The Real DianaThe Real Diana

If you'd just write about the real Diana, it would make all the difference.'" --Lady Colin Campbell Who was the real Diana?

Author: Lady Colin Campbell

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9781466850781


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"When I met Diana at a mutual friend's house in 1990, I was astonished by her conduct. Up to this point, the Diana I had encountered was a princess who had behaved very much in keeping with the forms and traditions of royalty. In social situations, she was as circumspect as the rest of them, as indeed all ladies are.... "Now, however, she was the antithesis of circumspect. Throwing caution and reserve to the wind, she said that she wanted me to write the truth about her life 'because I feel as if the whole fairy tale is crushing whatever's left of the real me.... If you'd just write about the real Diana, it would make all the difference.'" --Lady Colin Campbell Who was the real Diana? What was it like to be so privileged yet so anguished, so beloved yet so self-loathing, so spoiled yet so despairing? The Princess of Wales was all these things--far more complicated, conflicted, and intriguing a person than the wildly disparate saint or lunatic she is frequently portrayed to be. Royal insider Lady Colin Campbell sets the record straight on many of the most controversial aspects of Diana's turbulent life: how Charles and Diana's engagement came to pass, though it seemed ill-advised to those closest to both of them; what their honeymoon was really like; the truth behind Diana's bulimia, her widely reported suicide attempts, and her obsession with Camilla Parker Bowles; Diana's search for love and fulfillment with numerous men before, during, and after her marriage; her brilliant manipulations of the press; and her relationship with Dodi Fayed. Lady Colin Campbell's New York Times bestselling biography Diana in Private was the first to expose the truth about Diana and her troubled marriage. In The Real Diana, she reveals that the reason she knew so much about what went on behind the palace gates was because Diana herself was the source. Drawing upon these confidences--as well as on conversations with countless people who knew Diana and with Diana herself in the final years of her life--Lady Colin Campbell combines true insight with true compassion to bring us the most intimate and revealing portrait of the Princess of Wales that we will ever have.

The Real DianaThe Real Diana

And Daniel Wiggin, being younger than Diana and a friend of her brother's, remained a peripheral personality in her life, though he never went on to fill the role of boyfriend. Shortly afterwards, Diana met James Colthurst, ...

Author: Lady Colin Campbell

Publisher: eBook Partnership

ISBN: 9781909807495


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Royal insider Lady Colin Campbell was the first to predict the Waleses' separation and divorce, in her international bestseller, Diana in Private. People magazine said of it: 'Some Palace watchers note that she has an impressive roster of well-placed contacts and credit her with writing the most believable Diana biography'; while Lynn Barber, in the Daily Telegraph, called it 'Jaw-droppingly sensational'. The Real Diana contains startling new revelations about Diana which Lady Colin Campbell has unearthed since Diana's tragic death, including new theories on her death itself. The Real Diana is based on 35 interviews with Princess Diana conducted by Lady Colin Campbell – and for the first time Lady Colin Campbell names her Royal sources. Newly updated in 2013 with an Afterword that reveals Lady Colin's insights into the inquest into Diana's death, the years that have followed, and the birth of Prince George.

The Real Diana DorsThe Real Diana Dors

But despite the trials she endured, Diana's fee was fixed at £10 a day to be paid in cash, and after two weeks of filming, she walked away with a £150 fortune. A few months after she finished filming Dancing with Crime, Diana was sent ...

Author: Anna Cale

Publisher: White Owl

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The story of Swindon-born film star Diana Dors is one of fame, glamour and intrigue. From the moment she came into the world, her life was full of drama. Her acting career began in the shadow of the Second World War, entering the film world as a vulnerable young teenager and negotiating the difficult British studio system of the 1940s and 50s. Yet she battled against the odds to become one of the most iconic British actors of the 20th century. This book follows her remarkable story, from childhood in suburban Swindon, to acting success as a teenager and finding fame as the ‘the English Marilyn Monroe’. Many remember her as an outspoken and sometimes controversial figure, grabbing headlines for her personal life as often as her film roles. For Diana, image seemed to be everything, but there was more to her than the ‘blonde bombshell’ reputation suggested. A talented actor, she worked on numerous film and television projects, building a fascinating career that spanned decades. Set against the backdrop of the changing social landscape of twentieth century Britain, this book charts the ups and downs of her diverse acting career and her tumultuous private life, to build a fascinating picture of a truly unique British screen icon.

Diana William and HarryDiana William and Harry

“I have a real feeling”: Cojean, “Final Views Princess Diana's Last Substantive Interview.” “10 pages of the most”: Steve Myall, “Inside Princess Diana's Last Summer of Love, Heartbreak and Murder,” Mirror, August 31, 2019.

Author: James Patterson

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781529157833


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'[A] pacy, frictionless read' Sunday Telegraph 'Cinematic. . . an entertaining and persuasive study of the royal family' Publisher's Weekly 'Patterson treats the princess as a person and tells the story from a mother's perspective' Kirkus ______________________________ Twenty-five years after her tragic death, James Patterson tells the heartbreaking true story of Princess Diana's life as a mother and a global icon. At the age of thirteen, she became Lady Diana Spencer. At twenty, Princess of Wales. At twenty-one, she earned her most important title: Mother. As she fell in love, first with Prince Charles and then with her sons, William and Harry, the world fell in love with the young royal family - Diana most of all. With one son destined to be King and one needing to find his own way, she taught them lessons about royal tradition and also real life. 'William and Harry will be properly prepared,' Diana once promised. 'I am making sure of this.' Even after her tragic death, the strength of her love for her sons remains an enduring inspiration, not only for the two princes, but for the entire world. ______________________________ Praise for James Patterson 'The master storyteller of our times' Hillary Rodham Clinton 'One of the greatest storytellers of all time' Patricia Cornwell 'Truly astonishing' Bob Woodward

Lady Diana s DisguiseLady Diana s Disguise

Simon watched from his bedroom window as Diana trudged down the long, frost covered driveway, her head held high. Despite inhabiting the wrong ... And I saw the real Lady Diana just a few moments ago..." The Lady grabbed his forearm ...

Author: Bree Verity

Publisher: Bardic Books

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How can fairy godmother Fenella bring about Diana’s happily ever after when she ruined her chances of love years ago? Diana is forced to choose between two suitors when her new stepmother forces her out of the only home she’s ever known. But while she likes both of the gentlemen, neither of them sets her heart ablaze as did her childhood playmate and first love, Simon Moore. Maneuvered into a position at a house party where she will need to make her preference known, the choice is made even more difficult because Simon has been invited to the same party. Fenella, hoping to help Diana make up her mind, transforms her into a housemaid so she can snoop through her suitors’ belongings, with the hope she will be able to make a choice when she is changed back. But then Fenella disappears, and Diana begins to think she might have to remain a housemaid forever. Will her old love, Simon, be able to help her? And even if she is restored, will be make the right choice of suitor? If you love regency, romance and magic, Lady Diana's Disguise is written just for you.

The Faber Pocket Guide to OperaThe Faber Pocket Guide to Opera

When Calisto later mistakes the real Diana for Jupiter–Diana and attempts to renew the love-play, the real Diana is appalled at her lesbian indecency. The situation is further complicated by the real Diana's secret passion for the ...

Author: Rupert Christiansen

Publisher: Faber & Faber

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This new edition of leading opera critic Rupert Christiansen's perennially popular Pocket Guide has between extensively revised, and incorporates many more operas from all periods, including recent works by Philip Glass, Mark Anthony Turnage, Thomas Adès and George Benjamin. Whether you are a first-timer at La Boheme or a seasoned Wagnerian, every opera-goer can benefit from a little background information, and this book aims to provide just that. Accessible and easy-to-use, it contains entries for over a hundred works, both familiar and unfamiliar.

Who Was Princess Diana Who Was Princess Diana

Learn how Lady Diana Spencer became the People's Princess as she takes her place in the ranks of the Who Was? series.

Author: Ellen Labrecque

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780515158625


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Learn how Lady Diana Spencer became the People's Princess as she takes her place in the ranks of the Who Was? series. A shy twenty-year-old girl stepped out of a horse-drawn coach and into the world spotlight, capturing the imagination of millions as a real life fairytale princess. Although the storybook marriage didn't have a happy ending, Diana learned to use her fame as a way to champion charitable causes near to her heart. She became the People's Princess by humanizing the image of the royal family and showing care and concern for all people, including the homeless, the sick, and others in need.


An intimate portrait of the Princess of Wales describes her public and private life, reveals details about her marital problems, and discusses her attitudes toward motherhood and public service.

Author: Andrew Morton


ISBN: 0671798782


Page: 308

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An intimate portrait of the Princess of Wales describes her public and private life, reveals details about her marital problems, and discusses her attitudes toward motherhood and public service.

The Way We WereThe Way We Were

We learn of her amusing Hollywood relationships, the true depth of her happiness with 'The One'; the amazing story that illustrates her compassion; her sisterhood with Sarah Ferguson—and the desperate attempts to heal their rift; and a ...

Author: Paul Burrell

Publisher: William Morrow

ISBN: WISC:89091957407


Page: 288

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The former butler and trusted confidant of the late Princess of Wales offers his memories of her private life at home in Kensington Palace and discusses her personal relationships and her search for happiness in the final years of her life.