Development Asia Racing to Reach the Millennium Development GoalsDevelopment Asia Racing to Reach the Millennium Development Goals

“National-level MDG indicators measure what they intend to measure: a country's overall progress towards specific MDG goals and targets. In that sense, they not present a skewed picture,” Mr. Smit says in an interview.

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The adoption of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in 2000 by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly was a major breakthrough in the fight against poverty. Not only did it draw out firm commitments from nations but it also promoted greater transparency and urgency by putting the spotlight on national and international efforts to improve the living conditions of the poorest by 2015. With nearly two-thirds of deadline time elapsed, this edition of Development Asia takes a hard look at progress made toward the MDGs in Asia and the Pacific. Much success has been achieved in key areas, such as in lowering the child mortality rate and improving the quality of life of those on the fringes of society. Yet, despite the advances made, most of Asia and the developing world will fall short of the targets as they struggle to cope with the global economic crisis, rising food prices, and climate change. In an exclusive interview with Development Asia, Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan of the World Health Organization stresses the importance of building on successes in achieving the goals and urges donor nations to continue aid programs. These ambitious global goals have presented challenges to development professionals—and leaders—on how best to measure development progress. Critics tell Development Asia that MDG indicators tend to draw a skewed picture since these show progress at the national level that may be vastly different from conditions at the provincial level. Still, development workers agree that these indicators, though not perfect, provide the most comprehensive framework for reducing poverty worldwide. In other stories, this issue tells the little known tale of Afghanistan's heroin addicts. Much has been written about the country feeding the world's addiction, but few have examined heroin's painful toll on Afghanistan's people. This edition also looks at the problem of endemic corruption in infrastructure projects, while it weighs both the positive and negative effects of road building, one of the largest types of infrastructure projects, and most common. Patralekha Chatterjee argues that road projects need HIV/AIDS officers as much as they need engineers. In our From the Field section, we talk to Tony Meloto, the energetic founder of the highly successful Philippine housing organization, Gawad Kalinga. The program is promoted as getting the wealthy and middle class into low-cost housing... as volunteers. A former marketing executive, Mr. Meloto is as comfortable in the slums as he is in the polo club.

The CosmopolitanThe Cosmopolitan

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Constitutional Law for a Changing AmericaConstitutional Law for a Changing America

Just as the State may not, absent extraordinary justification, segregate citizens on the basis of race in its ... it threatens to carry us further from the goal of a political system in which race no longer matters—a goal that the ...

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Political factors influence judicial decisions. Arguments and input from lawyers and interest groups, shifting public opinion, and the ideological and behavioral inclinations of the justices collectively influence the development of constitutional doctrine. In Constitutional Law for a Changing America, bestselling authors Lee Epstein, Kevin T. McGuire, and Thomas G. Walker draw on both political science and legal studies to analyze and excerpt cases, accounting for recent landmark court decisions, including key opinions handed down through the 2020 term. Updated with additional material such as recent court rulings, more than 500 supplemental cases, and greater coverage of freedom of expression, this Eleventh Edition will develop students’ understanding of how the U.S. Constitution protects civil rights and liberties. Included with this text The online resources for your text are available via the password-protected Instructor Resource Site. Learn more.

Stand Up Paddle Board Racing for BeginnersStand Up Paddle Board Racing for Beginners

All paddleboard coaches pretty much have the same philosophy when it comes to training for a race- set a goal for whatever it is you want to do (whether it's placing in the top five of a long distance paddle, beating your time from ...

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“Stand Up Paddle Board Racing for Beginners” is the perfect newbie's guide to preparing for your first paddle board race. Paddle boarding takes certain equipment and it can be intimidating to even think about entering a competition, so this provides a great place to start. There is a lot of information out there and training guides geared towards advanced paddle boarders, but nothing really for the beginner. This is a nice, easy introduction to the basics of paddle boarding and how that relates to training for a race. In this guide, learn about: - Why I wrote this book - Different water to train in and how their altitude affects training (specifically in Lake Tahoe, USA) - Finding the right coach - Access to water and why people paddle board - The basics of paddle boarding - Finding the right kind of paddle board for your race - The best paddles and other accessories for your competition - What to wear - When to start training - Know how much time you have to train - Developing balance, strength and endurance - Paddle stroke techniques - Safety: the key to having fun - What to expect on race day - Takeaways from my first races - Tips and tricks - My personal training diary and additional resources About the Expert Residing in Lake Tahoe, California, Kayla works for one of the best stand-up paddleboard rental/coffee shops in the nation called Waterman’s Landing. There, she has access to some of the best paddle boards, the water, and two elite paddle board racers. In autumn 2017, she started seriously training for her first paddle board race and took third out of six people in Mike’s Sunday Fun Race. In the duration of her training, she ended up shaving 6-8 minutes off of her average distance time. Although she is nowhere near being an elite athlete, Kayla is still paddle board racing and working up the ranks. HowExpert publishes quick 'how to' guides on all topics from A to Z by everyday experts.

Hearing on the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs OFCCP and H R 2128 the Equal Opportunity Act of 1995Hearing on the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs OFCCP and H R 2128 the Equal Opportunity Act of 1995

Now , some have argued that lumping goals and timetables with quotas , preferences and set - asides is inappropriate since goals do not , by themselves , require race- or sex - conscious decisions , but instead require only good faith ...

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The Ancient History of the Egyptians Carthaginians Assyrians Babylonians Medes and Persians Macedonians and GreciansThe Ancient History of the Egyptians Carthaginians Assyrians Babylonians Medes and Persians Macedonians and Grecians

At the extremity of the Stadium was a goal , where the foot - races ended , but in those of chariots and horses they were to run several times round it without stopping , and afterwarls conclude the race by regaining the other extremity ...

Author: Charles Rollin


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2 Timothy and Titus2 Timothy and Titus

A fight (or athletics) is a general term, a race course now indicates a specific type of sport. ... His goal was to “complete his race course and the ministry” that he received from the Lord Jesus (Acts 20:24). Ancient foot races were ...

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A thorough and insightful commentary on Paul's letter to his coworker Timothy, which the apostle wrote before and during Nero's persecution. Spencer carefully examines each part of the letter and relates it to the overall flow of the argument and in light of the larger biblical, historical, social, and cultural contexts. How Paul's writing related to the ancient communities is highlighted in the light of original data gleaned from her explorations on location in Crete, Ephesus, and Rome. In addition, Paul's rhetorical and ministry strategies, especially as they relate to women and their role in the church, are explored. Throughout, Spencer presents an in-depth exegesis in a readable format enhanced by forty years of ministry.