INTRODUCTION This is the third volume in the Detective Bendix series featuring the handsome Jason Bendix, Detective Supreme, and his new love, Julia, adroit Girl Friday. This is a psychological roller-coaster—terror ride-based on the ...



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The dashing young detective Jason Bendix and his adroit Girl Friday Julia solve a string of three murders and forestall an attempted murder, all on a psychological roller coaster ride that veers in and out between psychosis, fear, near death and subsequent reality!

The Betrayal of the HumanitiesThe Betrayal of the Humanities

Two-thirds of these 221 men had earned a university degree; overall, fully a third of them held doctorates. The statistics are strikingly worse for the commanders of these killing squads who had an academic background specifically ...

Author: Bernard M. Levinson

Publisher: Indiana University Press

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How did the academy react to the rise, dominance, and ultimate fall of Germany's Third Reich? Did German professors of the humanities have to tell themselves lies about their regime's activities or its victims to sleep at night? Or did they look the other way, whether out of deliberate denial or out of fear for their own personal safety? The Betrayal of the Humanities: The University during the Third Reich is a collection of groundbreaking essays that shed light on this previously overlooked piece of history. The Betrayal of the Humanities accepts the regrettable news that academics and intellectuals in Nazi Germany betrayed the humanities, and explores what went wrong, what occurred at the universities, and what happened to the major disciplines of the humanities under National Socialism. The Betrayal of the Humanities details not only how individual scholars, particular departments, and even entire universities collaborated with the Nazi regime but also examines the legacy of this era on higher education in Germany. In particular, it looks at the peculiar position of many German scholars in the post-war world having to defend their own work, or the work of their mentors, while simultaneously not appearing to accept Nazism.

Betrayal and BetrayersBetrayal and Betrayers

This chapter explores the third party's attitude, where the third party is “the one told to.” Informing occurs in a constellation consisting of three parties - a triad. There is a betrayer, a betrayed, and the recipient of the betrayal.

Author: Malin Akerstrom

Publisher: Routledge

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Betrayal has a deep fascination. It captures our imagination in part because we have all betrayed or been betrayed, in small or large ways. Despite this there has been little serious work on the subject. It was this absence that inspired this book.As Akerstrom notes, betrayal is something that most people have encountered at some point in their lives. She defines betrayal as a breach of trust, when information is shared beyond an agreed upon boundary of relations, whether that boundary is a pair of friends or a nation. Taking as a point of departure Simmers work on secrets and secrecy, Akerstrom discusses categories of.betrayal, and conditions that influence its intensity. Sometimes the betrayer is seen as a hero and at other times a traitor; and sometimes there are competing loyalties. In certain situations, she reminds us, it is difficult to avoid betrayal or the perception of betrayal. Akerstrom discusses strategies people employ to avoid betraying, ranging from not telling, to making sure one does not know about something in the first place. With deft precision, she clarifies distinctions and in the process broadens our understanding.Initially inspired by insights arising from her research on the criminal informer, for which she had done in-depth interviews, Akerstrom supplements these with interviews with policemen. She has also drawn from her experiences in the field of social work, particularly with women's and crime shelters. Using biographies, autobiographies and a broad range of literature related to spies, World War II, the McCarthy era, and recent literature on whistle-blowing, Akerstrom has defined a fascinating theme. While her illustrations are sometimes dramatic, she hopes that readers will perceive obvious parallels with their own experiences. Social psychologists, sociologists, criminologists, and others interested in secrecy, secrets, and those who betray them to others will find this an unusual and absorbing volume.

Shieldbreaker Episode 3 Betrayal of the SelfShieldbreaker Episode 3 Betrayal of the Self

All the while, his thoughts botheredhim, betrayed him. He feared the worst. With good cause. Forhewould neversee Prince Corvin alive again. *** Three days later, Lerebus was nervous to the point of frustration. Never a jovial man, ...

Author: Ty Johnston

Publisher: Ty Johnston



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Lerebus Shieldbreaker might be the personal body guard to Corvin Verkain, a prince of Kobalos, but what to do when the king himself decides all his children must die? And this is no ordinary king, but the famed Lord Verkain, one of the most powerful wizards known to the world. The only hope is in flight and possible exile, but Corvin will not leave Kobalos without attempting to save his brother. Lerebus finds himself taking part in a ruse to lure the king away from the two princes, but can Lord Verkain be fooled for long? And once the sovereign discovers the truth, what will be his form of vengeance? Also available Shieldbreaker 1: Road of the Sword Shieldbreaker 2: An End to Rage Shieldbreaker 3: Betrayal of the Self Shieldbreaker 4: The Slave Pits of Mogus Potere Shieldbreaker 5: Following Bayne The Shieldbreaker Collection

Neoliberalization as Betrayal Neoliberalization as Betrayal

I was expected to use difficult theories to process Third World developmental experiences and projects—my second possible act of betrayal (theory versus practice). I was expected to write a dissertation that could possibly show the NGO ...

Author: S. Sharma

Publisher: Springer

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This book is concerned with the three-way relationship between neoliberalism, women's education, and the spatialization of the state, and analyses this through an ethnography lens of women's education programs in India.

Family Love BetrayalFamily Love Betrayal

A third agent appears with the little boy that I had made the exchange with. “Fraulein is this the boy you met with earlier today? ... “You have betrayed the Third Reich. You are a Dutch whore with your lesbian lover at the registry, ...

Author: A.E. Gordanier

Publisher: On The Way Editing & Publishing

ISBN: 9781990080098


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Family Love & Betrayal is set in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam. Helga is a young Dutch woman who can speak many languages including Yiddish. She is forced by the Nazis to work at the Amsterdam Central Registry. All Dutch residents, excluding refugees, must register their personal information including name, ethnicity, and religion on census cards for each family member. These cards must be updated with any changes in their lives: this is mandatory as per the Nazis. The information on the census card is to be used as identification. In the registry is a sinister secret room where specially selected workers are housed. Helga desperately wants to work in that room. Her father is a doctor and her mother is a high-end dressmaker. Helga is befriended by one of her father's colleagues. There is danger lurking as friends and colleagues want to join one of their resistance groups. Her best friend is a lesbian and must be aware of collaborators and roundups. Every day Helga witnesses Nazi atrocities. She has had enough before she compromises her morals and values any further.

On BetrayalOn Betrayal

Betrayal to the enemy does not imply a double betrayal, for the enemy doesn't usually stand in a thick relation with the betrayed. There is a typical emotion toward the third party that goes hand in hand with betrayal. It is jealousy.

Author: Avishai Margalit

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674973954


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Betrayal seems to have lost its grip on the public consciousness in liberal societies, yet it is all around us, dissolving the thick glue of trust that holds friends, families, and communities together. By focusing on the ethics of betrayal, Avishai Margalit offers a philosophical account of what we owe those who give us our sense of belonging.

Friendly BetrayalFriendly Betrayal

The officers brought down the three siblings to another room and had both of the families behind the glass mirror so they could see them as they interrogated them. The police and the detective went into the room with the siblings and ...

Author: Monnica Mone'a Woodson

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

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Jophie and Josephine are a set of twins that attend WMU. They are handling a will that turned deadly. Their parents friend ́s (Three Siblings)are going to kidnap Jophie to collect in their inheritance. Jackie, a schoolmate with the twins, was snatched due to mistaken identity. Jophie was the actual target, but the kidnappers didn ́t use the photo that the siblings gave them. The kidnappers strongly believed that they could point her out without the photo. The siblings thought they had it all planned out, but they were wrong. The kidnapper ́s made a huge mistake which cost a young lady to lose her life tragically.

The Murder Betrayal and Slaughter of the Glorious Charles Count of FlandersThe Murder Betrayal and Slaughter of the Glorious Charles Count of Flanders

The brother of the betrayed boy Arnold, named Baldwin, who survived him, left heirs behind him from whose line comes the boy, count ofMons and energetic knight,350 who would by right obtain the fatherland of Flanders, and, ...

Author: Galbert (de Bruges)

Publisher: Yale University Press

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In 1127 Charles the Good, count of Flanders, was surrounded by assassins while at prayer and killed by a sword blow to the forehead. His murder upset the fragile balance of power between England, France, and the Holy Roman Empire, giving rise to a bloody civil war while impacting the commercial life of medieval Europe. The eyewitness account by the Flemish cleric Galbert of Bruges of the assassination and the struggle for power that ensued is the only journal to have survived from twelfth century Europe. This new translation by medieval studies expert Jeff Rider greatly improves upon all previous versions, substantially advancing scholarship on the Middle Ages while granting new life and immediacy to Galbert’s well informed and courageously candid narrative.