The First Man in RomeThe First Man in Rome

Now I am not a man who is premonition-prone, you must understand. But I swear by all the gods, Gaius Marius, that suddenly I knew that I was looking at a man who would—given the chance!—carry Rome on his back out of terrible danger.

Author: Colleen McCullough

Publisher: Head of Zeus

ISBN: 9781781857915


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110 BC: The world cowers before its legions, but Rome is about to be engulfed by a vicious power struggle that will threaten its very existence. At its heart are two exceptional men: Gaius Marius, prosperous but lowborn, a proud and disciplined soldier emboldened by his shrewdness and self-made wealth; and Lucius Cornelius Sulla, a handsome young aristocrat corrupted by poverty and vice. Both are men of extraordinary vision, extreme cunning and ruthless ambition, but both are outsiders, cursed by the insurmountable opposition of powerful and vindictive foes. If they forge an alliance, Marius and Sulla may just defeat their enemies, but only one of them can become First Man in Rome. The battle for Rome has just begun. Please note: This ebook contains all the original maps and illustration.

The First Man in RomeThe First Man in Rome

With extraordinary narrative power, New York Times bestselling author Colleen McCullough sweeps the reader into a whirlpool of pageantry and passion, bringing to vivid life the most glorious epoch in human history.

Author: Colleen McCullough

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 9780063019799


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With extraordinary narrative power, New York Times bestselling author Colleen McCullough sweeps the reader into a whirlpool of pageantry and passion, bringing to vivid life the most glorious epoch in human history. When the world cowered before the legions of Rome, two extraordinary men dreamed of personal glory: the military genius and wealthy rural "upstart" Marius, and Sulla, penniless and debauched but of aristocratic birth. Men of exceptional vision, courage, cunning, and ruthless ambition, separately they faced the insurmountable opposition of powerful, vindictive foes. Yet allied they could answer the treachery of rivals, lovers, enemy generals, and senatorial vipers with intricate and merciless machinations of their own—to achieve in the end a bloody and splendid foretold destiny . . . and win the most coveted honor the Republic could bestow.

Caesar s WomenCaesar s Women

political arena, that was the First Man in Rome. Therefore the man who would be the First Man in Rome could not belong to a faction; he had to create a faction, stand forthin the Forum Romanum as no one's minion, yet a most fearsomeally ...

Author: Colleen McCullough

Publisher: Head of Zeus

ISBN: 9781781857946


Page: 880

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Rome, 68 BC: Caesar has returned to Rome. Having cut his teeth campaigning in the East, his sites are now set on a new battlefield: the Forum Romanum. This war will be waged with rhetoric and seduction, weapons Caesar will wield with cunning and ruthlessness. Cuckolding political enemies is but a tactic in a broader strategy: Caesar knows that the key to Rome lies with its noblewomen. Whether the powerful, vindictive Servilia, whose son Brutus deeply resents his mother's passionate and destructive relationship with Caesar, or his own daughter Julia, Caesar is prepared to sacrifice them all on the altar of his own ambition. Caesar's women will make his name, and one of them will seal his fate. Please note: This ebook contains all the original maps and illustration.

The Chain That Binds the EarthThe Chain That Binds the Earth

'First, about eightyeight years before Jesus came, this man, Marius, wanted to be the first man in Rome. So did this man, Sulla, so war came to Rome – and Sulla won.' Mary and her friends were in Eddy's house in Glendermott.

Author: Sean O'conaill

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781504942294


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Johnny Mullan wants to understand why bullying happens and not just in school. Margaret Phillips is troubled by the threat to the Earth environment, and wonders what to do about that. Eddy Li is fascinated by crime of all kinds and wants to be a detective. Mary McNevin wonders why there are so many different problems, and wants to write songs that will help. When these four meet in their first year at their second-level school Iona College they come to the conclusion that all of the major problems that interest them have a common cause. When they argue their case in a school debate they find themselves opposed by a senior teacher, and are threatened with censorship or expulsion. They discover that their school is itself divided, and are faced with an important choice. Challenged to abandon their own deepest convictions, Johnny, Margaret, Eddy and Mary stand firm - not knowing how this will affect their friendship and the rest of their lives.

100 Must read Historical Novels100 Must read Historical Novels

1937) AUSTRALIA THE FIRST MAN IN ROME (1990) Before the publication of The First Man in Rome, Colleen McCullough was best known for The Thornbirds, a best-selling saga of life in the Australian outback which was also made into a ...

Author: Nick Rennison

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781408136003


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Historical fiction is a hugely popular genre of fiction providing fictional accounts or dramatizations of historical figures or events. This latest guide in the highly successful Bloomsbury Must-Reads series depicts 100 of the finest novels published in this sector, with a further 500 recommendations. A wide range of classic works and key authors are covered: Peter Ackroyd, Margaret Attwood, Sarah Waters, Victor Hugo and Robert Louis Stevenson to name a few. If you want to expand your reading in this area, or gain a deeper understanding of the genre - this is the best place to start! Inside you'll find: - An extended Introduction to historical fiction - 100 titles highlighted A-Z by novel with 500 Read-on recommendations - Read-on-a-theme categories - Award winners and book club recommendations

World Historical FictionWorld Historical Fiction

The First Man in Rome . New York : Morrow , 1990. 896 pp . Two men , Gaius Marius and Lucius Cornelius Sulla , both want to become the First Man in Rome even with their questionable social backgrounds . ( Series : Masters of Rome ...

Author: Lynda G. Adamson

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 1573560669


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An annotated bibliography covering the best in historical fiction set all around the world

Contextualizing ClassicsContextualizing Classics

In The First Man in Rome she explains her didactic intent : I am so tired of people thinking that Cleopatra looked like Elizabeth Taylor , Mark Antony like Richard Burton , and so forth , that I decided to supply my readers with genuine ...

Author: John Peradotto

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0847697339


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This collection of original essays examines innovations in both the theory and practice of classical philology. The chapters address interdisciplinary methods in a variety of ways. Some apply theoretical insights derived from other disciplines, such as folklore studies, performance theory, feminist criticism, and the like, to classical texts. Others examine the relationships between classics and cultural studies, popular literature, film, art history, and other related disciplines. Others, again, look to the evolution of theoretical methods within the discipline of classics. Taken together, the essays offer a spectrum of new approaches in the classics and their place within the profession.