Tarot Guide For BeginnersTarot Guide For Beginners

Those cards are harder to read for a beginner. Clones of the original Rider-Waite Tarot are the Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot, the Robin Wood Tarot, and the Light Seer's Tarot. But there are thousands of other tarot decks available.

Author: Jolanda Bolt

Publisher: JC Bolt

ISBN: 9789082920741


Page: 227

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Do you want to know how to do tarot readings without a book? Are you looking for wisdom beyond yourself? Have you been looking at your deck of tarot cards and hoped to find the key to its secret, then know it seems more complicated than it is? Do you wish to find a proven method that teaches you to open the door to your intuition? Work With Your Intuition A tremendous source of wisdom is hidden in you, waiting for you to access it. All you need is some no-nonsense explanation to understand how to work with your intuition to receive the wisdom you know you can trust in your day-to-day life. How? - By easy-to-understand explanation of how to do tarot readings - By providing journal prompts that help you develop a grounded frame of reference - By offering exercises to practice your craft and build your intuition - By offering tarot spreads that you can use over and over for your practice, and - By helping you to see your personal development soar. Tarot Guide For Beginners gives you all this and more. A Tarot Workbook For Beginners With this simple and effective method, you will do your first intuitive tarot reading within a day. Now you can learn how to do tarot readings that help create more alignment between your dreams and reality. This tarot workbook for beginners helps you understand that developing your intuition is not like a lightbulb turning on. Intuition is something that grows while you practice it and use it for personal development and self-help. You will quickly see a practical structure in your tarot deck and understand what to look for when you push the door of your intuition wide open. You will feel how gratifying and effective a tarot reading for yourself, or someone else is. You crush through doubt and limiting beliefs when they appear because you now have a tool to check whether it is true what you think. You find all that and more in the Tarot Guide For Beginners. Twenty-five years of experience in one book The author has based the information in this book on her journey of learning to read tarot cards. She needed simple tarot spreads and appealing exercises, so she developed them. You find a very readable book on how to learn tarot through her no-fluff explanation. This book is for everyone who finds it challenging to memorize the meanings of the seventy-eight tarot cards. The book helps you understand that you don’t have to memorize the tarot card’s meanings. Instead, you interpret it from the card's image in easy-to-understand instructions. Memorizing the tarot card meanings will not help you. It can only interfere with your desire for a helpful and accurate tarot reading. Through this book, you will learn to receive what the Universe is communicating. Whether you are a beginning tarot reader or want to improve your skills by learning to read tarot cards intuitively instead of looking up the meanings in a book, this will be a great addition to your tarot library. Pick up your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!

The Call of the CardsThe Call of the Cards

Later that week, Alex pulled out her Light Seer's Tarot for some shadow work. She had been working with the tarot to learn more about herself and wanted to dive deeper into inner healing. Izzy had urged her to confront her shadow and ...

Author: Heather Hardison

Publisher: Heather Hardison



Page: 396

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Alexandra Steele, a clinical psychologist, stumbles upon a mystical store in downtown, Memphis, TN, where she encounters tarot cards for the first time. She doesn't realize it at the time, but this simple encounter will leave her life forever changed as she uncovers a world of past life connections to the cards and the craft of divination. This sparks an awakening that opens door after door of a long line of mystic and witch incarnations that run throughout her history. As she reconnects to these deep mystical ties, she begins to learn about her destiny, which is revealed as she starts to encounter coven sisters and foes from previous incarnations. Will her tendency to hide in the shadows and play small continue to hold her back or will the call of the cards lure her onto her destined path of a life full of magic and sisterhood?

Rise of the WitchRise of the Witch

Some other decks that I personally enjoy are: The Gentle Heart Tarot, Modern Witch Tarot, and The Light Seer's Tarot. The Fool Mystical Name: Spirit of the Ethers The Fool is the main character of the journey and the person the journey ...

Author: Whiskey Stevens

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 9780738768373


Page: 240

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Rise, Witch, Rise It’s time to claim your magical power and build a practice that is wholly yours—one that spiritually fulfills you and reveals your purpose. More than a how-to guide, Rise of the Witch is a deep exploration of the inner workings of witchcraft and your integral role in creating magick. Whiskey Stevens provides a comprehensive look at both the basics and more advanced topics, taking you from the history of the Craft to shadow work and everywhere in between. Rise of the Witch teaches a wide variety of magickal skills, such as creating and casting spells, harnessing powerful energies, and making sacred space. Whiskey also empowers those who are hesitant to come out as witches or need to keep their practice secret. Packed with guidance on the elements, tarot, intuition, and more, this book helps you fully embrace your unique brand of magick. Includes a foreword by Panda Bennett, creator of Stardust Soul Oracle and host of the YouTube series “Witch Hunt”

The Medicine WithinThe Medicine Within

Chris-Anne Donnelly, Creator of The Sacred Creator's Oracle and The Light Seer's Tarot “This book contains the cure to what ails us in these times: disconnection and having forgotten who we are. Allow yourself to be taken on this ...

Author: Asha Frost

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 9781788178990


Page: 272

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Unlock the strength and wisdom in your own lineage, connect with ancestral guides and animal spirits, and discover the healing powers of Indigenous Medicine. Follow the path of the 13 Ojibway moons to help you directly experience your own connection to your inherent healing powers. Through storytelling, personal reflections, ceremonies, rituals and shamanic journeys, The Medicine Within shows you how to apply ancient wisdom and ancestral medicine to your life in meaningful ways that are respectful and conscious of the stolen lands, lives and traditions of Indigenous peoples. You'll discover how to: · ground and root yourself in your own lineage and ancestral guides · connect to Spirit and your innate healing powers in your own unique way · practise self-care and rest on your journey · trust and surrender in order to manifest · release self-doubt, fear, disconnection and insecurity If you feel you don't have access to your roots, ancestors or spiritual connection and you look outside of yourself for answers, you are forgetting the medicine you need lives within you.

You Are the MedicineYou Are the Medicine

-Chris - Anne Donnelly , Creator of The Sacred Creator's Oracle and The Light Seer's Tarot " This book contains the cure to what ails us in these times : disconnection and having forgotten who we are . Allow yourself to be taken on this ...

Author: Asha Frost

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 9781401963507


Page: 281

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Indigenous Medicine Woman Asha Frost invites readers to learn the healing medicine of the 13 Ojibway moons and the spirit animals that will guide their wisdom journey. The Medicine you have been searching for lives within you. Follow the path of the 13 Ojibwe Moons with Animal Spirits and Ancestors as your guides as you unlock your connection to your own unique, inherent healing power. Through storytelling, ceremonies, and Shamanic journeys, learn to apply ancient wisdom to your life in ways that are respectful and conscious of the stolen lands, lives, and traditions of Indigenous peoples. Discover how to: - Ground and root into your own lineage and meet your Ancestral guides. - Practice self-care and rest on your journey. - Return to Ancestral ways of cleansing and purifying. - Trust and surrender so you can manifest and thrive. - Release self-doubt, fear, disconnection, and insecurity.

The Song of Sano Tarot Third Edition The Song of Sano Tarot Third Edition

Hence the Force produced by the union of Light and Gano Tarot Saint's vibration is one of high spirituality. The planet Neptune hears my voice on the Seer's Insignia degree of Rano Tarot. From the union of Light and the Rano Tarot ...

Author: Nancy Fullwood

Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing

ISBN: 9781787207974


Page: 124

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“Like many another mariner shipwrecked on this shoal of time, I have always been on the lookout for rescuing sails on the metaphysical horizon—that is, for some resolving and revelatory teaching which should make possible the practical realization of one’s spiritual life, the sense of which is no less sure and abiding than the sense of one’s physical ephemerality and impotence. [...] Here is glad news for mortals; here are glimpses which should make us less forlorn! This is a book which should be read without prejudice or preconception...”—Claude Bragdon, Introduction “The keynote of the book is BALANCE, balance of the spiritual and physical natures, and according to the degree of balance attained does the intuition, which is the voice of the spirit, operate clearly.”—Nancy Fullwood, Author’s Introduction to the Third Edition