The Locked WardThe Locked Ward

Locked up. Removing a person's freedom, no matter how necessary it is deemed,
or how well intentioned, is a serious ... Research shows that about 150 patients
succeed in committing suicide in locked wards in the UK each year, despite the ...

Author: Dennis O'Donnell

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781448130160


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An extraordinary account of a nurse’s life behind the locked doors of a secure psychiatric ward. Dennis O’Donnell started work as an orderly in the Intensive Psychiatric Care Unit of a large hospital in Scotland in 2000. In his daily life he encountered fear, violence and despair but also a considerable amount of care and compassion. Recounting the stories of the patients he worked with, and those of his colleagues on the ward, he examines major mental health conditions, methods of treatment – medication, how religion, sex, wealth, health and drugs can bear influence on mental health, the prevailing attitudes to psychiatric illness, the authorities, the professionals & society. What emerges is a document of humanity and humour, a remarkable memoir that sheds light on a world that still remains largely unknown. ‘This is a superb study of people whose minds have gone wrong, and the art of caring for them’ Evening Standard

Cases Decided in the United States Court of Claims with Report of Decisions of the Supreme Court in Court of Claims CasesCases Decided in the United States Court of Claims with Report of Decisions of the Supreme Court in Court of Claims Cases

There is no indication that the promotion was withheld for any reason other than
that plaintiff was then in the hospital and confined to a locked ward under an
erroneous diagnosis of insanity . His previous attack of bronchitis was not a factor
in ...

Author: United States. Court of Claims


ISBN: IND:39000007335719



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The Psychiatric Hospital as a Small SocietyThe Psychiatric Hospital as a Small Society

locked ward for several years and were at a loss concerning what to say about a
picture of a locked ward . Those nurses working on the locked ward were equally
at a loss when faced with pictures of situations on the open ward . For example ...

Author: William A. Caudill


ISBN: UOM:39015020601194


Page: 406

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Transactions National Tuberculosis AssociationTransactions National Tuberculosis Association

... order was issued February 4 , 1949 . Locked Ward for Difficult Cases As the
compulsory isolation procedure was applied more often , it soon became
apparent that a locked ward was necessary to handle the difficult individuals at
Firland .

Author: National Tuberculosis Association


ISBN: CHI:66431223



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Medical Emergency Medical Emergency

For doctors in the psychiatric emergency department — the front line between life
on the outside and the locked ward within - individual rights and personal
freedom are always balanced against what is medically appropriate and correct .

Author: Stephan G. Lynn

Publisher: Hearst Communications

ISBN: 0688136796


Page: 385

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Enables readers to differentiate between symptoms that belong in a doctor's office versus an emergency room, offering guidelines on how to prepare for almost any emergency and presenting tips on aiding victims. Original.

Psychology an Introduction to a Behavioral SciencePsychology an Introduction to a Behavioral Science

Patients in the open psychiatric wards showed a somewhat lower degree of
positive feeling for one another , as was evidenced by fewer reciprocal choices ,
while patients in the locked ward reported the fewest reciprocal choices . In other

Author: Henry Clay Lindgren

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: UOM:39015005515922


Page: 759

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nonpsychiatric ward open psychiatric ward locked psychiatric ward Figure 11-1 .
Positive reciprocal choices for three hospital ward groups showing the effects of
different degrees of mental illness . ( After Murray and Cohen , 1959. ) In modern

Author: Henry Clay Lindgren


ISBN: UOM:39015001638645


Page: 429

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When fifteen-year-old Nathanial moves to a sinister town that has been bruised by an ancient evil, he finds himself one of those Chosen to fight the cycle of darkness.


A doctor recounts his experiences during the year he spent as an intern in the in-patient psychiatric ward of an inner-city hospital, relating his feelings about his patients and co-workers, and describing and offering insights into the ...

Author: Stephen B. Seager

Publisher: Putnam Publishing Group

ISBN: UCLA:L0064681679


Page: 249

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A doctor recounts his experiences during the year he spent as an intern in the in-patient psychiatric ward of an inner-city hospital, relating his feelings about his patients and co-workers, and describing and offering insights into the mental health care

Nonprofessionals in Psychiatric RehabilitationNonprofessionals in Psychiatric Rehabilitation

The character of these three wards actually took about 18 months to evolve .
Originally there were two locked wards ( Ward A and Ward C ) and one open
ward ( Ward B ) . Within two months , it was decided that the doors of one of the
closed ...

Author: Robert B. Ellsworth


ISBN: UOM:39015072207346


Page: 201

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Federal SupplementFederal Supplement

On March 15 , 1943 he was transferred from the locked ward of the Naval
Hospital in Samoa to the locked ward of a naval vessel and transported to the
United States . On March 28 , 1943 he was taken to the locked ward of the United
States ...



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The Psychology of HopeThe Psychology of Hope

Part of the reason may be found in the nurses ' preference for working on the
closed , rather than on the open wards . Their higher ... The staff on the locked
ward have a really genuine interest in the patient , and are interested in their
work .

Author: Ezra Stotland


ISBN: UOM:39015034647365


Page: 284

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A dynamic and systematic new approach to experimental and clinical psychology. The author uses a wide range of data from a vast number of experimental and clinical studies to demonstrate how the different levels of expectation and goal achievement can be studied objectively. Building from simple to highly complex schemas, he conceptualizes hope and its counterpart, hopelessness, as both necessary and vital to motivation, action and non-action (lethargy) in animal as well as human behaviour.

Acta NeurologicaActa Neurologica

OF PATIENTS STILL IN WARD AT END OF ... In 16 of the 20 comparisons the
locked ward stay was longer when assigned to the high cereal diet than when ...



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Health TrendsHealth Trends

There was a marked difference in the number of waste bin fires between the
acute and chronic locked wards . In comparison with the acute ward ( where the
fires were considered deliberate ) , the relatively large number of waste bin fires
on ...



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