The Triangle FireThe Triangle Fire

A work of history relevant for all those who continue the fight for workers' rights and safety, this edition of Leon Stein's classic account of the fire features a substantial new foreword by the labor journalist Michael Hirsch, as well as ...

Author: Leon Stein

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9780801462504


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"Leon Stein’s gripping narrative of the Triangle tragedy is one of the classics of American history. As the grandson of a onetime Triangle seamstress, I salute the reissue of a book that anyone who cares about labor, past or present, should read."—Michael Kazin, Georgetown University, author of The Populist Persuasion: An American History and other books Praise for the 1962 edition— "Stein recreates the tragic events of the fire in all their dramatic intensity. His moving account is a work of dedication."—New York Times Book Review "With commendable restraint, Stein uses newspapers, official documents, and the evidence of survivors to unfold a story made more harrowing by the unemotional simplicity of its narration."—Library Journal "Stein... suggests that the fire alerted the public to shocking working conditions all over the city and helped the unions organize the clothing industry, but his good taste keeps him from selling the reader any silver lining. A by-product of the careful research that has gone into this excellent narrative is an interesting sketch of the hard lives and times of working girls in the days when the business of America was business."—New Yorker March 25, 2011, marks the centennial of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, in which 146 garment workers lost their lives. A work of history relevant for all those who continue the fight for workers’ rights and safety, this edition of Leon Stein’s classic account of the fire features a substantial new foreword by the labor journalist Michael Hirsch, as well as a new appendix listing all of the victims’ names, for the first time, along with addresses at the time of their death and locations of their final resting places.

The Great Lawrence Textile Strike of 1912The Great Lawrence Textile Strike of 1912

The Triangle Factory Fire Project by Christopher Piehler and Scott Alan Evans was performed in Rochester, New York, ... The occasion of the Triangle centennial prompted Cornell University Press to issue a centennial edition of Leon ...

Author: Robert Forrant

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351863339


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"In Lawrence, Massachusetts, fully one-half of the population 14 years of age or over is employed in the woolen and worsted mills and cotton mills". Thus begins the federal government's Report on Strike of Textile Workers in Lawrence, Massachusetts in 1912 . This book follows up, one hundred years later. The story's retelling offers readers an exciting reexamination of just how powerful a united working class can be. The Great Lawrence Textile Strike of 1912 - the Bread and Roses Strike - was a public protest by 20,000 to 25,000 immigrant workers from several countries, prompted by a wage cut. Backed by skillful neighborhood organizing, supported by hundreds of acts of solidarity, and unified by a commitment to respect every striker's nationality and language, the walkout spread across the city's densely packed tenements. Defying the assumptions of mill owners and conservative trade unionists alike that largely female and ethnically diverse workers could not be organized, the women activists, as one mill boss described them, were full of "lots of cunning and also lots of bad temper. They're everywhere, and it's getting worse all the time." Events in Lawrence between January 11 and March 25, 1912, changed labor history. In this volume the authors tackle the strike story through new lenses and dispel assumptions that the citywide walkout was a spontaneous one led by outside agitators. They also discuss the importance of grasping the significance of events like the 1912 strike and engaging in the process of community remembrance. This book appeals to a wide constituency. Most directly, it is of great relevance to historians of labor, industrialization, immigration, and the development of cities, as well as researchers studying social movements. The story of the Bread and Roses Strike resonates strongly with social justice supporters, the women's movement, advocates for children's well-being, and anti-poverty organizations. Social studies and college-level teachers will find it a rich resource. Graduate-level students will find inspiration for further research. The Bread and Roses strike has excellent name recognition and has always had a considerable international audience.

Disasters and Tragic Events An Encyclopedia of Catastrophes in American History 2 volumes Disasters and Tragic Events An Encyclopedia of Catastrophes in American History 2 volumes

He was later arrested for having been found to, once again, lock a factory door. ... With the centennial of the fire in 2011 came a host of events to remember the tragedy and those ... The Triangle Fire, Centennial Edition.

Author: Mitchell Newton-Matza

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781610691666


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From the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 to the Sandy Hook school massacre of 2012, this two-volume encyclopedia surveys tragic events—natural and man-made, famous and forgotten—that helped shape American history. • Covers a wide range of topics, from the infamous to the obscure • Places each event in context, giving it deeper meaning and showing its impact • Includes primary source material from U.S. Supreme Court cases, presidential speeches, eyewitness accounts, state and federal legislation, and federal government investigations • Brings the events it covers to life through photos and illustrations

Historic Sites and Landmarks that Shaped America From Acoma Pueblo to Ground Zero 2 volumes Historic Sites and Landmarks that Shaped America From Acoma Pueblo to Ground Zero 2 volumes

Gompers, president of the American Federation of Labor, participated in the Factory Investigation Commission. ... The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire has not been forgotten. The centennial of the fire ... The Triangle Fire, Centennial Edition.

Author: Mitchell Newton-Matza

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781610697507


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Exploring the significance of places that built our cultural past, this guide is a lens into historical sites spanning the entire history of the United States, from Acoma Pueblo to Ground Zero. • Covers locations across the entire United States • Includes photographs, illustrations, and sidebars • Serves as both an educational and research tool

Fiery GirlsFiery Girls

First and foremost: Cornell University's Kheel Center, The 1911 Triangle Factory Fire ... The two classic non-fiction books on the fire are Leon Stein's "The Triangle Fire, Centennial Edition" (Cornell University Press, 2011) and David ...

Author: Heather Wardell

Publisher: Heather Wardell

ISBN: 9781988016085


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Two young immigrant women. One historic strike. And the fire that changed America. In 1909, shy sixteen-year-old Rosie Lehrer is sent to New York City to earn money for her family’s emigration from Russia. She will, but she also longs to make her mark on the world before her parents arrive and marry her to a suitable Jewish man. Could she somehow become one of the passionate and articulate “fiery girls” of her garment workers’ union? Maria Cirrito, spoiled and confident at sixteen, lands at Ellis Island a few weeks later. She’s supposed to spend four years earning American wages then return home to Italy with her new-found wealth to make her family’s lives better. But the boy she loves has promised, with only a little coaxing, to follow her to America and marry her. So she plans to stay forever. With him. Rosie and Maria meet and become friends during the “Uprising of the 20,000” garment workers’ strike, and they’re working together at the Triangle Waist Company on March 25, 1911 when a discarded cigarette sets the factory ablaze. 146 people die that day, and even those who survive will be changed forever. Carefully researched and full of historic detail, “Fiery Girls” is a novel of hope: for a better life, for turning tragedy into progress, and for becoming who you’re meant to be.

Crimes of the Centuries Notorious Crimes Criminals and Criminal Trials in American History 3 volumes Crimes of the Centuries Notorious Crimes Criminals and Criminal Trials in American History 3 volumes

Due to the spreading fire, one of the stairwells was impassable. This prompted some girls to climb out onto a faulty fire escape, which was further rendered unsafe due to the heat and number of ... The Triangle Fire, Centennial Edition.

Author: Steven Chermak Ph.D.

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781610695947


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This multivolume resource is the most extensive reference of its kind, offering a comprehensive summary of the misdeeds, perpetrators, and victims involved in the most memorable crime events in American history. • Supports national standards curriculum • Offers an extensive selection of primary documents to encourage critical thinking and reading practice • Includes photos and illustrations to help bring content to life • Features sidebars with illuminating crime facts and interesting anecdotes

Common Sense and a Little Fire Second EditionCommon Sense and a Little Fire Second Edition

Former garment workers–turned–labor organizers in Bangladesh decided to use the centennial of the Triangle fire to raise global consciousness about how clothing is made in the twenty-first century.19 A few weeks before the Triangle ...

Author: Annelise Orleck

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 9781469635927


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Over twenty years after its initial publication, Annelise Orleck's Common Sense and a Little Fire continues to resonate with its harrowing story of activism, labor, and women's history. Orleck traces the personal and public lives of four immigrant women activists who left a lasting imprint on American politics. Though they have rarely made more than cameo appearances in previous histories, Rose Schneiderman, Fannia Cohn, Clara Lemlich Shavelson, and Pauline Newman played important roles in the emergence of organized labor, the New Deal welfare state, adult education, and the modern women's movement. Orleck takes her four subjects from turbulent, turn-of-the-century Eastern Europe to the radical ferment of New York's Lower East Side and the gaslit tenements where young workers studied together. Orleck paints a compelling picture of housewives' food and rent protests, of grim conditions in the garment shops, of factory-floor friendships that laid the basis for a mass uprising of young women garment workers, and of the impassioned rallies working women organized for suffrage. Featuring a new preface by the author, this new edition reasserts itself as a pivotal text in twentieth-century labor history.

High Rise Security and Fire Life SafetyHigh Rise Security and Fire Life Safety

According to the NFPA Centennial Edition, The Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire [the worst high-rise factory fire] [Figure 3–11] began on Saturday, March 25, 1911, at the Triangle Shirtwaist and Washington Place that resulted in the ...

Author: Geoff Craighead

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

ISBN: 0080877850


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High-Rise Security and Fire Life Safety, 3e, is a comprehensive reference for managing security and fire life safety operations within high-rise buildings. It spells out the unique characteristics of skyscrapers from a security and fire life safety perspective, details the type of security and life safety systems commonly found in them, outlines how to conduct risk assessments, and explains security policies and procedures designed to protect life and property. Craighead also provides guidelines for managing security and life safety functions, including the development of response plans for building emergencies. This latest edition clearly separates out the different types of skyscrapers, from office buildings to hotels to condominiums to mixed-use buildings, and explains how different patterns of use and types of tenancy impact building security and life safety. New to this edition: Differentiates security and fire life safety issues specific to: Office towers Hotels Residential and apartment buildings Mixed-use buildings Updated fire and life safety standards and guidelines Includes a CD-ROM with electronic versions of sample survey checklists, a sample building emergency management plan, and other security and fire life safety resources.

The New York City Triangle Factory FireThe New York City Triangle Factory Fire

In 1909 , ILGWU Local 25 attempted to organize the Triangle Shirtwaist Company , but the owners denied the union recognition . ... Triangle : Remembering the Fire was produced for the Triangle fire centennial .

Author: Rob Linne

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 0738574031


Page: 127

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On March 25, 1911, flames rapidly consumed everything within the Triangle Waist Company factory, killing 146 workers. The victims, mostly young Jewish and Italian immigrant women, died needlessly due to unsafe working conditions, such as locked or blocked doors, narrow stairways, faulty fire escapes, and a lack of sprinklers. Until September 11, 2001, the Triangle fire was the deadliest workplace disaster in New York City history. Mass grief and outrage spread from New York's Lower East Side across the country. Garment union membership swelled, and New York politics shifted dramatically toward reform, paving the way for the New Deal and, ultimately, the workplace standards expected today. Through historic images, The New York City Triangle Factory Fire honors the victims' sacrifice and serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggle for the dignity of all working people.

Activist New YorkActivist New York

Leon Stein, The Triangle Fire, Centennial Edition (Ithaca, NY. Cornell University Press, 2010), 39. 19"People had just...". David Von Drehle, Triangle: The Fire That Changed America (New York: Grove Press, 2003), 194;"| remembered their ...

Author: Steven H. Jaffe

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9781479804603


Page: 304

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Follows centuries of New York activism to reveal the city as a globally influential machine for social change Activist New York surveys New York City’s long history of social activism from the 1650’s to the 2010’s. Bringing these passionate histories alive, Activist New York is a visual exploration of these movements, serving as a companion book to the highly-praised Museum of the City of New York exhibition of the same name. New York’s primacy as a metropolis of commerce, finance, industry, media, and ethnic diversity has given it a unique and powerfully influential role in the history of American and global activism. Steven H. Jaffe explores how New York’s evolving identities as an incubator and battleground for activists have made it a “machine for change.” In responding to the city as a site of slavery, immigrant entry, labor conflicts, and wealth disparity, New Yorkers have repeatedly challenged the status quo. Activist New York brings to life the characters who make up these vibrant histories, including David Ruggles, an African American shopkeeper who helped enslaved fugitives on the city’s Underground Railroad during the 1830s; Clara Lemlich, a Ukrainian Jewish immigrant who helped spark the 1909 “Uprising of 20,000” that forever changed labor relations in the city’s booming garment industry; and Craig Rodwell, Karla Jay, and others who forged a Gay Liberation movement both before and after the Stonewall Riot of June 1969. The city’s inhabitants have been at the forefront of social change on issues ranging from religious tolerance and minority civil rights to sexual orientation and economic justice. Across 16 lavishly illustrated chronological chapters focusing on specific historical episodes, Jaffe explores how New York and New Yorkers have changed the way Americans think, feel, and act.