Reading the EverydayReading the Everyday

Related titles from Routledge Everyday Life and Cultural Theory : An Introduction Ben Highmore Everyday Life and Cultural Theory provides a unique critical and historical introduction to theories of everyday life .

Author: Joe Moran

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 0415317096


Page: 209

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Studying the work of important continental theorists, Joe Moran explores the concrete sites and routines of everyday life and how they are represented through political discourse, news media, material culture, photography, reality TV and more.

The Everyday and ArchitectureThe Everyday and Architecture


Author: Sarah Wigglesworth

Publisher: Academy Press

ISBN: UOM:39015057611579


Page: 122

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This volume aims to bring the issues of the everyday into the realm of architecture. Instead of concentrating on the extraordinary, the monumental or the iconic, this volume has its basis in the lived experience of buildings as they are practised by everybody.

Experiments in the EverydayExperiments in the Everyday

Allan Kaprow and Robert Watts, Events, Objects, Documents B. H. D. Buchloh, Judith F. Rodenbeck, Robert E. Haywood, Wallach Art Gallery. Q000 Cocoon OCCC 9781884919077 EXPERIMENTS IN THE EVERYDAY AL .

Author: B. H. D. Buchloh

Publisher: Wallach Art Gallery

ISBN: UOM:39015049723359


Page: 155

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In pairing Allan Kaprow and Robert Watts, this book offers a critical examination of a key sequence in the development of contemporary art practices. The shift from form to process embraced by these artists made a lasting contribution to advanced art practices in the latter half of the century.

Crisis and the Everyday in Postsocialist MoscowCrisis and the Everyday in Postsocialist Moscow

Konstantin ' s response illustrates the inadequacies of viewing crisis and everyday life as polar opposites . The notion of crisis typically evokes connotations of a sudden rupture , of a breakdown in the natural order of things ...

Author: Olga Shevchenko


ISBN: UOM:39015079148782


Page: 272

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In this ethnography of postsocialist Moscow in the late 1990s, Olga Shevchenko draws on interviews with a cross-section of Muscovites to describe how people made sense of the acute uncertainties of everyday life, and the new identities and competencies that emerged in response to these challenges. Ranging from consumption to daily rhetoric, and from urban geography to health care, this study illuminates the relationship between crisis and normality and adds a new dimension to the debates about postsocialist culture and politics.

Renaissance Culture and the EverydayRenaissance Culture and the Everyday

Everyday life can be uncannin similar as we move from one country to another, or one discipline to another, but it can also suddenly seem very, very different. However differently we react, the complexion of this volume makes clear that ...

Author: Patricia Fumerton

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9780812216639


Page: 366

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It was not unusual during the Renaissance for cooks to torture animals before slaughtering them in order to render the meat more tender, for women to use needlepoint to cover up their misconduct and prove their obedience, and for people to cover the walls of their own homes with graffiti. Items and activities as familiar as mirrors, books, horses, everyday speech, money, laundry baskets, graffiti, embroidery, and food preparation look decidedly less familiar when seen through the eyes of Renaissance men and women. In Renaissance Culture and the Everyday, such scholars as Judith Brown, Frances Dolan, Richard Helgerson, Debora Shuger, Don Wayne, and Stephanie Jed illuminate the sometimes surprising issues at stake in just such common matters of everyday life during the Renaissance in England and on the Continent. Organized around the categories of materiality, women, and transgression—and constantly crossing these categories—the book promotes and challenges readers' thinking of the everyday. While not ignoring the aristocratic, it foregrounds the common person, the marginal, and the domestic even as it presents the unusual details of their existence. What results is an expansive, variegated, and sometimes even contradictory vision in which the strange becomes not alien but a defining mark of everyday life.

The Everyday EntrepreneurThe Everyday Entrepreneur

Getting focused and motivated by reading The Everyday Entrepreneur might just be the next best thing." —Jed Morey, Publisher long Island Press I firmly believe that the best way to become more successful in business is by learning from ...

Author: Rob Basso

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118106440


Page: 175

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Shares informative anecdotes and strategies for defining and setting goals for entrepreneurial success, offering coverage of topics ranging from incorporating ambitions into one's personal circumstances and positioning oneself competitively to calculating risk and understanding key mindsets.

The Everyday Impact of Economic Reform in ChinaThe Everyday Impact of Economic Reform in China

Everyday. Impact. of. Economic. Reform. in. China. During the past 30 years, China has undergone extensive economic reform, replacing the government's administration of enterprises with increasing levels of marketoriented enterprise ...

Author: Ying Zhu

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136965685


Page: 224

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During the past 30 years, China has undergone extensive economic reform, replacing the government’s administration of enterprises with increasing levels of market-oriented enterprise autonomy. At the heart of the reform are changes in the employment relationship, where state control has been superceded by market relationships. These reforms have had far-reaching implications for many aspects of everyday life in Chinese society. This book appraises the impact of the economic reforms on the employment relationship and, in turn, examines the effects on individual workers and their families, including salaries, working conditions and satisfaction, job security and disparities based on location, gender, age, skill, position and migrant status. In particular, it focuses on how changes in the employment relationship have affected the livelihood strategies of households. It explores the changing human resource management practices and employment relations in different types of enterprises: including State-Owned Enterprises, Foreign-Owned Enterprises and Domestic Private Enterprises; throughout different industries, focusing especially on textiles, clothing and footwear and the electronics industry; and in different regions and cities within China (Beijing, Haerbin, Lanzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan and Kunming). Overall, this book provides a detailed account of the everyday implications of economic reform for individuals and families in China.