The Seven Deadly WhitesThe Seven Deadly Whites

The 7 Deadly Whites is a look at seven different variables to do with food and diet and any associations these may have with the diseases of civilization.

Author: Karl Elliot-Gough

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 9781785351808


Page: 384

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It is the author's firm belief that the ingredients of the food we eat today play a significant role in the increase in the diseases of civilization (cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression, dementia, ADD and more). It is both the ingredients of our food and what is missing from these ingredients that is having a profound effect upon our health. The Seven Deadly Whites (sugar, milk, flour, fats/oils, salt, rice and lies) is a book that concerns everyone, so it has been written for everyone, in as clear, un-jargoned vernacular as possible.

The Seven Deadly WhitesThe Seven Deadly Whites

Revealing how the diet of today is directly linked to the diseases of civilization (cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression, dementia, ADD and more).

Author: Karl Elliot-Gough


ISBN: 1785351796


Page: 384

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Revealing how the diet of today is directly linked to the diseases of civilization (cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression, dementia, ADD and more).

On Tour with the Seven Deadly SinsOn Tour with the Seven Deadly Sins

(As Doomed White Male says, “and I've seen some of the signs,” the Apocalypse with the Four Horsemen come riding onto stage in front of him, circle once, ...

Author: Mike Hood

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781543472318


Page: 202

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On Tour with the Seven Deadly Sins is a collection of six modern morality plays, which look at the dark side of human nature in a humorous way. The first two plays, On Tour and An Interview present the Seven Deadly Sins completing with each other to demonstrate which one makes the most substantial contribution to the common good. Signs of the Times features the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse who have surfaced during a particularly chaotic election cycle. In The Good Adjunct, Biz Mo (business model) makes her moves on President C. E. Ohno and puts the whole enterprise of higher education at risk. The last two plays are about what the modern age has done to Sophia (Wisdom) as seen through Aristotle and Carl Jungs competing and contradictory constructions of the human psyche. The plays move from the public to the private, from the surface to the interior, revealing that all souls fall somewhere along the continuum between service to self and service to others.

The NWO and the Woman in Heaven gives Birth Black and White PaperbackThe NWO and the Woman in Heaven gives Birth Black and White Paperback

Chapter Thirteen – Seven Virtues & Seven Sins In the table 13.07 Virtues and 7 Deadly sins relating to 7 bodies in the Heavens listed below for convenience ...

Author: Barry Gumm

Publisher: Cornerstone Targeting

ISBN: 9781545375044


Page: 404

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What you will find in this book that takes a scripture and endeavours, using simple mathematics of the universe, to prove that they are very accurate and coming true. This book does not beat around the bush and end with questions, such as “could it be? ” or “is it that? ” “Could it have been?”, and similar statements that you hear on TV and YouTube from some very “credible people” as well as the statements that can be read in their books. Many more Scriptures could have been included; however the author has tried to take a more “scientific approach” as stated further in the book. Albert Einstein said: "Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind." We prove the Bible is true even down to the second and fourth decimal point in time. To our knowledge no other book about the Bible has been able to achieve that when taking time into account, and this we do - even into the future.

Painted Faces on the Renaissance StagePainted Faces on the Renaissance Stage

... obvious black devil ) to the deceptively painted appeal of the white devil . ... white devil " who , like " Mistress Minx " —Lechery of the Seven Deadly ...

Author: Annette Drew-Bear

Publisher: Bucknell University Press

ISBN: 0838752306


Page: 139

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This is the first book to show how the painted face functioned as theatrical signal in Renaissance drama. Explaining the connection between red, white, and black makeup and sexual sin, devilish seduction, and poison, Annette Drew-Bear surveys how Renaissance dramatists used face-paint in tragedy to express a wide range of social, political, and sexual corruption. She also shows that in Renaissance comedy, playwrights exploited the many bawdy meanings of fucus, or cosmetic paint, to dramatize that "theres knauery in dawbing."

Age Of The Gentiles And The White God DelusionAge Of The Gentiles And The White God Delusion

They have all the seven deadly sins as everybody and commit them every day in their churches and synagogues. However, the ministers would tell the ...

Author: Timothy Hugee

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781477278017


Page: 456

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The book is a logical Bible study and in-depth examination of Race, Sex, Power, Politics and War. The Author addresses the false doctrine and propaganda that has been fronted for centuries, by Christianity and Judaism, as to their supremacy above other religions and races. He also examines the role these two religions have played in promoting these false doctrines, which literally contradict, the written laws of the Bible. The book further looks at Islam where the Author acknowledges the origin and foundation of its “original teachings,” as is likened by God's Commandments and as written in the Holy Bible and Holy Qur'an. The Author takes a scalpel to dissect race and religion to its core. The Author separates the gentile dogma of Christianity and Judaism and highlights their contradiction to the Laws of God. Lastly, he dwells on separation of races based on their individual religious philosophies, concluding in the introduction of Lucifer as a Chief Architect of Gentile religious doctrine and practices. Lucifer’s mission is to maintain the delusion of the white God and its false power to rule over Black and Semite people. Quotes from Author: “I am challenging the world’s Christian religious believers, communities and the general masses to follow the true laws of God. They should stop falling prey to the “False Luciferian Doctrine” and the delusion of White God.” “I affirm to the world that, I am a true servant of God who is challenging all religious ministers to debate evidence and facts, referred to in this book through the lesson chapters, so that they may distinguish the truth from the lie. I challenge them to debate about the alleged religious authorities in reference to the Christian and Jewish faith, in order to determine, if truly, their religious practices is of the God of Heaven and Earth. “I challenge all ministers to prove that they follow and believe in the commandments, Laws and Statues of God as written in the scriptures. I further challenge all of them to debate the true ethnology and race of God’s chosen people; his first family being the black and Semite (Hebrews), who are identified by their skin pigmentation and coloration; and their true religion to be “Abrahamic.” This would also prove that ‘True’ Israelites” are cousins to the Ishmaelite’s. In addition, I challenge all ministers of Jewish Authority, to a debate, as to the true ethnology of ‘True’ Hebrews of the Land of Palestine and Canaan. It is worth noting that the “true Hebrews” were removed from the Holy land, and thereafter “cursed” by God and “Scattered” unto Gentile nations in all four corners of the earth. And shall remain there, until the second coming of Jesus; as was prophesied in his Revelation war against the Christian, Jewish Armies of Gog (Europe) and Magog (America, Israel), and as foretold in the book of Revelations. I challenge them to deny that it has been 2000 years of Christian Propaganda Crusade by the gentiles and gentile Jews, and Theologians, Philosophers and Historians, to hide the true identity of the true Israelites. Their mission has been to remove parts of, and alter the Holy Scriptures, thereby changing the Laws of God. Their intention is to make everyone follow Luciferian Doctrine. Because of this, God gave Revelation unto Jesus Christ, to bring forth the final “Armageddon” to all who changed His Laws. This led to his prophecy against the Christians (Nicolaitans) and Jewish doctrine (religion), which He hated, for they are the synagogue (disciples) of Satan.

Deadly White FemaleDeadly White Female

“It's what happened November 19, 1991, between the hours of approximately 7:48 P.M. and about 7:56 P.M., a period of roughly eight minutes.

Author: Clifford L. Linedecker

Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks

ISBN: 9781429937573


Page: 288

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Successful, thirtysomething, and still recovering from a painful divorce, Roger Paulson was eager to rebuild his life with love. So when the sexy blonde who called herself Johnnie Elaine Miller answered his personals ad in an upscale Washington, D.C. magazine, he couldn't believe his luck. Smart and vivacious, "Johnnie" was Roger's dreamgirl. But love was the last thing "Johnnie Miller" had in mind. On the run from prostitution charges, a brilliant con artist with dozens of false identities, she too had found her perfect match, the ultimate sucker she could manipulate with kind words and sex--then take for everything he was worth. But when Roger discovered his Ms. Right was really a hardened criminal, the heartbroken bachelor turned her in to the authorities. Beaten at her own game, the cool reserve of the con artist exploded in uncontrollable rage. Free on bail, a crazed "Johnnie" hunted Roger down--this time to exact a horrible revenge. An irresistible seductress, she lured him into her deadly trap, then slaughtered him in cold blood. Clifford L. Linedecker's Deadly White Female is the shocking true crime story of a beautiful seductress and murder most foul.

Snow White and the Seven DwarfsSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs

While the next and final scene in Snow White fulfils the requirement of a Hollywood ... to Snow White in the guise of a pieman, offering her a deadly apple.

Author: Eric Smoodin

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781838718268


Page: 112

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On release in the 1930s, Snow White became a milestone in animated film, Disney production and the US box office. Today its fans cross generations and continents, proving that this tale of the loveable, banished princess and her seven outstanding friends possesses a special magic that makes it both an all-time Disney great and a true film classic.

White PrivilegeWhite Privilege

You could think here of the seven traditional Christian virtues and their opposites, the seven deadly sins. But being religious isn't necessary for a person ...

Author: Shannon Sullivan

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781509535309


Page: 140

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Some embrace the idea of white privilege as an important concept that helps us to make sense of the connection between race and social and political disadvantages, while others are critical or even hostile. Regardless of personal views, it can be difficult to agree on what 'white privilege' even means. Philosopher Shannon Sullivan cuts through the confusion and cross-talk to challenge what ‘everybody knows’ about white privilege. Using real-life examples, she offers a candid assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of the term, to present a better understanding of how race functions in our societies. She argues that white privilege is about more than race, that not only white people can have white privilege, and that feeling guilty about privilege can have a negative effect on the very people you feel guilty towards. In the end, she offers practical solutions for eliminating white privilege and building a fairer society. Sullivan's forcefully argued book will inspire you to think again about white privilege and what it entails.

Fatal AttractionsFatal Attractions


Author: William R. White

Publisher: Abingdon Press

ISBN: 9780687127856


Page: 85

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Written by a creative preacher, an innovative sermon series on the seven deadly sins that demonstrates a variety of sermon styles. "White has woven biblical stories, folktales, and personal experiences in sermons that are both winsome and convincing".--Michael Williams, editor of Storyteller's Companion to the Bible.

Little White Lies and the Seven Deadly SinsLittle White Lies and the Seven Deadly Sins

You would think wed grow tired of rubber-necking toward the scene of how others messed up.

Author: Laurel Jackson

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1973627825


Page: 250

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Sin. You would think wed grow tired of rubber-necking toward the scene of how others messed up. But whenever theres a fall from grace or someone lets the monster within come out, we join the throng to see whats going on. From a distance, of course. Theres no sense in getting too close. Sin is nothing new. The Seven Deadly Sins are nothing new, either. Theyve been around for centuries. Theyve been renamed, categorized, and prioritized. But still they live on. For some reason, these sinsPride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed, and Slothare considered to be the big guys. We twenty-first century Americans have an increasingly serious problem with the seven deadlies: we think either theyre way out of reach, or way too dated; they are so bad that we would never succumb to them, or too obsolete to spend any time worrying about. Meanwhile, its okay to tell the little white lie, while staying well out of the reach of the Deadlies. Except that its not. Sin is sin. It creeps into our daily lives almost before we realize it. Almost. And no matter how we slice it, sin of any size does one thing: it separates us from a relationship with God. So get ready to dive into these deadly sins and daily life. You just might be surprised to find yourself somewhere in these pages.

The Seven Deadly Sins in the Work of Dorothy L SayersThe Seven Deadly Sins in the Work of Dorothy L Sayers

... but also smothers the consumer in a floury cloud of white sugar ... Urquhart immediately plugged his mouth with a large lump of it " ( ch . 22 ) .

Author: Janice Brown

Publisher: Kent State University Press

ISBN: 0873386051


Page: 345

View: 214

An examination of the work of Dorothy L. Sayers, beginning with her early poetry and moving through her fiction to her dramas, essays and lectures. It illustrates how Sayers used popular genres to teach about sin and redemption, and how she redefined the seven deadly sins for the 20th century.

Touch of the White TigerTouch of the White Tiger

“Pride is also one of the seven deadly sins, if I recall my Bible lessons,” Gorky said. “Lower the cage, boys. It's time for the lieutenant to drink his ...

Author: Julie Beard

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781426851247


Page: 304

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"You're asking me to give up my career to love you? that's not fair, Marco." Angel Baker knew the risks. Every day she put her life on the line to protect those Detective Ric Marco and his overwhelmed police force couldn't. In twenty-second-century Chicago, victims of violent crimes turned to certified retribution specialists like Angel for justice. But when someone started murdering her colleagues, Angel had to unravel a cold-blooded conspiracy that led her to question the integrity--even the identity--of the only man who had touched her soul.

Afraid of the DarkAfraid of the Dark

What Whites and Blacks Need to Know about Each Other Jim Myers ... to get unfair advantage sounds like envy, number six on the list of Seven Deadly Sins.

Author: Jim Myers

Publisher: Chicago Review Press

ISBN: 9781556523885


Page: 360

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Details how the different opinions, tastes, and experiences of black and white Americans are both the cause and the result of the continuing racial separation in American society.

Green Talk in the White HouseGreen Talk in the White House

Bellah, “Civil Religion in America,” 15, 7. ... Stanford M. Lyman, The Seven Deadly Sins: Society and Evil (New York: St. Martin's Press, 1978), 271. 32.

Author: Tarla Rai Peterson

Publisher: Texas A&M University Press

ISBN: 9781603446358


Page: 305

View: 291

Presidents since Theodore Roosevelt have addressed the issues of clean air and water, wilderness and wetlands preservation, and the use of natural resources rhetorically in their public addresses and pragmatically in their policies and appointments to pertinent positions. In "Green Talk in the White House, "noted scholars present an array of approaches to studying environmental rhetoric and the presidency, covering a range of administrations and a diversity of viewpoints.

A History of White MagicA History of White Magic

... is a Christianisation of White Magic and the Ancient Mystery religions. ... each of which corresponds to one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and upon each of ...

Author: Gareth Knight

Publisher: Skylight Press

ISBN: 9781908011046


Page: 207

View: 531

A diverse history of the thought, philosophy and evolution of consciousness which has shaped the Western Mystery Tradition and the practice of modern ritual magic.

When Black and White Become GrayWhen Black and White Become Gray

After nearly seven-decades in contributing to the breakdown of the unhampered ... for greed is good", thereby ignoring one of the seven deadly sins, ...

Author: Richard Kay

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781452001494


Page: 364

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WHEN BLACK AND WHITE BECOME GRAY Whether we talk about Right from Wrong, Good from Evil, Black and White in contradiction of Gray, Capitalism in opposition to Socialism, Conservatives in opposition to Liberalism, Humanism, Secularism or Naturalism versus Christianity, and leading the horde Atheism opposing all and anyone believing in the Christian values of the originator Jesus Christ, as taken from Scriptures of the Holy Bible and formed into our Constitution. The lack of legitimate authority caused by the denial of God reinforces the Christians belief that God must be recognized as ruler in every sphere, including local and federal governmental politics. We are now seeing violations taking hold in this 21st century by men who want new awe-inspiring laws that bind man to authority, with exception of mans pleasure, fitness or convenience, which is not binding at all. The twentieth-century should have taught Americans that even the most basic of human rights cannot exist yet again and again apart from an absolute Christian standard. This standard is given to you in this book. Who is sovereign, and to whom is man responsible to? This source of sovereignty resides only in following Jesus Christ, and has been for over two-hundred and thirty-four years in America and is still, if we in simple terms want this very source of American freedom. But if sovereignty resides in government, whether a monarchy or a democracy, behaving in an overbearing dictatorial way, man has no appeal beyond the law of the state, and has no source of Christian truths, principles and ethics. Leading only into oppression and totalitarianism, Freedom, first of all is a question of self-determination and responsibility. In the two-years it took to do research, study and having the strength or tendency to condense not by opinion but by history, common sense and reality regarding, Capitalism, Atheism, Socialism and the strategy used by Marxists liberals to overthrow our American freedoms.