The Freedom FormulaThe Freedom Formula

In The Freedom Formula, Wall Street Journal bestselling author and successful entrepreneur David Finkel will help you operationalize working smarter.

Author: David Finkel

Publisher: BenBella Books

ISBN: 9781948836654


Page: 280

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Building a successful company and career doesn't mean sacrificing your family, health, or life. You check email the moment you lift your head off the pillow in the morning. You bring work with you on vacation, sneak glances at your smart phone during family dinners, and take business calls and texts at your kid's sports games. It's as if you've been forced to make a choice between your company or your life, sacrificing time for yourself and family for the sake of career success. But it doesn't have to be that way. The most successful business leaders have learned to bust through the direct one-to-one relationship between hours worked and value created by refocusing their company, department, or team's best talent and attention on their highest value activities—generating hundreds, even thousands, of hours of value in the process. In The Freedom Formula, Wall Street Journal bestselling author and successful entrepreneur David Finkel will help you operationalize working smarter. No fluff, no theory, Finkel shares the detailed blueprint to create maximum value for your company without working nights, weekends, or while on "vacation." You'll learn: • Why working longer and harder doesn't pay off (and what actually does) • Why the 80-20 principle doesn't go far enough (and how to take it to its most productive extreme) • How to escape the Time and Effort Economy • How to structure your day and week so that you reclaim five or more hours each week in usable blocks of your best time • How to leverage the five Freedom Accelerators to get your life back faster And much more! Whether you're a business owner, top executive, key manager—or aspire to be one—The Freedom Formula offers a radical new approach to structuring your time and priorities (and your team's) in order to reclaim hours of your day—and the freedom to live your life, not just your job.

The Freedom FormulaThe Freedom Formula


Author: Carl Hill


ISBN: 9781445716787


Page: 70

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Do you find you have less and less time to do the things you enjoy? Do you worry that your lifestyle is damaging the planet? Do you find that no matter how hard you work you never seem any better off financially? Do you wonder how you will cope in times of economic down turn? Do you wonder whether you will ever be really happy? Something about how we live our lives is going drastically wrong, but what? This book explores the hidden process that drives our ever increasing material consumption and explains the true price of this lifestyle - ever increasing debt. Using average income and expenditure figures it proposes a simple, practical alternative that will allow anyone, regardless of income, to free themselves from debt and dramatically improve their standard of living.

Freedom Formula For PhysiciansFreedom Formula For Physicians

Are you curious about what other doctors have said about this book and the Freedom Formula? Check out page 210 for more details. For the most AMAZING gift ever and the COMPLETE Freedom Formula for Physicians System, check out page 213 ...

Author: Dave Denniston

Publisher: Advantage Media Group

ISBN: 9781599325682


Page: 218

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When doctors saved his daughter’s life when she was born nearly four months premature, Dave Denniston, CFA, instantly knew what his mission in life would be— fatherhood and helping doctors. He has spent every day since using his financial expertise to help physicians to realize their financial dreams. Inside, you will learn his proven system, the Freedom Formula for Physicians, which provides a five-step strategy for sound financial planning specifically tailored to the financial challenges of being a doctor. • Keep MORE of your hard-earned money while paying off school loans FASTER • Learn the hidden tax savings and strategies that could save you THOUSANDS of dollars • Reduce your taxable income in five ways WITHOUT taking a pay-cut • Learn the 10-minute test that you could apply EVERY YEAR to protect your portfolio from shocking losses & ensure you don’t have to start over again • Protect your family without paying thousands of dollars to an attorney using these three FREE tips • Retire comfortably and STAY RETIRED Freedom Formula for Physicians is your guide to discovering where you are financially, aligning your priorities, and moving straight ahead to a longer, financially stress-free retirement. For regular videos updates and newsletters on a variety of financial subjects, go to or contact him at [email protected]

Freedom Peace and SecessionFreedom Peace and Secession

Moreover, such a formula would be an equally powerful freedom formula. Separatist movements are generally freedom movements since separatists claim a particular dimension of freedom for themselves and their adherents.

Author: Burkhard Wehner

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030395230


Page: 108

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This book adopts a long-term perspective to consider political self-determination, peacekeeping and the creation of political meaning. It analyzes problems in the nation-state system and assesses current issues regarding separatism and secession movements. Drawing on extensive research in the fields of political theory, democracy studies and social welfare, the book develops a framework of new rules on a fundamental level that can help nations overcome conflicts concerning borders and nationalities.

Liberty Equality and PluralityLiberty Equality and Plurality

And if we look at the emerging problem from the standpoint of the equality ideal , it has now to be determined what more is meant by the equality - of - freedom formula than that all the members of a society are to be secured in the ...

Author: Larry May


ISBN: UOM:39015040541685


Page: 314

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Voters as well as ethicists and legal experts are currently debating many of the issues inherent in balancing individual with majority and minority group rights, though often, there seems to be an inverse correlation between the two. May (Washington U.) chairs lively multidisciplinary discussions on: the (in)compatibility of liberty and equality (with responsibility being the wild card); law, morality, and limits on liberty (in regard to freedom of speech, poverty, taxation, and assisted suicide); and equality and the clash of cultures (in cases of hate speech, and religious freedom vs. refusal of medical treatment). Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

The Freedom Formula Live More Work Less and Leave a Legacy with PropertyThe Freedom Formula Live More Work Less and Leave a Legacy with Property

As a time-poor professional, you are not alone. If you are one of the many who feel trapped and you can't see a way out, this book will help you eliminate your fears and achieve your lifestyle goals.

Author: Bushy Martin

Publisher: Michael Hanrahan Publishing

ISBN: 1925648214


Page: 344

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Do you feel like you have no time and no life outside of work? Are you concerned you will have to keep working forever just to maintain your current lifestyle? Do you think property investment is the answer but you don't know who to trust or where to start, and you don't have the time or expertise to do it properly? As a time-poor professional, you are not alone. If you are one of the many who feel trapped and you can't see a way out, this book will help you eliminate your fears and achieve your lifestyle goals. The Freedom Formula gives you a step-by-step process that has helped thousands of others to focus on their careers while their income is replaced through safe and affordable property investment. After reading The Freedom Formula you will: master the principles, process and people required for property to create and fund your ideal lifestyle build a property portfolio without impacting on your time or restricting your way of life understand property market cycles and know what to invest in, when, where and how to satisfy your needs and goals. By following this unique approach, you too can get your time back to live more, work less and leave a legacy. Imagine the peace of mind and sense of freedom you are going to enjoy in knowing your future is finally secure so that you can live life on your terms.

Just Freedom A Moral Compass for a Complex WorldJust Freedom A Moral Compass for a Complex World

In the sections that follow, I try to show that a choice that meets these conditions satisfies the ideal of freedom as non-domination. The formula can be interpreted in a way that takes the choice to be a particular choice between ...

Author: Philip Pettit

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393243017


Page: 160

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An esteemed philosopher offers a vision for the central role of one of our most cherished—and controversial—ideas. In this rigorous distillation of his political philosophy, Philip Pettit, author of the landmark work Republicanism, champions a simple standard for our most complex political judgments, offering a challenging ideal that nevertheless holds out a real prospect for social and democratic progress. Whereas many thinkers define freedom as the absence of interference—we are left alone to do as we please—Pettit demands that in their basic life choices free persons should not even be subject to a power of interference on the part of others. This notion of freedom as non-domination offers a yardstick for gauging social and democratic progress and provides a simple, unifying standard for analyzing our most entangled political quandaries. Pettit reaffirms the ideal, already present in the Roman Republic, of a free citizenry who enjoy equal status with one another, being individually protected by a law that they together control. After sketching a fresh history of freedom, he turns to the implications of the ideal for social, democratic, and international justice. Should the state erect systems for delivering mandatory healthcare coverage to its citizens? Should voting be a citizen’s only means of influencing political leaders? Are the demands of the United Nations to be heeded when they betray the sovereignty of the state? Pettit shows how these and other questions should be resolved within a civic republican perspective. Concise and elegant in its rhetoric and ultimately radical in its reimagining of our social arrangements, Just Freedom is neither a theoretical treatise nor a practical manifesto, but rather an ardent attempt to elaborate the demands of freedom and justice in our time.

The Roadmap to FreedomThe Roadmap to Freedom

Highlighting this key formula enables you to systematically guide all actions so you can expect—and actually install—more consistency in your team's performance. Your MVAs rarely change. Your goals change every year or two.

Author: Chris McIntyre

Publisher: Entrepreneur Press

ISBN: 9781613082423


Page: 240

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Delivering a tactical plan, complete with both downloadable and online support, Chris McIntyre rescues small business owners trapped in potholes littering the road to success, and provides a helping hand to freedom. Uniquely prepared to create and deliver their product or service, small business owners are far less equipped to effectively lead, let alone develop, their team. Their internal systems and processes are often informal and incomplete, limiting their freedom and their business growth. McIntyre provides a step-by-step, customizable solution to overcome this roadblock. Coached by McIntyre, leaders learn to craft the right team, create a consistent core message that enables the brand, and then, connect the two. Business owners are given a rock-solid process for attracting and keeping superstars, and dropping nightmares. They learn how to get their core message out of their head and into the heads of their superstar team. Supported by McIntyre, organizational leaders will define their core mission, and develop a distinct, systematic formula that enables their team to accomplish it. Leaders are aided with a thorough checklist to guide implementation, giving them everything they need for consistent performance from their team and ongoing success.

Boundaries WorkbookBoundaries Workbook

[Your Notes] Teens must earn their freedom by earning trust—they get as much freedom as they can be responsible with and are able to use well. The formula is: Freedom = Responsibility = Love. These three things always have to be equal ...

Author: Henry Cloud

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 9780310352907


Page: 240

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The New York Times bestselling book Boundaries has already helped millions understand that being a loving Christian doesn't mean you always have to say yes. Designed to help you create your own life-giving boundaries, Boundaries Workbook provides practical wisdom for setting boundaries in a highly connected digital age. This companion guide to Boundaries by Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend provides practical readings and prompts that will encourage you and teach you how to set healthy, necessary boundaries with your parents, spouse, children, friends, bosses, coworkers, social media, and more in order to help you become the best version of yourself. Following the latest edition of Boundaries chapter-by-chapter, these interactive exercises are designed to help you take a closer look at your own life and ask yourself: Why do I feel guilty about setting clear boundaries? What if the boundaries I set hurt the other person? Why is it difficult for me to hear no from others? What are examples of legitimate boundaries I can set at work and at home? How can I have good boundaries online and with social media? Can I stay connected while still setting boundaries with my phone? Boundaries Workbook gives you the support and the Scripture you need to help others respect your boundaries--whether you want to improve your work-life balance or you're practicing saying no when someone asks you to volunteer for one more activity. Discover firsthand that having good, biblical boundaries gives you the freedom to live as the loving, generous, fulfilled person God created you to be.