The Third WifeThe Third Wife

Acclaim for New York Times bestselling author LISAJEWELL and her captivating novels THE THIRD WIFE “Jewell's last few novels have been a revelation—emotionally sophisticated and complex—and this latest, which gradually rewrites the ...

Author: Lisa Jewell

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781476792194


Page: 336

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"In the early hours of a summer morning, a young woman steps into the path of an oncoming bus. A tragic accident? Or suicide? At the center of this puzzle is Adrian Wolfe, a successful architect and grief-stricken widower, who, a year after his third wife's death, begins to investigate the cause. As Adrian looks back on their brief but seemingly happy marriage, disturbing secrets begin to surface"

The Third WifeThe Third Wife

Crystin Morgan. Contents The Third Wife About the author About Little Pig Publishing The Third Wife Every Friday afternoon they meet for coffee 4.

Author: Crystin Morgan

Publisher: Little Pig Publishing



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First of the LiBREttO series of short stories by Crystin Morgan Every Friday afternoon four friends – Leah, Belle, Geeta and Effie meet at the local hangout for women with impeccable nails, waiting-list handbags and banker husbands: Cafe Jamilla. They gossip, they giggle, they bitch, they lust after rainbow-coloured patisseries. And they drink coffee. But when Effie breaks the news that her boyfriend Rhys has asked her to marry him, the sight of her sparkling emerald engagement ring reminds Belle of an extraordinary tale she heard one booze-fuelled night some years ago. A tale of a third wife. A tale of an affair, a guilty conscience, a disappearance, a suspected murder and a desperate plan that couldn’t possibly work. Could it? A tale that'€™s ripe for a Hollywood treatment, the four women agree. With George Clooney playing the male lead, naturally.

Generation Gender and Negotiating Custom in South AfricaGeneration Gender and Negotiating Custom in South Africa

It was when the third wife came that problems started. Everyone hated her, they said she was a witch and is the reason my father has gone crazy. Funny how the first two wives did not like each other but were civil but as soon as the ...

Author: Elena Moore

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000600216


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This book investigates how customary practices in South Africa have led to negotiation and contestation over human rights, gender and generational power. Drawing on a range of original empirical studies, this book provides important new insights into the realities of regulating personal relationships in complex social fields in which customary practices are negotiated. This book not only adds to a fuller understanding of how customary practices are experienced in contemporary South Africa, but it also contributes to a large discussion about the experiences, impact and ongoing negotiations around changing structures of gender and generational power and rights in contemporary South Africa. It will be of interest to researchers across the fields of sociology, family/customary law, gender, social policy and African Studies.

Under Man s SpellUnder Man s Spell

As she prepared the fire so that she could boil water for her husband and cook some breakfast, the second wife shouted across to the third wife who was sweeping the leaves from her yard and dumping them in the first wife's front yard.

Author: J. K. Muta

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781438983431


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Inspired by true events, this story interweaves the lives of several families living traditional lives in the heart of Africa, and shows the disturbing impact of dogmatic tradition and superstition on individuals and communities. Children are forced to marry men older than their fathers; two, three or even more wives is considered normal, and have to vie for their husband's attention; women are burnt to death because of a rumor that they might be witches; albinos are targeted and killed, their body parts taken for black magic. Since the government has not been able to stop these crimes it is left in the hands of the affected individuals, particularly the women, to take matters into their own hands. But with little cooperation among themselves, can anyone truly make a difference?

In the Twilight of Patriarchal Culture The Struggle for Female Identity in Stephenie Meyer s Twilight SagaIn the Twilight of Patriarchal Culture The Struggle for Female Identity in Stephenie Meyer s Twilight Saga

Taha Aki decides to fight the blood drinker alone, with only his family following to support him. His sons are too young to defeat the Cold Woman, and even the great Chief can only be saved when his third wife “[falls] to her knees, ...

Author: Astrid Ernst

Publisher: Anchor Academic Publishing (aap_verlag)

ISBN: 9783954890194


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The book investigates Meyer's popular Twilight saga from a feminist point of view, focusing on the development of Bella's character and her quest for identity in a rigidly patriarchal world. Bella's life is entirely determined by the two central male characters who form a polarized axis which slowly tears her apart. Bella's low self-esteem and her strong attachment to the over-idealized Edward Cullen are read as symptoms of her placelessness in a world that does not grant her space to develop as an autonomous subject. Bella's wish to become a vampire can be equalled with a woman's desire to gain access to a higher social realm via her husband and thereby escape her marginalisation in patriarchal culture. In order to live eternally in the idealized, capitalist, patriarchal and overly religious world that Edward represents, Bella has to make a series of sacrifices. Leaving her mother behind, she moves into a male dominated world which is divided into morally idealized vampires and racially devalued werewolves. She is forced to give up her friendship with Jacob Black, who represents her autonomous self, in order to find her patriarchal pre-defined destiny as mother and wife. Similar patterns of stereotypical representations of femininity can be found in various characters of the saga. A more controversial note is brought in by Bella's half-vampire child who can be seen as a destabilizing factor of the saga's rigid dichotomy. Taking all this into consideration, we have to ask whether it is desirable that millions of young women worldwide admire Bella and set her up as their role model.

Prince So TantalizingPrince So Tantalizing

Just now, the third wife had ordered her to deliver it to Huangpu Dongmei, and then ... She was brought back. Qingwu's face was full of black lines. She was simply about to cry because she was lost. She had actually forgotten about this ...

Author: Luo YingSha

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781636891583



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Bullying? framing? As a top assassin, how could she be afraid of these ancient people stirring up trouble? It was just that why did a certain prince always circle around her?

Wind FollowerWind Follower

Mam pointed at the Third Wife. “What prevents me from killing her? She who has made my daughter a wife who is no wife, and me the mother of a wife who is no wife?” Mamya Jontay removed a dagger from her leggings and waved it before the ...

Author: Carole McDonnell

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC

ISBN: 9781434437426


Page: 282

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Light-skinned newcomers are changing the Land of the Three Tribes. Dark-skinned Satha and her husband Loic are torn asunder. With the Creator's aid there is hope they will be reunited and find their mutual destiny, even if it means losing the love and respect of their families, clans, and tribes.

The Third WifeThe Third Wife

Because everyone has secrets, and secrets have consequences. Some of which can be devastating. ____________________________ Another unforgettable novel from top 10 bestseller Lisa Jewell, author of Then She Was Gone and The Family Upstairs.

Author: Lisa Jewell

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781446429228


Page: 432

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____________________________ You think you have the perfect life. You're successful. Attractive. Well liked. And you've just got married for the third time. But that's OK, because everyone's happy. Your children are happy. You're happy. And so is your new wife. But one tragic accident smashes your perfect life to pieces. Because everyone has secrets, and secrets have consequences. Some of which can be devastating. ____________________________ Another unforgettable novel from top 10 bestseller Lisa Jewell, author of Then She Was Gone and The Family Upstairs. The Family Upstairs was the #1 Bestseller in the UK, Sunday Times, August 2019

Open graves open mindsOpen graves open minds

Similarly, when, in Eclipse, Jacob takes Bella to a gathering of his tribe, she hears the story of Taha Aki, one of the first Quileute ancestors; the Cold Woman, the first vampire; and Taha Aki's human wife, called only the 'third wife' ...

Author: Sam George

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 9781526102164


Page: 320

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This collection of interconnected essays relates the Undead in literature, art and other media to questions concerning gender, race, genre, technology, consumption and social change. A coherent narrative follows Enlightenment studies of the vampire's origins in folklore and folk panics, the sources of vampire fiction, through Romantic incarnations in Byron and Polidori to Le Fanu's Carmilla. Further essays discuss the Undead in the context of Dracula, fin-de-siècle decadence, Nazi Germany and early cinematic treatments. The rise of the sympathetic vampire is charted from Coppola's film, Bram Stoker's Dracula, to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Twilight. More recent manifestations in novels, TV, Goth subculture, young adult fiction and cinema are dealt with in discussions of True Blood, The Vampire Diaries and much more. Featuring distinguished contributors, including a prominent novelist, and aimed at interdisciplinary scholars or postgraduate students, it will also appeal to aficionados of creative writing and Undead enthusiasts.

Changing Marriage Patterns in Southeast AsiaChanging Marriage Patterns in Southeast Asia

Thethird daughter is studying for her engineering degree inthe Technology University ofMalaysia (UTM). The youngest daughter is in FormI in the Jeli Secondary school. Rosnah«s marriage was an arranged one, at the ageof 20, ...

Author: Gavin W. Jones

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136700286


Page: 287

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Various forms of partnering – such as officially registered marriages, cohabiting relationships, and other kinds of relatively stable relationships - are crucial in the formation of families throughout the world. Although, today, forms of partnering in the region are not restricted to formal marriage, the norm remains for couples to marry – to establish a new family, and to accept the cultural requirement to have children. This book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date picture of partnerships and marriage in the Southeast Asian region using quantitative data alongside qualitative approaches.Through the research of demographers, sociologists and anthropologists, it examines the way trends in the formation and dissolution of marriages are related to changes in the region’s economy and society; illuminating both the broad forces affecting marriage patterns and the way these forces work out at the individual and family level. Presenting the variety of contemporary marriage patterns in the region, with an emphasis on the ways in which marriage issues impinge on the welfare of those concerned, this book will be essential reading for students and scholars of Southeast Asia and the sociology of the family.