The Moments BetweenThe Moments Between

It was from that first encounter with suicide that the concept behind The Moments Between was born. I felt so much guilt and shame knowing that I had held the answer to my friend's problems within me the whole time: the truth of Jesus ...

Author: Christina J. Thompson

Publisher: Christina J Thompson



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Synopsis: When Laice awakens in a dark, sunless wasteland with no memory of who she is or how she got there, she is confronted by two strangers and a choice: should she trust Seph, the man who claims to be her best friend, or Eli, who promises to help her regain her lost memory? Confused and afraid, she soon finds herself embarking on a perilous journey that reveals a terrible truth about just how much is at stake. A work of fiction…or is it? Summary: When Laice regains consciousness in a dingy tent surrounded by a group of battle-weary men dressed in armor, she is horrified to see that her arm is missing. Then, only a moment later, her missing limb grows back from nothing. Confused and afraid, she realizes that her memory is gone and she has no idea where she is or how she got there. An unfamiliar man introduces himself as her best friend, Seph. He explains that she is a soldier fighting against their enemy, the king, who created the barren, sunless wasteland in which they live. He wants her to trust him, but she can’t help feeling suspicious. Things become even more complicated for Laice when a mysterious man appears in her tent, a stranger named Eli. He doesn’t seem dangerous, but Seph warns her that he is the king’s son and plans to steal her away. Unsure of what to believe, Laice soon realizes that she has more questions than answers, especially when she discovers a strange pocketwatch in her dresser. Her name is engraved on the outside, and she can sense that there’s more to it than meets the eye. Despite Seph’s reassurances, she knows there is a terrible truth hidden in her lost memory. The truth, however, proves to be more heart-wrenching than anything she ever could have imagined. Contact the author: FB @christinajthompson.cjt *Don't forget to leave a review!*

The Moment BetweenThe Moment Between

They surveyed the Navigator for a few moments without saying anything, and Abigail was grateful for the chance to collect herself. For the chance to breathe. Just breathe. In and out, in and out, as if she could control the situation by ...

Author: Nicole Baart

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

ISBN: 1414333544


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Abigail Bennett was completely in control of her life until tragedy pushed her to the brink of something she’s never experienced: Obsession. Now she’s given up everything she’s ever worked for to chase down the object of that obsession. His name is Tyler Kamp. As Abigail follows him across the border into Canada, her journey is awash in memories of family and childhood, especially those of her younger sister Hailey. Even as Abigail races into her future, her past pulls her back. Only when she is brought to the edge of her obsession will she be able to come to terms with the tragedy that ignited it.

The Moment Between Two ThoughtsThe Moment Between Two Thoughts

I suggest a moment's rest, before deciding what's best. ... “But I suppose a moment or two's distraction won't hurt, so long as I get to play a moon dancer, that is. ... Review Request Thank you for reading The Moment Between Two.

Author: Nick Crutchley

Publisher: Night Owl



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Can Gaia save humankind from extinction? Psychnet connects humankind to Quantum Artificial Intelligences (QAI). Augmented with psyberware, people live longer, become wealthier and spend more. Increased consumption destroys habitats, pollutes the environment, and replaces natural life with synthetic life. Environmental destruction looms, and Gaia, an enlightened QAI, battles to save biodiversity on Earth and the planets corporations colonise. From the shadow of Psychnet emerges Chaos, a vengeful QAI who brings death through blood, and madness through dreams. Gaia quests to defeat Chaos in a nightmare of hydra, slavelords and a devil queen, shared by those fleeing Earth aboard the starship, New Hope. Can Gaia defeat the bringer of plague and nightmare on Earth and in space? Or will humankind suffer extinction for its ecocide?

Walking in the Moment Between Tick and TockWalking in the Moment Between Tick and Tock

Walking in the Moment between Tick and Tock: From Passover to Pentecost Copyright © 2013 J. Timothy King cc BY-SA 2.0. Published by J. Timothy King. More content at http:ZZMJTimothyKingcomZ First Electronic Edition, June 2013.

Author: J. Timothy King

Publisher: J. Timothy King

ISBN: 9780981692562



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The journey from chaos to fulfillment begins… The Passover story ends with the Israelites escaping across the Red Sea and, after much turmoil and struggle, finally gaining the prize—to roam the desert. This is the beginning of the story, not the end. And it is the beginning of our story, too, not the end. A story that culminates with Pentecost, the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, when God gave the Torah to Israel at Mount Sinai, and when he sent the Holy Spirit upon those gathered in the upper room. A short, inspirational book, Walking in the Moment between Tick and Tock is a collection of three expanded sermons, looking at this transforming story of personal development, between Passover and Pentecost, between Pesach and Shavuot, integrating insights from both Christian and Jewish thinkers. It tells the story of these holidays as linked parts of the same narrative, two ends of a single span.

A College Textbook on Reinforced Concrete ConstructionA College Textbook on Reinforced Concrete Construction

Determine the moment at top and bottom of each column , which equal the shear multiplied by the height of column , divided equally between top and bottom , using the + sign , as the force tends to turn the columns clockwise .

Author: Mark Taylor Cantell


ISBN: UOM:39015047510840


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Something between them was irreparably damaged. Given the circumstances, the honourable thing was to leave. The following day, Edward handed his resignation to Franklin, the moment between them as awkward as if they'd had sexual contact ...

Author: Andre Alexis

Publisher: McClelland & Stewart

ISBN: 9780771008047


Page: 496

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Alexis’s long-awaited second novel follows his award-winning Childhood. Set in Ottawa during the Mulroney years, Asylum is André Alexis’s sweeping, edged-in-satire, yet deeply serious tale of intertwined lives and fortunes, of politics and vain ambition, of the building of a magnificent prison, of human fallibility, of the search for refuge, of the impossibility of love, and of finding home. Whether he is taking us into the machinations of a government office or into the mysterious workings of the human heart, Alexis is always alert to the humour and the profound truth of any situation. His cast of characters is eccentric and unforgettable, all recognizable in one way or another as aspects of ourselves or people we know well. At the centre of the story, which covers almost a decade, is a visionary project to build an ideal prison, a perfect metaphor for the purest aspects of artistic ambition and for all that is great and flawed in the world. André Alexis is a true original, one of the most talented and astute writers writing in Canada today. This dazzling novel is filled with tragedy, dry wit, intellectual grist. It is playful, linguistically accomplished, and psychologically profound. Its yearnings constitute the highest level of human concerns and pursuits. Alexis has written The Great Canadian Novel, with a twist.

Graphics for Engineers Architects and Builders Roof trussesGraphics for Engineers Architects and Builders Roof trusses

The bencling moment at any section of a beam is opposed or balanced by the moment of resistance of the fibres at ... is proportional to the bending moment at that point , or to the product of H by the ordinate between the equilibrium ...

Author: Charles Ezra Greene


ISBN: UOM:39015067230394



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(Equation (4) is now used to distribute the moments between the top and soffit flanges.) It can be seen that the soffit flange moments are now well represented but the top flange moments at the web-flange junction are still ...

Author: Institution of Civil Engineers (Great Britain)


ISBN: CORNELL:31924056486990



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