The Game of Their LivesThe Game of Their Lives

Its people earned their livings in the textile mills. On the block where he lived—other than his father's—there were only two cars: “Mr. Cantwell, a policeman—he had one. And Mr. Roberts. I don't know what he did but he had a car.

Author: Geoffrey Douglas

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company

ISBN: 9781466880818


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In the late spring of 1950, eleven young immigrants' sons, most of them strangers to each other, came together for the love and fun of a game of soccer. They came from Missouri, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and New York, from jobs in canneries, brickyards, post offices, classrooms, and bars, to play for their country in the 1950 World Cup, resulting in what has since been called, by scores of sources for more than forty years, the greatest upset victory in the history of American sports. But no one in America at the time paid attention. Their only public honor--roughly twenty minutes' worth--was from a throng of strangers in a Brazilian mining town. Geoffrey Douglas's The Game of Their Lives is the story of the lives of these men: their jobs, wives, sweethearts, neighborhoods, the innocence of their era, the anonymity in which they worked and played. It is the story of heroism, stoicism, and simple unsung grace. Of a time before television, endorsement contracts, movie rights for serial killers, and seven-figure idols who denigrate us all. And ultimately--though it is not a sports story--it is the story of a game, played brilliantly. A single game of soccer, the greater game of life.

The Game of Their LivesThe Game of Their Lives

“Yeah, everyone talked to me about it, the first few weeks and months after it was over. But I'm the kind of guy that . . . well, that was just one Sunday during the football season. That was only a game. To me, life is lived year-round ...

Author: Dave Klein

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An account of the history-making 1958 championship game between the New York Giants and the Baltimore Colts is told from the vantage points of twelve key contributors, including Frank Gifford, Alan Ameche, and Sam Huff. Reprint.

De coronaDe corona

Death , in the fray , they set by common claim( Their lives they spared not in the thirst for fame )As umpire of their glory ... I think we may interpret it thus : ' in the fighting - a game whose stakes are courage and fear ' ( i . e ...

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The Natural History of Man Australia New Zealand Polynesia America Asia and ancient EuropeThe Natural History of Man Australia New Zealand Polynesia America Asia and ancient Europe

They struck him down with their clubs , and at the risk of their lives brought his body off to the spot where the girls lived . If in any of these games there should be a dispute , the men settle it by ...

Author: John George Wood

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