The Swallows FlightThe Swallows Flight

Praise for The Swallows' Flight 'McKay [is] at the very top of her game' Guardian '... a resounding success ... McKay refuses to dumb down the history, writing with such clarity and understanding that you can't fail to be caught up in ...

Author: Hilary McKay

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9781529033359


Page: 320

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From the Costa Award-winning author Hilary McKay, comes a moving World War II story of family and friendship on opposite sides of a devastating conflict. The Swallows' Flight is the stunning companion novel to The Skylarks' War. 'It’s not necessary to have read The Skylarks’ War (though many beloved characters make reappearances) to be instantly and joyfully lost in this evocative, moving novel, showing McKay at the very top of her game.' – Imogen Russell-Williams, The Guardian 'Funny, poignant, wise and emotional. Full of achingly real characters (and also an excellent dog) . . . I eked out the final pages, not wanting it to end.' – Fiona Noble, The Bookseller Erik and Hans are German boys. Ruby and Kate are English girls. They grow up in worlds that would never meet, until war tumbles their lives together. Then one September afternoon there are choices to be made. How is courage lost, and found? Who is really the enemy? And what does friendship truly mean, in the middle of a war? Meanwhile Rupert and Clarry work secretly for peace – and a brighter future for them all . . . '. . . a resounding success. . . McKay refuses to dumb down the history, writing with such clarity and understanding that you can’t fail to be caught up in the cares of her loveable cast.' – Alex O'Connell, The Times Book of the Week 'McKay is a glutinously atmospheric writer, and this dense, action-packed saga – written during lockdown – is every bit as satisfying as its predecessor.' Emily Bearn, The Telegraph 'Separately and together, The Skylarks’ War and The Swallows’ Flight are pinnacles of children’s literature.' –Nicolette Jones, The Sunday Times Book of the Week 'Meticulously researched, intelligent, warm and witty — this is McKay at her peerless peak.' Sally Morris, The Daily Mail

A Flight with the Swallows or Little Dorothy s DreamA Flight with the Swallows or Little Dorothy s Dream

"A flight with the swallows." The swallows, her uncle, Canon Percival, had told her, flew away to sunshine and flowers; that the cold wind in England gave them the ague, and that they got all sorts of complaints, and would die of hunger ...

Author: Emma Marshall

Publisher: Litres

ISBN: 9785040482276



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The Flight of the Swallow Children s Short StoryThe Flight of the Swallow Children s Short Story

The Flight of the Swallow It was springtime and a really warm exceptional sunny day. However as the morning past by the weather started to change. The milkman barely made it to the front door. When the door opened, Mrs. Stewart said, ...

Author: Rishi Harrison

Publisher: Springwood emedia

ISBN: 9781301161416


Page: 3

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A young girl imagines how she could fly like a bird. Her journey introduces her to other interesting birds. She meets a crow, jay and another swallow, as she explores high in the sky around her countryside home.

The Japan Daily MailThe Japan Daily Mail

His . iii , 54,55 ) gives an animated and Again , the migratory character of the bird is questioned graceful account of the swallows flight " in sublime , in dex- by the Chinese , who advance a theory of hibernation . trum , in pronum .



ISBN: STANFORD:36105010273022



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Life Histories of North American Flycatchers Larks Swallows and Their AlliesLife Histories of North American Flycatchers Larks Swallows and Their Allies

Swallows , like other gregarious birds , attract unusual attention because of their numbers , and this fact coupled with their extraordinary exhibitions of flight makes their appearance an event of unusual significance .

Author: Arthur Cleveland Bent


ISBN: CHI:72661426


Page: 555

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This is the fourteenth in a series of bulletins of the United States National Museum on the life histories of North American birds, with previous numbers issued as follows: 107, 113, 121, 126, 130, 135, 142, 146, 162, 167, 170, 174, 176. This bulletin deals with the Order Passeriformes, specifically the Family Cotingidae (Cotingas); Family Tyrannidae (Flycatchers) ; Family Alaudidae (Larks) and Family Hirundinidae (Swallows) of North America