The Currents of SpaceThe Currents of Space

“What currents?” asked the Captain. “The currents of space.” The Captain spread his hands and let them drop. “This is madness.” “No, no. Let him go on.” The tide of belief had shifted to Samia again. Her lips were parted, her dark eyes ...

Author: Isaac Asimov

Publisher: Del Rey

ISBN: 9780593160077


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The second book in the Galactic Empire series, the spectacular precursor to the classic Foundation series, by one of history's most influential writers of science fiction, Isaac Asimov Trantor had extended its rule over half the Galaxy, but the other half defied its authority, defending their corrupt fiefdoms with violence and repression. On the planet Florina, the natives labored as slaves for their arrogant masters on nearby Sark. But now both worlds were hurtling toward a cataclysmic doom, and only one man knew the truth--a slave unaware of the secret knowledge locked inside his own brain. Rik had once been a prominent scientist until a psychic probe erased all memories of his past. Now he was a humble laborer in the kyrt mills of Florina. Then the memories began to return, bringing with them the terrible truth about the future--a truth that his masters on Sark would kill to keep secret . . . even at the cost of their own survival.

An Asimov CompanionAn Asimov Companion

... whose work had been misrepresented in Ninheimer's Social Tensions Involved in Space Flight and Their Resolution, ... the Squire of Balle was one of the five Great Squires of Sark in the Early Galactic Era [The Currents of Space].

Author: Donald E. Palumbo

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476623948


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A prolific author, Isaac Asimov is most admired for his science fiction, including his collection of short stories I, Robot and his Robot, Empire and Foundation series novels. While each of these narratives takes place in a different fictional universe, Asimov asserted at the end of his career that he had, with his last Robot and Foundation novels, unified them into one coherent metaseries. This reference work identifies and describes all of the characters, locales, artifacts, concepts and institutions in Asimov’s metaseries. Mimicking the style of The Encyclopedia Galactica, the fictional compendium of all human knowledge that features prominently in the Foundation series, this encyclopedia is an invaluable companion to Asimov’s science fiction oeuvre.

CliffsNotes on Asimov s Foundation Trilogy Other WorksCliffsNotes on Asimov s Foundation Trilogy Other Works

The concepts of a radioactive Earth that is forgotten as the home of humanity and of a Galactic Empire are recurring elements in Asimov's early novels; both are present in The Currents of Space. The radioactive Earth is, in this novel, ...

Author: L. David Allen

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780544179707


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The original CliffsNotes study guides offer expert commentary on major themes, plots, characters, literary devices, and historical background—all to help you gain greater insight into great works you're bound to study for school or pleasure. In CliffsNotes on Asimov's Foundation Trilogy and Other Works, you explore the American author's original three Foundation books, the three Empire novels, The End of Eternity, and The Gods Themselves. The Foundation Trilogy, written between 1951–53 is celebrated science fiction writer Isaac Asimov's most famous work. In the three-book series, he portrays the ruin and rebirth of a futuristic interstellar empire. In this study guide, you'll find Life and Background on the Author, Introduction to Asimov's Science Fiction, and Critical Commentaries on Foundation, Foundation and Empire, and Second Foundation, plus a look inside the following other titles by this prolific writer: Pebble in the Sky The Stars, Like Dust The Currents of Space The End of Eternity The Gods Themselves Classic literature or modern-day treasure—you'll understand it all with expert information and insight from CliffsNotes study guides.

Gauge Field Theories Theoretical Studies and Computer SimulationsGauge Field Theories Theoretical Studies and Computer Simulations

Linearization of the gauge field interactions about flat space defines the currents . Since start from a theory invariant under general coordinate transformations , there is no need to include Lorentz and conformal transformations of ...

Author: Giarczynski

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 3718601214


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As the currents of space are generated, a blockage in their flow evolves as the current eddies back on itself. This blockage, this obstruction in the flow of space, is tamas. It is tamas that is the prime cause of creation, ...

Author: Harish Johari

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781620550199


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A guide to living the Ayurvedic way from one of its most celebrated practitioners. • A vast and practical presentation of Ayurvedic principles addressing diet, breathing, meditation, bathing, sleeping, exercise, medicine, jewelry, and sex Over the past 20 years Harish Johari's books and workshops on India's Ayurvedic traditions of cooking, massage, numerology, gemology, meditation, and Tantra have changed the lives of countless individuals in the West and have established Johari's reputation as the foremost ambassador of the Ayurvedic life. Now, for the first time, Johari's vast knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga has been distilled into one convenient volume. Named for the classical Indian god of medicine, Dhanwantari is a complete guide to living the Ayurvedic way. Chapters focus on diet, breathing, bathing, meditation, sleeping, exercising, medicine, jewelry, and sex. Anyone seeking a logical, scientific, and practical set of principles for daily life will discover an excellent guide in the time-tested system presented here. By improving the health of their bodies and minds, individuals will find that a greatly expanded breadth of life experiences is suddenly open to them.

HSA Books and Manuscripts Dallas Auction Catalog 682HSA Books and Manuscripts Dallas Auction Catalog 682

the currents of space 7. Alex acac Aomor 25 April ( 88 ) Isaac Asimov : THE CURRENTS es 56642 Isaac Asimov . The Currents of Space . Garden City : Doubleday & Company , Inc. , 1952 . First edition . Inscribed by the author on the title ...

Author: Sandra Palomino

Publisher: Heritage Capital Corporation

ISBN: 1599672170


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Popular SciencePopular Science

THE CURRENTS OF SPACE, by Isaac Asimov — 500 million people will DIE — unless they are warned in time — by a man without a memory! TAKEOFF, by C. M. Kornbluth—The rocket fans building a ship for a trip to the moon don't know that ...





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The Source and Mode of Solar Energy Throughout the UniverseThe Source and Mode of Solar Energy Throughout the Universe

We have already seen that the temperature at the exterior surface of the terrestrial atmosphere is estimated to be more than two hundred degrees higher than in the realms of open interplanetary space ; hence there must be currents ...

Author: Isaac Winter Heysinger


ISBN: UCAL:$B278139


Page: 378

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