The God of the HiveThe God of the Hive

A thrilling mystery for Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes Laurie R. King. THE
GOD OF THE HIVE LAURIE R. KING In memory of Noel, who would have loved
Robert Goodman.

Author: Laurie R. King

Publisher: Allison & Busby

ISBN: 9780749010607


Page: 448

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It began as a problem in one of Holmes' beloved beehives, led to a murderous cult, and ended - or so they'd hoped - with a daring escape from a sacrificial altar. Instead, Mary Russell and her husband, Sherlock Holmes, have stirred the wrath and the limitless resources of those they've thwarted. Now they are separated and on the run, wanted by the police, and pursued across the Continent by a ruthless enemy with powerful connections. Unstoppable together, Russell and Holmes will have to survive this time apart, maintaining tenuous contact only by means of coded messages and cryptic notes. With Holmes' young granddaughter in her safekeeping, Russell will have to call on instincts she didn't know she had. But has the couple already made a fatal mistake by separating, making themselves easier targets for the shadowy government agents sent to silence them? From hidden rooms in London shops and rustic forest cabins to rickety planes over Scotland and boats on the frozen North Sea, Russell and Holmes work their way back to each other in the most complex, shocking, and deeply personal case of their career.

The HiveThe Hive

IA AM , cry'd Apollo , ( when Daphne he woo'd , And , panting for breath , the coy
virgin purfud , When his wisdom , in manner most ample , exprest The long lift of
graces his godship pofleft : ) • I'm the god of sweet song , and inspirer of lays ...



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Letters from the HiveLetters from the Hive

It was used to sweeten many foods and beverages , was fed to sacrificial animals
to sweeten the pleasure of the recipient god , and was used in medicines to keep
people alive and well . It was also associated with love and romance , just as it ...

Author: Stephen Buchmann

Publisher: Bantam

ISBN: 0553901516


Page: 288

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They work hard, are devoted to family, love sex, and know the importance of a good piece of real estate. Honey bees, and the daily workings of their close-knit colonies, are one of nature's great miracles. And they produce one of nature's greatest edible bounties: honey. More than just a palate pleaser, honey was once an offering to the gods, a preservative, and a medicine whose sought-after curative powers were detailed in ancient texts . . . and are being rediscovered by modern medical science. In Letters from the Hive, Prof. Stephen Buchmann takes us into the hive--nursery, honey factory, queen's inner sanctum--and out to the world of backyard gardens, open fields, and deserts in full bloom, where the age-old sexual dance between flowers and bees makes life on earth as we know it possible. Hailed for their hard work, harmonious society, and, mistakenly, for their celibacy, bees have a link to our species that goes beyond biology. In Letters from the Hive, Buchmann explores the fascinating role of bees in human culture and mythology, following the "honey hunters" of native cultures in Malaysia, the Himalayas, and the Australian Outback as they risk life and limb to locate a treasure as valuable as any gold. To contemplate a world without bees is to imagine a desolate place, culturally and biologically, and Buchmann shows how with each acre of land sacrificed to plow, parking lot, or shopping mall, we inch closer to what could become a chilling reality. He also offers honey-based recipes, cooking tips, and home remedies--further evidence of the gifts these creatures have bestowed on us. Told with wit, wisdom, and affection, and rich with anecdote and science, Letters from the Hive is nature writing at its best. This is natural history to be treasured, a sweet tribute that buzzes with life.

The HiveThe Hive

Bees have often been identified with gods. In one of the very earliest creation
myths, the human race itself was born from a bisexual king bee. In early Christian
lore, bees weremeant to come from the wounds of Christ; or from his navel; or
from ...

Author: Bee Wilson

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9781466870697


Page: 320

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Ever since men first hunted for honeycomb in rocks and daubed pictures of it on cave walls, the honeybee has been seen as one of the wonders of nature: social, industrious, beautiful, terrifying. No other creature has inspired in humans an identification so passionate, persistent, or fantastical. The Hive recounts the astonishing tale of all the weird and wonderful things that humans believed about bees and their "society" over the ages. It ranges from the honey delta of ancient Egypt to the Tupelo forests of modern Florida, taking in a cast of characters including Alexander the Great and Napoleon, Sherlock Holmes and Muhammed Ali. The history of humans and honeybees is also a history of ideas, taking us through the evolution of science, religion, and politics, and a social history that explores the bee's impact on food and human ritual. In this beautifully illustrated book, Bee Wilson shows how humans will always view the hive as a miniature universe with order and purpose, and look to it to make sense of their own.

The Juvenile companion and Sunday school hive afterw The Sunday school hive and juvenile companion Vol 4 sic 3 no 3 43The Juvenile companion and Sunday school hive afterw The Sunday school hive and juvenile companion Vol 4 sic 3 no 3 43

She was lifting up better days — days of earthly good , when her heart in prayer
for them , through all this world ' s portions had showered in upon the weary
years , to the God of her salvation . her . Her husband had died , leaving her a On
the ...



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The Hive Vol IV The Hive Vol IV

HIVE. Last night I heard the Dog Star bark , Mars met Venus in the dark ; Limping
Vulcan heat an iron bar , And furiously made at the god of war ; Mars with his
weapon laid about , Limping Vulcan had got the gout ; His broad horns did fo
hang ...

Author: HIVE


ISBN: BL:A0019064256


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A Practical Treatise on the Hive and Honey beeA Practical Treatise on the Hive and Honey bee

Those , therefore , who are ignorant of the economy of the bee - hive , cannot
safely depart from the old - fashioned mode of management ; as emergencies
which they are unprepared to meet , may at any moment occur . An Apiarian may
use ...

Author: Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth


ISBN: UVA:X001029101


Page: 397

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The Hive Of The SaintsThe Hive Of The Saints

But strangely, she seems to have been a participant here too, as God apparently
granted her a most unusual favor. For forty-seven years, it is reported in the
process, she could see, through a globe which became visible to her, actual
events ...

Author: David Craig

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595336739


Page: 172

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"The Hive of the Saints" reveals both the beauty and the sometimes-harsh reality that is integral to a Christian's lifelong journey with grace. In this moving collection, Poet and Author David Craig shares poems from the three companions of St. Francis, stigmata poems from the Fioretti, and sonnets based on the gospel of St. Matthew. Capturing a spirit of celebration and hope, Craig's poems introduce us to genuine and eccentric characters like the Apprentice, who sticks out his foot to trip you as you pass and then "will hold his side laughing as you fall, like an insurance salesman from Nebraska." Or, the cab driver with the back-seat fare who asked, "So are you going to turn me in, or "what?"--discovering, weeks later, that the man had stabbed someone. Other poems detail the third shift at a nursing home, the Cleveland Rapid Transit Station, and a lonely Christmas spent with only the company of a remote control. In "The Hive of the Saints," Craig creates an atmosphere throughout his poetry that encourages the reader to look inward, and walk a path of spiritual discovery to a more hopeful world.

The Hive Vol III The Third Edition with Alterations and AdditionsThe Hive Vol III The Third Edition with Alterations and Additions

HIVE. When Cloe we ply , Pag . 20 When Daphne o'er the meadowos fled , ' 132
When first I beheld Clarinda's eyes , 5 When flow'ry meadows deck the year , 149
When gay Philander fell a prize 198 When I court thee , dear Molly , to grant me ...

Author: HIVE.


ISBN: BL:A0019064255


Page: 264

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Poetics of the HivePoetics of the Hive

... of the hive metaphor may be conceived three-dimensionally, employed as the
ultimate organizational scene or principle. ... Although speaking of the universe/
Library through Pascal's argument of God, Borges's speaker sums up the
beehive ...

Author: Cristopher Hollingsworth

Publisher: University of Iowa Press

ISBN: 9781587294037


Page: 299

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"Cris Hollingsworth's waggle dance after scouting the rangiest field of literature--Virgil and Homer down to Milton and Swift, on to Plath and Byatt&#$151;leads you to where the nectar hides. . . . He wisely roams, extracting an anthology of poetry, prose, psychology, history&151;most of all, perception--that tops the bee's knees." --Paul West, author of The Secret Life of Words "Hollingsworth's wide-ranging exploration of the image of the hive is impressive. Poetics of the Hive and its panoply of references cannot fail to enrich university classrooms, especially those devoted to both the visual arts and literature." --Dore Ashton, author of A Fable of Modern Art "Cris Hollingsworth's Poetics of the Hive . . . is complex, even daring in argument; I'm even more impressed by [his] skill at an increasingly rare critical art, the educing of argument from careful, often brilliant analytical reading of literary texts." --Thomas R. Edwards, executive editor of Raritan: A Quarterly Review A study to delight the passionate reader, Poetics of the Hive tells the story of the evolution of the insect metaphor from antiquity to the multicultural present. An experiment in the &147;evolutionary biology&148; of artistic form, Poetics of the Hive freshly examines classic works of literature, offering a view of poetic creation that complicates our ideas of the past and its formative role in modern consciousness and world literature. In the first part of this lyrical synthesis of rhetoric, visual and postmodern theory, and cognitive science, Cristopher Hollingsworth reveals the structure behind his metaphor, redefining it as an aesthetically and philosophically potent tableau that he calls the Hive. He traces the Hive's evolution in epic poetry from Homer to Milton, which establishes antithetical but complementary images of angelic and demonic bees that Swift, Mandeville, and Keats use variously to debate classical versus emerging ideas of the individual's relationship to society. But the Hive becomes fully psychologized, Hollingsworth argues, only when its use by Conrad and Wells to explore Europe's colonial imagination of the Other is transformed by Kafka and Sartre into competing symbols of the modern self's existential condition. Cristopher Hollingsworth is an assistant professor of English at St. John's University, Staten Island.

The Hive ConstructThe Hive Construct

'And once she'd killed sufficiently, how did the other gods stop Sekhmet?'
Maalik's grin widened. They replaced the blood she drank with alcohol and they
drank her under the table.' It was coming up to ten at night. The training was over
until ...

Author: Alexander Maskill

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781448171019


Page: 352

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Situated deep in the Sahara Desert, New Cairo is a city built on technology – from the huge, life-giving solar panels that keep it functioning in a radically changed, resource-scarce world to the artificial implants that have become the answer to all and any of mankind's medical problems. But it is also a divided city, dominated by a handful of omnipotent corporate dynasties. And when a devastating new computer virus begins to spread through the poorest districts, shutting down the life-giving implants that enable so many to survive, the city begins to slide into the anarchy of violent class struggle. Hiding amidst the chaos is Zala Ulora. A gifted hacker and fugitive from justice, she believes she might be able to earn her life back by tracing the virus to its source and destroying it before it destroys the city. Or before the city destroys itself . . . With its vivid characters, bold ideas and explosive action, The Hive is science fiction at its most exciting, inventive and accessible.

The Hive DetectivesThe Hive Detectives

Reporters wrote of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners without fruits and vegetables.
People put forth one theory after another—geneti- cally modified crops, cell
phone signals, an act of God, and terrorist plots were each charged with the
crime ...

Author: Loree Griffin Burns

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780547488127


Page: 80

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Without honey bees the world would be a different place. There would be no honey, no beeswax for candles, and,worst of all, barely a fruit, nut, or vegetable to eat.So imagine beekeeper Dave Hackenburgs horror when he discovered twenty million of his charges had vanished. Those missing bees became the first casualties of a mysterious scourge that continues to plague honey bee populations today. In The Hive Detectives, Loree Griffin Burns profiles bee wranglers and bee scientists who have been working to understand colony collapse disorder, or CCD. In this dramatic and enlightening story, readers explore the lives of the fuzzy, buzzy insects and learn what might happen to us if they were gone.

Langstroth on the Hive and Honey BeeLangstroth on the Hive and Honey Bee

Neither our ignorance of all the facts necessary to their full elucidation , nor our
inability to harmonize these facts in their mutual relations and dependencies , will
justify us in rejecting any truth which God hath seen fit to reveal , either in the ...

Author: Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth


ISBN: UCD:31175014587847


Page: 521

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The Queens and the HiveThe Queens and the Hive

His arrogance, his folly, had alienated them all. During the weeks before the birth
of the Prince, the King lived in a separate state in the Castle, and 'vagabondized'
each night. Soon the marks of that 'vagabondizing', the marks of God's wrath, ...

Author: Edith Sitwell

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781448201525


Page: 528

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No hive can tolerate two Queens. In the fatal clash between the Protestant Queen of England and the Catholic Queen of Scots, many were determined that 'The death of Mary is the life of Elizabeth'. In this moving chronicle a modern poet magnificently recaptures the splendid colour and sordid intrigue of the most spectacular period of history in Britain. "Dame Edith Sitwell is the catalyst of poetry and history. She is able in this tired, utility second Elizabethan age to bring freshness to the English language worth of the first." -The Times

The Hive ProductsThe Hive Products

In the Hindoo civilization , honey and wax are mentioned as having been used in
the composition of preparations for curing various affections , and the God of Sun
Azwin is considered the discoverer of honey . Very interesting is the fact that ...

Author: Apimondia. Beekeeping Technology and Equipment Standing Commission


ISBN: CORNELL:31924001699069


Page: 153

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