Outer Earth The Complete TrilogyOuter Earth The Complete Trilogy

“Anna,” I say, and it's a full second before I realise I've actually said her name. I turn to Carver, tearing my eyes away from the station. “Do you think she ...” “Don't worry,” he says. “She'll have got clear.

Author: Rob Boffard

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780356509990


Page: 992

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'EXHILARATING AND UNFORGETTABLE' Sarah Lotz, author of The Three 'SETS A NEW STANDARD FOR ALL-ACTION SF' Ken MacLeod An omnibus edition containing all three of Rob Boffard's thrilling Outer Earth novels: Tracer, Zero-G and Impact. Outer Earth is a huge space station orbiting the ruins of our planet. Dirty, overcrowded and inescapable, it's humanity's last refuge . . . and possibly its final resting place. For there are dark forces at work on the station: forces that seek to unleash chaos. If they succeed, there will be nowhere left to run. 'Fast-paced, action-packed, cinematic space adventure' Civilian Reader 'Relentlessly fast pace...Vivid action scenes' SFX 'Compelling, compulsive...Thoroughly entertaining' SciFi and Fantasy Reviews 'Guaranteed to keep you hooked until the very last page' Glamour

Out of the Silent PlanetOut of the Silent Planet

Dr. Ransom is abducted to the eerie red planet, Malacandra, where his escape and flight endanger both his life and his chances of ever returing to Earth

Author: C.S. Lewis

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780684833644


Page: 158

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Dr. Ransom is abducted to the eerie red planet, Malacandra, where his escape and flight endanger both his life and his chances of ever returing to Earth

The Flat Earth Trilogy Book of Secrets IThe Flat Earth Trilogy Book of Secrets I

This result was not expected by either party, but Wallace quickly claimed it proof that Earth was curving ... gave him the silent-treatment, and even had the police escort Hampden him from his hotel room before leaving town the ...

Author: Gregory Lessing Garrett

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9780359276851


Page: 520

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This book is an Anthology of Gregory Lessing Garrett's writings and others on the topic of Flat Earth Plane Cosmology of all types, including Enclosed Earth, Hollow Earth, Concave Earth, Infinite Plane Earth, The Enochian Earth Model, etc... The hope is that the ideas expounded in this Flat Earth Trilogy series will provide compelling justifications for the claim that no curvature can be found on the Earth, which points to the empirical conclusion that we live on a plane and not a spinning ball in science fiction outer space. The details regarding the possible topography of the Earth are discussed in depth in this book, but ultimately, the absolute true topography of the Earth is not known by anyone. -Gregory Lessing Garrett

The Good Earth TrilogyThe Good Earth Trilogy

The family’s story continues in Sons and A House Divided, when the Revolution sweeping through China further unsettles Wang Lung’s family in this rich and unforgettable portrait of a family and a country in the throes of widespread ...

Author: Pearl S. Buck

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781480430419


Page: 878

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The Pulitzer Prize–winning classic novel of China, together with its two sequels—by the Nobel Prize winner. The Good Earth is Buck’s classic, Pulitzer Prize–winning story of Wang Lung, a Chinese peasant farmer, and his wife, O-lan, a former slave. With luck and hard work, the couple’s fortunes improve over the years: They are blessed with sons, and save steadily until one day they can afford to buy property in the House of Wang—the very house in which O-lan used to work. But success brings with it a new set of problems. Wang soon finds himself the target of jealousy, and as good harvests come and go, so does the social order. Will Wang’s family cherish the estate after he’s gone? The family’s story continues in Sons and A House Divided, when the Revolution sweeping through China further unsettles Wang Lung’s family in this rich and unforgettable portrait of a family and a country in the throes of widespread national change.

Silent WingsSilent Wings

The complete trilogy A.W. Exley. watched as pebbles and stones appeared from ... one a slightly shorter version of the other. As earth Elementals, Jasper and Elijah led the way, working around the circle Dawn had marked in the grass.

Author: A.W. Exley

Publisher: A W Exley



Page: 1200

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A gentle paranormal romance series set in Victorian England. A family of Elementals are intent on ending a centuries old feuld and a young woman will be the key. 1. Dawn's Promise A heart prepared to die that has never lived or loved Tragedy forces fragile Dawn Uxbridge to seek employment. With her only talent a green thumb, she arrives at Ravenswood Manor. But all is not as it seems at the overgrown estate. 2. Day's Patience Each raindrop is a word pressed to her skin After a long sickness, Letitia Seton is finally free. But the last fractures in her mind won't heal until she confronts old wounds. 3. Dusk's Revenge Fire must be free Elijah Seton steps into the world in pursuit of a ghost ship and those who murdered his father. But he finds a woman who challenges everything he ever believed. Keywords: gaslamp, fantasy, historical fantasy, fantasy series, speculative fiction, dark fantasy, paranormal, shifters, paranormal romance, gargoyles, female protagonist, historical romance, historical paranormal romance, victorian, victorian era, victorian romance, gothic, gothic fiction, gothic romance.


And, can love truly overcome all else?Professionally edited by C&D EditingNA Science -Fiction RomanceApprox 86,000 wordsRecommended for readers 17+ due to adult situations, violence and occasional swearing.Australian English used throughout ...

Author: Jessica Frances


ISBN: 1731209738


Page: 261

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Earth (The Invasion Trilogy #1)My name is Matilda, but everyone calls me Mattie. I was attending college in Oregon when the attack began. By the time Canada went silent, we had all had enough, so two of my friends and I decided to join the fight in Vancouver, needing to find out what was really happening. That's when everything changed.What we found was death and destruction. I no longer had a future, but then I met him.My name is Marduke, and I'm part of the reason Earth is being invaded. I'm not from this planet, though I look human. My family rules my planet and now they want Earth. But I don't care about that. I just want to get away from them, so I run from my family and for my life. Then she saved me.What happens when Mattie finds out who Marduke truly is? What happens to Earth when all hope appears lost? And, can love truly overcome all else?Professionally edited by C&D EditingNA Science -Fiction RomanceApprox 86,000 wordsRecommended for readers 17+ due to adult situations, violence and occasional swearing.Australian English used throughout story.The Invasion Trilogy Book 1 - Earth Book 2 - Roth Book 3 - Oden Trilogy Complete

The All Souls Complete TrilogyThe All Souls Complete Trilogy

Bourgot's Wisdom was full of strength, but there was a softness to her as well. ... 'From the depths of the water I cried out to you, and from the depths of the earth I will call to those who pass by me,' I continued. 'Watch for me.

Author: Deborah Harkness

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781472242983


Page: 1904

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*Now a major Sky TV series* Read the number one Sunday Times bestselling ALL SOULS TRILOGY before you watch A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES Season 2. Available together for the first time in the UK, the complete trilogy is perfect for fans of Diana Gabaldon, Stephenie Meyer and Victoria Aveyard. 'This is a glorious, finely-wrought gem of a book: intelligent, thoughtful, intricate. . . Utterly enchanting on every level' Manda Scott on A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES 'Deborah Harkness writes as if she's the hugely more talented love child of Diana Gabaldon and J. K. Rowling' thebookbag.co.uk on SHADOW OF NIGHT 'Rich in arcane detail, fans will relish this exotic cauldron of romantic fantasy' Sunday Mirror on THE BOOK OF LIFE A world of witches, daemons and vampires. A manuscript which holds the secrets of their past and the key to their future. Diana and Matthew - the forbidden love at the heart of it. A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES. SHADOW OF NIGHT. THE BOOK OF LIFE. Praise for Deborah Harkness and the ALL SOULS trilogy: 'Deborah Harkness proves to be a novelist of considerable talent. My favourite series of recent years' bookabookshop.co.uk 'Intelligent and off-the-wall . . . irresistible to Twilight fans' The Sunday Times 'I fell in love with it from the very first page' Danielle Trussoni 'A spellbinding saga . . . unputdownable' Woman & Home 'Harkness has a gift for storytelling' pamreader.blogspot.co.uk A Conversation with Deborah Harkness How did you become interested in the intersection of alchemy, magic, and science? Historically, what do you see as the relationship between science and religion or mysticism? In college, I had a wonderful professor who taught a class on these subjects. To kick off the class, he asked us, 'How do you know what you think you know?' I've spent the last quarter century trying to answer that question. Because the world is a mysterious place and our relationship to it is not always clear, people have often turned to science, faith, and magic for answers. They help people find responses to the questions of, who am I and why am I here? Diana is an appealing heroine, determined, accomplished, and yet aware of her own weaknesses. In what ways, if any, does Diana reflect your own experience or personality? There are some similarities - Diana is also a historian of science, also interested in the history of alchemy, and shares some of my passions (including television cooking programs, tea, and rowing). Really, all the characters have some element of me in them. I think that's how authors create imaginary people who nevertheless feel real. The rest of Diana's character comes from a combination of qualities I admire in others, wish fulfilment, and my completion of the following statement: 'Wouldn't it be great if a heroine in a book was . . . Find out more about Deborah Harkness and read the full conversation in THE ALL SOULS COMPLETE TRILOGY.

THE PARISH TRILOGY Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood The Seaboard Parish The Vicar s Daughter Complete Edition THE PARISH TRILOGY Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood The Seaboard Parish The Vicar s Daughter Complete Edition

To her the condition of air, earth, and sky was news, and news of poetic interest too. ... But do you know that English people—at least I think so—enjoy the changeful weather of their country much more upon the whole than those who have ...

Author: George MacDonald

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: 9788026845669


Page: 600

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This carefully crafted ebook: "THE PARISH TRILOGY: Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood, The Seaboard Parish & The Vicar's Daughter (Complete Edition)” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. "Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood” is the first part of the Parish Trilogy. The novel is actually a collection of reminiscences of the new minister at the small place, his work and relationship with people in the parish on the other hand and his rising love for the daughter in Oldastle Hall on the other hand. It is fascinating to observe how a vicar's life looked like and how he dealt with certain situations in order to bring his people towards God. "The Seaboard Parish” is the sequel to The Annals and it is the second part of the trilogy. The story of a vicar Harry Walton continues with bringing on some of the new characters, firstly Mr. Percival, a struggling artist who steals the heart of a vicar's daughter, young Ethelwyn. "The Vicar's Daughter” is the third and final part of the trilogy. It is a fictional autobiography narrated by Ethelwyn Percivale, whose father is a gentle, intelligent clergyman. Wynnie has a happy childhood and falls in love with a struggling painter. The book is a series of anecdotes, involving both Wynnie and her family and also her increasing circle of friends, including an extraordinary Miss Marion Clare, a fine young lady who decides to live among the poor and tend to their spiritual needs. George MacDonald (1824-1905) was a Scottish author, poet, and Christian minister. He was a pioneering figure in the field of fantasy literature and the mentor of fellow writer Lewis Carroll. His writings have been cited as a major literary influence by many notable authors. G. K. Chesterton cited The Princess and the Goblin as a book that had "made a difference to my whole existence".

LITTLEPAGE MANUSCRIPTS Complete Trilogy Satanstoe The Chainbearer The RedskinsLITTLEPAGE MANUSCRIPTS Complete Trilogy Satanstoe The Chainbearer The Redskins

The idea of comparing the silent, thoughtful, excellent though she were, Mary Wallace, with Anneke could never have crossed my mind. Still, Mary Wallace certainly was a very charming girl. She was even handsome; had a placid, ...

Author: James Fenimore Cooper

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: 9788026866671


Page: 1609

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This carefully crafted ebook: "LITTLEPAGE MANUSCRIPTS – Complete Trilogy: Satanstoe, The Chainbearer & The Redskins" is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. The Littlepage Manuscripts follow three generations of a Dutch-originated family settling in America, beginning in the mid-eighteenth century. The trilogy is a fictional biography of the Littlepage family which explores the 18th century colony of New York. Novels focus mainly on issues of land ownership and the displacement of American Indians as the United States moves westward. Critical to the trilogy of these novels, is the sense of expansion through the measuring and acquisition of land by civilization. Narratives in these fictional manuscripts reveal a lot about the mentality of the people at that point in history. Satanstoe is the first novel of the trilogy with Mr. Cornelius Littlepage as the main narrator. His writings and descriptions paint the idyllic picture of the life of Dutch colonists. The Chainbearer is the second book in a trilogy, narrated by Mordaunt Littlepage. The title represents the man who carries the chains in measuring the land, helping civilization to grow from the wilderness. Here is described cultural lack of understanding Native Americans had for European concepts of land ownership. The Redskins is the final part of the trilogy with Mr. Hugh Roger Littlepage as narrator. This book closes the series of the Littlepage Manuscripts, which have been given to the world as containing a fair account of the comparative sacrifices of time, money, and labor, made respectively by the landlord and the tenants, on a New York estate. James Fenimore Cooper (1789-1851) was a prolific and popular American writer of the early 19th century. His historical romances of frontier and Indian life created a unique form of American literature. His best-known works are five historical novels of the frontier period known as the Leatherstocking Tales.

The Songmaker Epic fantasy complete trilogy The Songmaker Epic fantasy complete trilogy

“Much is changing within the Realms but at least for the moment the way between Fire and Earth remains open.” Rovann drifted closer to the gate. ... Tanyaka was silent for a long time. ... I will lend you the full ...

Author: Elizabeth Baxter

Publisher: Elizabeth Baxter



Page: 885

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Two unlikely heroes. One chance to save humanity. They'll take those odds. In a land ravaged by civil war mages battle for supremacy whilst warlords rule the remnants of a broken population. And, sensing weakness, dark forces gather beyond the Veil, ready to punch a hole into this reality… Into this arena step two reluctant saviors. Maegwin, a tormented priestess, is the last of her kind. The sole survivor of a murderous attack on her temple, she knows her goddess would preach forgiveness for her enemies. But Maegwin dreams only of revenge. Rovann, a loyal mage, bows under the weight of expectation. As King's Mage, the people look to him for leadership. But after the death of his wife, he dreams only of following her into oblivion. Somehow these two damaged souls must learn to trust each other, for only united will they have the power to face the ancient evil that is stirring. But that's easier said than done. Because the Songmaker is waiting and if they falter, he will crush them utterly. This box set contains all three books of The Songmaker series: The Last Priestess, the King's Mage and The Traitor's Song. It is a fantasy series in the spirit of epics such as A Song of Ice and Fire and The Wheel of Time. Step into a world of warring mages, fantastical creatures, and heroes who have the courage to stand against the darkness. If you love Game of Thrones, The Wheel of Time or The Sword of Truth, you'll love this epic tale of darkness and redemption. Scroll up and grab your copy today!