The Middle East and North AfricaThe Middle East and North Africa

Researchers on law in the Middle East are isolated from each other , by virtue of
their particular disciplinary concerns , but ... of the Orient Law and Society Review
Middle East : Abstracts & IndexMiddle East Journal • Middle Eastern Studies ...

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The Middle East and North Africa evidences the West's fascination with the Middle East as “different”and “exotic.” It explores the scholarly tradition of Orientalism, an understanding of which will help readers understand the still-lingering fascination with and misunderstanding of the Middle East and its people, particularly those of Islamic faith.

Place Randomized TrialsPlace Randomized Trials

Historical Abstracts, International Bibliography of the Social Sciences,
International Political Science Abstracts, ISI Basic Social Sciences Index, Journal
of Economic Literature on CD. LEXIS-NEXIS. MasterFILE FullTEXT, Middle East:
Abstracts ...

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The phrase "evidence-based policy" is frequently used, but it's crucial that such claims are scrutinized and validated. When the data on social and behavioral interventions are presented, high-quality evidence must be clearly defined and the methodology behind such studies held to rigorous standards. Both the Cochrane Collaboration –focusing on healthcare – and the international Campbell Collaboration – concentrating on criminal justice, education, and social services – were created to develop, maintain and improve detailed guidelines for producing high-quality systematic reviews. And both organizations emphasize randomized controlled trials to evaluate the effectiveness of various interventions. As a springboard from the Campbell Collaboration initiative and supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, this special issue of The Annals includes a thorough review of randomized tests across a variety of studies. Exploring significant dimensions of place randomized trials (also called cluster randomized trials or group randomized trials), these papers shed light on recent efforts to enhance the quality of designing such trials as well as on results reporting. The research topics included in this volume are diverse. Taken together, these papers offer important insight into the nuts and bolts of conducting randomized trials: the significance of place in trials; how such studies are initiated; the incentives and justifications needed by participants; how to overcome challenges of implementation; and where to find out what studies have already been conducted or are currently underway. While providing far-reaching insight into the topic of randomized testing, these papers also identify new issues and key questions to be further addressed in future research. Scholars and policymakers alike will find this collection of rigorous research essential in understanding the implications of current evidence-based policies as well as a guidepost for designing and conducting new studies.

Cultural AnthropologyCultural Anthropology

The Middle East and Central Asia: An Anthropological Approach. ... This title
provides a contemporary survey of the basic concepts and issues in the
anthropology of the Middle East, Central Asia, and ... Indexes, Abstracts, and
Databases 562.

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An annotated bibliography of print and electronic resources central to the field of social and cultural anthropology.

Northern AfricaNorthern Africa

Each issue is indexed , and the last issue of each volume contains a cumulated
subject index . Abstracts appear in English or French . 140 . Middle East
Abstracts and Index . 21st edition . Annual ; 1978 - . Edited by James Joseph
Sanchez .

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This annotated bibliography describes a variety of print and electronic reference sources published in the past two decades about Northern Africa, including the Maghreb, the Sahel Region, and the Horn of Africa. The book is organized in three sections. The first part covers general reference works, the second part addresses area studies references by subject, and the third section covers reference sources by region and country. Each citation includes all bibliographic information except price.

International Relations International Security and Comparative PoliticsInternational Relations International Security and Comparative Politics

Cumulative Supplement , 532 Middle East ( Dushkin / McGraw - Hill ) , 157 The
Middle East ( CQ Press ) , 825 The Middle East : A Political Dictionary , 818 The
Middle East : Abstracts and Index , 829 Middle East and Central Asia Databook ...

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Presents approximately nine hundred annotated entries on English language reference sources including directories, indexes, statistical sources, yearbooks, and chronologies.

Political TerrorismPolitical Terrorism

1965- ); Index to U.S. Government Periodicals (Chicago, Illinois, Infordata
International, 1974- ); International Political Science Abstracts (Paris, IPSA, 1965-
); The Middle East: Abstracts and Indexes (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,
Northumberland ...

Author: Albert J. Jongman

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While there is no easy way to define terrorism, it may generally be viewed as a method of violence in which civilians are targeted with the objective of forcing a perceived enemy into submission by creating fear, demoralization, and political friction in the population under attack. At one time a marginal field of study in the social sciences, terrorism is now very much in center stage. The 1970s terrorist attacks by the PLO, the Provisional Irish Republican Army, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Japanese Red Army, the Unabomber, Aum Shinrikyo, Timothy McVeigh, the World Trade Center attacks, the assault on a school in Russia, and suicide bombers have all made the term "terrorism" an all-too-common part of our vocabulary. This edition of Political Terrorism was originally published in the 1980s, well before some of the horrific events noted above. This monumental collection of definitions, conceptual frameworks, paradigmatic formulations, and bibliographic sources is being reissued in paperback now as a resource for the expanding community of researchers on the subject of terrorism. This is a carefully constructed guide to one of the most urgent issues of the world today. When the first edition was originally published, Choice noted, "This extremely useful reference tool should be part of any serious social science collection." Chronicles of Culture called it "a tremendously comprehensive book about a subject that any who have anything to lose--from property to liberty, life to limbs--should be forewarned against." Alex P. Schmid received his Ph.D. from the University of Zrich, Switzerland, and is a professor in the Department of Political Science at Leiden University. He is the coauthor, with Albert J. Jongman, of Soviet Military Interventions since 1945, available from Transaction. Albert J. Jongman is principal researcher for PIOOM, the Interdisciplinary Research Programme on Causes of Human Rights Violations, and has been a research assistant at the SIPRI in Sweden. He is the author of Monitoring Human Rights Violations (State Violence, State Terrorism, and Human Rights).Irving Louis Horowitz is Hannah Arendt Distinguished University Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Political Science at Rutgers University, and the chairman and editorial director of Transaction Publishers.

Food and Nutrition in the Middle East 1970 1986Food and Nutrition in the Middle East 1970 1986

Focuses on people consuming traditional Middle Eastern diets. Arranged alphabetically by country. Serves as a supplement to A decade of nutrition research in the Arab world, 1960-1970. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Author: Gail Harrison

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This bibliography fills a gap in the reference literature on nutrition in the Middle East by providing abstracts of all studies published from 1970 through 1986. It continues the work that was started by A Decade of Nutrition Research in the Arab World 1960-1970, published by the American University of Beirut. The geographic scope of the bibliography includes Algeria, Bahrain, egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emiratges, and North and South Yemen; it also includes studies from other countries, such as Afghanistan, that have substantial Arab or Islamic populations. Information is also supplied for works that examine the nutrition of Middle Eastern guest workers and their families in Europe, or which focus on Islamic migrants to that continent. Relevant intercountry studies, projects, and conferences are referenced as well. The population focus of this bibliography is on people who consume primarily the Middle Eastern diet. Although human nutrition is the main subject, this necessarily also involves works which treat animal nutrition, toxicology, agriculture, epidemiology, parasitology, food technology, medical therapy, and cultural practices. The bibliography is organized and cross-indexed by years of publication, country examined, first author's last name, and main and secondary topics for ease of use. English-language abstracts are provided for every article.

Serial Bibliographies and Abstracts in HistorySerial Bibliographies and Abstracts in History

An author index is included in each issue but no list of journals. ... Journals in
Japan: Humanities and Social Sciences The last issue seen covered 1978 and
incorporated the contents of 70 Current Contents of Periodicals on the Middle
East ...

Author: David P. Henige

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Water Resources in the Middle EastWater Resources in the Middle East

(Scarcity. Index):. Case. Study. on. Palestine-Israel. Director of Technology,
Senior Researcher and Responsible Lecturer Institute of Technology, Kotkantie 1
, 90100 Oulu, Finland, E-mail: ... Abstract The chapter proposes a cooperative
support model for Palestine and Israel, using both technical and managerial tools
that could eventually improve the water supply situation in the whole Middle East

Author: Hillel Shuval

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

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This book presents various approaches to the resolution of the severe water resource issues of the Middle East, with particular emphasis on the Israeli-Palestinian water conflicts. The authors include leading Palestinian and Israeli water experts who have worked together on joint research projects aimed at building up mutual understanding and respect. The studies consider the various approaches that could be used to improve cooperation and solve the problems arising from conflicting interests.

Refugee Politics in the Middle East and North AfricaRefugee Politics in the Middle East and North Africa

Index. Abadi, 37 abandoned, 85, 154 Abdelkader, 137 abdicated, 132
abductions, 133 Abdullah, 162 Abed, 69–71 abetting, 103 abroad, 42,122
absence, 9–10,16, 73,119, 153 absorb, 25,94, 153–154 absorptive, 68 abstract,
9 abuse(s), 38, ...

Author: A. Ullah

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Ahsan Ullah provides an insightful analysis of migration and displacement in the Middle East and North Africa. He examines the intricate relationship of these phenomena with human rights, safety concerns and issues of identity crisis and identity formation.

The Contemporary Middle Eastern SceneThe Contemporary Middle Eastern Scene

In 1974, it rose by a rate of 6.6%; in 1975, by 2.0%; and in 1976, by only 0.8% (
Statistical Abstract, 1977: 149). Simultaneously, an alarming rise in inflation could
be observed. The consumer price index (1969 = 100) has risen from 224.8, ...

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The contributions to this volume are based on papers read at an international confer ence held in Hamburg in May 1978. Some of them are reprinted in their original form, others have been slightly modified in order to incorporate more recent findings. Since the overall concern is Middle Eastern development the various contributions deal with a wide range of problems. Studies on the Middle East are more often than not one-sided because of the pre dominating interest in the Arab-Israeli conflict and the economic factors relating to the supply of oil. At the Hamburg Conference, however, the participants concentrated main lyon examining such aspects of the situation as are far too often relegated to the side lines. In order to illustrate what those neglected topics are one should refer to two major examples: 1) the religio-cultural identity of Arabs and Israelis, 2) the tackling of political issues in Arab and Israeli literature.

Geoscience InformationGeoscience Information

... OF THE SYSTEM Worldwide Distribution of Materials Petroleum Abstracts and
information retrieval materials (indexes, ... have access to the System, as do 13 in
Europe, 6 in the Middle East, 9 in Africa, and 10 in the Far East and Australia.

Author: A.P. Harvey

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The International Conference on Geological Information represents the first major attempt to bring together geoscience information specialists from allover the world. The purpose of the conference was to assess the current state-of the-art in geoscience information from both the regional and functional point of view. It was hoped that the conference could take steps to bring about increased international cooperation and collaboration in the field of geological information. The papers ranged over the whole spec trum of documentation from primary publishing back to the user, including data. Perhaps a keyword for the conference might be "cooperation". The idea of, and need for, cooperation was stressed in almost every talk. The final panel session was devoted to a discussion on the formation of a proposed International Association for Geological Information. Despite the growing pressure on information managers, stimulated by increasing international activities in geology, the global perspective of plate tectonics and worldwide concern for the availability of non-renewable resources, there does not exist an international organisation specifi cally concerned with geological information. Delegates agreed that there was no need for a new professional society of individuals but that a federation or similar organisation might be desirable. In the final session it became apparent that if the geological information community is to make the best use of all the systems and developments available there is very clearly a need to know what exists in all these areas at present. An urgent task is to identify these systems.