The Last Headbangers NFL Football in the Rowdy Reckless 70s the Era that Created Modern SportsThe Last Headbangers NFL Football in the Rowdy Reckless 70s the Era that Created Modern Sports

... Kevin, 1956– The last headbangers : NFL football in the rowdy, reckless '70s,the era that created modern sports / Kevin Cook. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 9780393080162 (hardcover) 1.

Author: Kevin Cook

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393089509


Page: 304

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The inside story of the most colorful decade in NFL history—pro football’s raging, hormonal, hairy, druggy, immortal adolescence. Between the Immaculate Reception in 1972 and The Catch in 1982, pro football grew up. In 1972, Steelers star Franco Harris hitchhiked to practice. NFL teams roomed in skanky motels. They played on guts, painkillers, legal steroids, fury, and camaraderie. A decade later, Joe Montana’s gleamingly efficient 49ers ushered in a new era: the corporate, scripted, multibillion-dollar NFL we watch today. Kevin Cook’s rollicking chronicle of this pivotal decade draws on interviews with legendary players—Harris, Montana, Terry Bradshaw, Roger Staubach, Ken “Snake” Stabler—to re-create their heroics and off-field carousing. He shows coaches John Madden and Bill Walsh outsmarting rivals as Monday Night Football redefined sports’ place in American life. Celebrating the game while lamenting the physical toll it took on football’s greatest generation, Cook diagrams the NFL’s transformation from second-tier sport into national obsession.


Coyne had found his audience at last. There was a quiet sense of euphoria too in walking through the streets again. The fact that he was travelling on foot in another man's clothes made him feel lightheaded.

Author: Hugo Hamilton

Publisher: Oldcastle Books Ltd

ISBN: 9781843448983


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Pat Coyne is a Dublin policeman who is passionately devoted to sorting out the world and its problems. For Coyne, such things as cars, crime, pollution and golf are all ominous signs of a disintegrating society. The world is committing suicide, with MTV droning in the background. Coyne's principal mission is to deal with crime, Ireland's biggest growth industry. Though only a cop on the beat, he decides to take on the notorious gang leader, Drummer Cunningham. When a murder investigation leaves detectives clueless, he enters into a personal feud with the underworld, resulting in disastrous consequences for himself and his family. Coyne is a Dublin Dirty Harry for whom everything begins to go wrong. 'A little too far ahead of the curve for their own good' - Declan Burke , Crime Always Pays

The Raw Files 1999The Raw Files 1999

Final Rating: N/R Video Control gives us clips of Kurt Angle pointing out how exceptional he is and how he's always been a winner. ... The WWF go for broke after the match with the Mean Street Posse jumping the Headbangers.

Author: James Dixon


ISBN: 9781326290405


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The team at are back with the seventh in their series documenting every episode of WWF Monday Night Raw, year by year. We cover every angle, segment and match in detail, and offer plenty of thoughts and facts along the way. The book is written and presented in the usual HOW style, with various awards, match lists and a host of star ratings for fans to debate at will. This year comes complete with a new feature ""I Got '99 Problems,"" as the writers try and get their head around some of the truly baffling Attitude Era angles and gimmicks. As usual, every single segment is covered in detail, with witty comment and analysis throughout. Fans of the series won't be disappointed, and once again the tome clocks in at a monster 160,000 words! A must have have all wrestling fans.

The Headbanger Issue No 2The Headbanger Issue No 2

... also released their debut Lp entitled "The last Laugh Is On You", - Mercyful Fate- This Danish HM band plays music that has the rawness of early Sabbath & Priest with the high energy of the MOBHM bands combined with satanic lyrics.

Author: Bob Nalbandian

Publisher: Manga University

ISBN: 9784921205836



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The heavy metal beat goes on with the release of the second issue of Bob Nalbandian's legendary 1980s music fanzine The Headbanger! Relive those heady days of leather and denim as Nalbandian walks you through the smog of the Sunset Strip and into the clubs and arenas where bands like Motorhead, Krokus and Sabotage made heavy metal history. This faithful digital reproduction of the second issue — originally released in September 1982 — includes reviews of performances by Motorhead, Krokus, Scorpions, Dante Fox and Sabotage; commentary on the latest vinyl from Saxon, Raven and Judas Priest; a "Hot Tips" section with recaps of global heavy metal happenings; and rapid-fire reviews of breakout bands from Europe. Find all that — and much, much more — in the fanzine that helped put heavy metal on the rock 'n' roll map! “Over the years I've received tons of emails from people asking about The Headbanger and whether I ever plan to reprint the original issues,” Nalbandian says. "We want to transport readers back to the ‘true’ days of the early fanzines, a time when there was no such thing as ‘spell-check’ and tablet computers were the stuff of science fiction. Welcome to 1982 revisited!"

The Steelers ExperienceThe Steelers Experience

In The Last Headbangers, author Kevin Cook offered this perspective on Noll and Madden: “They were space-age coaches who saw their jobs as similar to that of the lead engineer on a NASA mission: Manage your personnel, draw up a game ...

Author: Jim Wexell

Publisher: Mvp Books

ISBN: 9780760345764


Page: 216

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"The Steelers Experience is an illustrated history of the Pittsburgh Steelers NFL franchise. Featuring every key player from every era, the book chronicles the highs and lows of every season, and features stories, statistics, and highlights old and new"--

Earl CampbellEarl Campbell

... Paper Lion: Confessions of a Last-String Quarterback (New York: New American Library, 1974), 168. ... The Last Headbangers: NFL Football in the Rowdy, Reckless '70s—The Era That Created Modern Sports (New York: Norton, 2013), 182.

Author: Asher Price

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 9781477316498


Page: 320

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Earl Campbell was a force in American football, winning a state championship in high school, rushing his way to a Heisman trophy for the University of Texas, and earning MVP as he took the Houston Oilers to the brink of the Super Bowl. An exhilarating blend of biography and history, Earl Campbell chronicles the challenges and sacrifices one supremely gifted athlete faced in his journey to the Hall of Fame. The story begins in Tyler, Texas, featuring his indomitable mother, a crusading judge, and a newly integrated high school, then moves to Austin, home of the University of Texas (infamously, the last all-white national champion in college football), where legendary coach Darrell Royal stakes his legacy on recruiting Campbell. Later, in booming, Luv-Ya-Blue Houston, Campbell reaches his peak with beloved coach Bum Phillips, who celebrates his star runner’s bruising style even as it takes its toll on Campbell’s body. Drawing on new interviews and research, Asher Price reveals how a naturally reticent kid from the country who never sought the spotlight ran into complex issues of race and health. In an age when concussion revelations and player protest against racial injustice rock the NFL, Campbell’s life is a timely story of hard-earned success—and heart-wrenching sacrifice.


... Life and Political Memoirs of Speaker Tip O'Neill. New York: Random House, 1987. 86. 22. Nash, Bruce and Allan Zullo. Football Hall of Shame. New York: Pocket Books, 1986. 67. 23. Cook, Kevin. The Last Headbangers: NFL Football in ...

Author: Don Fulsom

Publisher: Pelican Publishing Company

ISBN: 9781455619504


Page: 336

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“I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

—Oath of Office of the President of the United States

Right hand held high, Richard M. Nixon was sworn into the office he had already betrayed. In the months before the 1968 election, Nixon and his allies—including the “Dragon Lady” Anna Chennault and Henry Kissinger—collaborated with foreign nationals to undermine Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson’s Vietnam peace talks in order to curry public favor for Nixon and his secret plan to bring an end to the Vietnam War. Nixon’s sabotage extended the brutal conflict, ultimately costing thousands of lives. This incisive account reveals the true Nixon and shakes the fundamental trust we place in our leaders.