The Flight from IntimacyThe Flight from Intimacy

The Flight from Intimacy shows readers how to recognize and cope with counter-dependent people. And if you recognize yourself in the description above, this book will help you learn how to change.

Author: Janae B. Weinhold

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 9781577317869


Page: 352

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Do you know someone who... Has trouble being close to others? Has a strong need to be right — all the time? Acts self-centered and egotistical? Never asks for help? Has to look good all the time? Works long hours but never finishes? Expects perfection in self and others? Seldom appears vulnerable or weak? Has difficulty relaxing? If so, this person may suffer from counter-dependency, the little-known flip side of co-dependency. The Flight from Intimacy, by psychologists Janae and Barry Weinhold, reveals counter-dependency as the major barrier to creating intimate relationships. People with counter-dependent behaviors appear strong, secure, and successful on the outside, while on the inside they feel weak, fearful, insecure, and needy. They function well in the world of business but often struggle in intimate relationships. Being in a relationship with this kind of person can be extremely frustrating. The Flight from Intimacy shows readers how to recognize and cope with counter-dependent people. And if you recognize yourself in the description above, this book will help you learn how to change. It teaches readers how to use committed relationships to heal childhood wounds and provides proven ways to use conflicts as opportunities for creating intimate, partnership relationships.

Counter DependencyCounter Dependency

Counter dependency: the flight from intimacy shows you how to recognize and deal with these people. If you recognize yourself in the list above, this book will show you how to change.

Author: Janae B. Weinhold

Publisher: B & R Press

ISBN: 1882056000


Page: 251

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Counter dependency: the flight from intimacy shows you how to recognize and deal with these people. If you recognize yourself in the list above, this book will show you how to change. It also recommends that you use your committed relationships to heal your wounds from childhood. The book shows you how to use conflicts as opportunities for creating intimate, partnership relationships.

The Bisexual OptionThe Bisexual Option

Essentially, they result from a fear of sexual intimacy following upon emotional intimacy. Emotional intimacy generally ... The substitution of pets for real human contact is one form of flight from intimacy. But certain kinds of human ...

Author: Fritz Klein

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317713210


Page: 230

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Soon to be translated into Japanese! The Bisexual Option explores bisexuality, explains the bisexual, and explodes myths surrounding this large “unseen” segment of the population. Now in its second edition, this intriguing book gives an overview of bisexuality. As there is still no book that covers the subject like this one, it is must reading for establishing a contemporary view of bisexuality and those committed to a bisexual lifestyle. Fritz Klein, an experienced psychiatrist and expert in bisexuality and sexual orientation, explains the concept and the variables of sexual orientation and where bisexuality fits. He covers many subjects in the book including: myths of bisexual nonexistence and the “either/or” dilemma intimacy, both emotional and sexual an explanation of bisexuality and the Oedipus Complex definitions and examples of the healthy and troubled bisexual major sociological findings about bisexuality the bisexual in history the bisexual as depicted in the arts factors that will influence bisexuality in the future The book helps readers understand where they fit on the sexual orientation continuum. The Bisexual Option aids in explaining who bisexuals are and why they have problems in heterosexual as well as homosexual societies and shows bisexuals that they are not alone. Even helping professionals will find information on this “invisible” but large segment of the population. A variety of readers will want to read The Bisexual Option including the bisexual community and individual bisexuals, the homosexual communities which include many bisexuals, mental health practitioners, psychologists, both students and professionals, university students, married partners of bisexuals, HIV/AIDS workers who wish to become acquainted with how bisexuality affects the risk to the heterosexual community, sexologists, and researchers.

The Gift of IntensityThe Gift of Intensity

you will be able to open your heart again to intimacy. Even relationships come with their risks and perils, it is a worthwhile endeavour. (We will address this issue in more depth later in this chapter in 'The flight from intimacy'.) ...

Author: Imi Lo

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781529341171


Page: 224

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This is a book about being successful, fulfilled and happy in a world in which you don't always feel you fit in. Many people are emotionally sensitive and intense and while these characteristics need not limit us, they often hold us back from expressing ourselves, being heard and taking charge of our life, love and work. This book is a complete guide which shows sensitive and intense people how to navigate, successfully and predictably, the fundamental relationships that make up their lives - demonstrating along the way that intense feelings are a gift not a curse. Grounded in the author's extensive clinical and personal experience, the book advises readers on challenges such as low self-esteem, family conflicts, loneliness, complex work challenges and times of emotional crisis. Readers are given actionable steps to change their lives.

Breaking Free of the Co Dependency TrapBreaking Free of the Co Dependency Trap

J. Weinhold and B. Weinhold, The Flight from Intimacy: Healing Your Relationship of Counter-dependency — the Other Side of Co-dependency (Novato, CA: New World Library, 2008). 2. Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book (Alcoholics Anonymous World ...

Author: Janae B. Weinhold, PhD

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 9781577318385


Page: 288

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This bestselling book, now in a revised edition, radically challenges the prevailing medical definition of co-dependency as a permanent, progressive, and incurable addiction. Rather, the authors identify it as the result of developmental traumas that interfered with the infant-parent bonding relationship during the first year of life. Drawing on decades of clinical experience, Barry and Janae Weinhold correlate the developmental causes of co-dependency with relationship problems later in life, such as establishing and maintaining boundaries, clinging and dependent behaviors, people pleasing, and difficulty achieving success in the world. Then they focus on healing co-dependency, providing compelling case histories and practical activities to help readers heal early trauma and transform themselves and their primary relationships.

Social Skills in Interpersonal CommunicationSocial Skills in Interpersonal Communication

perhaps in the light of a more recent form of transport , has been referred to as an example of ' in - flight intimacy ' ( DeVito , 1993 ) . Another example of this is discussed by the journalist Byron Rogers who , in an article about ...

Author: Owen Hargie

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415081378


Page: 390

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Revised, extended and updated, this edition will continue as the core textbook for students of interpersonal communication as well as for professional groups such as counsellors, doctors, nurses, social workers and psychologists.

Recovering Intimacy in Love RelationshipsRecovering Intimacy in Love Relationships

WhenIfirst readabout the brain's intrinsic intimacygenerating systems, I was surprised to findthat oneofthem isdevoted ... “flight” system facilitates withdrawal from danger, theurgeto carefor others and thedesire for closeness ...

Author: Jon Carlson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136976469


Page: 416

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The loss of intimacy is one of the most difficult—but also one of the most common—factors in the destruction of any relationship. Recovering Intimacy in Love Relationships lays out practical, evidence-based guidelines on which clinicians can depend as they wade through the intense emotions and fragile bonds of couples in crisis. With care and sensitivity, the book's authors analyze the increasingly complex context in which the cycle of intimacy develops, wanes, and recovers. The chapters delve into diverse populations' attitudes toward intimacy and provide an entire section on cultural, gender and religious issues. Clinicians looking for a research-based, practical take on the many facets of intimacy in the twenty-first century need look no further than this book.

The Flight of the Ex Worm and Other PoemsThe Flight of the Ex Worm and Other Poems

In an atmosphere of confused emotions, rising from a foundation of intimacy to a point, an unveiling–– art in a room that modesty cloaks in shadows. But then a timid cleaving, flesh to flesh, only to deny satisfaction to the eyes.

Author: C. E. Pomroy

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781796052732


Page: 98

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The Flight of the MindThe Flight of the Mind

( 103-4 ) Anonymity and intimacy may seem to be contradictions , but , for the manic , intimacy with only one person would bog down the splendid experience of the body's energy , the mind's fertility , and the effortless capacity to ...

Author: Thomas C. Caramagno

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520935128


Page: 388

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In this major new book on Virginia Woolf, Caramagno contends psychobiography has much to gain from a closer engagement with science. Literary studies of Woolf's life have been written almost exclusively from a psychoanalytic perspective. They portray Woolf as a victim of the Freudian "family romance," reducing her art to a neurotic evasion of a traumatic childhood. But current knowledge about manic-depressive illness—its genetic transmission, its biochemistry, and its effect on brain function—reveals a new relationship between Woolf's art and her illness. Caramagno demonstrates how Woolf used her illness intelligently and creatively in her theories of fiction, of mental functioning, and of self structure. Her novels dramatize her struggle to imagine and master psychic fragmentation. They helped her restore form and value to her own sense of self and lead her readers to an enriched appreciation of the complexity of human consciousness.