The Satanic Testament Expanded and Revised EditionThe Satanic Testament Expanded and Revised Edition

Now, a decade later, Lucifer LeGivorden is back with this special expanded and revised edition of The Satanic Testament! Blending new insights with old.

Author: Lucifer Legivorden


ISBN: 171606581X


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ten years ago, The Satanic Testament Came on to the scene, garnering praise and criticism From Satanists all over the globe. Now, a decade later, Lucifer LeGivorden is back with this special expanded and revised edition of The Satanic Testament! Blending new insights with old. LeGivorden once again, and with a liberal dose of a deranged sense of humor, strikes the proverbial Hamer to the Anvil. So hang on to your pants as you take a ride with the Devils own namesake, as the very gates of Hell get blasted open once again, on some of the lesser known mysteries of the worlds most feared religion. How are Satanic Priests ordained? What is Trapezoidal Revisionism? Was Anton LaVey really an Atheist? Is there really Satanic Sex Rituals? Can you perform a Black Mass Alone? The answers and much more are within.

Dark AwakeningDark Awakening

Also by Lucifer LeGivorden Available now on Amazon and The Satanic Testament Expanded and Revised Edition Ten years ago, The Satanic Testament came on to the scene, garnering praise and criticism from Satanists all over the ...

Author: Lucifer LeGivorden

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781329770546



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Imagine a world 10.000 years in the future. A place where your darkest desires could be fulfilled. A place where humans are food for monsters, and the morals of our world are but a shadow. A place where darkness is the new normal. Where Night is Day, and Day is Night. A world where Vampires and Werewolves are more than fiction. All Michael Mcallister wanted to do was start his life over on a newly discovered planet. But when he wakes up from thousands of years in cryosleep, he finds a world ruled by creatures from his darkest fantasies. Now he is trapped in a world ruled by aristocratic vampires, and blood thirsty werewolves. Forced to come to grips with a culture that preaches hedonistic desires, and where humans are food and willing slaves for monsters. Caught up in a political struggle for his very life and soul, Michael must now adapt or Die. Welcome to Gothos.


In this commentary, John C. L. Gibson helps contemporary readers explore the timeless story of the afflicted Job and its meaning for today.

Author: John C. L. Gibson

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

ISBN: 0664245846


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One of the most exciting and challenging books of the Bible, Job is a literary work of great majesty and power. In this commentary, John C. L. Gibson helps contemporary readers explore the timeless story of the afflicted Job and its meaning for today. Carrying forward brilliantly the pattern established by Barclay's New Testament series, the Daily Study Bible has been extended to cover the entire Old Testament as well. Invaluable for individual devotional study, for group discussion, and for classroom use, the Daily Study Bible provides a useful, reliable, and eminently readable way to discover what the Scriptures were saying then and what God is saying today.

Expanded Biblical Comments Commentary of the Old and New TestamentExpanded Biblical Comments Commentary of the Old and New Testament

(Revised Version) CR490:6 In darkness. R4987:6 Under Satan's influence; under the powers of darkness. SM240:1; R5352:5; T90 So strong are the powers of the prince of darkness influencing the minds of the world. R5352:5 Under the curse, ...

Author: Charles Taze Russell

Publisher: Chicago Bible Students



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This is an invaluable Biblical commentary on both the Old and new Testaments.

The New TestamentThe New Testament

An Expanded Translation Kenneth S. Wuest. Preface THIS HIS translation of the New Testament , unlike the standard translations such as the Authorized Version of 1611 and the American Revised Version of 1901 , uses as many English words ...

Author: Kenneth S. Wuest

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 0802808824


Page: 624

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Uses as many English words as necessary to bring out richness, force, and clarity of Greek text Intended as a companion to or commentary on standard translations Single-column Paragraph form 5 1/4 x 8 1/4 % Font size: 9

The Identity of Jesus Christ Expanded and Updated EditionThe Identity of Jesus Christ Expanded and Updated Edition

This fact, no doubt, provides a clue to the New Testament's understanding of how others are to see their own ... and ... led by the Spirit”—is depicted as rejecting the satanic temptation to tempt God (Matt 4:1–11; Luke 4:1–13).

Author: Hans W. Frei

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781625642806


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This is a book about Jesus of Nazareth. It is not a book about "story," nor about "narrative theology." Hans Frei was not a theologian of story or of narrative in any general way, and this book is neither about the narrative quality of our existence and the gospel's relation to that quality, nor about the narrative shape of the Scriptures as a whole and the call on us to place ourselves within that narrative.Rather, this is a book about the way in which Jesus of Nazareth's identity is rendered by the Gospels--largely the Synoptic Gospels, particularly the Gospel of Luke, and especially in the passion and resurrection sequences--by means of a certain kind of narrative.--from the Foreword by Mike Higton

The Dictionary of Demons Expanded RevisedThe Dictionary of Demons Expanded Revised

This was published as The Testament of Solomon, Edited from Manuscripts at Mount Athos, Bologna, Holkham Hall, Jerusalem, London, Milan, Paris and Vienna, and initially, the only version of this work I could track down was entirely in ...

Author: M. Belanger

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 9780738765495


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This premium-hardcover, limited edition of one the world's most important books on demonology has been expanded to include even more fascinating details about even more demons. Ever since the publication of the original book, author M. Belanger has been collecting material for this expanded, tenth-anniversary edition. The addition of new articles, demons, appendices, and art make the bestselling Dictionary of Demons into an even more comprehensive resource. You will discover an expanded introduction, special extended articles, an update to the Decans of the Zodiac, additional entries on demons that were not previously included, and dozens of new illustrations. These additions explore the roots of demonology, comparative mythologies, and the influence of important source texts. Compiled from intensive research on notorious and obscure sources from the Western grimoiric tradition, The Dictionary of Demons is one of the most complete compendiums of demonic names available anywhere. Presented alphabetically from Aariel to Zynextyur, more than 1,500 demons are introduced, explored, and cross-referenced by theme and elemental or planetary correspondence. This meticulously researched reference work features fascinating short articles on demonology and a wealth of woodcuts, etchings, and paintings depicting demons through the ages.

The millennial Kingdom of Christ Rev 20 1 10 The millennial Kingdom of Christ Rev 20 1 10

He argued that Gog and Magog (Ezek 38) symbolize the enemy that Satan rallies to battle against the people of God ... for the first time in 1966100 and translated into English in an ———————— expanded and revised edition in 1972101.

Author: Onyema Eke Wilfred

Publisher: Gregorian Biblical BookShop

ISBN: 9788878392472


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Of all the themes in the book of Revelation none has proved to be more controversial than the Millennial Kingdom of Christ. Notwithstanding the very vast bibliography on the theme, there is not yet a critical history which systematically measures the adequacy of the interpretations of Rev. 20,1-10 made by different interpreters. The first part of this book sets our to fill this lacuna by making available in one place the standard exegetical responses, of the past and present, to the enigmas of Rev 20,1-10. The second part, in dialogue with scholarly opinions, offers a carefully thought out exegesis of the text containing original perspectives that help to overcome the noticeable weak points in the contributions of critical biblical scholarship on this subject. It also attempts to penetrate into the theological message hidden in the suggestive words and images in the text. After that, it goes ahead to determine an interpretative paradigm that is profitable for the pastoral and spiritual application of the theological message. The exegete and the theologian will find in this study helpful data for their research. This work can also help anyone bewildered by the millenarian prophecies often associated with Rev 20,1-10 to discern the aberrations in the text’s interpretation that are not the correct statements of it’s message and meaning.