The Rule of FiveThe Rule of Five

A renowned Supreme Court advocate tells the inside story of Massachusetts v.

Author: Richard J. Lazarus

Publisher: Belknap Press

ISBN: 9780674238121


Page: 352

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A renowned Supreme Court advocate tells the inside story of Massachusetts v. EPA, the landmark case that made it possible for the EPA to regulate greenhouse gasses--from the Bush administration's fierce opposition, to the internecine conflicts among the petitioners, to the razor-thin 5-4 victory.

Building a Government Based on the Rule of LawBuilding a Government Based on the Rule of Law

Chapter five of the Human Rules provided procedures for particular administrative acts, such as administrative contracts, administrative guidance, ...

Author: Huaide Ma

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789811309991


Page: 214

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This book offers a comprehensive assessment of the successes and failures in China’s current legal system construction. It systematically and comprehensively examines the development of China’s rule of law policy since the reform and opening up, as well as future trends. The main areas covered include: The course, achievements and motivation behind China’s construction of law-based administration; Development, status quo and general characteristics of administrative legislation; Reform of the administrative examination and approval system and the administrative licensing system; The relationship between social security system reform, beneficial administration and service government; The development of administrative law in China; Origin of the concept of due process, experiences with and development trends concerning China’s administrative legislative procedure; The importance of government information, open practices, problems and development trend; History, current situation, reform mechanism of the emergency management system and the improvement of the legal system for emergency requisitions; The course, practical problems in and reasons for the enhanced approach of administrative reconsideration system; The course, achievements in, current situation and enhanced approach of administrative litigation system; The course of the national compensation system; and the construction of responsible government and administrative accountability system.

International Governance and the Rule of Law in China under the Belt and Road InitiativeInternational Governance and the Rule of Law in China under the Belt and Road Initiative

... plan composed of five cascades of dams on the Nu in China's 12th Five-Year ... second plan did not proceed.10 The newly released 13th Five-Year Plan did ...

Author: Yun Zhao

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108349727



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The edited volume aims at examining China's role in the field of international governance and the rule of law under the Belt and Road Initiative from a holistic manner. It seeks alternative analytical frameworks that not only take into account legal ideologies and legal ideals, but also local demand, socio-political circumstances, to explain and understand China's legal interactions with countries along the Road, so that more useful insights can be produced in predicting and analysing China's as well as other emerging Asian countries' legal future. Authors from Germany, Korea, Singapore, Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong have contributed to this edited volume, which produces academic dialogues and conducts intellectual exchanges in specific sub-themes.

Tax Evasion and the Rule of Law in Latin AmericaTax Evasion and the Rule of Law in Latin America

In the United States, the Criminal Investigation Division (cid) investigated and prosecuted an average of five thousand cases yearly in the 1970s and 1980s.

Author: Marcelo Bergman

Publisher: Penn State Press

ISBN: 9780271035635


Page: 280

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Few tasks are as crucial for the future of democracy in Latin America&—and, indeed, in other underdeveloped areas of the world&—as strengthening the rule of law and reforming the system of taxation. In this book, Marcelo Bergman shows how success in getting citizens to pay their taxes is related intimately to the social norms that undergird the rule of law. The threat of legal sanctions is itself insufficient to motivate compliance, he argues. That kind of deterrence works best when citizens already have other reasons to want to comply, based on their beliefs about what is fair and about how their fellow citizens are behaving. The problem of &"free riding,&" which arises when cheaters can count on enough suckers to pay their taxes so they can avoid doing so and still benefit from the government&’s supply of public goods, cannot be reversed just by stringent law, because the success of governmental enforcement ultimately depends on the social equilibrium that predominates in each country. Culture and state effectiveness are inherently linked. Using a wealth of new data drawn from his own multidimensional research involving game theory, statistical models, surveys, and simulations, Bergman compares Argentina and Chile to show how, in two societies that otherwise share much in common, the differing traditions of rule of law explain why so many citizens evade paying taxes in Argentina&—and why, in Chile, most citizens comply with the law. In the concluding chapter, he draws implications for public policy from the empirical findings and generalizes his argument to other societies in Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe.

OMB Efforts to Repeal the Rule of TwoOMB Efforts to Repeal the Rule of Two

If the fixed number of five ( 5 ) were established ( per Mike's suggestion ) and only 3 or 4 responsible small firms were available to compete for ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Small Business. Subcommittee on SBA and SBIC Authority, Minority Enterprise, and General Small Business Problems


ISBN: PSU:000011991342


Page: 692

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Champions of the Rule of LawChampions of the Rule of Law

... to the value of five shillings in a shop, he said in his Memoirs: I rank these prelates amongst the members who were solicited to vote against the Bill, ...

Author: John Hostettler

Publisher: Waterside Press

ISBN: 9781904380689


Page: 192

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An account of the lawyers who helped - over centuries - to develop and protect civil liberties, human rights and the Rule of Law. Also discusses breaches of the Rule of Law in modern cases and in response to terrorism.

The Jews in Sicily Volume 18 Under the Rule of Aragon and SpainThe Jews in Sicily Volume 18 Under the Rule of Aragon and Spain

The secrezia of Palermo paid five ounces to the schoolteacher of the Jewish community in Palermo. He was followed in 1416 by master Chaim de Levi of Mazara ...

Author: Shlomo Simonsohn

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004186552


Page: 650

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This volume documents the history of the Jews in Sicily based on notarial and court records. It illustrates the economic, social, and religious history of the Jewish minority and the relations with the Christian majority. The volume is provided with additional bibliography and indexes while the introduction will appear at the end of the series.

Rule of Law DynamicsRule of Law Dynamics

... Wolfgang Merkel summarizes what we know about the state of rule of law globally and regionally on the basis of a survey of five well-known rule of law ...

Author: Michael Zurn

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139510974



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This volume explores the various strategies, mechanisms and processes that influence rule of law dynamics across borders and the national/international divide, illuminating the diverse paths of influence. It shows to what extent, and how, rule of law dynamics have changed in recent years, especially at the transnational and international levels of government. To explore these interactive dynamics, the volume adopts an interdisciplinary approach, bringing together the normative perspective of law with the analytical perspective of social sciences. The volume contributes to several fields, including studies of rule of law, law and development, and good governance; democratization; globalization studies; neo-institutionalism and judicial studies; international law, transnational governance and the emerging literature on judicial reforms in authoritarian regimes; and comparative law (Islamic, African, Asian, Latin American legal systems).

Relocating the Rule of LawRelocating the Rule of Law

Multani explained that the kirpan was one of five essential elements (one of the five 'k's) in the uniform of his religion. From the perspective of the ...

Author: Gianluigi Palombella

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781847314727


Page: 244

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In this set of interdisciplinary essays leading scholars discuss the future of the Rule of Law, a concept whose meaning and import has become ever more topical and elusive. Historically the term denoted the idea of 'government limited by law'. It has also come to be equated, more broadly, with certain goods suggested by the idea of legality as such, including the preservation of human dignity and other individual and social benefits predicated upon or conducive to a rule-based social order. But in both its narrow and broader senses the Rule of Law remains a much contested concept. These essays seek to capture the main areas and levels of controversy by 'relocating' the Rule of Law not just at the philosophical level, but also in its main contemporary arenas of application - both national, and increasingly, supranational and international.

Judge Bao and the Rule of LawJudge Bao and the Rule of Law

When old Mr. Yang came to the gate to have a look, He saw five yamen runners standing before his gate. Old Mr. Yang then asked them the following question: ...

Author: Wilt L. Idema

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789814277013


Page: 417

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Pure, orthodox and incorruptible, Judge Bao has been serving as the preeminent embodiment of justice in China for almost a thousand years, so much so his court case have been adapted as stories, novels and plays over the centuries. Now, for the very first time a series of eight ballad-stories on Judge Bao, dating from the period 1250ndash;1450, are offered in a complete and annotated translation. These texts will provide the reader a complete reflection of the legend of Judge Bao in its earliest phase of development, with an extended introduction placing the ballad-stories in context with the development of the Judge Bao legend. These ballad-stories, in contrast to past plays dating from the same period, present abuse of power and corruption as endemic in the courts and bureaucratic service, and show Judge Bao imposing the rule of law even on the emperor.

The Rule of Law in Monetary AffairsThe Rule of Law in Monetary Affairs

Participation in the FSAP is voluntary for the countries, except for the twenty-five countries for which FSAs are part of bilateral surveillance and thus ...

Author: Thomas Cottier

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107063631


Page: 656

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Addresses central monetary law and policy debates, especially the links between international investment law and trade regulation within the WTO.

Bloody Sunday and the Rule of Law in Northern IrelandBloody Sunday and the Rule of Law in Northern Ireland

Accordingly it granted the victims and their families a composite legal team of five leading counsel and five junior counsel in addition to the services of ...

Author: D. Walsh

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230514461


Page: 349

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Drawing on original research into explosive evidence which had been concealed for twenty-five years, this book offers a devastating critique of the official Widgery Inquiry into the massacre of innocent and unarmed civilians by British soldiers on Bloody Sunday. It exposes the Inquiry as a gross denial of justice and the rule of law. Expert analysis of the subordination of law to security policy in Northern Ireland reveals that the Bloody Sunday experience is an integral part of a sustained pattern. Belated prospects for a restoration of justice and the rule of law are found in the Good Friday Peace Agreement and the unprecedented establishment of a second Tribunal of Inquiry into Bloody Sunday.

Reconceptualising the Rule of Law in Global Governance Resources Investment and TradeReconceptualising the Rule of Law in Global Governance Resources Investment and Trade

Similarly, parties can ask to have their case heard by a five-member chamber. In that—rare—occasion, parties can suggest certain members of the Court and ...

Author: Photini Pazartzis

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781509901784


Page: 520

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The relevance and importance of the rule of law to the international legal order cannot be doubted and was recently reaffirmed by the Declaration of the High-level Meeting of the General Assembly on the Rule of Law at the National and International Level's solemn commitment to it on behalf of states and international organizations. In this edited collection, leading scholars and practitioners from the fields of global governance, resources, investment and trade examine how the commitment to the rule of law manifests itself in the respective fields. The book looks at cutting-edge issues within each field and examines the questions arising from the interplay between them. With a clear three-part structure, it explores each area in detail and addresses contemporary challenges while trying to assure a commitment to the rule of law. The contributions also consider how the rule of law has been or should be reconceptualised. Taking a multi-disciplinary approach, the book will appeal to international lawyers from across the spectrum, including practitioners in the field of international investment and trade law.


... cater essentially to the upper echelons of society, giving rise to the intriguing question, as to what drove the investment for the purchase of five Air ...

Author: Nihal Sri Ameresekere

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781481781763


Page: 822

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This is the most controversial Book, containing complex shocking revelations, in the series of Books by the Author, wherein most difficult topics are excellently and diligently dealt with, exposing realities in politics, and non-dispensation of justice, with judiciary acting sans jurisdiction, ultra-vires the Constitution, denying natural justice, making a mockery of the `rule of law', paying scant regard to United Nations Conventions on Human Rights. The range of cases and topics dealt with is indeed amazing making exhorbing reading. Commencing with his own exposure to politics, paying high tribute to minority Tamils in Sri Lanka, the Author brings out stunning prevalent reality. Makes startling disclosures on Sri Lanka's most controversial Presidential Election of 2010, and incarceration, as a villain, a Presidential Candidate, a trusted Army General, once hailed, as the `best Army General in Asia', having led the country's armed forces to crush one of the most feared terrorists organizations, internationally banned, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam. The most difficult and delicate subject of `judicial bias and disqualification' at highest levels of the judiciary is dealt with, including the controversy which reverberated on the endeavour by the Legislature to impeach a Chief Justice, whose husband, having held high profile political office, was impleaded in a dubious share scandal, involving the country's leading Savings Bank. Author incisively delves into an important case of abduction of a Tamil businessman, and the horrendous anonymous allegations of trading in human body parts, during the war against the terrorists, allegedly with Indian and Israeli connections. Author analyses real case studies, involving foreign investments, demonstrating classic instances of dubious judicial processes, including subversion of action, vis-à-vis, fabricated forged documents of public officers tendered to Court, involving questionable professional conduct, and indifference by law enforcement authorities, including Attorney General, Chief Law Officer of the State.

Asian Discourses of Rule of LawAsian Discourses of Rule of Law

Theories and Implementation of Rule of Law in Twelve Asian Countries, ... it was embodied as one of five key principles constituting the Rukunegara , or the ...

Author: Randall P. Peerenboom

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415326125


Page: 479

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Rule of law, one of the pillars of the modern world, has emerged in Western liberal democracies. This book considers how rule of law is viewed and implemented in the different cultural, economic and political context of Asia.