The Place of the Hidden MoonThe Place of the Hidden Moon

Certainly I would never have been able to write my first book about Siva until 1'he Place of the Hidden Moon had created a space for that book within the whole new world of possibilities that it introduced for the study of Indian ...

Author: Edward C. Dimock

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226152370


Page: 299

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The Vaisnava-sahajiya cult that arose in Bengal in the sixteenth century was an intensely emotional attempt to reconcile the sensual and the ascetic. Exploring the history and doctrine of this cult, Edward C. Dimock, Jr., examines the works of numerous poets who are the source of knowledge about this sect. Dimock examines the life of the saint Caitanya, the mad Baul singers, the doctrines of Tantrism, the origins of the figure of Radha, and the worship of Krishna. His study will appeal to students of the history of religion as well as of Indian culture. This edition includes a new Foreword by Wendy Doniger. "This is a magnificent book—painstakingly researched and gracefully written. . . . Professor Dimock's book is one of the most rewarding and stimulating studies to appear in recent years."—G. Richard Weldon, Journal of Asian Studies

Trouble on The Hidden MoonTrouble on The Hidden Moon

They landed on an open piece of land in dim light, in an area outside the darkest part of the moon. As soon as everyone was unloaded, the Dragarons and Rundalons headed back to the fortress to pick up others. Daveen came over to Jack.

Author: J. S. Keim

Publisher: Wild Quail Publishing

ISBN: 9781513041001


Page: 102

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Another message, one they hoped never to receive, the single word “Grun” sends Jack Coughlin, his brother, Collin, and their friend, Danny, back to The Hidden Moon and a fight for their lives! Jack Coughlin’s magical stone from Anron sends another Morse Code message. This time the dots and dashes spell G-R-U-N, the name of the evil creature they all thought was dead. Jack, his brother, Collin, and their friend, Danny, return to outer space to help their Anronite friends, Karna and Nidar. Grun, the enemy of the People of Light, is very much alive and is determined to rule The Hidden Moon for his own. The battles to save Anron from Grun’s control take the boys from the dark side of the moon to the dangerous Bogg on nearby Planet IXX where they must risk their lives to win the freedom to go back home again. Be sure to read the other books in the series: The Hidden Moon and Return to the Hidden Moon, where more adventures await the boys and their two new moon friends, Nidar and Karna.

Hidden MoonHidden Moon

The place was much as I remembered — an old house, updated bit by bit over the years. The color of the paint had changed. New carpet brightened the hall, as well as the new furniture in the living room. The hardwood floors shone a bit ...

Author: Lori Handeland

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9780330538060


Page: 352

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He’s got a secret . . . Claire Kennedy left Lake Bluff, Georgia, for the bright lights of Atlanta and a promising career in journalism. Now, recovering from a cruel betrayal, she’s back in the one place she always felt safe, starting over as Lake Bluff’s new mayor. But then trouble comes to town in the form of Malachi Cartwright, a man whose past is as mysterious as his present – a man who awakens something dangerous in sensible, realistic Claire. . . . that leaves her hungry for more. When a tourist claims to have been mauled by a vicious wolf, and when the attacks turn deadly, Malachi’s strange behaviour rouses Claire’s suspicions. Could he have a secret agenda and a sinister reason for coming to Lake Bluff? Malachi is the only man who could tempt Claire to succumb to her desires – but he’s the last person she can trust. And as an eclipse approaches, the secrets of the hidden moon will come to light and a deadly enemy will be revealed at last . . . ‘No one delivers better thrills than Handeland’ Romantic Times Book Reviews

Return to The Hidden MoonReturn to The Hidden Moon

That's why we ended up on Anron in the first place. What if he sends us to the wrong place again?” “Remember what Gene told us,” Jack said. ... It might be the last familiar food he'd eat for some time. 3 Return to The Hidden Moon.

Author: J. S. Keim

Publisher: Wild Quail Publishing

ISBN: 9780996435031


Page: 72

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A secret call for help sends Jack Coughlin, his brother, Collin, and Collin’s friend, Danny, back to The Hidden Moon to save their new friends! The Hidden Moon adventures continue when twelve-year-old Jack Coughlin awakes to find the stone on his bedroom dresser glowing green. It’s not just any stone; it’s a special stone given to him when he, his younger brother, Collin, and their friend, Danny, magically visited Anron, The Hidden Moon. The stone is flashing a signal: dit-dit-dit, dah-dah-dah, dit-dit-dit: S-O-S in Morse Code. It can only mean one thing, their new Anronite friends, Karna and Nidar, need their help. The boys once again magically return to The Hidden Moon to discover Karna’s father, Minron, the head of the People of Light, has been declared missing after being assigned the role of King on nearby Planet IXX. They discover Minron’s twin brother, Ronmin, had been tricked by the evil Grun into thinking Minron should be dethroned, not knowing Grun is doing this so he, himself, can take over as and destroy the People of Light. Jack makes a secret mission to Planet IX to inform the twins what Grun is doing, and then he, the other boys, and their new friends are caught in a dragon-filled battle to get rid of Grun. Another exciting fun fantasy adventure for middle-grade boys and girls! Be sure to read the other books in the series: Return to the Hidden Moon, and Trouble on the Hidden Moon, where more adventures await the boys and their two new moon friends, Nidar and Karna.

Hindu SpiritualityHindu Spirituality

Dimock , Edward C. The Place of Hidden Moon : Erotic Mysticism in the Vaişnava - Sahajiya Cult of Bengal . Chicago : University of Chicago Press , 1966 . trans . The Thief of Love : Bengali Tales . Chicago : Chicago University Press ...

Author: K. R. Sundararajan

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publ.

ISBN: 8120819373


Page: 584

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The term hindu is referred to the religious life of the people of India, and Spirituality understood as wisdom about the way back into the ground of pluralism of religious forms. These two volumes are strucrtured along the division between the classical and the postclassical.Twenty seven scholars from around the world shed light on the spiritual beauty of Hinduisms poetry art and temples, festivals and music, as well as the contributions of modern pioneers such as Swami Vivekananda Sri Aurobindo, Mahatma Gandhi and others.

The Hidden MoonThe Hidden Moon

It's called the Hidden Moon because most others don't know we even exist until they come upon us. Only a small portion of Anron can be seen from behind Planet IXX and then just from a certain angle. Most of the moon is in darkness—some ...

Author: J. S. Keim

Publisher: Wild Quail Publishing

ISBN: 9780996435024


Page: 70

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Three boys, a Box, a Genie, a Wish … what could go wrong? Twelve-year-old Jack Coughlin and his younger brother, Collin, and Collin’s friend, Danny, find a small wooden box that’s supposed to hold magic. A genie answers their call. But he hasn’t been out and about for years, and instead of flying them to the Space Center in Florida like Jack wants, the genie mistakenly sends them to outer space. On the eerie hidden moon of Anron, things are not what they seem—boys and girls can change shape, and pears hanging from trees unfold into flying dragons to carry them into battle. When the magic box is stolen from Jack, he must figure out a way to get them all safely home. But first they must help their new friends and the People of Light. An exciting adventure story for middle-grade boys and girls! Be sure to read the next books in the series: Return to the Hidden Moon, and Trouble on the Hidden Moon where more adventures await the boys and their two new moon friends, Nidar and Karna.

Tantra in PracticeTantra in Practice

That Place of the Hidden Moon is apprehended by joining the two principles together. Behold how all the regions of the vast cosmos emerge in that special place. The Pond of Lust is reached through the ninth door of the human body.

Author: David Gordon White

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691190457


Page: 640

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As David White explains in the Introduction to Tantra in Practice, Tantra is an Asian body of beliefs and practices that seeks to channel the divine energy that grounds the universe, in creative and liberating ways. The subsequent chapters reflect the wide geographical and temporal scope of Tantra by examining thirty-six texts from China, India, Japan, Nepal, and Tibet, ranging from the seventh century to the present day, and representing the full range of Tantric experience--Buddhist, Hindu, Jain, and even Islamic. Each text has been chosen and translated, often for the first time, by an international expert in the field who also provides detailed background material. Students of Asian religions and general readers alike will find the book rich and informative. The book includes plays, transcribed interviews, poetry, parodies, inscriptions, instructional texts, scriptures, philosophical conjectures, dreams, and astronomical speculations, each text illustrating one of the diverse traditions and practices of Tantra. Thus, the nineteenth-century Indian Buddhist Garland of Gems, a series of songs, warns against the illusion of appearance by referring to bees, yogurt, and the fire of Malaya Mountain; while fourteenth-century Chinese Buddhist manuscripts detail how to prosper through the Seven Stars of the Northern Dipper by burning incense, making offerings to scriptures, and chanting incantations. In a transcribed conversation, a modern Hindu priest in Bengal candidly explains how he serves the black Goddess Kali and feeds temple skulls lentils, wine, or rice; a seventeenth-century Nepalese Hindu praise-poem hammered into the golden doors to the temple of the Goddess Taleju lists a king's faults and begs her forgiveness and grace. An introduction accompanies each text, identifying its period and genre, discussing the history and influence of the work, and identifying points of particular interest or difficulty. The first book to bring together texts from the entire range of Tantric phenomena, Tantra in Practice continues the Princeton Readings in Religions series. The breadth of work included, geographic areas spanned, and expert scholarship highlighting each piece serve to expand our understanding of what it means to practice Tantra.