccopian Warriors,and Isay herdaughter deserves achance for redemption.” “So noted,” Earth Wizard said as hestruck his staff on the floor. “However, Elatea has yetto prove herself worthy.

Author: Vinnie Wright

Publisher: BookCountry

ISBN: 9781463006341


Page: 1

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Elatea Glory is a powerful, teenage warrior witch with telekinetic powers. When Elatea was young, the wicked sorceress, Madam Minya, cast a spell that turned Elatea’s heart dark and evil. She seized control of the young girl’s mind and forced Elatea to do her evil bidding. Together they terrorized the magical world of Wiccopia. Elatea’s mother, Abigail, came to her rescue by shooting an arrow—dipped in an antidote—into her daughter’s chest. When Elatea awoke the spell was broken. Instead of punishing Elatea for her crimes, the Great Wizard Council insisted she enroll into a special rehabilitation program called WITTY. Elatea and her WITTY program partner—spunky Firestarter Samantha Torch—travel the dangerous roads of Wiccopia using their magical powers and fighting skills to defend the weak against evil beasts and magical villains. Will the light magic in Elatea’s heart be strong enough to defeat the black magic in Minya?

Time Line WarriorsTime Line Warriors

Jake and Tom arranged to rent a tuxedo. Tom had brought one for formal nights at dinner. When they returned to the cabin, Wilma informed Tom that the captain had invited them to dine with him that night. “He said that he hoped that the ...

Author: Lee B. Holum

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781452030357


Page: 516

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When Tom and Wilma Weston stepped aboard the cruise ship, Sea King, they were unaware that they were embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. Tom, a retired Coast Guard captain, was aware that gateways to parallel worlds had been discovered, so he understood what happened when a bank of mist appeared on the surface of the sea. He was surprised when an early 19th century warship flying a British flag came out of it. Being acquainted with the captain of the cruise ship, he was willing to board a lifeboat and approach the ship to let its captain know how he could return to his own world. As a result, he rescued a British sailor who had been condemned to death for sleeping on watch and recovered his girlfriend who jumped into the sea when she saw the rescue. When gates start opening randomly, warships from a worls that had destroyed itself with nuclear and biological weapon appear bringing terror on the high seas.


The tuxedo-clad warrior's nostrils flared as the cat took a few steps in his direction, one massive paw in front of the other, claws clicking against the polished floor. I was simultaneously grateful the beast wasn't prowling toward me, ...

Author: Jennifer Blackstream

Publisher: Skeleton Key Publishing



Page: 336

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The suspenseful third installment of the Blood Trails series by USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Blackstream! A cold case puts Shade on the trail of three teenagers who disappeared from a homeless shelter the night before a charity art auction. The cops think they left willingly, but Shade knows some of the most frightening monsters from the Otherworld can be as seductive as they are dangerous. Talented artists vanishing without a trace. Willing participants in their own disappearance. Shade knows exactly what fate has befallen the teenagers. But what will she risk to get them back?

The Cage Fighter The True Story of Ian The Machine FreemanThe Cage Fighter The True Story of Ian The Machine Freeman

Tuxedo warriors are hard as nails but when it comes to fighting an equally hard opponent not many stay around to walk the walk. Ian's top rated and he's got something not many people have got. As Ian says: 'Don't take my politeness as a ...

Author: Ian Freeman

Publisher: Kings Road Publishing

ISBN: 9781784189709


Page: 300

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'Hit me first and that's when I turn psycho. I cracked him so hard that he fell against the wall behind him; that was the only thing that kept him up. He was so dazed that he turned to run away and just ran straight into the wall...'Meet Ian Freeman...otherwise known as The Machine. A friend to keep close and an enemy to steer clear of, cross him and you will live to regret it. For Ian, violence is no glamorous profession, but a way of life.At 18 years of age, Ian's destiny changed forever, when he stepped in to help the victim of a brutal attack. Ian's bravery was rewarded by the gang of bullies turning their fists on him. He was beaten to within an inch of his life but escaped through sheer determination.From this point on, Ian became fighter rather than victim and The Machine was born. Soon he was running the doors of Sunderland's toughest nightclubs with an iron fist, but merely controlling his patch was not enough. Determined to be able to defend himself whatever the challenge, Ian quickly established himself as an unbeatable force in the fighting art of Vale Tudo - Portuguese for 'anything goes' - and rose to be Britain's finest heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts fighter.