The Healing SunThe Healing Sun

Humanity is also part of nature and needs sunlight for health and well being, for vitality and happiness. This book explains how and why we should welcome sunlight back into our lives--safely!

Author: Richard Hobday

Publisher: Findhorn Press

ISBN: 1899171975


Page: 176

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The human race evolved under the sun, and for thousands of years lived in harmony with its heat and light. Yet over the last fifty years we have lost this close contact with the sun and its healing powers. We have become afraid of it. However the sun is central to our well being and health. Did you know that: • designing and building sunlit houses can help prevent disease, make us feel happier and save energy • sunlight can help prevent and heal many common and often fatal diseases like breast cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis and osteoporosis • before antibiotics, sunlight was used successfully to speed up the healing of wounds • tanning moderately throughout the year is better than avoiding the sun altogether • sudden bursts of strong solar radiation are unnatural and dangerous, protection needs to be built up slowly • early morning sunlight in cool temperatures is particularly beneficial to the body • sunlit hospital rooms provide a better environment for the treatment of clinically depressed people • prolonged exposure to artificial light puts the body under great stress • large numbers of people may be compromising their health through sunlight deficiency • there is a substantial body of historical and contemporary evidence that suggests moderate sunbathing is far more beneficial than we are currently led to believe The light and heat from the sun are indispensable to all nature. Humanity is also part of nature and needs sunlight for health and well being, for vitality and happiness. This book explains how and why we should welcome sunlight back into our lives--safely! It shows how sunlight was used to prevent and cure diseases in the past, and how it can heal us and help us in the future. Richard Hobday, MSc, PhD is a member of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners and has studied traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese exercise systems in China. Dr. Hobday has many years experience of solar design in buildings and is a leading authority on the history of sunlight therapy.

The Healing Sounds of MantrasThe Healing Sounds of Mantras

Thanks to the light of the sun, life on earth is possible. Sun prayermantras help to direct the healing power of the sun towards oneself. Mahavakya - mantras as phrases of wisdom for self-reflection Aham A mantra for the.

Author: Dr. Mohani Heitel

Publisher: Smirti Verlag

ISBN: 9783940975140


Page: 128

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A book about Mantras; everything what you should know about Mantras, with audio samples. Mantras have beside their sound effect and resonance effect a mystic meaning. Every language, every culture uses such magic words which touch the soul. Indian culture, especially Ayurvedic healing methods and Yoga exercises, to which mantra application counts – have been practised for centuries. Mantras can be of great help in one ́s life. You learn about what mantras are, how many different kinds of mantras there are and on which cultural ground they were developed. Mostly, they have religious and philosophical backgrounds and a fundamental comprehension of disease and healing, which differs from the modern western view. These alternative healing approaches take consideration of the psychic aspect alongside the physical aspect of a disease. Often healing words and comforting sounds and songs are used, which in a subtle way activate the self-healing potential of a person. Today, these alternative healing tools are applied by many people in the western world, valued and practised also by therapeutics. Deep spiritual meditative moments are possible while hearing as well as while singing Mantras. At the emotional level salutary feeling are woken up like rest, calmness, joy and love. While hearing the audio samples of some Mantras you come to the pleasure of this unique sacred sound experience. The introduction on the subject for everybody which are in search of an alternative, musical remedial method; help to the meditation and access to own spirituality; practical instructions to the everyday use with detailed explanations.

The Healing Power of GemstonesThe Healing Power of Gemstones

Nakshatras Kritika , Uttra Phalguni , and Uttra Khad are ruled by the Sun. It is regarded as a kroor - grah ( malefic planet ) , but it is actually an auspicious planet . It is powerful when placed in the seventh house from the ...

Author: Harish Johari

Publisher: Inner Traditions / Bear & Co

ISBN: 0892816082


Page: 240

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This is the most comprehensive guide to the chemical and subtle nature of gemstones and their use throughout history. Johari includes detailed instructions for the creation of gem talismans and the rituals surrounding the use of gems to obtain desired effects. He also uses Hindu astrology to explain the gems you should wear to maximize your physical and psychological well-being. New edition of a popular classic. This is the first book in this subject area to draw on the ancient Hindu sciences of Tantra, Ayurvedic medicine, and astrology, as well as on the author's own family tradition of gemology.

The Healing Power of Sufi MeditationThe Healing Power of Sufi Meditation

THE POWER OF THE SUN Everything that we see on Earth benefits from the sun's energy . This is the glory of the sun , for it is always sending its rays out to nourish , sustain and give life to this world and to everything on it and in ...

Author: Sayyid Nurjan Mirahmadi

Publisher: ISCA

ISBN: 1930409265


Page: 154

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For those who have reached a level of understanding of the illusory nature of the world and seek to discern the reality that lies behind it, Sufi meditation--muraqabah--is explained in this book. (World Religions)

The Healing Power of Acupressure and AcupunctureThe Healing Power of Acupressure and Acupuncture

on the eastern horizon marked the location of that day's rising sun . Doing this , one would end up with very nearly if not exactly 180 notches , allowing for the fact that the sun would rise at the same notch during each solstice for ...

Author: Matthew Bauer

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1583332162


Page: 224

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This accessible, up-to-date resource guide leads you through the foundations and techniques of acupressure and acupuncture. Acupressure and acupuncture can relieve painful conditions such as migraine headaches, lower back pain, joint disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome, asthma, allergies, stress, nausea, heart problems, and many others. Today, most health-care plans cover these treatments, making them more popular than ever. Filled with insights into the history of these two age-old therapies, The Healing Power of Acupressure and Acupuncture helps readers choose when to see a licensed therapist, and even provides information about doing certain treatments at home. Matthew D. Bauer delves deeply into the traditions and remarkable benefits of acupressure and acupuncture, explains the many benefits of both, describes techniques for self-treatment, and illustrates how Chinese healing can augment modern Western medicine.

The Healing MetaphorThe Healing Metaphor

The sun may be warm upon your skin...relaxing warmth...the warmth of the sun...soothing and relaxing one here to expect anything of you one to let you down.......nothing to do now.......just relaxing into the ...

Author: Zetta Thomelin

Publisher: Grosvenor House Publishing

ISBN: 9781839750595


Page: 130

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The Healing Metaphor examines the power of metaphor in therapy and provides a range of original hypnotherapy scripts covering issues from Adoption, Grief and Anxiety to Cancer, IBS and Migraine.

Applying Bach Flower Therapy to the Healing Profession of HomoeopathyApplying Bach Flower Therapy to the Healing Profession of Homoeopathy

Bach had gained the idea of using the sun method of potentization by observing the sun's action of shining through and warming dew drops on flower petals , and he had wondered about the sun's power to activate and release healing energy ...

Author: Boedler Cornelia

Publisher: B. Jain Publishers

ISBN: 8170217865


Page: 242

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The authors has beautiful explained how Bech Flower Therapy can be used with comoeopathy .

Angel Healing Alchemy How To BeginAngel Healing Alchemy How To Begin

Emerging from the trees, you feel the warm healing sun on your face. In front of you is a huge crystal pyramid, and as the sun strikes it, glorious rainbows are formed; feel the energy generated by Sacred Seven Creation Colours.

Author: Angela McGerr

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 9781782793373


Page: 175

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In Angel Healing & Alchemy the reader will learn the true significance of mighty Melchisadec, Prince of Peace, as well as of Sacred Seven and the Seventh Ray of Violet. This practical handbook teaches firstly how to work with angels and to develop "clair" skills, to feel and sense the presence of the angels. And then how to work with each of the eight mighty angels in turn, using this knowledge to gradually heal self and life. The objective is to connect with each angel in order to draw angelic rays of healing, using these to release blocks, gain a higher vibration and to thus attain new levels of physical/spiritual harmony.

Ancient Aliens the Healing of Billie Save Planet EarthAncient Aliens the Healing of Billie Save Planet Earth

my head that I knew were not my own and the thoughts were telling me to look directly into the sun without sun glasses on. I always wore sun glasses on the beach to keep the glare down the thoughts were telling me that I was going to go ...

Author: William Stanley Henderson Jr.

Publisher: Fulton Books, Inc.

ISBN: 9781633382619


Page: 217

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By writing the book of the "Ancient Alien Angels the Healing of Billie", I am releasing my anger at society and religion and mostly my parents for the abuse that I had placed upon me by their actions thoughts. Then through forgiveness I set myself free of the past and releasing them from me so that they no longer have a hold or say or power in my life. I have taken back my power from them and they no longer can make me feel like a victim a helpless child that I no longer view myself as a victim in life. My book is an in depth look into my life from birth to now 65 years later every event in my life I have seen and from the eyes of the child within through my teen age years into adult hood from anger and hate to love and peace within. I had locked away the inner child not wanting to face my past and as society religion and my parents had made me feel like a bad person and I did not want to show the world around me my dark past and I locked Billie in a cage and hid him from myself and the world and now Billie is free and so am I.

I Used to Be the SunI Used to Be the Sun

I Used to Be the Sun is Valeria Eden’s debut collection of poetry and prose.

Author: Valeria Eden

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781984564276


Page: 250

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I Used to Be the Sun is Valeria Eden’s debut collection of poetry and prose. It is a summation of her experiences with love, loss, hope, and her journey through brokenness and the healing that came from it. I Used to Be the Sun takes readers through a roller coaster of emotions that leave you on the other platform with the message that despite the ups and downs, we have survived it all.

Light TherapiesLight Therapies

Covering the historic, scientific, and spiritual aspects of light and its role in energy medicine, Anadi Martel explores the vibrational nature of light and the interaction between light, biology, and consciousness.

Author: Anadi Martel

Publisher: Healing Arts Press

ISBN: 1620557290


Page: 384

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A comprehensive guide to the therapeutic benefits of light and color and how they affect our physical and psychological well-being • Shares scientific research on how different wavelengths of light influence our cells, brain function, sleep patterns, and emotional stability • Examines several forms of light therapy, including chromotherapy, heliotherapy, actinotherapy, and thermotherapy • Explains how to use light and color therapy, maximize the benefits of sunlight, and avoid the health risks of new light sources such as compact fluorescents and LEDs Beginning with sun worship in prehistory and sunshine therapies in ancient Egypt, Greece, and India, light has long been associated with the sublime, the divine, and healing. Yet only recently have we begun to understand how different parts of the light spectrum, from infrared to ultraviolet, can affect our physical and psychological well-being. Covering the historic, scientific, and spiritual aspects of light and its role in energy medicine, Anadi Martel explores the vibrational nature of light and the interaction between light, biology, and consciousness. He demonstrates light’s incredible effects on the physical, energetic, and cognitive dimensions of life and examines several forms of light therapy, including chromotherapy (color therapy), heliotherapy (sun therapy), actinotherapy (ultraviolet therapy), and thermotherapy (infrared therapy). He details how to use light therapy daily, get optimal benefits from sunlight, and avoid the health risks of new artificial lighting such as compact fluorescents and LEDs. Combining his own 30 years of research with practical insight from the many phototherapy pioneers he’s encountered, the author examines scientific studies on how specific wavelengths of light influence our cells and DNA, brain function, sleep patterns, and emotional stability; speed the healing of wounds; and are effective in the treatment of disease, including arthritis, stroke, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and brain and nerve injuries. Exploring the spiritual aspects of light, the author explains why auras and halos have been used to represent sages and saints of all traditions, revealing the intimate link between light and consciousness. Investigating the many laser, monochrome, audiovisual, and infrared machines designed to heal disease and treat emotional disorders, Martel also reveals promising medical applications for light that are currently in development, inviting the reader not only to appreciate the complexities of light but to maximize its therapeutic dimensions.

The Brain s Way of HealingThe Brain s Way of Healing

They worshipped the sun god Ra—they were literal sun worshippers—and, like most worshippers, had high hopes their god would not only protect but heal them. Ra's presence was everywhere. Even the pharaoh Ramses had Ra's name embedded in ...

Author: Norman Doidge

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780698191433


Page: 432

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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER The New York Times–bestselling author of The Brain That Changes Itself presents astounding advances in the treatment of brain injury and illness. Now in an updated and expanded paperback edition. Winner of the 2015 Gold Nautilus Book Award in Science & Cosmology In his groundbreaking work The Brain That Changes Itself, Norman Doidge introduced readers to neuroplasticity—the brain’s ability to change its own structure and function in response to activity and mental experience. Now his revolutionary new book shows how the amazing process of neuroplastic healing really works. The Brain’s Way of Healing describes natural, noninvasive avenues into the brain provided by the energy around us—in light, sound, vibration, and movement—that can awaken the brain’s own healing capacities without producing unpleasant side effects. Doidge explores cases where patients alleviated chronic pain; recovered from debilitating strokes, brain injuries, and learning disorders; overcame attention deficit and learning disorders; and found relief from symptoms of autism, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and cerebral palsy. And we learn how to vastly reduce the risk of dementia, with simple approaches anyone can use. For centuries it was believed that the brain’s complexity prevented recovery from damage or disease. The Brain’s Way of Healing shows that this very sophistication is the source of a unique kind of healing. As he did so lucidly in The Brain That Changes Itself, Doidge uses stories to present cutting-edge science with practical real-world applications, and principles that everyone can apply to improve their brain’s performance and health.

The Healing Waters of Cacique SpringThe Healing Waters of Cacique Spring

stood with her arm extended, and her arm was a dazzling shaft of light like the sun flashing on polished gold, and she reached out her finger and touched one head of the Water Snake, the head which held a fat ripe gourd in its mouth.

Author: James Nathan Post

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595193141


Page: 161

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Young New Mexico archaeology professor Buck Tyler is a media-hound, pot-hunter, and womanizer. When a grizzled publisher of treasure-hunting stories hires him to persuade an group of psychic forensic investigators to use their powers to locate ancient Anasazi healing sites, they are joined by beautiful Pueblo Indian psychic-touch-reader Sharon Hightower on an expedition to a tiny village in southern New Mexico. There they discover the record of a tale of betrayal, murder, a wrongfully-acquired Indian healing spring, and an Anasazi ceremonial cave. When it becomes apparent that someone among the principals is involved in that long-past deception, they must discover the shaman's mystic secret to survive.

Gnostic HealingGnostic Healing

Archangel Raphael's role as the emanation of Tiferet at the level of Beriyah inspires all of the healing practices associated with the sun in our lineage. The sun is understood as the vehicle of this healing power on a subtle level ...

Author: Tau Malachi

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 9780738723082


Page: 216

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In this groundbreaking work, Gnostic teacher Tau Malachi and Harvard-educated independent scholar Siobhán Houston have teamed up to present powerful Gnostic healing practices in a clear and systematic way found nowhere else. Techniques include mystical prayer, meditation, and sacred ceremony, and are suitable for both beginning and experienced healers. All the practices in this guidebook facilitate direct spiritual and mystical experiences that will awaken your soul and lead to self-realization. Essentially, it is a book of healing as a way of the Path to Enlightenment—Divine Gnosis. Praise for Tau Malachi “Malachi perfectly captures the oral tradition within the written word.”—Publishers Weekly

Reiki and the Healing BuddhaReiki and the Healing Buddha

the energy will be sent to the intended person and it will heal them as well. ... In the East the right hand is known as the Sun hand and the left hand is known as the Moon hand, so it can be assumed that Sunlight and Moonlight also ...

Author: Maureen J. Kelly

Publisher: Lotus Press

ISBN: 9780914955924


Page: 216

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Reiki and the Healing Buddha reconnects Reiki with its Buddhist antecedents and provides both the experienced practitioner and the interested lay person with new insights and viewpoints on Reiki.