The Sun on My HeadThe Sun on My Head

And yet, what had felt really intense and frightening to me seemed not to have
existed for any of my friends, right there next to me. They hadn't noticed a thing.
Was all that connection I thought I felt thrumming between people just in my head

Author: Geovani Martins

Publisher: Faber & Faber

ISBN: 9780571348268


Page: 272

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The Sun On My Head is a collection of thirteen short stories set in Rio's largest favela, Rocinha. The collection gravitates around the childhoods and teenage years of boys who, in spite of having to deal with the anguish and difficulties inherent to their age, also struggle with the violence involved in growing up on the less favoured side of the 'Broken City'. In stories such as 'Flash Mob', a group of teenagers goes to the beach in the summer of 2015, a time marked by Rio's military police presence, allegedly aimed at discouraging organized gang looting. In 'Fr. Miguel Station, a group of friends find themselves staring down the barrels of militia semi-automatics, while in 'Russian Roulette', the routine of some children in Bangu is sent into a spin by the appearance of a revolver. This is a spellbinding debut about masculinity, corruption, guilt, poverty and resilience. Martins boasts superb mastery of both form and storytelling; this story collection is completely of our time yet promises to be profoundly timeless.

The Sun and the Daughter the Fire and the WaterThe Sun and the Daughter the Fire and the Water

Dying, dying slowly, head pulled back and screaming into the dark, clammy night.
*************** The angels stand waiting, looking at me. I bow my head and sigh. I
then look up at them and say, 'It's okay. I got the message that you sent to me.

Author: Roses White

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781483433707



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It is December 2008 when Victoria feels a deep ache within her. Her partner, Momo, is slowly disintegrating into something evil and she knows it is just a matter of time before he will kill her. Desperate to escape the relationship, she formulates a plan and flees with her daughter, Saba. As Victoria and Saba travel the world, other dangers arise in both mythical and spiritual forms. With help from star alignments, sacred texts and the supernatural, Victoria moves through time affected by catastrophic events that include earthquakes, tornadoes, and landslides. She must grow spiritually and rely on flashes of future time to unlock environmental codes and determine what will begin in August 2015. As apocalyptic riders roam the land, diseases plague the world, and panic rises among rulers, Victoria slowly begins to understand that everything is happening exactly as predicted. The beginning and the end are coming together.

The Right Hand of the SunThe Right Hand of the Sun

I stumbled forward , frightened out of my wits and having no idea in my head but
that I must keep up with the others if I wanted to survive . In the midst of it all – the
stumbling over roots , the noise , the whoosh of arrows , the terror – I thought ...

Author: Anita Mason


ISBN: STANFORD:36105131612892


Page: 501

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Shipwrecked on the cost of Aztec Mexico, Geronimo is one of only two men to survive the sinking of their great Spanish galleon. Taken in by the winic Indians, Geronimo learns that if he is to survive, he must abandon his European customs and language and learn to live as the Indians do. Ten years pass, and one day a man comes with a bag of dazzling jewels and buys Geronimo's freedom from his winic master. Hernan Cortes calls Geronimo back from the jungle to his new exploration fleet waiting nearby. Charismatic, plotting and seductive, Cortes quickly understands the value of having Geronimo in his inner circle as a translator who can help facilitate his vision of plunder, religious conversion and conquest of these 'primitive peoples'. Geronimo understands too late that he now has no choice but to betray the very people who saved his life and taught him about the beauty of living. What follows is two-stranded tale: at once an action-packed, lush, and lyrical story of political manipulation, destruction, passionate love - and the end of one of the greatest empires on earth.

Westward the SunWestward the Sun

thought the right moment had come she flung herself on her knees and made a
wild grab . ... and laughing , and as fresh and as beautiful as a young tree in the
sun , with her black hair coiled about her head and her blue eyes full of light .

Author: Brigid Knight (pseud.)


ISBN: UCAL:$B63778


Page: 364

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Romantic novel set in the Transvaal at the beginning of conflict between the Boers and the English.

Ask the SunAsk the Sun

My head bowed and not a thought in it . Three or four neighbors who used the
same entrance as we did were standing in the doorway chatting . One of them
saw me coming and stepped forward . She squeezed my arm . “ Were you
playing ...

Author: Dong He


ISBN: STANFORD:36105020176793


Page: 99

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Stories of growing up during China's Cultural Revolution. In Just a Game, children play Storming the Fortress, a game which reflects the mass hysteria of the adults and which in this case ends in a death, while Nine is the lot of a girl whose parents aresent away for reeducation.

The Sun Always Shines for the Cool A Midnight Moon at the Greasy Spoon Eulogy for a Small Time ThiefThe Sun Always Shines for the Cool A Midnight Moon at the Greasy Spoon Eulogy for a Small Time Thief

DAVID : Hey , have you seen my light blue pants ? ROSEMARIE : They ' re ... He
comes out of room , attacks her with a pillow . She runs into bedroom . ... DAVID :
Okay , okay , you don ' t have to bite my head off whatyamacallit . ROSEMARIE ...

Author: Miguel Piñero

Publisher: Houston : Arte Publico Press

ISBN: UTEXAS:059173023656447


Page: 128

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A collection of three plays by the master playwright Pinero.

The Liberty Years 1924 1950The Liberty Years 1924 1950

No , I didn't slip the ropes and the sun was the overhead picture lights , and that
first time . I was knocked down . That's where I told the big black blur that moved
between me and the sun you my head was knocked out and my legs weren't .

Author: Allen Churchill


ISBN: UOM:39015011602318


Page: 427

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Encompassing 130 pieces from Liberty Magazine, this comprehensive anthology reveals America in panorama, from the Roaring Twenties, through the Depression, World War Two, and the Truman era.

Into the SunInto the Sun

After all he will have to make a home with the girl he chooses and we should
welcome her into our fold. Apá is afraid that the girl ... her head that I would not
touch food cooked or served by the new daughter-in-law. I was stunned. How
could I ...

Author: Ramā Debī Caudhurī


ISBN: UOM:39015052623140


Page: 260

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Autobiography of a Gandhian and woman social activist from Orissa.

The Sun KingThe Sun King

she asked , shaking her head in wonder . “ Beats me , but who cares ? If anybody
asks , just lie . You ' ll get away with it . I promise . ” “ But how are we going to
meet the payroll ? ” she asked , still shaking her head . “ I can ' t send everyone ...

Author: David Ignatius

Publisher: Random House Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39015048766334


Page: 305

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Charismatic billionaire Sandy Galvin comes to the nation's capital and proceeds to turn it upside down by purchasing the city's most powerful newspaper to challenge the power brokers of Washington, D.C., until he encounters his former Harvard flame, Candace Ridgway, a beautiful journalist known as the "Mistress of Fact." 40,000 first printing.

Connecticut ReviewConnecticut Review

When she goes into the milking room , she notes that the concrete room was “
filled with sunlight . ” She draws her head out of the room and closes the door . “
The light outside was not so bright , ” but Mrs . May was conscious that the “ sun ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105016718087



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The Hawk and the SunThe Hawk and the Sun

felt the impulse to wave her dishcloth or make some kind of motion to get his
attention, but she had never been able to bring herself to do it. She only stared at
him, dropping her eyes in a fury of panic if he turned his head toward the house
lest ...

Author: Byron Herbert Reece


ISBN: UCAL:$B104868


Page: 192

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Story of a lynching and its impact upon the citizens of a small Southern town.

The Sun MaidenThe Sun Maiden

She walked to the sink and quickly shoved her head under running water . “ I ' ll
give you a hundred dollars gambling money if you loan me your black jeans . " At
this time of day the sun always made a big patch of light in the shape of a ...

Author: Erika Taylor

Publisher: Atheneum Books

ISBN: 068912130X


Page: 247

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In Los Angeles to locate her father--who disappeared when she was a baby--J.O., a waitress at the Sun Maiden coffee shop, meets up with an eccentric cast of characters--including her gun-loving boss and a blond television starlet