Light Years Away Light Years Away

Seen in movies and stories for decades, on space crafts of all shapes and sizes. The space craft are what make the stories so fascinating, but what makes them fly? Dave's hobby is electronics; he's fascinated with lights.

Author: K. Kattau


ISBN: 0615815561


Page: 344

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It's the birth of an era, and a cure for the corruption of Earth. From the Stone Age to the Space Age, now the Light Age begins. We've seen them, but they don't exist: That magical light that makes things fly. Seen in movies and stories for decades, on space crafts of all shapes and sizes. The space craft are what make the stories so fascinating, but what makes them fly? Dave's hobby is electronics; he's fascinated with lights. One day while experimenting with his latest invention, it rockets across the room. What is it? What can it do? He slowly discovers the powers of this phenomenon. He wants to share it with the world, and when they find out what he has, they are determined to steal it. Now Dave and his family must run for their lives. The creations that spawn from his invention are beyond imagination. It incites a worldwide evolution, energizing a giant leap in technology, touching billions, and affecting major industries worldwide. The consequences threaten life as we know it. A globetrotter's dream, a scientific wonder, the next step into space. Not suitable for children under 13 due to some language and violence

First Light Intrinsic Unity at the Dawn of TimeFirst Light Intrinsic Unity at the Dawn of Time

... reading out loud to me, my mother sewing beside me, singing a counting song,
so I wouldn't be afraid to turn from known lights toward the ancestor of light.6 LI-
yOUnG Lee First Light: Intrinsic Unity at the Dawn of Time 13. 12 T ...

Author: Lee Temple


ISBN: 9781941306079


Page: 68

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First Light launches the Grand Universal Lineage sequence. It explores the dawn of time and how various civilizations that are relevant for us have sought to understand the origin of all. A brief primer on scientific method then helps us appraise science’s best and most convincingly verified creation theory—the Big Bang. We visit some fun facts about our universe, explore some alternative views, and draw important implications from what they tell us. Most importantly, we see why the deep appraisal of such cosmic insights matters. Implicit here is the Oneness perspective that underlies this entire series of volumes, which I enthusiastically believe will help us all move toward a vibrant, healed future. The essence of the unity vision that drives this broader and powerful healing impulse is here.

First LightFirst Light

Incorporating the very latest research into this branch of astrophysics, this book sheds light on this time of darkness, telling the story of these first stars, hundreds of times the size of the Sun and a million times brighter, lonely ...

Author: Emma Chapman

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472962904


Page: 288

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Astronomers have successfully observed a great deal of the Universe's history, from recording the afterglow of the Big Bang to imaging thousands of galaxies, and even to visualising an actual black hole. There's a lot for astronomers to be smug about. But when it comes to understanding how the Universe began and grew up we are literally in the dark ages. In effect, we are missing the first one billion years from the timeline of the Universe. This brief but far-reaching period in the Universe's history, known to astrophysicists as the 'Epoch of Reionisation', represents the start of the cosmos as we experience it today. The time when the very first stars burst into life, when darkness gave way to light. After hundreds of millions of years of dark, uneventful expansion, one by the one these stars suddenly came into being. This was the point at which the chaos of the Big Bang first began to yield to the order of galaxies, black holes and stars, kick-starting the pathway to planets, to comets, to moons, and to life itself. Incorporating the very latest research into this branch of astrophysics, this book sheds light on this time of darkness, telling the story of these first stars, hundreds of times the size of the Sun and a million times brighter, lonely giants that lived fast and died young in powerful explosions that seeded the Universe with the heavy elements that we are made of. Emma Chapman tells us how these stars formed, why they were so unusual, and what they can teach us about the Universe today. She also offers a first-hand look at the immense telescopes about to come on line to peer into the past, searching for the echoes and footprints of these stars, to take this period in the Universe's history from the realm of theoretical physics towards the wonder of observational astronomy.

The Dawn of ReasonThe Dawn of Reason

As beetles rarely range over a hundred yards from their place of birth, these
insects must have been born in the cave and reared in the dark. When speaking
of light, if not otherwise specified, I mean diffused daylight which carries no heat

Author: James Weir

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783732648184


Page: 156

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Reproduction of the original: The Dawn of Reason by James Weir

Life at the Speed of LightLife at the Speed of Light

In Life at the Speed of Light, Venter presents a fascinating and authoritative study of this emerging field from the inside -- detailing its origins, current challenges and controversies, and projected effects on our lives.

Author: J. Craig Venter

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781408705261


Page: 320

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In 2010, scientists led by J. Craig Venter became the first to successfully create 'synthetic life' -- putting humankind at the threshold of the most important and exciting phase of biological research, one that will enable us to actually write the genetic code for designing new species to help us adapt and evolve for long-term survival. The science of synthetic genomics will have a profound impact on human existence, including chemical and energy generation, health, clean water and food production, environmental control, and possibly even our evolution. In Life at the Speed of Light, Venter presents a fascinating and authoritative study of this emerging field from the inside -- detailing its origins, current challenges and controversies, and projected effects on our lives. This scientific frontier provides an opportunity to ponder anew the age-old question 'What is life?' and examine what we really mean by 'playing God'. Life at the Speed of Light is a landmark work, written by a visionary at the dawn of a new era of biological engineering.

Shakespeare and the Dawn of Modern ScienceShakespeare and the Dawn of Modern Science

BEROWNE As painfully to pore upon a book To seek the light of truth, while truth
the while Doth falsely blind the eyesight of his look. Light seeking light doth light
of light beguile. So, ere you find where light in darkness lies, Your light grows ...

Author: Peter D. Usher

Publisher: Cambria Press

ISBN: 9781604977332


Page: 394

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In Shakespeare and the Dawn of Modern Science, renowned astronomy expert Peter Usher expands upon his allegorical interpretation of Hamlet and analyzes four more plays, Love's Labour's Lost, Cymbeline, The Merchant of Venice, and The Winter's Tale. With painstaking thoroughness, he dissects the plays and reveals that, contrary to current belief, Shakespeare was well aware of the scientific revolutions of his time. Moreover, Shakespeare imbeds in the allegorical subtext information on the appearances of the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars that he could not have known without telescopic aid, yet these plays appeared coeval with or prior to the commonly accepted date of 1610 for the invention and first use of the astronomical telescope. Dr. Usher argues that an early telescope, the so-called perspective glass, was the likely means for the acquisition of these data. This device was invented by the mathematician Leonard Digges, whose grandson of the same name contributed poems to the First and Second Folio editions of Shakespeare's plays. Shakespeare and the Dawn of Modern Science is an important addition to literature, history, and science collections as well as to personal libraries.

The Dawn of TomorrowThe Dawn of Tomorrow

Mr. Roberts explained that an insurmountable barrier to exceeding the speed of
light was that at the speed of light, any object which possessed mass would have
infinite mass and would lose all dimension. Time would no longer pass because

Author: Dr. David E. Miller

Publisher: America Star Books

ISBN: 9781683946380


Page: 582

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The central character, David Rafflinstein, is an only child…an imaginative, creative and highly intelligent young man. David’s passions in life are music and science. As he reaches junior high school, he encounters two new influences which are destined to shape the course of the rest of his life. One is his passion for music and a desire to become Drum Major for his school marching band. The second comes in the form of the enticingly mysterious Mr. Roberts who offers David success in everything he does. This man is part of a supposed secret organization of German Nobles who have developed a remarkable and frightening advanced technology to further their mission…the restoration of Imperial Germany and a thinly-disguised reprise of the mania of ethnic purity and Aryan supremacy so familiar from the recent nightmare of Hitler’s Third Reich.

Ambrosia The Dawn Of new AgeAmbrosia The Dawn Of new Age

“In the pure light of love, peace is everlasting, in darkness evil remains, and hale
to our Elfish high queen of all queens Ashley.” The great silver doors opened on
their own as Ambrosia approached with Numia. But Numia stopped short from ...

Author: Kristen Howe

Publisher: Kristen Howe



Page: 200

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Ambrosia the champion soon grows into a young she-elf, trying find herself she escapes after queen Alana tries to force her to marry her second cousin.. To ensure the kingdom stays in Alana's line and not questioned , because Ambrosia is half human, Alana tries to force Ambrosia to marry her cousin Zax of the Wood Realm, soon to be crowned king. But at the last minute Zax appears not to be who he says. Ambrosia escapes back into her fathers realm to find her self regretting leaving the realm. With know way back she finds herself with her mothers old ally Leo Medford. For sometime she struggles to find herself . But then she stumbles onto great foe that had found their way into the human realm. Fearing the worst has happened in Enchantia, Ambrosia finds the gateway back. Following secretly with very ill Leo, they appear back the realm stronger and more powerful than ever. Ambrosia finds her mother kingdom in ruins and the whole control by Alora queen of dark ones. Ambrosia and leo fight to regain control, as she is the rightful queen of the Enchantians.

The Dawn of MagickThe Dawn of Magick

Gwindor now held Pleione, the Staff of the Order of Light Sorcerers. Hiram, the
son of Eyerthrin and Lena, carried Celaeno. Young Lydia, the daughter of
Gwindor and Elayne, carried Alcyone. Pravazar Kreuseul from Athenia carried

Author: Benjamin Towe

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781434376954


Page: 652

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The Dawn of Magick is the first story of Donothor. The tragic fantasy chronicles the lives and deeds of many ilks of the world Sagain. Threads of fate and Magick intertwine the doomed world of sorcery with three other worlds. When the story begins, Sagain is a pastoral mundane world dominated by preternatural beings called Old Ones. Nature's most powerful forces foment a cataclysm and kindle the flicker of Magick. The flicker grows into a blaze and creates great artifacts. The power of Magick descends along family lines. As sorcerers live longer and grow more powerful, greed and competition lead to conflict. Orders of Light and Dark Sorcery choose leaders and allies, create citadels and seven fantastic wonders, and rip Sagain and its people through their ageless conflict. Spells cast by avaricious sorcerers bring forces of evil to Sagain. This begins a conflict that stretches across space and time. Powerful spells enable the imprisonment of consummate evil and facilitate the escape of a fortunate few from the doomed world. What is the source of Magick? What are the powers of the thirteen and two staves? What roles have the mysterious Old Ones, the old wanderer Confusious, Iyaca Vassi, and the Orders of Light and Dark Sorcery in the story? Does only evil lurk behind the dark walls of Koorlost, the citadel of Dark Sorcery? Does only good reside within the alabaster walls of the Laurels and its Tower of Radiance, the citadel of Light Sorcery? Are dragons, the great wyrms of the skies, good or evil? What threads connect four worlds? Ripples that began long ago in a doomed world create great waves in Donothor, Parallan, and...a blue world. The story continues in Deathquest to Parallan, the Orb of Chalar, the Death of Magick, and the Chalice of Mystery.

The Dawn of the XIXth Century in EnglandThe Dawn of the XIXth Century in England

In this , we see a lamp of a most primitive description , · and that , too , used at a
time when gas was a recognized source of light although not publicly employed .
Of course there were improved oil lamps — notably those with the burners of the

Author: John Ashton


ISBN: UCAL:B4010785


Page: 476

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"Steam was in its very babyhood; locomotives, and steamships, were only just beginning to be heard of; Gas was a novelty, and regarded more as an experiment, than the useful agent we have since found it; whilst Electricity was but a scientific toy. Commerce was but just developing, being hampered by a long and cruel war, which was borne with exemplary patience and fortitude by the nation. The Manners, Dress, and Food, were all so different to those of our day, that to read of them, especially when the description is taken from undoubtedly contemporary sources, is not only amusing, but instructive. The Newspapers of the day are veritable mines of information. Rich sources, too, to furnish illustrations, are open, and I have availed myself largely of the privilege; and I have endeavoured, as far as in my power lay, to give a faithful record of the Dawn of the Nineteenth Century in England, taken absolutely from original, and authentic, sources." --Preface.

Dawn of Steam First LightDawn of Steam First Light

Dawn of Steam: First Light is an alt-history/emergent Steampunk epistolary novel.

Author: Jeffrey Cook

Publisher: Jeffrey Cook



Page: 302

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Gregory Conan Watts has been hired to prove the impossible. To do so, he's expected to assemble a crew that includes war heroes, carnies, respectable women, and one wilderness scout who may or may not be entirely insane. They’ll have the best of 1815 technology: a state-of-the-art airship and the steam-powered battle suit that almost single-handedly brought down Napoleon’s alliance. Finding vast uncharted wonders Gregory's not even sure are there sounded complicated enough; he wasn’t expecting natural disasters, outright sabotage ... or another war. Dawn of Steam: First Light is an alt-history/emergent Steampunk epistolary novel.

The Dawn of HopeThe Dawn of Hope

'By Lord Serpenton he's the one who's trying to kill us, Nusaki's parents and
anyone who stands in his way so that he will become king of the elf kingdom' 'Elf
kingdom I've heard of that it's called the Palace of Light isn't it' 'Yes but how do
you ...

Author: K. E. Biggs

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781449089313


Page: 112

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This story is about an elf princess, who gets kidnapped when she is only one year old by an evil sorcerer whose part fairy and part elf, Who seeks power and to put himself on the throne. The princess then gets rescued and later in life about nine years later, she has to find her way home to save the kingdom and to defeat the sorcerer to restore peace to Fernvail Forest and all the creatures that live there. Along the way she meets an elf warrior who helps in her quest to destroy the evil sorcerer. She has to fight four guardians that block her path on her journey to return home to fulfil the prophecy that was prophesised years before her birth.