The Shaman s JourneyThe Shaman s Journey

journey is to find a gift for yourself, one that may be hidden away deep within, that needs to come to the surface. ... Greet your animal companions, and then go with them along the path that goes up the mountain to your Shaman cave.

Author: Liz Francis

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781514445242


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The Shaman's Journey, not only includes stories in Liz's life where she has communicated and learnt from Spirit, but also includes journeys and meditations where she helps you to visit the Spirit world yourself and learn how to live your life in a shamanic way. She talks about when she drew Spirit Guides, and tells you how you can meet your own Spirit Guides and guardian animals. The book includes meditations and shamanic journeys, and she has a clear and concise way of describing spirituality in a simple understandable way that is nature based.

The Nature of Shamanism and the Shamanic StoryThe Nature of Shamanism and the Shamanic Story

The shamanicgift” and the so-called “mastery” of spirits can be described as being double-edged: “they are not actively sought but are rather imposed against the shaman's will, and as well as granting power also cause lifelong ...

Author: Michael Berman

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443808149


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The book makes out a case for the introduction of a new genre of tale, the shamanic story, which has either been based on or inspired by a shamanic journey, or contains a number of the elements that are typical of such a journey. The stories featured are the Book of Jonah from the Old Testament, two traditional stories from the Republic of Georgia–The Earth will take its Own and Davit, a contemporary German tale Bundles, and the Korean story of Shimchong, the Blindman’s Daughter. By making use of textual material from a number of different cultures and times, the intention is to highlight the pervasive influence shamanism has had and to show how the “new” genre being proposed is a universal one. The research questions addressed include 1) defining what shamanism is, deciding whether it should be classified as a religion, a methodology or a way of life 2) considering whether a case can be made out for the introduction of a new genre of tale and, if so, what its characteristics are. It is hoped the book will be of interest not only to those involved in the study of shamanism but also to those whose interest is in the study of literary texts. Since the old bearers of shamanic traditions quite often were, and even today are, illiterate, the study of their folklore–epic songs, laments, narratives–undoubtedly provides a rich source for research.

Seaweed and ShamansSeaweed and Shamans

Acknowledgements Introduction The Rose Thief Gift of Flowers Breathing Lessons Gift of Wellness Schnip Schnaps Gift of Journals Faux Pas Gift of Emotions Matter Over Mind Gift of Courage Grace and Good Deed Gift of Generosity A Grave ...

Author: Brenda Paik Sunoo

Publisher: Seoul Selection

ISBN: 9781624120046


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"Heartfelt and at times heart-rending, SEAWEED AND SHAMANS details Brenda Paik Sunoo's journey through grief into solace. Written with courage and generosity, her collection of essays traverses personal memory and Korean-American history, as well as the thoughts and drawings garnered from diary entries of the child she lost. A testimony to the endurance of faith and art, life and love. SEAWEED AND SHAMANS is a gift of healing.

Shamanic WorldsShamanic Worlds

The shaman's helper, and sometimes all those present, took part in the ritual. The impact of the actions of the celebrant was greatly augmented by the diversity of sounds produced from the drum and the jingling of iron pendants caused ...

Author: Marjorie Mandelstam Balzer

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781315487311


Page: 216

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The ancient heartland of shamanism is no longer forbidden territory - to travelers or to the spirits. But the spirits never left the vastnesses of Siberia and Central Asia, as these writings reveal. Russian and native experts, and an American cultural anthropologist who has done fieldwork in the region, introduce us to shamans as the poets, therapists, healers, and even leaders of their communities. Among the special features of this collection are remarkable transcriptions of shamanic exhortations and a pathbreaking study of shamanic tales and rituals.

Consciousness from Zombies to AngelsConsciousness from Zombies to Angels

Each of us comes into the world with four special “gifts”—different ways of knowing about ourselves and our world. I call these “The Philosopher's Gift” of reason, “The Scientist's Gift” of observing, “The Shaman's Gift” of feeling, ...

Author: Christian de Quincey

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781594777608


Page: 320

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A user-friendly, step-by-step guide to understanding the mind • Presents a practical journey into understanding consciousness--philosophy’s hardest problem, science’s final frontier, and spirituality’s deepest mystery • Offers 7 steps to transform your life using the shadow and the light of consciousness Consciousness from Zombies to Angels presents a practical, step-by-step “owner’s guide” for the mind that sorts out philosophy’s hardest problem, science’s final frontier, and spirituality’s deepest mystery--what consciousness is, how it works, and why it’s important. Christian de Quincey presents seven simple steps for understanding consciousness and how it can lead to spiritual awareness: observe your language, identify the problem, learn how to look, recognize your patterns, know yourself, embrace your shadow, and practice transformation. All of us exhibit both shadow and light, aspects of ourselves we fear and deny (our inner Zombies) as well as qualities we admire and want to radiate (our inner Angels). The key to a creative and fulfilled life is to integrate both. De Quincey reveals that the way to transformation is to accept ourselves exactly as we are--a work in progress. Readers will learn the difference between “energy talk” and “consciousness talk”; how the body affects the mind, and vice versa; and where to go for help to develop consciousness, heal emotions, or grow spiritually. De Quincey shows how to recognize and break habits and patterns that run your life, how to find out who you really are, and why facing up to your darkest fears will liberate your brightest light as you learn to embrace all of your humanity and experience the power of transformation.

Ontology of ConsciousnessOntology of Consciousness

using the ''four gifts of knowing'' for exploring consciousness: the Scientist's Gift of the senses and method; the Philosopher's Gift of reason and logic; the Shaman's Gift of participatory feeling and alternative states of ...

Author: Helmut Wautischer

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262232593


Page: 638

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Scholars from many different disciplines examine consciousness through the lens of intellectual approaches and cultures ranging from cosmology research and cell biophysics laboratories to pre-Columbian Mesoamerica and Tibetan Tantric Buddhism in a volume that extends consciousness studies beyond the limits of current neuroscience research.

Cross Cultural Issues in ArtCross Cultural Issues in Art

One source of evidence of the nature and degree of the shaman's gifts is the visual record. As Feldman notes, shamans had a capacity to draw, engrave, or model forms convincingly in the absence of the animal or other model.28 The shaman ...

Author: Steven Leuthold

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136854552


Page: 336

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This book provides an engaging introduction to aesthetic concepts, expanding the discussion beyond the usual Western theorists and Western examples.

Singing Story Healing DrumSinging Story Healing Drum

In the present day some shamans do describe a longer period of study, as did a minority in the past. In Tuva the shaman's association offers courses of study to new shamans.This has come about because the younger generation has not been ...

Author: Kira Van Deusen

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 9780773571518


Page: 224

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Endlessly fascinating, often moving, and a must read for anyone interested in the cultures of Siberia. Adele Barker, Comparative Cultural and Literary Studies, University of Arizona The history and contemporary transformation of south Siberia is illuminated through this exploration of the shamanic revival in the Turkic Republics of Tuva and Khakassia. Based on extensive field-work and including folktales, legends, and shamanic poems that elucidate spiritual traditions as well as descriptions of local rituals, Singing Story, Healing Drum is at once travel narrative, autobiography, history, and ethnology. Kira Van Deusen weaves together traditional scholarship and a personal account of her travels through Siberia and contacts with scholars, shamans, and storytellers active in reviving traditional culture. Highlighting the importance of oral literature and music, Singing Story, Healing Drum guides the reader through the often confusing phenomena of the shamanic revival, both in Russia and abroad.

Cultural Economies Past and PresentCultural Economies Past and Present

Non - shamans badger one another continually for gifts , but these ordinary people almost never ask a shaman for gifts . The shaman's ability to accumulate appears to be important for political relations with neighboring groups since ...

Author: Rhoda H. Halperin

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 029273090X


Page: 309

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When anthropologists and other students of culture want to compare different societies in such areas as the organization of land, labor, trade, or barter, they often discover that individual researchers use these concepts inconsistently and from a variety of theoretical approaches, so that data from one society cannot be compared with data from another. In this book, Rhoda Halperin offers an analytical tool kit for studying economic processes in all societies and at all times. She uniquely organizes the book around key concepts: economy, ecology, equivalencies, householding, storage, and time and the economy. These concepts are designed to facilitate the understanding of similarities, differences, and changes between contemporary and past economies. While this is not only a "how-to" book or handbook, it can be used as such. It will be of great value to scholars and students of archaeology and history, as well as to ethnographers and economists.

On the Margins of ReligionOn the Margins of Religion

The shaman's gift always has a double edge, and both the users and the shamans themselves admit to this dangerous and destructive aspect of their craft. This aspect is indispensable and desirable, because the shamans' competitive ...

Author: Frances Pine

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 9780857450111


Page: 296

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Focusing on places, objects, bodies, narratives and ritual spaces where religion may be found or inscribed, the authors reveal the role of religion in contesting rights to places, to knowledge and to property, as well as access to resources. Through analyses of specific historical processes in terms of responses to socio-economic and political change, the chapters consider implicitly or explicitly the problematic relation between science (including social sciences and anthropology in particular) and religion, and how this connects to the new religious globalisation of the twenty-first century. Their ethnographies highlight the embodiment of religion and its location in landscapes, built spaces and religious sites which may be contested, physically or ideologically, or encased in memory and often in silence. Taken together, they show the importance of religion as a resource to the believers: a source of solace, spiritual comfort and self-willed submission.