That s No Way to Run a CountryThat s No Way to Run a Country

(NH66 is not unique among national highways; although national highways make up just two percent of the total road network, they account for a third of all traffic fatalities.) Many of the accidents are head-on collisions caused by ...

Author: Bob Myers





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A critical look at India today and the challenges it faces. We take a pessimistic viewpoint of India’s future—one shared by many leading thinkers wiser than ourselves. We see India’s weaknesses as being far too deep-rooted, and intertwined, to allow of easy solution. To make this point, this excerpt from the book examines three areas in modern India which exhibit serious dysfunction. We take no particular pleasure in reciting all these problems; we present them as a way to demonstrate clearly the existence of the dysfunction and its nature. We enumerate specific examples of dysfunction in each area in detail, and discuss the reasons for the dysfunction and the prospects, or lack thereof, for dealing with it.

Java SecurityJava Security

In Netscape 6 and later releases, the Java Plug-in is the only way to run Java applets; there is no Java virtual machine built into Netscape 6. The Plug-in is also compatible with Internet Explorer 4.x and higher, as well as Netscape ...

Author: Scott Oaks

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 9781449372125


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One of Java's most striking claims is that it provides a secure programming environment. Yet despite endless discussion, few people understand precisely what Java's claims mean and how it backs up those claims. If you're a developer, network administrator or anyone else who must understand or work with Java's security mechanisms, Java Security is the in-depth exploration you need.Java Security, 2nd Edition, focuses on the basic platform features of Java that provide security--the class loader, the bytecode verifier, and the security manager--and recent additions to Java that enhance this security model: digital signatures, security providers, and the access controller. The book covers the security model of Java 2, Version 1.3, which is significantly different from that of Java 1.1. It has extensive coverage of the two new important security APIs: JAAS (Java Authentication and Authorization Service) and JSSE (Java Secure Sockets Extension). Java Security, 2nd Edition, will give you a clear understanding of the architecture of Java's security model and how to use that model in both programming and administration.The book is intended primarily for programmers who want to write secure Java applications. However, it is also an excellent resource for system and network administrators who are interested in Java security, particularly those who are interested in assessing the risk of using Java and need to understand how the security model works in order to assess whether or not Java meets their security needs.

AutoCAD 2013 For DummiesAutoCAD 2013 For Dummies

As a command is running, the command line will often display several options that can be invoked during the command. ... Typing at your computer's keyboard is an efficient way to run some commands, and the only way to run a few others.

Author: Bill Fane

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118392171


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Bring your design vision to life with this full-color guide to AutoCAD 2013! Used by everyone from engineers and architects to interior designers and draftspeople, AutoCAD 2013 is the world’s leading 2D and 3D technical drawing program. But, with so many options and features available, finding your way around AutoCAD can be a challenge, even for experienced CAD professionals. AutoCAD 2013 For Dummies is here to help. You’ll learn to build a solid foundation for all your projects, use standard CAD techniques, get familiar with new tools and features, and start sharing your models and designs in no time with this easy-to-follow guide. Covers the latest AutoCAD features and techniques, including creating a basic layout, navigating the AutoCAD Ribbon, drawing and editing, working with dimensions, adding text, creating 3D models, and more Walks readers through setting up a drawing environment, applying visual styles, managing data across several drawings, and showcasing your designs to potential clients and customers Features full-color illustrations that mirror what you’ll see on your AutoCAD 2013 screens plus a companion website with downloadable drawing files so you can put your CAD skills to the test Whether you’re an AutoCAD amateur or a modeling master, AutoCAD 2013 For Dummies has something for you.

Wired to RunWired to Run

“jog” to describe your beloved hobby, butI bet that's how the guys on the basketball team thought about their forced running regimen. I'm sure they would agree with the definition Webster's dictionary offers for the word “jog”: “to go ...

Author: Scoop Skupien

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN: 9780740789533


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Over 35 million people will go running this year in the United States alone. For some of us, it's more than just a hobby-over 11 million of us are runaholics. Runners and addicts. Addicts and runners. The two hardly seem to go together . . . unless you're one of those people who periodically put a couple of miles on your running shoes and then think things like, Boy, this feels good. I could go all day long. Then you do. Or at least try to. Running and addiction--as in running addiction--do indeed go together like chocolate and peanut butter, as Wired to Run makes so perfectly clear. Written by Scoop Skupien, a habitual runner for the past 30 years and the founder of Runaholics Anonymous, Wired to Run is a humorous trip through the world of runaholics and a host of issues that the running obsessed can't quite leave in their dust. It's a good-natured satire of healing groups that will keep readers--whether they're runners or run enablers--laughing page after breathless page. Central to the book and the whole online Runaholics Anonymous organization is Skupien's 12-Step program for recognizing and dealing with this mental and very physical disorder. From We admit that we are powerless over running to We reach the Pinnacle: the ability to run in moderation, the self-help style mixes laughs with actual training tips and other helpful advice. The combination-along with hilarious analysis of six different running types that encompass just about anyone who's ever broken a sweat--pokes great fun at runners, their odd habits, and their running rituals. It's definitely fun on the run!


Even though Boston may be at the top of long running it's not the only competition for LTC Vanture . “ Whenever there's a post track meet or ... That's the only way to make the program effective . It takes a relatively long time to cash ...



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Run for SomethingRun for Something

That just sucks. But the only way you fix it is by running, winning, and then changing the system to let more people like you in. Don't second-guess yourself. Put aside your imposter syndrome—even the most extraordinary people assume ...

Author: Amanda Litman

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781501180453


Page: 240

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From the email marketing director of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and the co-founder of Run for Something comes an essential and inspiring guide that encourages and educates young progressives to run for local office, complete with contributions from elected officials and political operatives. You’ve been depressed since the night of November 8, 2016. You wore black to work the next morning. You berated yourself for your complacency during the Obama years. You ranted on Twitter. You deleted Twitter. You sent emails to your friends saying, “How can we get more involved?” You listened to Pod Save America. You knit­ted a pussyhat. You showed up to the Women’s March on Washington. You protested Donald Trump’s executive orders. You called your congressman. You called other people’s congressmen. You set up monthly donations to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. You reactivated Twitter (begrudgingly). Here’s what you do next: Run for something. To be specific: Run for local office and become the change you want to see in the world. Forget about Con­gress. Forget about the Senate. Focus on the offices that get the real sh*t done: state legislatures, city councils, school boards, and mayors. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a white man over sixty with an Ivy League law degree. (In fact, it’s better if you’re not!) It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the first thing about running for office, or never even imagined you would. That’s what this book is for. Amanda Litman, experienced in hard-fought state and national election campaigns, is here to give you guid­ance as well as wisdom and insight from elected officials and political operatives she interviewed for this book. There are half a million elected officials in the United States. Why can’t you be one of them?

National Park Service Concessions oversightNational Park Service Concessions oversight

The only way these people are able to see the parks are on motorcoach tours of this type that include spending the ... I believe the private sector is the best way to run the visitor facilities in the National Parks , and for them to do ...

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs. Subcommittee on Parks and Recreation


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Sybase ASE 12 5 Performance and TuningSybase ASE 12 5 Performance and Tuning

So what happens if you do not want this query to run in parallel? The only way to force the query to run serially is to perform the following operations. Before you issue the query, you can run: n set parallel_degree n, where n is the ...

Author: Jeffrey Garbus

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

ISBN: 9781556229084


Page: 413

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Once your database system is up and running, you need to keep it functioning smoothly. Designed for the DBA working to maximize the performance of a Sybase server, Sybase ASE 12.5 Performance and Tuning provides a guide to this important process. From benchmarking your system and optimizing stored procedures to indexing and using sp_sysmon to monitor your system, the authors thoroughly explain how to tune your server for maximum performance. Topics include defining performance, understanding the I/O system, using the query optimizer, managing memory, processing queries, application design, deadlocks and locking schemes, performance metrics, auditing features, tips for solving problems that can bog down a system.

Running Like a GirlRunning Like a Girl

Notes on Learning to Run Alexandra Heminsley ... Maintain a sense of humor—you might need it in other people before the end of your running adventure. ... As with the running itself, the only way to do it is to, well, do it.

Author: Alexandra Heminsley

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781451697155


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"In her twenties, Alexandra Heminsley spent more time drinking white wine than she did in pursuit of athletic excellence. When she decided to take up running in her thirties, she had high hopes for a blissful runner's high and immediate physical transformation. After eating three slices of toast with honey and spending ninety minutes on iTunes creating the perfect playlist, she hit the streets--and failed miserably. The stories of her first runs turn the common notion that we are all "born to run" on its head--and exposes the truth about starting to run: it can be brutal. Running Like a Girl tells the story of getting beyond the brutal part, how Alexandra makes running a part of her life, and reaps the rewards: not just the obvious things, like weight loss, health, and glowing skin, but self-confidence and immeasurable daily pleasure, along with a new closeness to her father--a marathon runner--and her brother, with whom she ultimately runs her first marathon"--

Nassau the Best of the BahamasNassau the Best of the Bahamas

Ah, this is the way to travel. Ferries in Nassau run between Prince George Dock and Paradise Island. On the Out Islands the ferry is often the only way of getting around. On Abaco, ferries run every hour or so between Treasure Cay, ...

Author: Paris Permenter

Publisher: Hunter Publishing, Inc

ISBN: 9781588431981


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This Hunter Travel Guide stimulates readers' senses immediately with its lively description.... Fully indexed, the guide delivers an insider's view to what the authors call 'the most hospitable islands in the world.' Not a typical guide, the book is as much fun as it is resourceful, with a chatty writing style... great suggestions for sites to visit when travelers are in the mood for something unusual or spontaneous. -- Today's Librarian. "Nassau & The Best Of The Bahamas Alive! provides all the destination-oriented information needed to make the best of a trip to the Bahamas, from a survey of restaurants and hot fishing holes to best places to stay, shop, and enjoy the variety of the islands. An excellent take-long tote." -- Midwest Book Review. This exciting new addition to the Alive! series takes you to the cruise ship capital of the world in style! "Dawn to Dusk" sections focus on the best daytime delights, such as terrific watersports, sightseeing, golf courses, beaches and fascinating museums. "After Dark" sections take you to the best nightclubs, piano bars, cocktail lounges and beach cookouts. Hundreds of places to stay and eat are profiled in detail, based on repeat visits by the authors. In-margin icons allow you to see at a glance which activities are being discussed. Maps. Feeling "alive" is commonly used to describe the state when you are energized, excited, full of life! And that's exactly what these books inspire -- a feeling of eagerness to explore and discover. Alive! Guides are a refreshing change from the "same-old" guidebooks. They are written for the savvy traveler who is looking for quality and value in accommodations and dining, with a selection of activities to fill the days and nights. Each book's introduction covers the basic travel information, including climate, when to go, what to pack, history, package tours, geography and -- for overseas destinations -- currency concerns and health issues. Daytime pursuits are detailed in the "Sunup to Sundown" section, which cover the best beaches, walking tours, driving excursions, nature trips and sightseeing. Shopping plays a big part, with tips on how to barter in island crafts markets and where to find the best deals. And if you're looking for some fun when the stars come out, turn to the "After Dark" section, where you'll find descriptions of the best discos, cigar bars, theaters, movies, nightclubs and happy hours! Alive Guides focus on hotels and restaurants, with descriptions based on repeat visits by well-traveled authors. Establishments are rated with the unique Alive rating system, so you can find one to suit your taste and pocketbook. Particular attention is given to shopping in the exotic regions, with details on local artists, cut-price designer clothing and the best values on duty-free goods. Tips on what to do from sunup to sundown include tours, sightseeing, sunning, watersports and the best beaches. Piano bars, jazz clubs, places to meet people and even gay clubs are listed for nightlife. Transportation to, from, and around the area is also covered.