Time s DiseaseTime s Disease

Laurent in Chains R.S. Ebert ... “Sleep tight and do not let the bed bugs bite. ... Women of the crown always brought out the best in others.

Author: R.S. Ebert; Illiana Rhea

Publisher: Abbott Press

ISBN: 9781458205469


Page: 870

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When a young prophetess is rescued from genocide by a retired veteran, our prolific duo teams up with a sultry bounty hunter who falls for any heroic heart. Old comrades unite amid the chaotic collapse of a world power, and rebel armies form new alliances. A princess learns of her true heritage while tribes waken powers of olden. A practitioner of occult science self-fulfills temple prophecy by resurrecting his father from the grave, only to realize the Free People he despises have become his only salvation. Many believe these inevitable events were written in the stars from the dawn of time, and prophets are merely observant students of precession who study repetitive patterns within endless successions of natural cycles. Others say it is impossible to predict legendary incidents which happened before and are destined to occur again. Civilizations have come and gone, leaving historical warnings carved on ancient walls. Unheeded and forgotten by myth, eras are reborn to rise and fall until there comes an age when every god's immortality nears its end... Set in a post-apocalyptic future, Time's Disease offers the classical allure of mythology with enduring messages very relevant to current events. Futuristic themes revolve around castle landscapes to create this novel recipe: a dash of mysticism, sprinkled by romance and topped by spatters of horror. Sup from hope’s cup amid epic tragedy, to partake of this bold tale. Revealed by Illiana Rhea and told by the very characters themselves, this is Laurent In Chains.

The Complete Adult Psychotherapy Treatment PlannerThe Complete Adult Psychotherapy Treatment Planner

The Harvard Medical School guide to a good night's sleep. McGraw-Hill. Fanning, P., & McKay, M. (2008). Applied relaxation training (Relaxation and stress ...

Author: David J. Berghuis

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119629931


Page: 560

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The revised edition of the clinicians’ time-saving Psychotherapy Treatment Planner Revised and updated, the sixth edition of The Complete Adult Psychotherapy Treatment Planner offers clinicians a timesaving, evidence-based guide that helps to clarify, simplify and accelerate the treatment planning process so they can spend less time on paperwork and more time with clients. The authors provide all the elements necessary to quickly and easily develop formal, customizable treatment plans that satisfy the demands of HMOs, managed-care companies, third-party payers and state and federal agencies. This revised edition includes new client Short-Term Objectives and clinician Therapeutic Interventions that are grounded in evidence-based treatment wherever research data provides support to an intervention approach. If no research support is available a best practice standard is provided. This new edition also offers two new presenting problem chapters (Loneliness and Opioid Use Disorder) and the authors have updated the content throughout the book to improve clarity, conciseness and accuracy. This important book: Offers a completely updated resource that helps clinicians quickly develop effective, evidence-based treatment plans Includes an easy-to-use format locating treatment plan components by Presenting Problem or DSM-5 diagnosis Contains over 3,000 prewritten treatment Symptoms, Goals, Objectives and Interventions to select from Presents evidence-based treatment plan components for 45 behaviorally defined Presenting Problems Suggests homework exercises specifically created for each Presenting Problem Written for psychologists, therapists, counselors, social workers, addiction counselors, psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals, The Complete Adult Psychotherapy Treatment Planner, Sixth Edition has been updated to contain the most recent interventions that are evidence-based.

Ambivalent MacbethAmbivalent Macbeth

The good are all asleep, including Duncan himself and the grooms in “swinish sleep” (1.7.67). But having made himself a person of the night, ...

Author: R.S. White

Publisher: Sydney University Press

ISBN: 9781743325483


Page: 221

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Macbeth is often read in a singular fashion: either as a cautionary morality tale warning against ambition, or as a psychological study of evil. In Ambivalent Macbeth, renowned Shakespeare scholar R. S. White argues that these differing readings result from a profoundly ambivalent play, and that this quality is a clue to its greatness. White explores how radical ambivalence permeates the atmosphere, imagery, themes and characterisation of ‘the Scottish play’. He considers Shakespeare’s historical context and source material, and examines key cinematic, theatrical and other adaptations of the play. Throughout, he argues that an open-minded acceptance of ambivalence can inspire a multitude of readings, and that this complexity helps to explain the play’s intriguing longevity.


And let's face it, a good night's sleep depends on being able to sleep in ... RS OC,HO,PO,ZO,ZT DC,HO,PO,SB,ZT 1 XPG is a fluffy down bag decked out with ...





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Backpacker brings the outdoors straight to the reader's doorstep, inspiring and enabling them to go more places and enjoy nature more often. The authority on active adventure, Backpacker is the world's first GPS-enabled magazine, and the only magazine whose editors personally test the hiking trails, camping gear, and survival tips they publish. Backpacker's Editors' Choice Awards, an industry honor recognizing design, feature and product innovation, has become the gold standard against which all other outdoor-industry awards are measured.


Think of a slumber party sleeping bag, and you know what a rectangular bag ... nights dreaming up new ways to keep insulation in place so you'll sleep warm.





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Backpacker brings the outdoors straight to the reader's doorstep, inspiring and enabling them to go more places and enjoy nature more often. The authority on active adventure, Backpacker is the world's first GPS-enabled magazine, and the only magazine whose editors personally test the hiking trails, camping gear, and survival tips they publish. Backpacker's Editors' Choice Awards, an industry honor recognizing design, feature and product innovation, has become the gold standard against which all other outdoor-industry awards are measured.

Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine E BookPrinciples and Practice of Sleep Medicine E Book

Goodlin-Jones BL, Burnham MM, Gaylor EE, Anders TF. Night waking, sleep-wake organization, and self-soothing in the first year of life.

Author: Meir H. Kryger

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323377522


Page: 747

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For nearly 30 years, Dr. Meir Kryger’s must-have guide to sleep medicine has been the gold standard in this fast-changing field. This essential, full-color reference includes more than 20 unique sections and over 170 chapters covering every aspect of sleep disorders, giving you the authoritative guidance you need to offer your patients the best possible care. Evidence-based content helps you make the most well-informed clinical decisions. An ideal resource for preparing for the sleep medicine fellowship examination. New content on sleep apnea, neurological disorders, legal aspects of sleep medicine, dental sleep medicine genetics, circadian disorders, geriatrics, women’s health, cardiovascular diseases, and occupational sleep medicine, keeps you fully up to date. Updates to scientific discoveries and clinical approaches ensure that you remain current with new knowledge that is advancing the diagnosis and management of sleep disorders.

Always a LadyAlways a Lady

rs. Kearney was as good as her word. Mariah was dressed in her best black dress and seated at ... “The clear of conscience always sleep well,” she answered.

Author: Rebecca Hagan Lee

Publisher: Amber House Books

ISBN: 9781939541321


Page: 400

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Can an earl train the woman of his dreams to become the perfect bride…for another man? When Kit Ramsey, the new earl of Kilgannon, arrives in Ireland to lay claim to his inheritance, the villagers believe the young nobleman is the miracle they’ve been praying for. But Kit isn’t interested in being anybody’s hero. All he wants is the chance to become his own man. But titles come with duty, and Kit quickly learns he hasn’t just inherited an earldom and a castle, but the guardianship of Mariah Shaughnessy, the spirited and beautiful baker of Inismorn…the beautiful baker he must teach to be a proper lady…and the perfect wife... Fresh out of a convent, Mariah knows the dashing Lord Ramsey is Inismorn’s last hope for survival. She accepts Kit’s lessons in social graces—not because she wants to become the wife of another—but because she dreams of becoming the love of Kit Ramsey’s life… Book 2 of the “Mistresses of the Marquess” Series, which includes ONCE A MISTRESS, ALWAYS A LADY and EVER A PRINCESS “Sparkling romance and passion that sizzles!”—Christina Dodd, New York Times bestseller “Tender, enthralling romance straight from the heart!”—Eloisa James, New York Times bestselling author “Every Rebecca Hagan Lee book is a tender treasure! She warms my heart and touches my soul.”—Teresa Medeiros, New York Times bestselling author “Rebecca Hagan Lee warms my heart and touches my soul. She’s a star in the making!”—Sabrina Jeffries, New York Times bestselling author “Rebecca Hagan Lee is a writer on the rise!”—Romantic Times “Historical romance fans are fortunate to have a treasure like Rebecca Hagan Lee!”—Affaire de Coeur Regency romance, Historical romance, Celtic romance, Bride romance, Earl romance

The Senses A Comprehensive ReferenceThe Senses A Comprehensive Reference

Inspiratory airflow dynamics during sleep in women with fibromyalgia. ... Experimentally induced pain perception in men and women in the morning and evening ...


Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 9780128054093


Page: 5208

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The Senses: A Comprehensive Reference, Second Edition, is a comprehensive reference work covering the range of topics that constitute current knowledge of the neural mechanisms underlying the different senses. This important work provides the most up-to-date, cutting-edge, comprehensive reference combining volumes on all major sensory modalities in one set. Offering 264 chapters from a distinguished team of international experts, The Senses lays out current knowledge on the anatomy, physiology, and molecular biology of sensory organs, in a collection of comprehensive chapters spanning 4 volumes. Topics covered include the perception, psychophysics, and higher order processing of sensory information, as well as disorders and new diagnostic and treatment methods. Written for a wide audience, this reference work provides students, scholars, medical doctors, as well as anyone interested in neuroscience, a comprehensive overview of the knowledge accumulated on the function of sense organs, sensory systems, and how the brain processes sensory input. As with the first edition, contributions from leading scholars from around the world will ensure The Senses offers a truly international portrait of sensory physiology. The set is the definitive reference on sensory neuroscience and provides the ultimate entry point into the review and original literature in Sensory Neuroscience enabling students and scientists to delve into the subject and deepen their knowledge. All-inclusive coverage of topics: updated edition offers readers the only current reference available covering neurobiology, physiology, anatomy, and molecular biology of sense organs and the processing of sensory information in the brain Authoritative content: world-leading contributors provide readers with a reputable, dynamic and authoritative account of the topics under discussion Comprehensive-style content: in-depth, complex coverage of topics offers students at upper undergraduate level and above full insight into topics under discussion

The First Lady of RadioThe First Lady of Radio

RS: Few people realize how difficult it is for unskilled women to organize ... and for a time things went well, although I think the sum total of the sleep ...

Author: Stephen Drury Smith

Publisher: The New Press

ISBN: 9781620970584


Page: 288

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“This anthology of 38 addresses . . . offer[s] a means for visiting anew the lifework of an extraordinary American woman” (HistoryNet). A tie-in to the American RadioWorks® documentary—with audio and video content. Eleanor Roosevelt’s groundbreaking career as a professional radio broadcaster is almost entirely forgotten. As First Lady, she hosted a series of prime time programs that revolutionized how Americans related to their chief executive and his family. Now, The First Lady of Radio rescues these broadcasts from the archives, presenting a carefully curated sampling of transcripts of Roosevelt’s most famous and influential radio shows, including addresses on the bombing of Pearl Harbor, D-Day, V-E Day, and women’s issues of the times. Edited and set into context by award-winning author and radio producer Stephen Drury Smith—and with a foreword by Roosevelt’s famed biographer, historian Blanche Wiesen Cook—The First Lady of Radio is both a historical treasure and a fascinating window onto the power and the influence of a pioneering First Lady. “An intriguing glimpse into the social and political changes of the period.” —Publishers Weekly “[Eleanor Roosevelt] was terrified of speaking in public at first, and her high-pitched voice could sail off uncontrollably. Yet she became one of the most effective speakers of her time.” —David McCullough