The Mexican Pet More New Urban Legends and Some Old FavoritesThe Mexican Pet More New Urban Legends and Some Old Favorites

His reply was brief and to the point: "First of all, it's not a dog-it's a Mexican sewer rat. And second. it's dying. " (This version was sent to me by Mike ...

Author: Jan Harold Brunvand

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393346558


Page: 224

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"A uniquely entertaining book: edifying scholarship, diverting social history."—Elaine Kendall, Los Angeles Times "[The book] captures the spirit of convivial storytelling and even encourages the activity. . . . Many readers . . . will be gratified to know that Brunvand intends to continue this series of relaxed, unofficial excursions into popular legends. Admirers of curiosa and the psychology of crowds cannot afford to miss them." —Kirkus Reviews

The Global GrapevineThe Global Grapevine

secure America.33 This excessive affection for the unfamiliar animal, of course, sets up the punch line that exposes the couple's ignorance. The Mexican Pet ...

Author: Gary Alan Fine

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199889952


Page: 270

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Far from mere idle tales, rumors are a valuable window into our anxieties and fears. Rumors let us talk as a community about some very inflammatory issues--issues that may be embarrassing or disturbing to discuss-allowing us to act as if we are talking about real events, not personal beliefs. We can air our hidden fears and desires without claiming these attitudes as our own. In The Global Grapevine, two leading authorities on rumor, folklore, and urban legend--Gary Alan Fine and Bill Ellis--shed light on what contemporary rumors can tell us about the fears and pressures of globalization. In particular, they examine four major themes that emerge over and over again: rumors about terrorism, about immigration, about international trade, and about tourism. The authors analyze how various rumors underscore American reactions to perceived global threats, show how we interpret our changing world, and highlight fears, fantasies, and cherished beliefs about our place in the world. Along the way the book examines a wide variety of rumors-that the Israelis were behind 9-11, the President knew of the attack in advance, tourists wake up in foreign countries with their kidneys stolen, foreign workers urinate in vats of beer destined to be shipped to America. These rumors, the authors argue, reflect our anxieties and fears about contact with foreign cultures-whether we believe foreign competition to be poisoning the domestic economy or that foreign immigration to be eroding American values. Rumors are the visible tip of a vast iceberg of hidden anxieties. Illuminating the most widely circulated rumors in America in recent years, The Global Grapevine offers an invaluable portrait of what these tales reveal about contemporary society.

Encyclopedia of Urban LegendsEncyclopedia of Urban Legends

At first, the animal ate normally and did not demand much attention. ... versions of “The Mexican Pet” that have appeared in tabloids under such headlines ...

Author: Jan Harold Brunvand

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781598847208


Page: 782

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This revised edition of the original reference standard for urban legends provides an updated anthology of common myths and stories, and presents expanded coverage of international legends and tales shared and popularized online. * Approximately 300 individual entries for specific urban legends * An introduction provides a brief history of urban legend research * A selected bibliography and reference citations

Mexico InsightMexico Insight

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The Baby Train and Other Lusty Urban LegendsThe Baby Train and Other Lusty Urban Legends

other stories like 'The Mexican Pet' or 'Cruise Control.' ” Some patrons she served recently were discussing “The Mexican Pet”; it's the one about the ...

Author: Jan Harold Brunvand

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393346725


Page: 368

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America's premier folk detective is back on the case, sniffing out those zany but dubious stories that "really happened" to a friend of your sister's boyfriend's accountant's mechanic. Jan Harold Brunvand—''Mr. Urban Legend" [Smithsonian]—tracks the most fabulous tales making today's cocktail-party circuit and shows why those stories that sound too good to be true probably are too good to be true. The eponymous episode—"The Baby Train"—sheds light on certain predawn activities that have linked unusually high birth rates to the whim of train schedule makers. Other stories offer a revealing peek behind the story of "The Exploding Bra," expose the embarrassing source of "The Hairdresser's Error," resurrect a "Failed Suicide" Buster Keaton would have died for, and show why adults are better off not bringing their comic book fantasies out of the closet. From "Superhero Hijinx" to "The Shocking Videotape" to "The Accidental Cannibal," The Baby Train uncovers the mysteries behind some of the bawdiest, goriest, funniest, most pyrotechnic urban legends yet.

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Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 9781457817212



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The People s Guide to MexicoThe People s Guide to Mexico

Before committing yourself to caring for a pet on a long trip, consider not only ... Adopting a dog: Like us, you may be charmed by an orphaned Mexican dog.

Author: Carl Franz

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781612380490


Page: 768

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Over the past 35 years, hundreds of thousands of readers have agreed: This is the classic guide to "living, traveling, and taking things as they come" in Mexico. Now in its updated 14th edition, The People's Guide to Mexico still offers the ideal combination of basic travel information, entertaining stories, and friendly guidance about everything from driving in Mexico City to hanging a hammock to bartering at the local mercado. Features include: • Advice on planning your trip, where to go, and how to get around once you're there • Practical tips to help you stay healthy and safe, deal with red tape, change money, send email, letters and packages, use the telephone, do laundry, order food, speak like a local, and more • Well-informed insight into Mexican culture, and hints for enjoying traditional fiestas and celebrations • The most complete information available on Mexican Internet resources, book and map reviews, and other info sources for travelers

Rocket the Rescue DogRocket the Rescue Dog

Amelia and Emmett asked their parents if they could bring the beach dog back to ... “We'll call the Mexican Animal Rescue and ask how we can help,” the ...

Author: Jessica Caitlin

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781525568794



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“Emmett, do you think the beach dog has enough to eat at home?” Amelia asked. “I think the beach is her home,” Emmett said. “Not every dog has a family to love them and feed them.” This made Amelia sad for the beach dog. “I wish we could be her family,” she said. In Mexico, lots of dogs don’t have homes. They run and jump around the streets trying to find food and make new friends. Back in Emmett and Amelia’s neighbourhood, dogs walk on leashes with their families and don’t need to find their own food. When the kids make a new friend on the beach, they can’t help but worry about her. Their favourite stray dog was special. Every morning, she would race down the beach to see them and eat snacks, and her big loving eyes stole their hearts. Emmett and Amelia wanted to take care of their beach dog, not just in Mexico, but back home in Canada. Could this be possible? Rocket the Rescue Dog follows a dedicated family as they try to rescue a stray dog from Mexico. From the beach, to the vet, to the airplane, Emmett and Amelia learn that rescuing a dog takes patience, hard work, and big hearts. It takes a community of animal lovers to make safe and responsible adoption possible. Rocket the Rescue Dog gives children a glimpse into the emotional and fulfilling world of international animal rescue.

Performing the Small Animal Physical ExaminationPerforming the Small Animal Physical Examination

By comparison, the best known breeds include the Chinese Crested dog and the Mexican Hairless dog. None of these are truly 100% devoid of hair; ...

Author: Ryane E. Englar

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119295327


Page: 456

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Performing the Small Animal Physical Examination offers an easy-to-follow guide to successfully executing a thorough physical exam in cats and dogs, with nearly 1,000 clinical photographs depicting step-by-step details. Provides comprehensive, practical information on the physical examination in small animal patients Presents nearly 1,000 color photographs with step-by-step details of the procedures and principles Offers advice on preparing the examination room, useful tips, and concrete guidance for examining each body system Outlines a systematic, in-depth approach to the initial examination in dogs and cats Supports new and experienced veterinarians and veterinary technicians alike in performing a thorough basic exam